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  1. I also got another odd model chev 1928 roadster no rumble seat few years ago (that I actually found when I was 10 years old and took years to buy)and have been trying to swap out better parts that I find here and there on farms , but this car seems to be wider than the say 4 dr bathtub style convertible .i got a real nice complete windshield frame off a 4 dr convertible and it’s a few inches narrower than the roadster needs, also found a better trunk lid and it also seems too tall of a curve to fit.
  2. Oh maybe I misread , must be same as a US master ?
  3. Oh wow ! That’s great info ,thanks so much I assume it is same as standard US model I mean , I will check dash too when at the shop.
  4. I’m wondering if the length of body is somehow different with different running board and body part listings......the body serial number is 19 ? I wonder if it’s car number 19 built lol
  5. The only info I see is on HAMBS but still cannot figure which mine would be, dosnt look to be too many Canadian built ones . i am needing to order some parts but the sites ask which model in standard or master.
  6. Oh that may be a problem , I got it apart and there are two different frames , one with odd front suspension and one with leaf springs.it dose have the cowl tag , it is also made in Canada and I don’t think we had master or standard actually model names in those years here.
  7. Hi , I recently bought a 36 chev 3 window coupe that has a rumble seat and continental spare on rear . I’m trying to figure if it is equivalent to a master or standard model ? Its apart but all there with extra parts . thanks
  8. Oh yes deleted , that’s good thank you found that international shipping is too expensive being very limited as well a distance from this location, plus cost to get parts /cars to such shipping companies,and on top of present virus situation restrictions etc ,with people not able or willing to come in person ,just not viable .sorry
  9. Can I delete my profile and postings ? Please tell me how
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