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  1. Pete Just curious. Are the 51 Super Riviera sedan panels different that a Roadmaster rear door panels? Would the stainless trim be different? I have 52 Roadmaster trim if it will work for him?
  2. Sent you a PM. Also check out Hometown Buick website as I believe it provides information on interior trim codes.
  3. Pair of cast valve covers for 425 Super Wildcat Buick nailhead. These are correct for 64/65 I believe. Will fit all nailheads. These are original Winters covers. P/N 1166222 and 1370315. Great shape! Need a good cleaning. $300 shipped to lower 48.
  4. Pair of stainless headlamps trim/doors for 1953 Buick. Couple of minor dings in each one. Easily repaired by good stainless guy. More pics available. $65 shipped to lower 48.
  5. Nice LH Exhaust Manifold for dual exhaust. Fits 57 Buick and I think 58. Very nice condition. No cracks! Studs are in good shape. $350.00 shipped in lower 48.
  6. There are folks that can “update” a standard radio by installing modern components and you have AM/FM as well as blue tooth capabilities. I believe the last one I had converted was around $700 and now has all of the modern bells and whistles. Looks like an original radio!
  7. Check out “buickvalvenut” on the Hokey Ass Message Board! Does not look like he has them ready yet. Gary
  8. Ben, there was a guy on the HAMB awhile back that was making a pattern and was going to pour a run. Might do a search! Gary
  9. If the door stainless is the is the same as the sedan I have those. Might have a Roadmaster badge also if the same as sedan. Will be a couple of days before I can confirm.
  10. Thanks for the responses! Yes, I was looking for the stainless! And I did find a set! Good to go for now!
  11. I am looking for a VERY NICE set of trim for one seat. My favorite (🤢😡🤢) upholstery guy managed to lose a set for one seat! Anyone have a nice set or know of a set? Appreciate any leads! Gary
  12. There is a shop here in South Bend, IN that can rebuild your old one. Better than new when rebuilt! Auto Plus Rebuilders 574 232 5557. Jim or Dan can fix you up! Usually 24 hour turnaround! Gary
  13. Not to digress too far from this posting, but does anyone know about the original poster Dale @smirhbrother? Have not heard from him in awhile!
  14. It’s V8 and I’m thinking maybe 57 w/dual exhaust. Just trying to confirm. Thanks for checking! Also believe that casting numbers do not always relate to part numbers.
  15. Trying to ID an exhaust manifold in my stash. Number on the casting is 1171371. I do not see this number on Buick’s.net or Team Buick sites. Appreciate any input.
  16. Very Nice leather covered paper weight in original box. Box is not in the best condition but all there. From: NEILL BUICK CO. 107-113 W. MT. ROYAL AVE. BALTIMORE, MD COMPLIMENTS OF DAN NEILL Approximate 3 3/8' in diameter and is about 3/4' high. More pictures available. Files too large! $58.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail. Money order or personal check. PayPal OK if Friends and Family.
  17. Greg Srill available. Did not hear back from first inquiry. Gary
  18. As Ben said, a broker. I sold a complete engine to a gentleman in the Netherlands a few years back. In my case he paid me to build a crate and he made all the arrangements for shipping from his end. Every thing went very soonthly.
  19. Nice Driver Quality 1959 Buick Hood Emblem. No broken studs. $25.00 plus shipping.