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  1. When do we get to see the "CONTINENTAL" letters mounted on the trunk lid?
  2. Try here.... or here....
  3. I also have been saving a decent set for my other '31 DB business coupe with wood wheels....
  4. keiser31

    leaf springs

    Go here....
  5. Those look to be DG8 wheels, so the DH6 caps will probably be smaller in diameter.
  6. We may have to work a deal on the wheels. I don't need that kind with the lock ring, but I like to get stuff I can pass on to others.
  7. keiser31

    29 Chrysler Seires 75 Dual Cowl Phaeton Parts

    Is that a 1929 Model 75? If so, I have this cap....I can provide more photos if need be....
  8. Still not driving it, yet. Man, if I was only rich instead of old car sick. Are you still looking for some of these caps, Jack? I may have some available that I am replacing these with.
  9. Scored this yesterday from UPS. I am so happy to report that I have found my last needed cap for one of my in the box....
  10. keiser31

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    It may also work for the square fasteners on the outside of the brass lamps....
  11. keiser31

    Heat riser on DA

    Mine may be from a DD6 and not a DA6.
  12. keiser31

    Heat riser on DA

    I think the one that Dodgenz has is on the front. I see a vacuum tank in the background.
  13. keiser31

    Heat riser on DA

    I just wire brushed the living stuffing out of it and although it does look like a crack, it is NOT. Looks more like a casting flaw close up.
  14. keiser31

    Heat riser on DA

    It looks to be in awesome shape.
  15. keiser31

    Heat riser on DA

    Would this be of help to you? John