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  1. Looked online at numerous buttons and when they're done right it is a pretty button. I concur the black is black! I have seen the the next biggest area painted in tan, silver or desert rose. The coat of arms has red, blue and yellow in it.. Looking for a more detailed description if possible...
  2. I am having trouble finding the correct color used on a '38 horn button. I think there's either 3 or 4 colors used; can somebody help ??
  3. At this point just continue the job; finish parting it out!!!
  4. Apologies for my delayed reply. As I remember that exhaust manifold had a crack in it and I had it welded. I cleaned off the threaded studs, coated the gaskets with copper spray, mounted the manifold and used flat washers. I have to say I did a lot work to that car and it ran like a champ.. Life threw a curve ball at me and suddenly I needed the money and I sold it.
  5. I don't dig on the mustard yellow paint. The car just looks better in blue! Chris
  6. A 1954 Pontiac Laurentian from Canada. This is a pretty car and it runs well. No rot or rust and all the gauges work. Paint is quite lustrous and there are no dings, dents and a few light scratches. It has the original Pontiac straight 6 cylinder engine with a manual 3 speed on the tree. This is a very clean driver, not a show car. The pictures are about 2 years old shot in Canada. The car is now in Pasadena, California with a clean title and California plates. Current pictures available upon request. Asking $15,500. Chris
  7. That's a pretty car! I always liked the Buick sedanets. I had a '48 super sedanet and sold it.
  8. That's a great old car. It's and honest and simple which makes it really appealing. If you can get more detailed pictures of it and PM me I could be interested. I'd want to get answers to the standard questions. Rust? Engine fluid leaks? Identifying numbers including the data plate and any history beyond 2 years... Chris
  9. your listing is VERY ambiguous. This car could be rusty nightmare by the looks of that door. Pictures, descriptions, etc!!!!
  10. what years are these from? What size engine?
  11. Yeah I agree; show what you have not what they could be!