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  1. The '49s are big beautiful cars. I love the styling of the rear end on the '49s. But there is something to be said for the long sweeping front fenders of the '46 through '48 models!
  2. WOW!! That car looks very nice in pictures. It's not more than 10 minutes from me. Maybe I'll go over there and kick tires. Cars are generally not as nice in person as what you see in pictures. The best example is seeing awesome paint work but you go and put your paint meter up to the body panel and the meter reading is off the charts! I recently got stung on a car that needed more mechanical work that I could have anticipated. The car is back on it feet from all that work and runs great. So when I look at these things online I become very skeptical and ask myself what is t
  3. About 7 years ago I had a '48 super sedanet and really liked it. I got it for 14G's and sold it for 18G's. It was a black car but it did need a paint job however it did have the broadcloth interior, gauges restored and the dashboard was painted and chrome restored. At the time there were people telling me if I painted it the value of the car would increase by 10 grand. So I sit here today and see this '49 and wonder about the 28 grand price. I am a car inspector and have been very busy with classic car inspections and think to myself is the market really depressed? Or could it
  4. I ran 20w50 in my '40 Torpedo with a straight 8 consistently and the oil pressure was very good and on start up no abnormal noises were heard!
  5. That was a pretty good deal. Buy it and enjoy it. For $6500 you will get the looks most coupes get but you know in your mind you got it cheap! Paint, chrome and upholstery are done and those are the costly things.
  6. IMHO 15 grand is too much for these 2 door sedan models. I see Buick's much like this one going for 10 to 12 grand. But the wood grain on the dash looks good and everything works is nice to know. If you want a nice classic for not a lot of money these 2 door Buick's make for a nice car. For any where near 15 grand the car better be in excellent shape. No tears in the upholstery either!!
  7. I agree 100% with V.mike. Moreover it will take far less time and very little money to clean all 6 volt contacts than it would take to covert to 12 volts!
  8. I am working on a '47 2 door sedan with a flat head V8. It's not modified! I have replaced the 2 front slave cylinders, replaced the front drums and shoes as well as the brake cables. In the rear I have turned the drums, replaced the 2 slave cylinders. When I arc'd the brake shoes I made the radius of the shoe closer to radius of the drum than I do on a GM car with bendix brakes. I inspected the master cylinder which appears okay and then filled it and bled the braking system 3 times! I adjusted the shoes/drums as well. On the hoist I was able depress the pedal and found that point o
  9. Now that is a nice truck. I hope you get what you're asking for it!
  10. It's going to be challenging to sell the Pontiac GP. That car is too customized! A plain jane Camaro RS is just that; plain jane, ho hum!!!
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