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  1. Geez, if you ever wanted an old car but thought you couldn't afford it here's your opportunity. Looks real nice for a very reasonable price!
  2. Oh the T-Type Buick era. I liked that era but I can only guess that the GM brass did not like that idea. It was a different direction for Buick and it was suddenly squelched! Nice car - GLWTS
  3. I have could be interested in this car but it's on the east coast and I'm on the west coast. GLWTS
  4. Pretty neat colors. If I am not mistaken the interior is what is called 'crushed velour'! Neat car.
  5. Really nice 4 door cars for sale and this is one of them. It has an added feature for cooling purposes they punched a hole in the grill - LOL
  6. I agree, the blue seat upholstery bothers me. The blue doesn't tie in with any other feature. Moreover these photos don't show the paint too well. If you look at the reflections in the paint they're not crisp.
  7. I know this shop and from the cars I have seen they seem to have decent quality. But that over a year and a half ago. That price is quite outlandish if I may say....
  8. I believe these Macho T/A's were put together by a shop in Arizona. They had been build these things starting in the mid 70's and they are rare and collectible. If I was looking to buy one it would be a 1977 or 78. Pontiac ceased V8 engine somewhere close to the '79 model year. If you're going to talk originality and paint quality what's with the trim? Oh well that's my 2 cents. GLWTS
  9. Looks like a very pretty car! Might you have some pictures of the dash, gauges, headliner and engine compartment?
  10. So recent posts on these message board have a '71 Lincoln for $5500, a '62 Buick Wildcat for $16000 and Ford for $8000. For grins and giggles which one would you choose? Yes the Buick may or may not belong on this list but I threw it in there as a wildcard....
  11. Damn! Very nice looking car. I would like to get some pictures of the interior and engine compartment. Offered at a great price too!
  12. Now 19G's is getting into the realm of a fair price. But at 19 grand it should as good as the photos show... BTW, though the seats looks good. However most unfortunately they are not the original design, .
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