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  1. Chicle Drab and Copra Drab are my favorite Model A colors........
  2. Just about every morning in the summer is Model A day for me....usually around 5:30 ayem until 7 or so. Favorite morning coffee stop.......
  3. Over my lifetime I have bought three antique cars from active or retired airline mechanics. All three were resoundingly excellent cars. The workmanship was exemplary. My current Model A was reassembled/restored by a Delta mechanic that has since gone on to the big hangar in the sky. I bought the car from him 20+ years ago, kept it for a couple of years, sold it to a friend and bought it back two years ago. The more I dig into it for service etc the more I smile. i love those ‘46-‘52 Mopars and I am watching out for a good one........hopefully restored/maintained by an airline mechanic!
  4. BJM, yes, I did discuss presentation with the seller. They just want to clear everything out without any effort. I never went to look as I have no interest even though I am close. As I stated above, they are open to any offer.
  5. Most unfortunate times in the Northwest currently. We follow the fires and the many stories and really do feel a great sense of sadness for everyone affected. The smoke has even reached northern Minnesota making the sun red but not affecting air quality yet. Today the winds changed, coming from the north bringing in that cool clean Canadian air. Thanks again for posting another entertaining and informative video. I enjoy (and learn!) from every one. I always do my valve adjustment colds, save me from expanding my vocabulary in a bad way. Take care and stay in the garage to avoid that bad ai
  6. Very similar to my first old car. I drove it to college in ‘71-72. Mine of course was nowhere near as nice.
  7. I cant say I looked at it very much and I did not study it but it caught my eye as real looker.
  8. My spare parts department....two green tubs = Model T parts, two navy tubs = Model A parts. Any cast iron parts or sheet metal I do not stock as many guys in my area have barns full of that stuff and are happy to sell what I would need.
  9. A very sharp car.....I recall it was at a big car show in Eagle River Wis. back in 2019 that I attended.
  10. Murphy’s law of car collecting..........if you have X amount of garage space you will want X + Y amount of cars! I will try to stay right where I am at.......I could fill up a warehouse!
  11. HW, I have a friend In southern Minnesota who has a 1921(?) AB that is an open truck. It runs and has new tires. Wants 5K for it........would need lights and some other extremities and has no box or anything behind the cab. Jeff P.
  12. Thanks boys......looking at some pics of a friend’s 1917 Dodge runabout I think you got it!
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