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  1. Happy that you are back! Always enjoyed your post's. Gary
  2. Believe it also fits similiar body style Cadillacs
  3. Jorn: e-mail me at gggholson@comcast.com. I have a contact that might be able to help you with the A/C fan shroud. Gary
  4. John: I tried to PM you but apparently you are new. I have a set of power windows (still in the doors) out of a 57 Olds 98. I have already sold them to a guy so if you call me at 574 289 1335 I will give you his name and contact info. He bought them to sell. Gary Indiana
  5. WTB a good set/cores of '57 Cadillac Seville rear bumpers.
  6. Are the front fenders common to all models of '57 Cadillac? Thanks, Gary
  7. Good to takk with you Charlie. Will take your parts and plan to see you in a couple of weeks or so. Gary
  8. And where might Grandpa Marc be located? Thanks
  9. Now that is REAL Buick MAN! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!
  10. DITTO to the above! BCA is great.
  11. Just recieved my copy today and have already read it cover to cover. I enjoyed the articles and history of '42 Buicks. BUT, the best article of all (in my opinion) was the two articles written by Tom Rzonca and his daughters Dawn and Felicia. It was a great story about FAMILY and BUICKS! Congratulations to Tom on his "GOLD" award!
  12. What's the difference between the 53 and 54 to 56 spark plug covers? I have a couple of sets some where but do not know what year they might be. Picture would help of the '53's Gary
  13. I am looking for a power window set up for a '57 Buick 2DR HT. It is my understanding that '57 Specials and Century plus some models of '58will interchange as well as '57 Olds 88 and 98. Must be from a 2 DR HT. 4 DR HT's are different even for the front doors. I do have a set from a '57 4 DR HT to trade or sell. Thanks, Gary
  14. '57 Oldsmobile with Factor/AC, power windows, power seat and electronic eye. Plan to part it out. The factory A/C is a pretty good item and those '57 Olds dash's look SWEET in '57 Buicks!
  15. Short notice but I am leaving Wednesday night November 10 from South Bend, IN headed to Webster, SD with and empty 18' trailer. If you have something that needs to go that way let me know. Gary
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