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  1. I just recently used Dave to transport my Packard from Philadelphia to the northern Chicago suburbs. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! He was fabulous about communicating with me about the scheduling, dealing with the pickup from the seller at the other end, his trailer and truck were clean and inspired confidence. He did exactly what he promised he would do, treated my new purchase with safe delicate loading and offloading (with a challenging obstacle course at the pickup site), and his fee was very fair and a bargain for what he did for me. If you are looking for a reliable to
  2. Ed, I am happy with my choice and hope your other friend with the Pierce is as well. Any pics of it? Interesting to me that the above beautiful 733 Club Sedan (rear spare like mine) and the Regal 740 Club Sedan have both been very recently listed the HCCA for sale forum. Packard Club sedans.......as common as Toyota Camry's lately...........
  3. Ed, I am very excited to have the car. I intend to spend the weekend cleaning and familiarizing myself more with it, as I formulate my initial pathway forward, your advice and the path you laid out is exactly what I want to do. (Fuel system, cooling system, lubrication....front to back, etc......) It is easy to get distracted by cosmetics....there will be time for that later, and quite frankly, I need to get some advice from a couple of friends about my strategy regarding paint. Initially I was thinking spot painting of some panels and keep as much of the original as possible......after an
  4. A few more pictures, thanks for the nice feedback. I had time on monday to pull the car off the trailer into the garage and then went right into a very busy four days. TGIF......putting on the coffee pot, some motivating music and going to start cleaning.
  5. Well.......... I posted this about 7 months ago. It has been a desire of mine for years to have an experience with a Classic. Kids, jobs, commitments.....just the busy nature of life, all had me thinking and looking.... and not pulling the trigger. I had and still have so much to learn about this era. The point of the thread I started was to get information about the changes through the years related to looks and engineering. I tried to articulate and explain that I like the looks of all the cars of that era, but that my eye does prefer that earlier look of the late 20's/early 30's
  6. "That's a lovely dress you're wearing today Mrs Cleaver" -E. Haskell
  7. Probably some young man trying to get a date with your daughter.
  8. As Ed says.....back to cars. I think a downturn in Auctions may be as simple as “people are bored with them”, the novelty has worn off, and like anything popular for a while, a part of the herd has gone looking for the next thing to entertain.
  9. Trust me.....lots of PPP money being spent on boats, vacations, classic cars, luxury items as banks tell business owners “you comply, loan is forgiven”..... the neighbors see the business owner pull up in a new Corvette and think “I thought his business was hurting, didn’t he have to shut it down?”......... the money was never there, it was fabricated/printed and disbursed. It will need to be recouped. Stand by for bloodletting.
  10. I had kind of forgotten about those, and you are absolutely correct. They are gorgeous cars.
  11. That is a possibility! I would ask, has there EVER been a DeSoto sell for Six Figures ?
  12. Please don’t beat me up for the following...... I know it is an “apples to oranges “ comparison, but I have a friend who bought a 47 Plymouth coupe this month. A “driver” quality car. It isn’t a convertible and is inferior to this car with totally different production numbers......... but there are many common/similar elements between the two. He paid less than 5 grand for it.
  13. as AJ said, the front end is spectacular and the fun in having something that you never see is desirable for almost all collectors. From the pictures and the reality of how rare they are, I would have guessed a price about half of the asking price, but this is not a car I follow so my estimate of price/ value is based on a gut feeling from looking at cars for 40 years. If someone told me they got their asking price, I would have assumed that it was a knowledgeable buyer who knows what they want and is willing to pay for it. My mind always looks at this stuff along the
  14. Harry and Grimy, what would you say the "competition" was for Paige in the early 20's? Fairly large wheelbase and Displacement......Custom bodies ....? Would they have been comparable to a Big Six Studebaker? More high end than that?
  15. Ok.... I love this story on multiple levels. Just reading it brings me back to my youth, small town in Indiana, the car culture of it, the older adult men who had interesting stuff, the hours my buddies and I spent talking cars. Beautiful stuff and thanks for sharing all of it including the pics.
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