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  1. Try these guys....
  2. Try this gentleman....
  3. Pay close attention to the instructions as to where the tool is mounted on the rim. Otherwise, you could bend it.
  4. The newest car I see is a 1936 or 1937 sedan. The next oldest would be the 1936 Dodge Brothers coupe fourth from the left in the long row. Looks to be a 1935 Ford this side of the coupe. About a 1933 Chevrolet truck in front of that. Not sure what the one on the end is.
  5. Yep. The "signature" part is over on the left after you click on "account settings".
  6. Can you show us a photo of the rim?
  7. Got a photo of the one you have for an example?
  8. Welcome to this forum! I think you will like it here as there is a treasure trove of informed folks here. Don't forget to scroll on down to the Pontiac and Motorcycle forums for more good information. John
  9. Yep. I lived that same scene in my youth.
  10. That Lincoln used to show up at the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village every year when I was a kid.