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  1. The portholes remind me of a Chadwick, but it is not a Chadwick.
  2. Yeah, kinda does look like a 1946-48 Dodge....this one is missing the rocker trim.
  3. I see three different hubcaps. Hard to tell which one actually went to that rear axle.
  4. Under what section? I cannot seem to find it. Oops....never mind. I found it. THANKS!
  5. I would first check all of the turning points on the accelerator pedal linkage to the carburetor and choke to be sure they are all lubricated and moving without hesitation.
  6. A friend brought this over for me to check here to see if anyone needs it....
  7. A friend brought this over to have me check to see if anyone needs this.
  8. I bought this one in 1970 at Hershey and have carried it ever since. I replaced one of the rivets with a nail. The other rivet is now needing to be replaced. I was 17 when I bought it....
  9. Not Model A wheels. Model A tire sizes were 21" in 1928-29 and 19" in 1930-31.
  10. I agree. The interior door trim is like this 1949 Mercury....
  11. My buddy Joe in San Diego got a "parts car" 1929 Dodge and decided it was too complete to part out so he and his Dad drive it instead of taking it apart....
  12. When I took my 1968 Dodge Dart 383 car apart to work on it, there was a bullet hole from the inside out. Looked like it was fired from the driver's seat through the passenger side kick panel. It also said, "HELP" scratched on the inner metal door panel under the upholstery.
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