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  1. This is very simply put......Thank You 1935Packard. Hershey and all other events will be back and I believe much better. These delays certainly won’t affect my perspective of the hobby and how I participate. I will be there, I bet it won’t change many others either.
  2. Hello Harm, I have a very good friend in Norwalk Ohio USA who is very knowledgeable about early carburetors and carbs in general. His name is Tim Morsher and his email address Is He would welcome an inquiry about your carburetor. Please mention that I passed along his contact. Best of Luck, Jeff P. ps. Asparagus is plentiful this year, have picked several pounds wild. However, the morel mushrooms are rare this spring......
  3. Here is my take on 4 door cars.....if I like a car, be it 2 or 4 dr, HT or Sedan, Convert, whatever, the cars look the SAME to me from behind the steering wheel! That is what I love....driving my cars!
  4. This car is identical to one owned by my next door neighbor back in he early 60’s. When his son inherited the car in 1970 we used to hop in and drive 90 miles to their family farms to help out at harvest time. 90 mile trip.....always tried to do it in well under an hour! Wow, what a wonderful road car!!
  5. What a lovely understated car.......if I drove that one I bet I would never drive my Model A Ford again..........
  6. Lots of horror stories about buying a car sight unseen. I have done it three times, 1 was OK, 1 clunker, and one was exactly as described. Never again. I finally realized there are “many fish in the ocean“ and the last three cars I have purchased have all been within 15 miles of my home. If you need someone to look at a car for you, find someone knowledgeable and independent in the area and pay them well for an inspection. You can ask on this board. Since I am going to an auction preview in my area 5/31 I offered to inspect for someone and will do that.
  7. An illustrated road report would fit nicely in this posting......good luck!
  8. Steve, what type of oil will you use in the shock absorbers?
  9. In the Model A segment of the hobby there have been a myriad of suggestions and uses. I used mineral oil in my Houdaille shocks. In my current Model A I have installed tube shocks.
  10. Most of the good stuff from the Virgil Marple collection was sold off in the last year or two. 25 or so years ago I sold four Studebakers to Virgil, one convert and three parts cars. The convert is long gone but the three parts cars are in the auction.
  11. The last time I mounted clincher tires was last 82 F. sunny day which really softened up the tires. I could almost mount them with my hands and knees! I did use very hard plastic tire spoons (for bicycles) and did not scratch the rims but did leave some marks. We have not seen family/friends for two months also.....things are still going backwards here so no end in sight yet. Fortunately we have cyber connections and a never ending list of things to do around home. Looking forward to better times and to see what the new normal is. Take care and be safe!
  12. Bullrun....send me a PM with particulars about Ken Siefert’s auction. I plan on checking it out on May 31. I will not bid on anything (full garage!) but I know Ken’s son Greg and will meet him there for a tour. If anyone else has SERIOUS interest in a particular car I can give you a report also. Send a PM. Jeff P.
  13. Yes HW, they were usually in stock or available special order at “Midnight Auto”!