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  1. WOW! What a shame! Some pretty rare cars in the hoard.
  2. Location would be helpful!
  3. Also would be nice to have a package of decent pictures including interior and engine compartment!
  4. You should drop down to the Buick forums and make your request on the Buy/Sell Forum.
  5. Welcome! Might want to scroll down to the Buick section and pose your questions in the pre war forum. Lots of Buick eyeballs there! Also consider joing the Buick Club of America!
  6. The museum that you likely remember visiting was the S. Ray Miller museum. It was a wonderful collection of cars and assorted other interesting things. He had several automobiles including an Elcar and other cars that were manufactured in Elkhart. Mr Miller died in 2006 and the contents of the museum were sold at auction to settle his estate.
  7. There’s a decent 47 Super Sedanet on Atlanta Craigslist. Might want to inquire about this one.
  8. Feel free to see if Fireball can help you. Mine are “as removed” from a car and are in similiar condition as your picture. In fact I will need to hit them with a wire brush before taking pics. Pics are not going to happen today as I will not be going to my shop today. Went out to get the mail and everything is covered in a sheet of ice. Let me know if you still want pics in a day or so.
  9. Don’t know of any one that is making them. I might have a couple of extras. Will check later today and PM you pictures.
  10. Highly recommend Bills Auto Works! Bills number is 216 832 8697! Excellent service and reputation! Single car hauler. Closed or enclosed.
  11. Just like trimacar said. Have seller strap or band it to a pallet. Get the size of the pallet plus overall height and weight and call Fastenal 3rd Party Logistics, 855 798 5695. They will walk you through their requirements. They do not make pick ups. It will have to be dropped at the shippers nearest store. Works great and likely most economical method.
  12. Never tried it but still a chore even with the front end off. Long and Heavy! I’d break it apart.