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  1. Congratulations to Pete Phillips and his Team; again winning the Golden Quill Award 2020; for the Buick Bugle. The Buick Club is listed under the 2020 National Luxury Awards.
  2. Join the Arthritis Foundation for their 38th Annual Classic Auto Show at the Metro Center in Dublin, Ohio: Friday, August 20 (Cruise In) and Saturday, August 21 (Classic Auto Show). Hundreds of Trophies and a Buick Show Within a Show with a Best of Show Buick. AutoShow | Arthritis Foundation
  3. Dust off your Buick and join us at the Performance Charity Car Show on Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Downtown Delaware, Ohio. Registration and Check In starts at 7:00am with awards by 4. 100 Favorite Awards plus 20 Best of Show; including Best of Show Buick. Visit: www.PerformanceCharityCarShow.com
  4. I want everyone to know that the Buick Heritage Alliance is supporting Steve and Brian in this wonderful endeavor by providing the funding for the Buick awards.
  5. We are now able to open up our Buick Heritage Alliance Catalogue store, on a regular basis, as folks are able to go back to their work/office. To those who had to wait for their orders, I /we apologize. Please feel free to browse the store and place your orders. Timely product mailing will now be the norm. JB
  6. The Buick Heritage Alliance is now open for Literature sales. We apologize for the temporary shutdown, during lock down. You may order at: www.BuickHeritageAlliance.org Thank you all for your patience and support. JB
  7. Yes and Good catch. I erred in my dates and placed them BACKWARDS: Charlotte is July 2. Strongsville is July 9. I apologize to all for the confusion. JB
  8. The Buick Heritage Alliance will be hosting our annual dinner at BOTH National Meet locations, Friday, July 2, 2021 in Strongsville, Ohio, Friday, July 2; and Charlotte, NC. Friday, July 9. We will resume both our National Meet Board meetings, for BCA members to attend; as well as our National Award. Details will be placed in the BCA Calendar, when meal details are finalized.
  9. The Buick Heritage Alliance will be hosting a celebration dinner at both events, on Friday evening, from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. We are excited to be able to visit Charlotte and Strongsville, and provide BCA members with a BHA update along with our Annual BHA Recognition trophy. More details will be available, as we work with Brian and Heather. A couple of other items: I'll ALSO take Matt's $10 bet as I believe both cities will benefit from an outstanding attendance of cars and BCA members. Angie and I will be taking cars to both events. Anyone wishing to join JB coastering at Cedar Point or Carowinds, during these two events, let me know! Jeff.Brashares@JBrashares.com
  10. Just shows you how long it's been since I answered a post. Hopefully, I now have myself "up to date"!
  11. As a point of information, The Central Ohio Chapter IS considering a Bid for the 2009 National which would be hosted in conjunction with the 27th Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show and Cruise In OR separately at the site of the 1999 National in Crosswoods. There IS plenty of space in Crosswoods as there was in 1999 and the infrastructure exists to support the show in Crosswoods or in Dublin, at the site of the Arthritis Foundation show. The attraction here is that we already have the volunteer base in place to pull it off rather than hosting two separate shows.
  12. RV: Where are the cars going to be parked in relation to the trailer parking? JB
  13. The 21st Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show and Cruise In will be held Friday, July 11, (Cruise In), and Saturday, July 12, (Classic Auto Show), at the Wyndham Dublin Metro Center, in Dublin, Ohio. 50 years of Corvette and 100 years of Buick will be celebrated. Those who pre-register will receive a special commemorative license plate sponsored by Buick. For more information and registration, please visit: www.arthritisautoshow.com or call Krista Gardner @ 614-876-8200. All proceeds support the work of the Central Ohio Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. JB
  14. Wayne: If you decide you wish to proceed, Dave Polson @ Auto Werkes in Cleveland hauls my Buicks for me. We had a special Featherlight trailer built that will haul six Buick's in an enclosed trailer. His number is 1-888-838-1813. JB
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