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  1. Pictures always help! Maybe a picture of the data plate also.
  2. Appreciate the info! Thank you!
  3. 1952 Buick Roadmaster 320 CI Engine. Turns over by hand. Pulled from non running car. 55000 on odometer. Exhaust manifolds are cracked. Has one year only 4 barrel intake. No carb. Engine complete less carb. I do have an air cleaner. Will place on pallet and band for shipping. Buyer to make any pickup/shipping arrangements. Located in South Bend/Mishawaka, IN $450.00
  4. Nice set of 51 Buick wheel covers. Not perfect but NICE! $100 plus actual shipping. I have lots of 51/52 Buick Super/Roadmaster parts: trim, interior trim, sheet metal, bumper cores, complete dashes, etc. Inquire with needs.
  5. A 1951/52 Super/Mustache Bar. Bar has a 7/8” crack in lower center. Has blistering/pitting chrome. A core that is repairable per a chrome plater. $100.00 plus shipping/crating. I will only ship it in a wooden crate. Too many stories of Mustache Bar’s being damaged in shipment. I have lots of 51/52 Super/Roadmaster parts: trim, interior trim, sheet metal, bumper cores, complete dashes, etc. Inquire with needs.
  6. Greetings Kasper Thank your for responding to my question concerning the interior headliner “bows” for a 57 66R. I have several bows for cars that I have parted out. Most were 4 DR HT’s bit at least one was a coupe. I’m trying to confirm that I have a set from a coupe. Do you have a picture of the interior, especially the headliner, before you started your restoration! If so I would really appreciate a copy! Also if you could measure the width and the height (distance of the bow when placed on a flat surface to the crown of the bow). Would really appreciate any info/dimensions tha
  7. Buick Man Thanks for your response and input. I think that the Century had 3 but has been a long time since I saw a car. Could I get you to send me a picture showing the location/placement Roadmaster? I suspect that the placement was similar in the small series cars. As for availability I agree they are a pretty scarce item. I do have a set (3 pieces) that I think I removed from an Olds 98 coupe (same body as a Century coupe) I parted out a number of years ago. My tagging and identification skills were lacking when I removed them! I did part out 3 or 4 Century and Oldsm
  8. How many anodized aluminum trim “bows” are there in a Century 2 DR HT. These are the trim pieces that fit up next to the headliner and visible inside the car. Roughly 3/4” wide channel formed to fit the contour of the top. NOT the rods that are hidden by the head liner and actually support it. A picture would be helpful. I believe there is either 3 or 4. Just want clarification. Thanks, Gary
  9. Wouldn’t it make sense to start your own new post rather than latch on to one that is 11 years old? In addition pictures and price are an asset in selling on this site.
  10. I have a pair similar to the one at the bottom if interested. Gary
  11. I would also consider Russ Martin at Centerville Auto Repair for the engine kit.
  12. Original Poster last visited this forum in October 2019.
  13. The upholstery design/pattern is definitely different, but suspect it might interchange with 58 Buick Special and Century (small body). Definitely did in 57.
  14. In the Buick world, the tops are being reproduced. Is that a possibility for the Pontiac’s?
  15. Joe I’m not a Pontiac person, rather I’m into Buick’s. I ended up with this thinking it was Buick. Buick’s and Pontiacs both used the long narrow batteries. In 53 Buick went to a V8 in the Super and Roadmaster and a 12 volt Battery which is essentially the same size. I think the 6 volt was known as a Group EE and the 12 volt was a Group EEE. The 53 Buick 12 volt hold down (one year only I believe) is two piece and a little bit different in configuration . Picture attached. The one I am offering has been identified as Pontiac and may possible have been used by Packard.
  16. Yes. $105.00 USD and You would be responsible for all shipping, exchange rates, fees, etc. Recent shipments of this smaller size to England and Europe seem to be cheaper via USPS. Would that work? Gary
  17. I am told that this is the correct battery hold down for a 1949-1954 6 volt EE battery. Very good condition. I do NOT have the top cover. 20 1/4” between hold down bolt holes $120.00 shipped to the lower 48.
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