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  1. The '58 4 doors don't look bad in fact this is one car I would say the 4 door looks better than the 2 door! At $13,500 it maybe a good deal depending on the needed trans work!
  2. It looks like a pretty cool car. There are some issues I see that would to be looked at. That radio feature is pretty cool too; but does it work properly? Another thing the car has Oregon license plates but it's in California; is someone flipping it. So for instance they paid 15k in Oregon and now trying to get 20 in Cali? I don't see this 4 door being a 20 grand car with engine compartment looking as run down as it does. The best feature of this car is it does 70 mph in park, what an option!!! LOL
  3. For the ridiculous price he's asking it better come with the correct hubcaps.
  4. Better yet How does one expect to sell a car showing only one cryptic photo in their ad?
  5. I recently went down the electronic ignition road with my '47 Super Deluxe with a flathead and I am very unhappy with the results. I am going to install the original Ford distributor with new ignition parts installed tomorrow in hopes of getting the car running! The unit I bought was the Stromberg e-fire setup. I followed the advice on the box and installed Stromberg wires and a Pertronix 1.5 ohm coil. The engine did run on the new ignition parts for about 5 miles then it stalled and it cranked but would not start. This morning I tried one last time to see if it would start and got a loud bang of a backfire and no start! My car still has the original 6 volt system and I have found out through this frustrating expensive process that these electronic ignitions don't perform very well with 6 volt systems and 12 volt systems are much better. These units are NOT plug and play like it says on the box. Needless to say this has been a frustrating and expensive experience. I really have no desire to troubleshoot this and I just want a refund. Anybody else have a experience like me?
  6. I was not a big De Soto fan but recently I inspected a 2 door and came away with a much better feeling about these cars. But I still would not buy one!
  7. Looks like a very nice car. Price?
  8. I have always liked these. They're quirky but cool! Taking pictures in a dark garage does not sell the car very well....
  9. Lose the side pipes and drop the price and it will definitely sell. It is a beautiful car!
  10. This car is still available! WOW, that's one nice car for under 19 grand. One of the nice things about owning an old Ford parts are available. It's not like owning some rare or obscure 1940 Pontiac Torpedo and you need a fuel pump adapter or a horn ring for the deluxe steering wheel.
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