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  1. Last, I tried plugging more pinholes and larger holes in the trunk, but did not make much progress. Here's where I stand currently (Photo 1). Some areas haven't been ground down yet. It looks fairly reasonable from this photo, but if you get underneath the car and look up to the light on the ceiling, it looks like someone shot it with a shotgun blast, hundreds of holes. Some areas are getting closed up, while in other areas, I create as many holes as I fill, due to the thin metal. I will probably decide to do more surgery on it and cut out more of the metal, mainly at the top center, wher
  2. The slog continues on the MGA. Finding time for the car has been almost impossible between work, my other cars, and other menial tasks that take priority. I did find about 4 hours today and some on Friday. I decided to cut out the lower section of the spare tire inlet where it transitions from the trunk to the interior of the body. Going by the progress I've made welding incredibly thin metal in the trunk, it was easier and cleaner to just replace this section. Glad I did. In photo 1, here's some sheet stock up against the piece that I later cut out (in green primer). The ent
  3. Almost there, Jeff. Great work!
  4. hursst


    I'd suggest you change your title to reflect what you need. Right now your title is just "WTB." Most folks will probably skip over this, as they don't know what you want without opening the link.
  5. The last few weeks has been limited progress on the MGA. I've been very frustrated with my progress on the trunk floor, as my welder has not been performing up to snuff. I thought it was just my poor welding, but my welding tip has slowly been building up slag inside it, which has been causing issues with the feed and general quality of welding. I finally noticed what the problem was when the wire starting to get caught up occasionally. I was considering giving up and hiring a professional, as it had been quite a few weeks with almost zero progress. Once I switched out the tip, things im
  6. If by no time, you mean 4 months, then you're spot on.
  7. Fantastic work, sorry about the imperfection, but still seems like you're ahead of the game. You'll be on the road shortly.
  8. Continued on the myriad patches in the trunk today. Mostly worked on the latest big hole I had to cut out yesterday by installing the patch I made yesterday afternoon. Started with of small hole on the passenger side rear fender. I used a copper backing technique (Photo 1) to cover the back of the hole. Here's the hole from the front. Due to the thin metal surrounding it, I ended up using about twice as much welding to fill the hole as the hole slowly expanded until it got to some thicker metal. Took much longer than I thought, but turned out nice in the end. The b
  9. Last week, I got in a short session where I was able to finish up fixing my poor spot welding on the tops and bottom of the rocker panel. I filled in the holes and gaps in the first layer of the metal where it had burned away rather than make a nice spot weld. Fairly easy job. I may have a little more touch up to do, but this area is complete (Photo 1). I will have to do the same thing on the other side. This morning, I got a good 3 hours or so with the MGA. I made three new patch panels. There were two areas where I was going to try to fill in the small rust holes, but upon
  10. Jeff, that's a great suggestion, as I think that would be the preferred method for this work, but since I'm already 80% of the way there, I'll just stick with what I'm doing. That's also a different skill set and I don't have the time to learn it at this moment. -Chris
  11. Mike, Yes, I've been using the cardboard from the inside of a cereal box to make patterns, then trace them onto the metal. The metal always needs a little grinding before I install patches, as I will make them slightly larger than the cardboard pattern to give myself some room for error. Thanks again! -Chris
  12. Trying to stay focused on the MGA's body work to reach or beat my goal of having the main bodywork complete by Spring or earlier. Tough to do, working with this thin metal, but actually still making reasonable progress. Today, I got back to work on the large patch in the trunk and continued to fill in holes, gaps, and pin holes. Got them all sealed, but when I grind them flat, I find new ones, but each round gets less holes as I go. This work gets boring and is not very productive, constantly patching and probably re-opening some of these pinholes as I go, so I sto
  13. Mike, thanks again for the info. I have one of these, but it is too large to make the detailed contours I need for the trunk patches. I've been trying to make some subtle curves (like 1/4") on the edges of some pieces to better the fit, and that has been working out well so far. I'll have to get more complex and I go, and I think Jeff is right that I'll need to keep finding "anvils" around the garage to make these shapes. -Chris
  14. Jeff, makes sense, all good advice. I've been doing that already, to a small extent, but I'll have to give it more thought if I get into trouble. I have cut away a lot already, and have identified some more areas I'll have to cut, but I'll have to weigh being able to salvage some areas vs. The extra work of having to make more complex shapes. As usual, thanks for the welcome advice.
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