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  1. $25.00 each INCLUDES postage in the Continental USA. I will sell all three together for $60.00 and will INCLUDE postage in the price. All books in VG condition. Turnquist and Dawes books have slip covers. PM or email Scampout at Comcast dot Net.
  2. Oh, I wanted one of these in the worst way when they were new. I test drove several, loved them. Then I bought a Volare. Ugh! This Córdoba is a very nice car and I wish you the best with your sale. It would be a big hit at the cruise ins these days.
  3. What a very beautiful and very understated classy car. Too bad distance precludes me from being a serious player. I miss my former S/W 4 dr. which I switched from white to black. Good Luck with your sale!
  4. Why don’t you call the phone # in the OP?
  5. Model T’s can be basically lumped into three groups: Brass Era 1909-1916 Black Era 1917-1925 Improved 1926-1927 Brass cars usually sell pretty well, Black cars are a much tougher sell (most production) and Improved cars somewhere in the middle. CaHartly is correct, the Improved cars are the overall best drivers. That running board trunk on the pictured Improved Tudor is really a neat accessory!
  6. I did not mean to disparage anyone, especially this seller. Happy to hear of his credibility. Yes, I have the correct email address. My iPad says “not valid” when I hit send. That happens periodically when the server is gmail. I sent an email via another computer and it went OK. Time for a new iPad..........
  7. Email address appears to be invalid........scam?
  8. I would like to find a used Top Boot for a 1917-1922 Runabout. Worn, small tears, tarnished hardware OK. That would fit with the rest of the car. PM or [Scampout at Comcast dot net] Thank You AACA!
  9. Quote Auburnseeker:“Price each one right shed as many as cause you heartburn, so you can trim it down to the few you like best and make your life easier. Concentrate on being a curator of those. You will in the end be much happier. “ Better words could hardly be spoken.
  10. My 1930 Model A when originally purchased March 1997
  11. Got it! Thank You for your patience and help!