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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all on the forum......I enjoyed this picture courtesy of Mac’s Motor City Garage
  2. Like your opening and closing with shots of the ‘53 in action.......very creative. Your videos are getting better every time!
  3. On a couple of cars I have had in the past with this typical of oil filter location the filter drains back into the motor when shut off.
  4. Fascinating fun! I like your ideas but the practicality is definitely different in today’s world. Thank you for posting this!
  5. I also had mahogany inside my framework on my ‘48 Station Sedan. Original panels were painted metal. Matt, your posted picture above is blank on my iPad.
  6. I think the were an accessory on some cars, standard on others. I have one on my 1930 Ford as well as my 1913 Model T. I added them. The only cars I have seen them on which appear stock are some pre-1932 cars. My friend has a 1912 Hudson which has a double bracket holding two oil cans......must need lots of lube! As far as updraft carbs, my only experience is with Fords and mine work great.
  7. At our latitude we are darn lucky to perform these tasks this time of the year!
  8. Great magazine! I have been a subscriber since 1983 and have all but two issues. I often send articles to people, even sent one to you Keithb7! eBay often has back issues quite reasonable if one wants to fill out their collection. They once published an index covering the first 20 years or so. I have mine somewhere around here......
  9. My favorite color combo from the 50’s......I always wanted a ‘58 Corvette in those colors but I would much rather have this car now at this stage of my life....It is fantastic!
  10. I have always loved the lighted hood ornament on the Pontiacs. My father was a car salesman at Arrow (!) Pontiac on University Ave in St. Paul back in the late 50’s. Whenever he came home in a Pontiac with a lighted ornament we would go out after dark and he would take me for a short ride so I could see it. That is a very nice car for the $$.
  11. Here is one I tried to buy about 10 years ago. Grandpa was going to restore it someday. It had been sitting in his garage since 1953. Well, Grandpa passed a couple of years ago and Grandma gave it to a grandson. The next thing you know it was being parted out, keeping only the body for himself for a hot rod. Oh, well.....
  12. Perhaps this occurs more than I realize but recently a Model A 400-a popped up for sale on several internet sites. Pictures confirmed that it was one of my former A’s that I sold in 2002. Since my ownership the car has been repainted and motor rebuilt, it looks great. Surprisingly the asking price is not much more than what I sold it for in 2002. I actually sold it through this forum (buy/sell). Anyone have an interesting story to tell along these lines?
  13. With my hoist setup (beam in rafters) I have to pull the nose off of any car which I remove the engine. Then I have to roll the car back. Always nervous when that huge lump of iron is hanging in the air. I would pull the nose on the Plymouth if I was doing the install...I think the job would be easier that way. Sounds like you are headed in that direction.
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