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  1. Suggest you drop down and post your question in the BUICK Post War section. Lots of Buick eyeballs there.
  2. Brand New still in sealed plastic wrapper Steele Rubber Rear Window Gasket. Part number on Steele website indicates it is for a 1950/51 Buick all series 4 door sedans, 1950/51 Cadillac series 61 4 door sedans and 1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic and Futuramic Deluxe 4 door sedans. Steele current List Price is $379.69 plus shipping. This one is $175.00 shipped to lower 48. Check or USPS Money Order please.
  3. Attached is a picture of the engine serial number on an engine I have. Can someone verify what it is. I have researched it but want to confirm! Thanks
  4. I bought a set off of eBay for my 57 a few years back and they worked/fit fine. Don’t recall which seller I used.
  5. Just recently went through a similar situation on a set of 52 hinges. As Lance says soak liberally and frequently with Blaster. I then used a Harbor Freight Phillips Head 1/2” Phillips Screwdriver Socket (comes in a set of 6 bits, $13.99) with my impact wrench and they broke loose. In the past I have broken a bit doing this but the HF set has a lifetime guarantee. What a deal!
  6. Best to call the Funeral Home ahead to make sure there is no funeral or visitation. I guess it is safe to say that it is open “by appointment”.
  7. I’d highly recommend Bills Auto Works if he is available.
  8. My dad was a Western Auto Associate Store (franchisee) owner from 1947 to 1977. I might have an “in store” catalog with part numbers but recuperating from hip replacement earlier this week so getting to the basement to look for it is a few days away. Gary
  9. Me too Ben. Mine was dark blue and got in 1956 for $100.00. Ran the wheels off of it and top end was about 65 down hill with a tail wind! 😁 That vacuum shift was a real treat too!!!!
  10. Specials are a smaller body. Also check the aluminum tag on the left side of the firewall. Will give you model info, color number, trim code, etc. Also on the engine by the distributor there is a machined surface that will have a series of numbers/letters STAMPED on it. This will identify what the engine is from.
  11. Been a few years since I was there but as Barney indicates a very unique and varied collection. A lot of old toys also. Worth your time if in the area!
  12. Look up at the top upper right of the page and see a little envelope. Click on it.
  13. Some GOOD stuff there!!!!
  14. Thanks Frank! That one flew right over the top!! I knew that but just wasn’t thinking! 🤓
  15. Thank you! Appreciate your input!
  16. Can’t seem to find the right “Group” number in the parts book? Will the “box” containing the “guts” (tubes, resistors, tuner, etc.) from a 52 Super/Roadmaster fit a 53 Super/Roadmaster? I know the trim on the dash is different. Thanks, Gary
  17. Check by the distributor and there is a machined surface on the block that will have a series of numbers STAMPED on it. Post those numbers and someone will identify your block.
  18. Sorry just got home and saw your message. Will see if this works!
  19. DeSoto701 I do have one but failed to get a picture. Will do that tomorrow and PM pictures to you. As previously indicated, core is untested.
  20. I should have one. Will check later today. Heater core would be untested.
  21. If you run out of inventory, I have some available! 😁
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