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  1. The OD of the wheel is `~29 1/4" Does anyone know anything about the manufacture or intended use of this wheel?
  2. Looking for bound copies of brass era automotive magazines, including but not limited to Motor Age, Horseless Age, The Automobile etc. If you have anything surplus to your needs, please let me know.
  3. For sale, a two piece emergency spare tire that, I believe, fits a 17" rim. Made of what appears to be cast aluminum, with a thin solid rubber tire vulcanized to it. It splits into two halves at the center and, I believe, would be fit on the bead of the rim and the two halves bolted together to replace the tire. I suppose this was meant to fit under a seat. I don't imagine that it worked all that well, and then only at very slow speeds, but a conversation piece or odd accessory for someone who has a collection of garage accessories or car that it would fit. I don't have the correct size whe
  4. Looks like it is still on for this weekend. Any ideas of how vendor attendance will be?
  5. That's great to hear. I was hoping they would out-climb a model T as the engine size is quite reasonable for the size of the car. I have always liked the look of them, and the factory was not far from here. Let me know if you know of any that are looking for a new home, condition not important but complete is always better.
  6. I am also looking, but for earlier period, '05-'08. Would be interested to find a model R.
  7. No, I would really prefer a touring with original coachwork, no building required. Would ideally like to limit restoration to mechanical aspects.
  8. Vaguely, if it is the same one I am thinking. What ended up happening with it? It was a few significant pieces short of a car as I recall.
  9. No, I don't believe that's the same one you are thinking of. One was sold by Bonhams a few years ago, substantially complete but disassembled. That said, complete and going down the road is good too..
  10. I know this is a long shot, but let's give it a try. Looking for a type E Locomobile. Any condition considered, including major restoration projects, incomplete, etc. Would consider the shaft drive four Loco as well, not looking for a six.
  11. I know this is a long shot, but let's give it a try. Looking for a type E Locomobile. Any condition considered, including major projects. Does anyone know what happened to the one that sold at Bonhams Greenwich a few years ago?
  12. I wouldn't expect them to keep up with their larger chain driven cousins, I think the more relevant comparison would be with cars such as the later 4 cyl Cadillacs which were about the same size, but perhaps a bit lighter than the Loco.
  13. I would be curious to hear how model 30s perform on the road/hills. They are almost the same size as the I but the engine is substantially smaller. They were engineered well enough that I would imagine they are still strong runners?
  14. Early Delco 8 cyl distributor, no cap, application unknown but I would guess '16-20? $60
  15. Does anyone know anything more about this sign? I will listen to offers if anyone is interested.
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