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  1. Today, I continued on the leading in the trunk and it's now just about complete. There are a few other small spots I may hit, but I think the heavy lifting is complete with the leading (Photo 1). Boy is that trunk ugly. Filled in a few more holes here and there and did some more grinding of the weld stalagmites in the tough to reach areas. I took a little break and finished rough sanding of the back panel. Turned out okay (Photo 2). Will need some more sanding with some finer sandpaper before it's ready for high build primer. Next, I wanted to move this project al
  2. Oops, somehow I overlooked another number on the bottom edge. 5932761. This is a 1942-1948 Chevrolet License Plate Lamps Lens.
  3. Hello, found an old license plate lamp lens in an NOS parts stash. Can't find any info on it yet. It is labelled "L-12." Any ideas? Thanks! -Chris
  4. I had the same problem with my 30U. Mine was worn thru the metal completely. Had to lift the door up to close it. I would suggest trying to weld or have someone weld on more metal, then grind it back in to shape; that was suggested to me and I would think that would be a fairly easy solution. Not that it helps you at this moment, but I have seen these both used and NOS on ebay from time to time, so you may want to look around. I lucked out completely, I found an NOS one at Hershey in 2018 at the bottom of a big box labelled "MOPAR," so they are out there, they are just never l
  5. Pushing forward with the MGA. Today I accomplished more leading and welding. First, I welded up the rust holes at the right front corner of the trunk. This worked fairly well with the copper backing plate behind it. Got it reasonable with minimal pinholes, so I'll use some filler to clean up this area after I grind it to something acceptable. Next, I leaded the right hand side area where I welded in the largest patch panel in the front of the trunk. This area didn't have too many problems, so it went well. Next, I moved to the outside of the trunk, welded in a few pinholes and put fille
  6. Mike, Yes, I wear the 3M mask with the charcoal filters always. I will only file lead, never sand or grind it. I try to be very safe when dealing with these things. I'll have to do a thorough clean up in the trunk with all the various metal and lead filings each time I work on it. -Chris
  7. Big day today. Great weather, too. Was able to save that other section by welding up the larger holes. I got it good enough to use some filler, so I cleaned it all up and applied more filler. This went pretty well and got done fairly fast, so I move on to the leading. I broke open the box and first watched the supplied DVD. I followed the instructions succinctly and started leading on the Frankenstein part of the trunk. Amazingly to me, it worked quite well! Here's a few photos of how it went (Photos 1 & 2). I did a few rounds of trying to get it clean enough, as my w
  8. Today I was able to weld in the new patch with just a little trouble. It was much easier with the better metal to work with, although I had a little trouble with the back end, where the metal is thin again. Cleaned it all up and put some filler in there (Photos 1 & 2). Tomorrow, I'm going to try to clean up the patch to the right of the one I just did and see if I can make it work. There are still quite a number of holes that need to be filled. If I can save it, I'll do the same thing, clean it up and put some filler in there to smooth it out. If I have time and interest, I'll try to
  9. Martin, I appreciate the advice, as always, however, that would not be correct for the car and would not quite look right with a rough appearance. I'm going to have to tough it out and get my sanding muscles in order.
  10. Today got out of work a little early and we have a stretch of perfect weather for the next week. I got my leading kit in the mail, so that's ready to go. In the meantime, earlier in the week, I cleaned up one of the bad areas and got it to the point where there were just a few pinholes and it looked reasonable, so I filled it with Rage Gold body filler (Photo 2). Still has a little finish sanding to do, but looks reasonable. Today, I decided to cut out one of the other areas that I just couldn't get to work. Metal was just too thin, could not get the holes filled in without cre
  11. Yes, I've been going to both a lot over the last 4 years. Those sites are the only way I could get this restoration completed. Thanks!
