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  1. would like to have a picture of gear box and links in the level position coupee-la. e-mail need help. have manuals and lots of info.
  2. I have not purchased any lifter. How to tell if lifters are correct?
  3. Thanks 53mac .as a second note the mpr7 is the right rod
  4. what is the stock length of the push rod for 1955 Buick 264 engine.
  5. The instructions with the Pertronix unit say to bypass the resistor. Why are you using the resistor?
  6. my ? would be what is its function.?9 22 18 ..
  7. when changing over to a new system always use all the parts recommend by the manufacturer. they are designed to work together. this for fyi only. give up your manhood read the instructions.
  8. Question. Where did you connect the other end of the wire you connected to the terminal on the junction block? Is it from the starter relay to the junction block?
  9. old tank it is obvious you do not live on the gulf coast.
  10. For FYI only my 55 has two hinge springs still hard to close.
  11. vacuum hose only comes in1/ 32" ID. like 2/32, 7/32 This info is only for fyi. Let the stoning begin.
  12. Odd business model? Not if you are wanting other people to pay for your sway bar.
  13. What state are you in? You guys need to lobby your state legislature exclusion from inspection. for classic cars.
  14. I have started many a n old engine by pouring a small amount of oil down the carb. it restores compression. Try it you may like it.