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  1. g-g-g0

    Buick Radio 1952

    If the OP does not have his radio, I can likely help. Gary
  2. Looks like a decent original ‘32 Buick coupe on the HAMB this morning. Sorry, I don’t know how to add the link. Someone will help!
  3. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Well, it has been awhile since an update! SURPRISE!!!! It is painted about half wet sanded and buffed! The paint is AWESOME! Further assembly required (doors, hood, truck lid) and then back to the upholstery shop to finish the interior! Finally, I believe the thing will get finished. No word on color or pictures just yet! I think it deserves to be completely assembled and in some nice bright sunshine for its debut! Stay tuned! More to come after the first of the year!
  4. g-g-g0

    Auto on a 1942 Buick 8/40

    Any pictures of your project?
  5. g-g-g0

    Brake Lines For '64 Skylark 4-Door Sedan

    I’d give Inline Tube or other manufacturer a call and see what they offer. If you send them your old ones they will reproduce if I recall.
  6. Would have been interesting in knowing what transmission was used? Original synchromesh????
  7. g-g-g0

    Visually Identifying Early 50s

    I’d say ‘52! Trim on top of rear fender distinguishes.
  8. I am pretty sure this information has been posted before however my success with the “search” function has not provided me with such a list. Anyone help? Thanks, Gary
  9. g-g-g0

    322 Nailhead parts

    PM sent
  10. g-g-g0


    Not to divert from the intent of this great thread but car was built by Timeless Customs, Camarillo, CA. Google 1957 Buick California Dreamin to see addition pictures as it was featured in Hot Rod Magazine.
  11. g-g-g0


    Actually saw this car several years ago in Del Mar, CA! It was a very nice car! Personally I don’t care for the wheels but everything else was top self!
  12. g-g-g0

    FOR SALE: Another 1957 Roadmaster 75 !!

    To the guy in NW Indiana? ?
  13. g-g-g0

    FOR SALE: Another 1957 Roadmaster 75 !!

    Where’s Lance? Practically in his back yard!