  12. ...I then used the knife, saw, and a dremel grinding tool to shape the inside curves. OF COURSE, once I got to the last curve, I broke the piece. I was able to use some wood glue to get it back together. It should be fine, I will place a staple across the break area when I attach it to the spare tire cover as well, plus, this piece won't be seen as it will be sandwiched between the trunk aperture metal and the carpeting. Combined with the riveting and other staples, it should be fine. Last, I did some more grinding to even out the trunk and get it prepared for one more round of
  13. Today, I recreated the pressboard backing to the spare tire cover. I found some pressboard at Lowes, which was the closest thing to original. Came in giant 4' x 8" sheets, so I had to break it up into 3 pieces to get it in the car. Anyway, Here's the pressboard along with what's left of the original piece (Photo 1). I traced the pattern onto the new pressboard and cut it out (Photo 2). I used a swiss army knife saw to cut the piece out (it wasn't easy!), then I used a bench grinder to round the corners to shape. I then used a combo of a sharp knife and the saw again to rough c
  14. ...I was able to clean it up fairly well, it is actually in fairly good shape, it just had 50 years of filth on it. Here it is after a few rounds of clean up (Photo 1). I'm keep trying to improve it as I go. It will need some of the stitching repaired, and it will need a new pressboard surround, which is the portion I need to match up the holes to the trunk aperture. I'll hand-stitch the repair, but I'm searching for a suitable material to replace the pressboard-like material (you can see a piece of it on my previous post). In the meantime, I bought an air grinder with various
  15. Now that I have the spare tire aperture in the trunk repaired, I need to drill some missing holes for the attachment rivets. In order to do that, I have to get the spare tire cover assembly in shape so I can get the proper measurements. This was one of the few remaining pieces that have not been restored or replaced. Here it is after digging it out of storage (Photo 1). It's a rubber/vinyl fabric surrounding the tire, then it's stitched to black carpeting, as this portion goes thru the trunk aperture and into the passenger compartment a little. This was done to provide at least some trunk
  16. I am going to try cleaning the metal better and I'm going to try some solder filler and see if that gets me anywhere. Thank you for the tips and comments. I think I've done about the best I can with trying to weld up that thin metal. I think I can make this work eventually.
  17. Last, I tried plugging more pinholes and larger holes in the trunk, but did not make much progress. Here's where I stand currently (Photo 1). Some areas haven't been ground down yet. It looks fairly reasonable from this photo, but if you get underneath the car and look up to the light on the ceiling, it looks like someone shot it with a shotgun blast, hundreds of holes. Some areas are getting closed up, while in other areas, I create as many holes as I fill, due to the thin metal. I will probably decide to do more surgery on it and cut out more of the metal, mainly at the top center, wher
  18. The slog continues on the MGA. Finding time for the car has been almost impossible between work, my other cars, and other menial tasks that take priority. I did find about 4 hours today and some on Friday. I decided to cut out the lower section of the spare tire inlet where it transitions from the trunk to the interior of the body. Going by the progress I've made welding incredibly thin metal in the trunk, it was easier and cleaner to just replace this section. Glad I did. In photo 1, here's some sheet stock up against the piece that I later cut out (in green primer). The ent
  19. Almost there, Jeff. Great work!
  20. hursst


    I'd suggest you change your title to reflect what you need. Right now your title is just "WTB." Most folks will probably skip over this, as they don't know what you want without opening the link.
  21. The last few weeks has been limited progress on the MGA. I've been very frustrated with my progress on the trunk floor, as my welder has not been performing up to snuff. I thought it was just my poor welding, but my welding tip has slowly been building up slag inside it, which has been causing issues with the feed and general quality of welding. I finally noticed what the problem was when the wire starting to get caught up occasionally. I was considering giving up and hiring a professional, as it had been quite a few weeks with almost zero progress. Once I switched out the tip, things im
  22. If by no time, you mean 4 months, then you're spot on.
  23. Fantastic work, sorry about the imperfection, but still seems like you're ahead of the game. You'll be on the road shortly.
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