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  1. Jack, I had a 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera S-4 that I submitted to BAT and it was rejected. No reason was given and I moved on. I did auction my 1948 Packard Station Sedan several years ago through them and everything worked out very well. Did you ask why they rejected your car?
  2. I bought a 57 Super 4dr HT in the spring of 1977 as a daily driver. Blue over White w/ Blue guts. Paid $150! Really a great driver with no rust. Sold it for $600 that fall.
  3. Definitely would enjoy hearing any or all about the work done on your cars. That is what this thread is all about. BTW the band project went unbelievably well. I must have paid enough homage to the Model T Gods!
  4. Just getting started on what Ted Aschman used to say was was the worst job of Model T Ford ownership. New bands. If my grandson stops by sometime during this process I will send him to the house to see grandma. I do not wish to “expand his vocabulary” as I work on this project.........
  5. Hop in.....I’m heading over to Sears Roebuck!
  6. I rewired my 1948 Packard with a harness from Rhode Island Wiring. Instructions, diagrams and quality product made this a relatively simple project. I did however “make like a monkey” to get into some areas to make necessary connections. That was the biggest challenge! This advertised car would be a nice one to have!
  7. I spotted this car at an Orphan Car Show several years ago and it is very nice. I believe it is the most basic model in this line.
  8. Thanks @bryankazmer for clarifying that (356/359 engines) in my post above. I did realize my error last evening and corrected it then.
  9. Steve, I believe the full classic Packards for 1946-47 were the 2103, 2106 and 2126 models which were the “Custom Super Clippers”. These had the big 356 eight with 9 main bearings. I have a good friend who restored a ‘47 2106. Great cars!
  10. Having watched a skilled woodworker rebuild the tail gate on my 1948 Packard, I can really appreciate the amount of work involved in this rear door. Congratulations on a fine effort!
  11. My second car was a ‘68 Caprice, same body style as this one. Mine was triple black, hotter inside and out than a Finnish sauna in the desert.
  12. They are available from all the Model A parts suppliers.
  13. I talked with the owner of this car early last spring, COVID restrictions and recommendations came in and I would not travel to see it. PM to me if you are interested in this car as I have a little background.
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