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  1. I am thinking it is an original. If you go here, you can see other original 1951 Tennessee plates that have the same sort of diagonal markings. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1951_Tennessee_license_plate.jpg
  2. FEDCO list of your car....3rd column....made in September of 1926....
  3. Is the engine number the same number as on the title? A lot of vehicles were registered using the engine number. Your FEDCO number shows up here....upper right corner....
  4. Thank you very much for that information!
  5. Here is the museum in recent years....
  6. 1928-29 Ford Model A cabriolet.
  7. Just saw that request today. Sorry I didn't help sooner.
  8. The "why" question about 12 spokes on the rear could have been for more torque than 10 spokes.
  9. Try this guy....http://www.bradsnosmopar.com/nosmo81imcrk.html
  10. Here you go....BUICK part....
  11. Not that I have discovered.
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