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  1. I see a lot of 1935 and 1936 Fords across the street. Trying to figure out the sedan across the street on the left. Second from left could be a 1931 DeSoto sedan.
  2. 1966....Regal Red
  3. Would LOVE to see photos of your 1931 Dodge.
  4. Try here....
  5. What make of vehicle?
  6. Some Maxwells had the full spoked wheel mounted on the rear.
  7. have done so much better than some in that situation and I am glad you are finally getting some relief from it all. I still have the lingering feeling that neither of my children will end up with my two 1931 Dodge coupes. My son does not care and my daughter hasn't the money or storage place to put them. We will see. Maybe my worrying is premature. It may work out eventually.
  8. Maybe about a 1924 or so Studebaker that has been altered. Just a guess.
  9. EXCELLENT! Now I know of two more 1932 DB parts that are interchangeable with the 1931 DB!
  10. Your build card copy should look something like this one....
  11. Here you go: Chrysler Historical Collection 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS 41-011-21 Detroit, MI 48288 Fax – 313-252-2928