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  1. keiser31

    36 Olds 213

    I Scott. I directed you to this forum from FB. If you scroll down in the home section, you will see the Oldsmobile section. Might be a better place to post your needs. John
  2. keiser31


    It IS a serious puller because it needs to be. NOTICE: I leave the nut on a few threads so the drum does not fly off when it finally gives....
  3. I must say that prior to this Continental model build, I was not a big fan of those cars. Thanks to Roger, I have grown to appreciate the fine automobiles that they are. Thank you, Roger!
  4. keiser31

    Whats this for, where does it go

    Looks like a center bumper bolt, maybe. Isn't there a crease in the front bumper?
  5. keiser31

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    The Crown had the parking lamps mounted high on the corners of the windshield. The Royal had the cowl mounted parking lamps The car in question has both....mmmm....confusing. The book I have says that only a very few of the last run of the Royal 77 has the vertical hood louvers. All of the other Royal 77s had the penon style hood louvers.
  6. keiser31

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    Look on the outside of the frame near the rear spring on the driver's side for the stamped number. It should be over or near the rear spring's front mount. VERY hard to spot.
  7. keiser31

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    Here is a FEDCO number chart which shows the month and year your car was built....first column.
  8. keiser31

    1940 Historical Chrysler photo

    Sort of what I was thinking as the rear door would not hold a roll up door that large.
  9. keiser31

    1940 Historical Chrysler photo

    I see by the rear seat photos, you are correct at least about roll up style windows.
  10. keiser31

    1940 Historical Chrysler photo

    Sure does look like the same car to me.
  11. keiser31

    Brake Drums Too Tight

    A very slight rubbing of the shoes should be good. You do not want much travel in them.
  12. keiser31


    Got a photo or two of your car? What wheels are you using? I would get a puller like this one for removal of the drums. Make sure it is not Made in China.
  13. What a fabulous journey you have taken us on. Thank you, Roger!
  14. keiser31

    Photo help please

  15. keiser31

    Photo help please

    Yes. Here is an example....