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  1. A long shot but you might call Jim’s Vintage Auto Parts in Mountain Home, ID or Trenton Browne at Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset, Tx. Both are vintage salvage yards. Google for contact info.
  2. Thanks for all of the positive comments! Really appreciated. Jim, it is my intentions to have it at the Nationals next year, however I will be starting my 8th decade by then so will just have to see what the Good Lord has planned!!! As I have indicated, this has been a 10+ year project. Ones initiatives, energy and capabilities change tremendously as we age. My advise to anyone is to NEVER start a project of this magnitude unless you are a young man!!!! I am thankful that it is done (nearly) and hope that I am able to enjoy it! The project has resulted in a pretty nice car considering all of the trials and tribulations along the way. There are a couple of issues that I am not pleased with but when the guy that started the project bails on you (goes out of business) there is not much recourse. At this point it is what it is!!!!! Thanks again!!! Gary
  3. A few interior shots. Tan leather and maroon carpet. Seats are 1st generation Riviera, custom console and 1957 factory A/C Oldsmobile dash.
  4. OK. here's the car! picture quality is not the greatest and not very plentiful. The best I have for now! Don't know that the paint color has a name, but it is a deep cherry/maroon metallic. Looks black in the shade and metallic cherry in the sun.
  5. Can you elaborate a bit more on this set up. Are you able to charge or just maintain? Appreciate any input.
  6. Ok guys! Thanks for the continued interest and prodding! Just got back from a few days in Florida so need to spend some time with some pictures. Promise to get it done in the next few days. Actually the car is.not 100% complete. Have to get the front end aligned, transmissions pressures and adjustments checked and finalized. Needs a final buff and the hood emblem and BUICK letters installed plus the deck lit emblem after the buff. Oh by the way, the hood emblem and Buick letters among other trim items conveniently managed to get lost at the various people involved in the build. I have managed to replace all the missing parts but now have to have them rechromed ! Oh well. It’s only money! Hub caps and horn button need installed and I think they are really cool special touch! That will be a bit later. Great pictures are not plentiful as my plans are to have a professional take in the spring. Getting there but don’t quite have the ring yet! Please stick with me! We are almost there! 10 years in the making! Gary
  7. I think Dan has elected to sell his unfinished project as he is focusing on another project. I believe it was advertised here as well as the HAMB.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Any idea if the power steering pump/bracket is correct for 53? A double pulley available? Out of town for a few days so unable to check my books. Gary
  9. Thanks for the thoughts/ideas! Picked up a 12000# Badlands winch with a coupon like posted above. $299.00 plus tax! Probably the cheapest solution.
  10. Thats the problem! I was not designed to meet this criteria! Agreed that a winch is the most sensible solution. Any thoughts on best brand of winch? Thanks, Gary
  11. Thanks Joe Interesting, but as you indicated, pretty pricey! That certainly is the concept that I had in mind. I will continue to look for other options. Appreciate your input!
  12. I am looking for a suggestion to raise a car in my trailer off the floor by 4” so that the car door will clear the escape door frame above the fender. I can fabricate something out of 2 by lumber but wonder if there is a plastic grid or ???? available? Anyone had a similar issue? Thoughts? Suggestions? Looking for a light weight solution.
  13. Welcome aboard! Definitely post in the Post War section of the Buick Forum and hopefully sean1977 will decipher all of your data! Let us see some pics of your ‘57. There are several folks on the Buick Forum that are VERY knowledgeable on 57’s.
  14. Material thickness for one.