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  1. Ben, You been poppin’ wheelies again? 😀😀
  2. Looks like the original poster hasn’t been back since the day he posted!
  3. Complete rear end including torque tube from a 1952 Roadmaster. Make me an offer! Located in South Bend, IN
  4. When I was inquiring about striping wheels, as you indicated, a pin striper was recommended and it was suggested to inquire at motor cycle shops for talented ones.
  5. Just make sure you get the right one! The one you need is narrower (top to bottom) than the sedan one. Not a lot of difference. I think I have a sedan one that I can measure which will be the one you DON’T need!
  6. I just reread this whole thread again. Are you missing the.rear center glass? I don’t have one but sold my last one to a guy with a 57 Olds 2 Dr HT project that I think he has given up on. I can check with him to see if he might sell it if you need one. They are pretty hard to find! I do think I have an extra set or two of corners. Gary
  7. Alex I will look in the next few days to see what I might have. Will see what I come up with! Full restorations/restomoding (you possibly have seen my 57 Special Restomod project in the modified Forum) projects are a huge undertaking. When I first started messing with 57’s 15+ years ago there were parts and parts cars galore. Totally different today. Stuff is still out there but more difficult to come by! By the way your project is taking shape! Looking great!
  8. You are talking about the lower channel I believe. I’m talking about the “L” shaped chrome trim that fits on the glass itself. For your channel. I believe that the brackets were riveted to the channel. Hopefully your brackets are useable. If so you could rivet your brackets or weld them to the channel. In most of the cars that I disassembled the channel itself was rusted away but the brackets were decent. Even saw where someone had tried to weld the bracket to the rusty channel as a means of repair. Results were less than satisfactory! If your brackets are bad, I possibly might have some old ones that are useable. As for the rear window gaskets from Rubber the Right Way, they fit my Special perfectly! Ordered the last set a couple of years ago. If they are not fitting properly, I would make contact with them. Maybe you have the ones for sedans/4 DR HT’s. Gary
  9. .I have bought 3 piece rear glass gaskets for my 57 Specials from “Rubber the Right Way” in California. Right shape and correctly molded for proper fit. I believe that they are currently the ONLY source for these parts. At one time Steele had these available but obviously discontinued, probably 15/20 years ago. I have bought several rubber parts unique to 57 Specials/Centuries and 57 Oldsmobile’s 2 DR HT’s from these folks. Always specify that they are for 46R or 66R models. They are knowledgeable of the model numbers. Service has always been excellent as well as quality. The unfortunate issue with these folks and the three piece rear glass rubber is that they only sell them in sets. You can’t just buy the corner glass or the center glass rubber. It’s all 3 pieces or none. As previously mentioned the glass (corners and center section) is UNIQUE to the 57 2DR HT period! (Buick’s and Oldsmobile), 4 DrHt’s and sedans are different (taller/wider). Hope this helps! Also, there is an EBay seller, woodwheelsjk, that advertises new 2 DrHt door window frames. I bought some for my 57’s from him and they were excellent reproductions. Chromed and ready to go. He listed them for 57 Oldsmobile 2DR HT’s. I could never convince the guy that they were the same as 57 Buick Special/Century 2 DR HT’s but they are Identical! Anyway he does not have any currently listed in his store. Might be worth while to contact him to see if he has any or plans another run. Gary
  10. I’m certainly not a Chevy expert but believe that your car has a 216 cubic inch motor. Early Chevy 6 cylinder motors were affectionately called “Stovebolts”. Google is your friend. Lots of info including a shop manual available for viewing on line.
  11. It really looks like a fairly simple part to fabricate. Just need a pattern/sample for measurements. Is someone in the middle of a restoration process that might have one easy to measure? There is a ‘53 expert or two that frequent this site that might have access to one for measurements. If my car was on the lift I would see what is there.
  12. Nice museum in Forest City, NC. 50 miles or so from Asheville. Bennett Classic Antique Auto Museum. Definitely worth a visit.
  13. If you are a BCA member contact the BCA office and request a copy of the current (a couple years old) membership roster. That will give you the names and contact information of other owners.