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  1. I see that the rumble seat springs are not in there. Do you have them?
  2. I have a set around here that are a black oilcloth sort of material and the brackets are the folding type. Some of the shades are adjustable to fit various makes.
  3. Here is a 1923 Frankilin with a shade....
  4. An example....looks like a 1927 Chevrolet....
  5. The Model T engines in the trunk don't help, either.
  6. Went to check out a drafting job today and on the way home I spotted these. I believe they are for sale, but I did not have time to approach the residence....the guy likes Studebakers....
  7. The light brackets for the taillights come off of the rear bumper bracket, not the rear fenders.
  8. Just to elaborate/correct....the Model 65 did not have the curve in front of the rear fender. The Model 75 did. At the risk of repeating myself, the car in the first post is a 1929 Model 65 business coupe.
  9. Yep....we all have an opinion. I would guess that with the dual fender mounted spares it will raise the value. Then, it is only a two passenger coupe. Three if skinny. That will lower the value. I would say it is probably worth about $12-12,500 if it runs out well on the road. As stated by others....just my opinion.
  10. You or Kerry can always send me the photos and I can post them.
  11. The car in question is a 1929 Model 65 business coupe and needs to lose the Model A Ford bumpers.
  12. I believe the 1930 bumpers did not have the grooves. Looks like a 1929 bumper to me.
  13. 1951 and 1952 were so closely related, it is hard to tell which year it is without the serial number or hood badge. The hood badge was slightly different between the two years.