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  1. Drove the recently purchased New Yorker home today……97 mile trip……85 deg.F with no cooling issues. 40 lbs. oil pressure, does not drop hardly at all when idling. One problem I have is the idle is high, cannot lower it without the car dying. I could not find any vacuum leak. Tomorrow I will spend the day cleaning inside, out and underhood as I do not like working on dirty cars.
  2. Might have mouse fir headliner also……I think that car could be made into a neat mild custom. I love that side trim……
  3. Long ago (thinking 1973)I bought a 1937 Chrysler Airstream that was all painted up for a local high school homecoming. Usable interior, ran good but every inch including windows was all painted. I got it for $99, cleaned the windows with a razor, and drove it home. One week later I had all the paint off and traded it off for a 454 from a wrecked Monte Carlo.
  4. Before purchasing my 1948 New Yorker I took a serious look at this 1952 Imperial in Iowa. It is a two owner 31K mile original car. Asking $16,900. Has been used little in the past 40 years so recommissioning is necessary.
  5. I’m with you, I think it is a nice one. There is yet another 1956 President for sale near me. It is a 120 WB President but in worse shape than this President. Of the three I would certainly choose to see the 116 WB one.
  6. Facebook Marketplace listing in Minneapolis MN. Must access Facebook to contact seller. I have no interest or involvement in this sale. 1937 Chrysler Royal sedan Suicide back doors 251 straight 6 Manual 3 Spd with overdrive It runs and drives, it was used in local (mpls) car shows at a paint car for kids washable paint that washes off. Its painted currently with silver rustolium(bought it that way). I am not asking anywhere near what classic dealers are wanting because this is unrestored im in the ball park of $3,000.00 obo currently at dealerships the starting price is 12,000.00 and goes up from there. If you or someone you know is interested shoot me a message.
  7. I was going to post this car after I saw fossil’s posting Of the Pepto-Bismol car. I have a friend who was going to go up to Duluth and look at the car. When I explained the difference between the vice president and the president I think he backed down on going. Too bad, it does look like a really nice car for a reasonable dough.
  8. George, google his name, he is a well known hunter of barnfind and hidden cars. Doesn’t mean he is by any means an expert.
  9. Learned about that 40 years ago when I had a ‘46 Dodge! Good eye spotting the profile pic change 👀
  10. Well, mission accomplished…….1948 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander 4dr will be coming into my possession this Friday. 65K mile two owner original, needs some recommissioning and TLC. Can’t wait to get started!
  11. I was wondering if 1948 New Yorkers came from the factory with 820x15 tires? I thought the Royal/Windsor used 710x15.
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