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  1. There are three previous (old) posts by this individual on this website - I copy the text of the old posts because it's easier for me than linking the old posts - but at least it gives some additional detail (start with the oldest post) - these are not mine - and who knows if any have been sold since 2016 - maybe Lana555 can comment?!? Quote Posted January 26, 2020 I am selling some of my vehicles all are restored Buicks Cadillacs Chryslers American LaFrance Chevrolets Ford Hudson Kaiser Lincoln Jaguar Mercedes Mitchell Packard Plymouth Oldsmobile Pontiac Studebaker Nash Seagrave Diamond T John Deere Case Massey Ferguson Ferguson International Mercury Lasalle e mail me for a list of vehicles prices and pictures lexi596m@aol.com Posted April 26, 2017 1911 American Eagle 60 HP 1906 Cadillac 1931 Cadillac V 12 1934 Cadillac 1914 and 1915 Model T 1928 Peerless 1931 Olds conv and sedan 1934 Pontiac 1930 Model A 35 and 36 Ford Roadster 1935 Chr ysler Airflow 1940 Chrysler coupe 1931 Lincoln K 1941 Continental 1975 Lincoln Mark IV 21000 original miles 1927 Buick Master sport touring 1941 Buick Super convertible coupe 1946 Hudson super 8 1941 Studebaker President 1965 Plymouth Satellite 426 Hemi 1970 Cuda 426 Hemi1953 kaiser Dragon 1935 Ford 1.5 stake Bed 1936 DiamondT and 1946 American LaFrance Firetrucks 1970 1967 chev pickups 1948 Ford PU Case John Deere Ford Massey tractors many other vehicles and lots of parts e mail lexi596m@aol.com or call 903 520 7356 for list of vehicles pictures and prices Posted March 9, 2016 I have been collecting Antique vehicles for 60 years and now it is time to sell some I have approximately 70 vehicles here is a list lease e mail or call for pictures and details all the vehicles are in very nice condition and Driven frequently some are 95to 100 points most are 80 to 90 points no parts cars . I do have some Stutz Vertical 8 Pierce Arrow Packard Mitchell Buffalo wore wheels Franklin Muntz Jaguar XK 120 and other parts for different makes Here is a List of cars 1906 Cadillac Model K Roadster 1911 American Eagle 7 Passenger Touring 135 inch wheelBase 6 cylinder T Head 60 HP Only one Built by Eagle Motor company in Detroit Previously owned by Barney Pollard Total restroation 90 + points 1914 Model T touring Ruxtell starter nice tour car 1915 Model T touring Ruxtell Starter Rock Mountain Brakes Nice car 1925 Buick Master series Sport Touring restored 2014 Beautiful car 1927 Nash Advanced 6 Sport Touring Biggest Nash made very Rare won Preservation Award in Hershey Great car 1929 Nash Special 6 3 window coupe very nice restoration 1931 Oldsmobile Roadster National Olds club winner 1931 Oldsmobile 4 Door Olds club National winner 1931 Cadillac 370 V 12 convertible coupe by fleetwood 95 to 100 point restoration driven approx 30 miles since restoration 1931 Cadillac 370 V 12 Town Sedan 95 point restoration driven 86 miles 1934 cadillac 355D 4 door convertible sedan Beautiful car 1934 Pontiac 8 2 door touring sedan nice car 1935 Ford Roadster Beautiful car 1936 Ford Roadster 455 olds motor automatic powersteering Nice 1936 Packard Dual Cowl V 12 Phaeton won at Amelia Island Meadow Brook 235 miles since resto 95 to 100 points 1936 packard 8 Victoria coupe 90 to 95 points 1941 Lincoln Continental Lincoln club national winner 1940 Lasalle convertible coupe last year for Lasalle Nice car 1946 Hudson super 8 4 door 35000 original miles 1947 Studebaker Commander convertible LS1 Corvette Beautiful street Rod 1949 Studebaker Commander Starlight coupe nice 1941 Studebaker President 8 Sky way sedan Nice 1949 Jeepster 260 V8 auto 1956 T Bird 44000 miles both tops 3 speed overdrive beautiful condition 1965 Plymouth Satellite 426 Hemi automatic Nice 1969 Lincoln Mark III nice 1970 Olds 442 W 30 Nice 1970 Cuda 426 Hemi 4 speed Nice 1975 Lincoln Mark IV 21000 original miles Fantastic car 1982 Mercedes 300 Turbo CD nice 1931 Lincoln K 145 inch wheelbase Dietrich Victoria convertible 1 of 25 Built cost new 7000.00 Fantastic 1940 Chrysler Royal coupe nice car 1949 Chev coupe Truck For sale 1928 Ahrens Fox Pumper 1941 Diamond T Pumper 1936 Diamond T pumper 1946 American Lafrance Pumper 1935 Ford 1.5 Ton Stake bed 1948 Ford PU 1970 Chev short bed PU Tractors John Deere Case Ford Ferguson Massey Please call 903 520 7356 or e mail lexi596m@aolcom for more info and pictures
  2. You have to be logged into Facebook before clicking the link above - if so, it will work. If not, you get the message "This Listing Isn't Available Anymore It may have been sold or expired." FaceBook has a glitch. Someone else will have to opine if the parts are worth $4500.
  3. Not Mine... Here is the text... ...until the OP returns... Here is my 1928 Ford model A phaeton convertible. This car is a driver. The paint is 90%. It has a scratch or two. It looks to have been restored 20 or so years ago. Tires are good . Brakes are excellent. The roof and seats are in very good shape, they also look to have been replaced about the same time.The odometer shows about 1000 miles right now, but it gets driven weekly if the weather permits. It had a 6 volt alternator put on. Has sealed beam head lights. Two duo light tail lights put on a new wiring harness. New coil, condenser, plugs, wires, head has been worke, new head gasket. And water pump. It also had a 1930 model trans put in because the originals gave trouble.It is in 95% driving condition. It is a tight car. All side windows and rods are with the car also.Be sure to ask questions. I can take more pictures if needed. I have this car priced under the lowest NADA book value price. I place this car in the middle price range.Also I have all the original generator, lights lenses and buckets that came off the car. They will go with it.Metal has been replaced under drivers seat and on passenger door plates on floor, this is shown in the photos.It will make someone a good car with lots of room for any improvement. A $500 deposit need to be made first , if you are coming for pick up , but if I`m to ship the car , parts payment will be made then the rest payable when the car is delivered .
  4. The owner has updated his pictures in the listing. A few included here. I've been looking for an 810. It now appears the paint may be good under the dust. And the interior may be useable for awhile, although the dash/gauges and steering column could use some attention. That leaves the drivetrain - a pic of the engine bay is included. For those with direct experience with Cords, I have a question. Clearly the engine is not detailed - I'd say it probably wasn't that clean before it sat the last three years. Anyone see any things out of place or modified in the engine bay that are either good or cause for concern? I'm torn between buying a decent survivor vs. a restored/sorted show car. Thanks for any input.
  5. Link here: https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/cto/d/north-fort-myers-1930-rare-chev-4door/7342558163.html
  6. Very nice car - cannot imagine why they chose to take pictures with that backdrop?!?
  7. Is it just my eyes... but the top of the back seat and the "factory original convertible top boot" look to be dark grey/(stained?) - most pics are taken at car height so you don't see the top boot clearly - rest of the car does look good
  8. Same seller as the 1927 Packard 336 Cabriolet. Is the Cord interior upholstery and door trim an original style? I'm used to seeing the pleated leather.
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