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  1. Long time with no post! Thanks @leon bee for bringing it back to the surface again! The pain and agony of the build still continues although progress is slow! The finish line is in sight! Car is painted and probably 98+% assembled. Should go to another upholstery shop soon to correct some poor workmanship from previous shop plus complete the interior (door panels, head liner, carpets and trunk area). Just waiting to get the car worked in to his schedule. After upholstery, it needs to have some final tuning done to the engine/fuel injection and then maybe, just maybe, the damned thing will finally be complete! Had hoped that it could have made it to OK City this summer, but that ain’t gonna happen! Cleveland is not terribly far down the road so maybe it will make it there! Here’s hoping anyway! Thanks again friends for thinking about this project. Gary
  2. I would have your factory radio “updated”. Several vendors take the old shell and install new technology “guts”. None of the vendors come to mind off had but Google for results. The radio looks original but has latest technology.
  3. Front I presume? I may have a core. Where are you located? I’m out of town for a few days so if you don’t find one check back with me.
  4. Did anyone get any contact info? Is pretty tempting!
  5. This is poor thing has been on Craigslist for probably two years! Still on the Omaha list for $3000! At least he has reduced the price $500!
  6. Can’t answer your question as to whether “will it fit” but have bought kits from Inline Tube and had positive results.
  7. I see this C/L listing has expired. Did anyone write down the phone number by chance? Thanks
  8. Thanks Al! A couple of salvage yards to try. Jims Vintage Auto, Mountain, Home, ID and Trenton Brown in Sunset, TX. Google for contact info. Inquire of them if they have suggestions! Gary
  9. Best way I know is to find someone (an old garage or mechanic) that has a set of Hollander Interchange books. Maybe someone on here will respond. Gary
  10. More than likely an effective way would be to have a relative/friend drive the car and then fly them back. My son has also used an outfit called Door to Door (a broker) several times recently for a long haul with very good results. First option would probably be best.
  11. If you can confirm that a Buick will interchange, I probably have a mechanism out of a Roadmaster. Gary
  12. Man, so sorry to read and see this! Fortunately you were not hurt! And it looks like, according to your list, you should be able to find/replace all of the parts! You are in severe need of some “good luck” with your car! Hang in there! Not what you had planned for spring break! Gary
  13. I met Joe and saw the car in person this afternoon! Outstanding!!!! Larry has just posted some very nice pictures but seeing it in person is even better! Joe, what a marvelous restoration and the detail is stunning! Thank you to you and your motley crew of helpers! Gary
  14. WOW! What a shame! Some pretty rare cars in the hoard.