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  1. A restored stock '39 Lincoln coupe is a beautiful car! The interior is awesome with the art deco style dashboard. I have a hard time liking a cut up '39. But that's me.....
  2. Hmm, a 'fantastic restoration'......... amateurish at best in my opinion!
  3. The Rust Oleum brush-able oxide primer with a sound deadening product called Dyna-Mat?
  4. Selling a 1952 Canadian Pontiac Fleetleader Deluxe. It is a 4 door sedan with a 6 cylinder mated to a 3 spd manual transmission. In Canada this car used a '52 Chevy body and Pontiac drive-train and interior. Body and paint are in great condition and the chrome is not pitted or rusted. All gauges, lights and radio work. Recently replaced the shocks, re-cored radiator and rebuilt the carburetor. No rips or tears in the cloth upholstery. The engine emits a blue smoke from time to time but does not lack power. The transmission shifts smoothly through the gears and the engine never over-heats.I am selling this car for a friend who is a Pontiac collector and lives/works locally in the Pasadena area near Los Angeles!
  5. Those thick manifold to carb gaskets I don't think are available any longer. They are just there to insulate the carb from manifold heat so stacking thin gaskets are fine. The only thing to watch for is when stacking the thin gaskets the overall needs to stay the same. If it is not the same height the air cleaner bracket that goes from the air cleaner to the head will be off kilter.
  6. Hey Kyle, The Early Times Chapter (ETC) is made up of a great group of people. There's a lot of knowledge in that group. Attending the annual flat head reunions are the best way to getting the most out of an ETC membership. I have been a member for 4 years and have gained a lot of new friends! I would make sure to get a factory manual for your car. That will be your best friend... Chris
  7. I have been there and recently sold my car and now I can't live without it! I guess when you put a lot of your blood, sweat and tears into the car the love affairs gets stronger. The side effect to the 'imgonnafixitrightitis' is 'whileimthereitis'. That side effect just adds time ie: watching paint dry! Chris
  8. I have a 1940 Pontiac Flexible Deluxe steering wheel, horn ring and horn button for sale. This was the optional wheel for 1940!
  9. I have a Spramax 2k but never used it. You did a beautiful job with it and now I am find a reason to use the one I have.
  10. I am selling front end body parts for a 1940 Torpedo These parts came off a coupe that had a tree fall on it and caused severe damage! Right fender is straight but has a dent above the wheel opening. Left fender is damaged due to the tree. I bet it will be a challenge for a good body man. The core support is straight and structurally sound however there's rust on a non-structural lower panel. The upper rt body panel pictured goes above the rt fender and below the hood. The rt side engine compartment panel has no rust and shows the head light wire holes. Selling these parts as a package for $500.00. The buyer is responsible for shipping and these parts are Please note: The 1940 Pontiac Torpedo model was a GM C-body shared with Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile & Pontiac. The Torpedo was the only Pontiac that used this body and therefore these parts will NOT fit on any other Pontiac!
  11. I am going to get pictures of both manifolds today.