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  1. Appreciate the responses. As for the cap, according to the info I was able to find, 13# is the correct cap. Car probably has less than 500 miles on it. According to the gauge it does not run “hot”. Without the thermostat it gets to 190 +/-. Not sure what it read before I removed the thermostat. The core support and surrounding metal get really HOT! Before this present situation, once the thermostat opened I could always squeeze the upper hose and you could hear the fluid sloshing in the radiator. I am very reluctant to drive it as it appears that the pressure on the upper hose is excessive and I don’t want to blow the hose and/or get stranded. Oil and radiator fluids appear normal. No water or oil in the wrong places. Maybe I am over reacting but the current condition is very different that before. I am sure there is more than 13 pounds of pressure in the system. The hose is as hard as a rock.
  2. My 57 is causing me to have undue stress!! 🤪🤪 Facts: 364 rebuilt, radiator checked and cleaned at radiator shop. Coolant appears to be circulating when cold and radiator cap removed. Thermostat has been REMOVED. Temperature runs 190 give or take a degree or two. Temps read from infrared thermometer and auxiliary temp gage. Problem: When engine comes up to temperature (190 +/-) and the radiator cap (new 13# cap) is on, the upper radiator hose has pressure on it. It is as hard as a rock. Condition exists with or without thermostat. Previously when the engine came up to temp and the thermostat opened or with no thermostat, the upper hose was pliable and could be squeezed. Performed as expected a. for a year or two after the rebuild. Thoughts as to what the issue could be? Where do I place the first stick of explosives?
  3. If only I were a younger..............!
  4. This would look really nice in the show room at Buick Gardens!
  5. I have set of floor pan replacement panels that I am not going to use if interested. They are for a Super and Roadmaster so might have to be trimmed and or modified to fit a Special.
  6. Did they ever produce cars or just custom bodies?
  7. This is completely out of my wheelhouse but appears that it ought to be saved. I’m 2100 miles away so totally out of the question for me. Pretty neat piece of history! Do any other Willoughby’s exist?
  8. There is an add on the H.A.M.B. IN CARS FOR SALE for the remains of a 1914 Willoughby. Add says it has to be moved by May 31 or will be scrapped. Sorry, but I do not know how to cut and paste.
  9. Got the ‘57 Special with standard manual transmission out today. First order of business was a bath! And then a short drive down by the St. Joseph River that is nearly out of its banks due to all the recent rain!
  10. Engine number on front of the block and location please.
  11. Several on EBay. See a pretty nice one for $20.00 and free shipping. Thats a good deal!
  12. I should have one from a 52 Roadmaster if interested. Gary
  13. SMS will be able to tell you the yardage required. The folks that are actually doing the upholstery as well as others that have purchased yard goods suggest adding an extra 1/2 to 1 yard, just in case! Also nice to have a bit of extra if repairs are ever required.