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  1. The depth of knowledge on this forum never ceases to amaze... Quite the collection of distributors as well. I have not attempted to remove the shaft. It does look quite similar to the 12976. Thank you for the assistance. Having been on the other end of a search for obscure parts it would be nice to find a home for it with an automobile that can use it.
  2. Thanks. Most appreciated. No great hurry, its just sitting on a self here...as it has for years.
  3. Peter, Thank you. The diameter is 11/16" and there are 13 teeth (yes, that's not a miscount...). About 0.200" thick.
  4. Al, thanks for the photo. They are out there (a few of them anyway). One will surface eventually.
  5. The cam has 8 sides, I suppose that could be changed. I only have what is pictured. Hopefully there is someone who can use it as parts/spares. I don't think I'll ever have a need for it...
  6. Where would I find it? All I see is the brass tag as pictured.
  7. Early seat back rest for a rear seat, early truck, or hack. Iron brackets could be fit with new wood to change size. $25 +shipping.
  8. I think this sign is Pennsylvania Railroad but I am not positive. '20s-30s? I was going to display it in my garage but I don't have the right spot so time to move it along. Large and heavy. Pick up in MA. $600 How
  9. Last patent date is 1915. Can this help anyone get or keep a car on the road? Unfortunately I don't know the application or the value (but I will assume the latter to be minimal...)
  10. Still looking for a type E. Original coachwork strongly preferred, mechanical condition not important. Incidentally, does anyone know what happened with the E that Bonhams sold at the 2016 Simeone sale?
  11. The OD of the wheel is `~29 1/4" Does anyone know anything about the manufacture or intended use of this wheel?
  12. Looking for bound copies of brass era automotive magazines, including but not limited to Motor Age, Horseless Age, The Automobile etc. If you have anything surplus to your needs, please let me know.
  13. For sale, a two piece emergency spare tire that, I believe, fits a 17" rim. Made of what appears to be cast aluminum, with a thin solid rubber tire vulcanized to it. It splits into two halves at the center and, I believe, would be fit on the bead of the rim and the two halves bolted together to replace the tire. I suppose this was meant to fit under a seat. I don't imagine that it worked all that well, and then only at very slow speeds, but a conversation piece or odd accessory for someone who has a collection of garage accessories or car that it would fit. I don't have the correct size wheel to attempt a demonstration. The internal groove which presumably fits over the bead is approximately 17 1/4" ID. In writing this, I realize I didn't get a good OD measurement, but I think ~30-31" (will update post with measurement). The only markings are "The Emergency Spare" and "Life Saver," "Time Saver." $100 plus shipping or pick up in MA.
  14. Looks like it is still on for this weekend. Any ideas of how vendor attendance will be?
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