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  1. I am interested in more details. will pick up.
  2. 5-26-20 FYI I installed Wilwood kit on my 1955 special two years ago. Easy half day install used original brake lines, and brackets. The hard part was booster master cyd. install under floor. you will need vac. pump for proper operation.
  3. I found one on the forum posted several years back. thanks again to all who responded.
  4. Thanks to all who responded to my request for wiring drawing, I have all but the one issued by Packard for operating the compensator in manual .It shows how to use the limit switches to prevent over control, and the destruction of the gear box. Thanks again.
  5. thanks to all who have responded to my request for info on compensator wiring. I have all the drawings . The one I am looking for is for manual operation only. It shows how to wire the limit switches so as to prevent over control. Several years back someone posted it on the forum. I had a copy but lost it.
  6. wanted Packard recommended wiring drawing to wire compensator for manual operation. mac6delta@att.net
  7. full manifold vacuum ,but how many inches
  8. what is your vacuum source? engine or vacuum pump . a good vacuum source is necessary for proper booster operation .
  9. would the gentleman in california who sold me the backing plate last year please contact me . mac6delta@att.net
  10. 12-16-19 sounds like wrong solenoid to me.
  11. I had the same problem with wrong clips made tool from sheet metal with smaller slots. It worked for me. 11-28- 19.
  12. O Reilly auto has wipers for early Buicks. FYI you have to ask for them, they fit original arms.
  13. I have used grease on threads to seal them. Worked for me.
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