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  1. Rare Parts may have the information and or parts that you need.
  2. Probably a Fisher Body, so you might want to look online for the Fisher Body Service Manual. Similar to this one.
  3. There is a cruise this weekend in Medford which is close to Phoenix, Oregon and there are quite a few early rides out there on the are some "on the fly" shots I took from the passenger seat of my wife's car....
  4. keiser31


    Any part numbers?
  5. Check out the ballast resistor on the firewall. It's a rectangular ceramic block with wires going to it. Also check out the "fusible link" in the wiring near the firewall. Those can be problematic, sometimes.
  6. Was told by my wife's cousin that a guy that owns the local survey equipment shop in town has a 1927 Buick sedan for sale and I should go take a look at it. I did. This is it....he wants too much, but it supposedly runs and drives very well.
  7. Go down to the "Photo and Video" forums and "What Is It" section of the forum. Please post a photo or two of each part and post them here. You will want to make separate posts for each part as it can be confusing with more than one part per post.
  8. Yes, the Newport was the lowest priced or entry Chrysler model in 1967. One of my Chrysler books describes the Newport Custom as a "decked-out Newport".
  9. The Chrysler (guessing you are looking at a CM6) roadsters do have a little less room than the closed cars. Yes, the lights are controlled by a lever on the steering wheel button. Shortening the column would be doable and maybe not even noticed if done correctly.
  10. 1949 Ford Crestliner according to these folks....
  11. keiser31


    These are the correct escutcheons for the winder on the left....