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  1. I had only seen them mentioned previously in books I've read. I have never seen one in the flesh. What was their engine set up over the production years? Did they manufacture their own, or source them from outside?
  2. I have to second this. If I was to dabble in this area again, I would look for a straight axle corvette. There is a cost difference (2 or 3 times for a comparable car), but I think I’d be happier in the long run. in no way am I going negative on the car in question... it looks like a reasonable value. I don’t know if there are any Tbirds in my future again, maybe a sunset coral 56 with a black top......
  3. I am 6’2”. I had a 55 for several years. Legroom wasn’t a problem. I don’t Ever recall driving with the top up. Mine looked in similar condition to this one, but I learned over the years that there were a lot of things hidden behind the paint job. It had quite a bit of filler in it. I always thought I wanted one of these but after having one, I got it out of my system. This car looks like a good value if the panels are steel and it runs as described.
  4. Well if you want to say yes say yes....and if you want to say no say no....
  5. Matt, sorry for the stress and annoying dilemma. The guy is crazy to have thought this was a good idea. “This latest example of adults without brains is exactly why my patience is shot and my energy is gone and my interest in cars is plummeting. “ I totally get this comment of yours. We all love this stuff which is why we are here. You wouldn’t be the first guy I know if the decision to make this your business instead of your hobby wrecked it for you. Hopefully the next 100 buyers are reasonable people who become a fun productive part of your network and business.
  6. My signage and automobilia stuff is modest. I enjoy it but like Ed, at a certain price point, I'd rather have a car........ I have had the enjoyment of being around for many years with a close friend who has lots of great stuff. I marvel at some of the deals he has gotten. If you are willing to restore (paint) there are diamonds in the rough out there. I love the large dealership signs of the Neon era. Speaking of that. A reliable neon guy is a valuable resource. I've witnessed some of the troubles my friend has gone through getting custom neon work done for larger signs. If anyone ha
  7. Since you dropped that good information, let’s see that Packard Sign!
  8. Good topic. A short and simple answer is "I think you have to see the sign in person". You mention buying off ebay. Without taking a look at it in person and putting your hands on it, you will be relying on the knowledge and honesty of the seller. I like this type of stuff too and have some of it. I try to buy at off the beaten path antique stores in rural areas where I can check it out myself, or I'll use Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc.......and go look in person. Prices do seem to be crazy and I wonder if there is a correction sometime in the future. Great stuff has just gotten
  9. I think it is time for me to shop for a Fedora and break out the mustache............
  10. fabulous. If you haven’t seen this video of a 1906 Spyker.. work it into your day. Great craftsmanship. Worth your time.
  11. I have a 1952 two door, Super, Riviera trim package. It is a fabulous car. In great driving condition with good cosmetics it is a car that would likely sell in the teens ..... your car has a great body style and someone will love it but the buyer will have to decide up front that to go through the car will mean being upside down. I would be curious to see the last time a 4 door super or special from these years sold for more than 16-18k. It looks like it’s sitting on a dirt floor, and I would hesitate to put a price without seeing what the underside looks like but I’m guessing som
  12. It is a great book. I have two copies “just in case”. My favorites are Beverly Rae Kimes books. I am on a mission to have one of every book she wrote. I’d like to suggest Dean Batchelor’s book on the Harrah Collection. I have bought 7-8 copies of the book through the years. I like to give it as a gift to other car friends. It is very thought provoking as you see lots of cars, but also a database of all the collection held. What an undertaking. Grab it if you don’t have it.
  13. THIS. Time and experience will add to your skills.......and maybe even more importantly to your judgement. I will share a story from my youth. I am a dentist. In dental school I really enjoyed the discipline of removable prosthodontics. At the end of the four years, I had done several cases and worked part-time doing research in the field with the chair of the department, Dr Weibelt. He was a gentleman and a genius. Many dental schools used his text book to teach the entire field. I remember thinking that in that field, I had learned so much and felt really good about knowing perhaps 5
  14. Mine was related to “how do I organize all this stuff”. There are a couple of interesting software options for a personal library. It isn’t unusual for me to buy something I already have. I like your idea for this thread..... let’s see some people’s pics of their libraries.
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