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  1. There is this....
  2. Here is a guy that may know....
  3. THANKS! I was searching for the make.
  4. Happiness is FINALLY uncovering your old car so you can go out and look at it and promise it you will get back to it very soon.
  5. Are you sure those aren't new year resolutions??
  6. I have this one available. I is not exactly what you are looking for, but if you can't find the correct item....
  7. keiser31

    1930 cf fuse size

    Check to see if ant wires are resting on the oil pressure gauge line. That could give you problems. My wiring roasted because of that. Got a new harness and all is good.
  8. My book groups all of the body styles together and says that over 80,000 of the 1929 D4eSotos were built. No breakdown of model production was available.
  9. It groups all of the 1929 body styles together and says that 80,000 were built. Probably very few of the rumble seat coupe version.
  10. If it had DB caps on it, it is probably from a DB.