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  1. Rosco ....his best guard dog least he doesn’t bite but nobody better touch my clock steering wheel!!
  2. My son giving his son the first Model T driving lesson. Rosco is paying rapt attention.
  3. I was a 35 year rural mail carrier, I never used a RHD vehicle. I found them to be too cumbersome in trying to do my work. A coworker used a RHD Subaru and preferred that as he was a very short person. As I stated earlier in this thread I would like to find an RHD Model A Phaeton.
  4. I have noticed some very crude restorations on RHD cars that came from South America. I have always wanted to own a right hand drive Model A Phaeton.
  5. About 15 years ago the car was sunk down to the side exhaust in the mud. Then it was jacked up and put on more blocks. I would hate to see what that frame and suspension look like!
  6. .......why someone would park their 1968 Corvette outside along a shed and leave it there for 42 YEARS! Oh, yes, he told me he was going to restore it. I can remember when he drove it and when it spent its first winter outside.....I was his postman. 1978. I walked by the other day and there it was. Oh, well, what can one say? Has anyone else noticed an interesting vehicle left outside to the elements?
  7. A car nut since birth! My dad was a car salesman in the 50's, he brought home a different car every day. I would sit in the window and watch for him to see what he drove home. When I was 10 or so a man across the alley from my grandparents had a Model T and a Model A in his yard. He let me play in them and I was hooked! Picture below taken today in my shop shows I am still hooked!!
  8. I have always wanted one of these since they were brand new (1990) and finally purchased this one in 2009, a 1991 with 28K on the clock. It is the most fun of any (old or new) car I have ever driven and I will never give it up
  9. I may have shared this story before, forgive me if so...... I have a bottle of rendered bear fat, given to me years ago by an old Indian from way up on the border of Minnesota and Canada. His family for generations has used that for treating all leather shoes and clothes. I used it on my hunting boots then and it was fantastic. Leaves no residue and really softens leather. About a dozen years ago I used some to restore an original leather interior in a 1913 Model T Ford. It worked great. My supply is dwindling rapidly now. I have no idea where I can get some. I better make friends with a bear hunter!
  10. Yep, there’s still some ol’ Buicks in them thar hills!
  11. Bob, this F/S on HCCA website......1910
  12. I found this Buick in the U.P. Back in the fall of 2009. Same car? Likely not.
  13. I used Sherwin-Williams paint with a brush on my former 1910 T in 2011. Subsequent owner states it still looks great.
  14. Yes, my Standard Catalog of Import Automobiles indicated this car became the Daimler Conquest in subsequent years.