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  1. My dad was the Superintendent of schools at our rural Indiana town. My car genes didn't come from him. "practical" was the best and most logical thing to look for in a car from dad's point of view. First year teachers were driving Monte Carlos and Grand Prixs, and Cutlasses. My dad the Superintendent was driving a Chevette. You know them, cheapest most awful thing around. Made the Vega look like a quality car in comparison. When I went off to Wabash College as a freshman, he proudly gave me his 8 year old, 49,000 miles, baby red Chevette as a "good car to have in college". I headed off
  2. Hey Mike and everyone..........no worries about the different comments/input about my post. They are all educational. Many of them have caused me to look at some smaller production Independents that I might not have looked at. I have not bought anything, somewhat because it isn't a "necessity" and the uncertainty of the economic future and my responsibilities to my family make me want to "keep my powder dry" just in case (I am pathologically conservative with money, got it from my dad, who could squeeze a nickel). This thread has supported my instincts/impulse that I want some
  3. The aluminum roller with peanut butter on a five fallen bucket is savage. It will draw them in, wipe them out, and you won’t see them anymore.
  4. “No modifications irreversible, can be returned to stock very easily “
  5. Wife to husband..... ”I thought you said we’d meet lots of nice people from classic car ownership. It almost seems like people are avoiding us”
  6. That looks very interesting, a beautiful car. I look forward to hearing more as you sort through the systems and get the project going. Your description of how you came about it is encouraging to me. I too am looking at an older project car that was once very nice but the last 20 years have been hard on it. It was stored inside but not being regularly driven has likely taken a toll. The owner is an older gentleman and his asking price doesn't reflect the work and risk that a new buyer would be taking on. I have contemplated making a lower offer that I would be comfortable with, but it i
  7. Ed, I think you could have a very successful YouTube Channel just doing things like the White and this next car you are getting ready to reveal. You are a good story teller and the interest is off the charts....... John
  8. Ed, I don’t know if it has been asked of you, but have you been approached by any of the White Steam guys about your car? Also what other Coach builders worked with White besides Rubay?
  9. A fraternity brother of mine loved to tell the story about his father helping a Chicago guy who broke down in his BMW in rural Indiana. They are farmers and farmed about 4,000 acres of ground they owned. Indiana dirt is high yield stuff. You can do the math and figure out his wealth (today about 10,000/acre), He stopped to help the guy who knew nothing about his car, and instead of being grateful, questioned his input and advice. My friends dad told him that he was the majority owner in a BMW dealership in Chicago (he was as an investment) the car owner wasn’t buying it and treated him like a
  10. Soooo, you're going to tease us with your drawing from the past that has remarkably proved to be a sign of the car you would buy later in life.............and not share a picture of that drawing with us???? This topic caught my eye immediately because I too have changed through the years. I think taste in cars can be a little like taste in foods. What have you been exposed to? Who has come into your life with a passion for a certain type or genre of cars that you previously didn't know much about? I grew up in a pretty small, blue collar/farming town in Indiana, I'
  11. Lol. As for height, you should see me fold into this midget. It isn’t pretty, but once in, not to bad. As I get older, it will only get worse. Your dad’s 3 questions: no I am not an engineer. My spare time to dive in is temporarily affected by three kids and a grand dog who moved back into our empty nest (just became empty sept 2019). I am pretty handy, with electrical issues likely being my biggest weakness. as for disposable income ...... with 4 kids having 8 semesters of college each, I have 24 of those in my rear view mirror and 8 more to go. The sum to
  12. From that sage philosopher Yoda...... “hooked we are” it is a fantastic car........ but the story, oh the story......well told. On so many fronts, the car had to cross paths with you. Thanks Ed
  13. John and Mark, I appreciate your advice to ignore the chicken littles. There is a lot of grief to be avoided by staying away from the wrong car, but there are always some people who would talk you out of everything. My regrets through the years with cars have not been things I bought, it has been things I talked myself out of. Admittedly, this might change as you look at higher end stuff. I have never spent more than 40K for any classic car I bought. I have an older MG midget, Round wheel arch, wire wheels, chrome bumper, a blast to drive and I paid 2,500. There is no downside to t
  14. Guys, I'm very much enjoying the wisdom and thoughts on this topic that I spend way to much time thinking about. I too wonder if the market is soft, or if that is an illusion. I have bought and own several collectible cars, so my eyes are wide open with the fact that what people ask for their cars is often wildly optimistic and the sale price often isn't publicly known. Is a mid/late 30's standard body Packard 8 sedan with driver quality paint, chrome, interior and been sitting for 10 years only accumulating 200 miles over that time (and none in the last 24 month) going to move at a 50K ask
  15. Lots of good input...... "you need to love it". getting rid of these cars isn't like calling your broker and dumping a stock you fell out of love with. "join the make's club". lots of cars trade within the club and never hit the open market. "Join CCCA, AACA, HCCA, PACKARD CLUB, PIERCE, ETC"...... I will do more of that. I joined the CCCA and Indiana region a year ago. I am not that concerned about "resale" or the Investment grade of the car I buy. I hope that is my wife's problem when I'm gone. I am not in any hurry and do want to sta
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