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  1. Appreciate the input. Had not used YRC in the past. Normally have used ABF. Will check with YRC.
  2. Fastenal’s web site says they are not offering the service from the Eastern 60% of the US to the Western 40% (my estimate based on viewing the map) and visa versa due to COVID. I will give them a call but had previously inquired and advised they had halted this service. I have reached out to a couple of the small guys that moves cars and parts but have not located anyone headed that direction yet. Still have a couple more to contact. My question relates more to the major carriers, like ABF, YRC, Estes, etc. Appreciate any thoughts.
  3. Not a Roadmaster! Only 3 port holes. Also a 4 door so that would make it a Special. No 4 door Sedanets in the Super series.
  4. Anyone had any experience with a freight broker? I need to ship a fairly large/heavy pallet from northern Indiana to the Spokane, Washington area. Trying to deal directly with a LTL carrier without an account with them is absolutely ridiculous! Any thoughts/suggestions/experiences/recommendations? Thanks, Gary
  5. Go to Hometown Buick website. Should be able to decipher with info there.
  6. Hometown Buick is a decent source for 50’s Buick information. Correct spelling is Sedanet I believe. Some years were referred to as Jetback. Model numbers usually ended (but not always) in “S”, ie., 46S, 56S, 76S, etc. Hometown Buick says there were 1500 1951 Model 56S’s produced. 1950 was the last year for volume production.
  7. Randy Currently our of town. Will be home this weekend and will be in touch! Gary
  8. Good Luck in your search! Most all are cracked/broken. I believe that Bob’s in California has reproductions. A couple of folks on the Buick prewar site have gone to headers.
  9. Doubt if you here from the OP. He joined in July 2004 and never returned to the site!
  10. Try dropping your question down to the Post War Buick section. Lots of Buick eyeballs there!
  11. Brian Just wondering if the BUICK portion of the show will be open to MODIFIED Buick’s like the BCA events?
  12. Rusty Sending you a PM and pictures later today.
  13. Rusty I am not aware of anyone reproducing these and not familiar with interchangeability. I might have a good pair from a Super/Roadmaster. I will look and also check my parts book to see if they interchange. Stay tuned! Gary
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