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  1. That's one cool little coupe and affordable too. I'd buy it if I had the space but unfortunately I don't... GLWTS
  2. This is the wrong area on the message board for tech assistance. Re-post your question in the appropriate topic area...
  3. You guys give the 248 cars a bad rap. I owned a '39 Special coupe and a '48 Super sedanet both were fine on the streets or highways. If you like Buicks that go fast buy a GS out of the 60's. Since this car is going out of country I hope the seller stuck to his price. Americans are cheap but Europeans will pay for what they want! I have mixed emotions selling pieces of Americana out of country; it's what made this country what it is today. Today's strife in this country is exactly what I am referring to. From taking down statues of history and burning flags to selling old cars out of country.
  4. Now that's a gorgeous Pontiac! It's a Catalina too. I hope the engine area and undercarriage are as gorgeous as the interior and exterior... If my garage wasn't full I would want to buy it. GLWTS!!!!!
  5. Cars usually photograph better than they are in person. Some of those pictures shed a bad light on the car and some look okay. I would not buy it based on those pictures; I would either go see it or have it inspected! In my book if you cannot have an 80 year old car verified in person you're really taking a risk!
  6. I would not say it's a smoking deal. This car needs a lot of work and it's only a 'special and not a Century. Putting another 10 grand into it after purchase would only get it to a cobbled together driver. Whoever buys it needs to have a fat check book, lots of patience and a love for Buicks.
  7. 18 grand seems way too optimistic. Even a 2 door sedan or a coupe might fetch that money but the car would have to be in real nice condition! This car needs a lot of work. GLWTS
  8. These fastback models from the various divisions at GM are great cars. They are the epitome of the 'big american car' with a 'boulevard ride'. I live about 45 minutes from this car and I would buy it but my garage is full. I do car inspections for a living so if anyone is interested in this car I can do an inspection for you. Chris The attached picture is of a '48 Buick sedanet I used to own.
  9. At a starting bid of 27,500 it's not probable that there is going to be any higher bids. It's a nice car. GLWTS
  10. This is a nice original car with the straight 8 flat head motor! Those bumperettes above the main front and rear bumpers were optional on the base model. The dog dish hub caps with black wall tires are a breath of fresh air! Owner states it still has the original paint; pretty remarkable! Great car! GLWTS
  11. Most of the posts on Craigslist are either expired or deleted. Additionally the AACA posts are a few weeks old! Which of the listed cars are still available if any?
  12. A very impressive piece of history. I sincerely hope it goes to a good home. GLWTS
  13. deac

    1950 Mercury

    WOW, a 50 Merc that's not chopped. What a beauty! Sure hope it goes to someone that keeps it original... Chris