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  1. I think this link works:
  2. So, what have we learned?? Most of us joined this forum for the love of cars - and most of us would not intentionally set out to take advantage of or burden a fellow enthusiast - however, evidently, some of us (maybe most?) have had a bad experience or two - this appears to make many of us hyper-sensitive to what is said - or in this case, what is not said. I'm pretty sure we all would prefer to look at any potential purchase in person. I'm also pretty sure most of us understand the phrase "penny-wise but pound foolish." Some of us find it easy to ask for help while some of us struggle to reach out for any sort of help. I know an enthusiast whose spouse has a medical condition that makes it a challenge to go across town to get parts from the auto store, let alone travel more than an hour to check out a vehicle in person. And this enthusiast would never admit, let alone post, the details of the reason for the request, as it might appear to be a manipulative ploy. So, without a private follow-up exchange its gonna be really hard to know whether or not you want to help. [A public follow-up unfortunately just draws out more banter - lol] Not wanting to end this post on a somber note... when I was a teen with meager funds to acquire my first car, my dad spoke to my uncle (a 'car guy'), a used car salesman three hours away in Chicago - and he said I have the perfect car for him - drive on over. When we arrived, there it sat, the back windshield had leaked water for a long time, trashing the interior and causing a bad smell. Plus, the car had been backed into some object, opening the fender like a can opener. My dad was livid. My uncle said, listen to the engine, it runs like new, the whole drivetrain is excellent, this other stuff can be fixed. You should have seen my dad's face when I told my uncle I would take it - for $250. I got it home and proceeded to look for a parts car. In two weeks, I located the perfect car and got all the parts and the full interior for $100. Of course, there was a lot of sweat-equity - but I ended up with a mechanically excellent car and learned a tremendous amount about body work and cosmetic restoration. My dad was angry with his brother for a long time. I was very happy with how things turned out. So, did my uncle do the right thing? Good luck with finding a good 'car guy'
  3. A big thank you to all vets who served and all active military that are serving right now!! Including my dad, a Korean War veteran who is an active member of his local military vehicle preservation club This is his pride and joy!!
  4. I know you didn't want a "project" - but I just saw this today... ...never know whats out there!
  5. Beautiful car - good luck with the sale! ...meanwhile, while we appear to have drifted into the proper etiquette on the Cars For Sale forum... ...has anyone seen this post on the General Discussion Board... We could expand the replies to that post to include the etiquette around what is appropriate in a reply or comment to a Cars For Sale post.... and not clutter this post with any more "rabbit trails" ...just a suggestion
  6. Let's avoid stereotypes... There are good dealers and bad dealers... There are good brokers and bad brokers... There are good private sellers and bad private sellers... There are good buyers and bad buyers... May your counterparty always surprise you in a good way!!!
  7. Hi. I'm relatively new to the AACA Forum --- it is great!!! My question is about the Cars For Sale forum and appropriate etiquette. One might conclude that the forum is ONLY for selling cars that you personally own - however, that is not how it is used. From what I have seen over the past few months, some post their own vehicles, some post for family and friends, some post for people without computers (or the elderly). Also, certain dealers post as well as members who spot interesting ads (on Ebay, Craigslist, other websites, or photos of a car parked on the street with a for sale sign). Since I cannot possibly spend every day looking through all potential sources of interesting antique cars, I really love this forum!!! It is great ! However, a recent post implies (if not actually states) that posting ads from different sources may be considered spamming?!? Since new people to this forum have no way of knowing what the etiquette is, the recent post is concerning as now we're not sure what we can post without jeopardizing our reputation. Obviously the RULES for sign-up are clear - anything we post must be done with honest good intention ---- and it is always best to describe everything realistically. So, what can newcomers post in the Cars For Sale forum? Thanks! Jim Kelley California
  8. Not mine, but seems it would be of interest in this forum, not sure if it represents good value at listed 69,900