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  1. Thanks. I like the way the compressor looks.
  2. Here are some additional photos. Some of these auctions end on Sunday night and the rest on Wednesday night.
  3. I took my two sons to many car shows and antique shopping back in Illinois. These pics are from the 1980s, back when short shorts were all the rage!
  4. These are not expensive vehicles but definitely images of the era - both pictures of my Dad from the 30s.
  5. Frank, my first two cars were 55 Fords so I did a lot of rebuild work on Y- blocks back then. (50 plus years ago!) My bet is either bearing clearance or ring end gaps but I am no expert. The good thing is that in my experience Y-blocks were pretty bulletproof and very dependable, you will figure it out.
  6. The first one is me in my Mom's 48 Ford around 1955. The second is my grandson Dane with my oldest son Karl in a 1928 Pierce-Arrow.
  7. This week we have an eclectic batch of Automobilia for sale on ebay including two beautiful Boyce motometers, some threaded hubcaps and many radiator emblems from the 20s through the 50s. Brands include Buick, Chandler, Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Hudson, Chevrolet, Desoto, Auburn, McLaughlin, Marion-Handley, Paige, GMC truck, Oakland, Dodge Brothers, Chrysler, Ford, Marmon, Menominee truck, Pontiac and more. Many of thes have starting bids of $9.99 or less. Please check it out: https://www.ebay.com/sch/rusty_packard/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  8. Dip everything in oil before assembling then use a good moly based assembly lube on the bearings.
  9. I'm subscribed, I'm a fan of large Mopars and impressed with your fabrication ideas.
  10. That much horsepower and front end weight in something as crude as an Econoline would be like driving a straight axle gasser on the street. What was the purpose of a "support vehicle" like that?
  11. What a great - and rare - find. I've owned two 9C-1's, a 95 and a 96, both unmarked no-spotlight cars with cloth interiors. I bought the 95 back in 2000 at 113,000 miles and sold it at 157, 000 - best beater car EVER. I bought the 96 12 years later and it was a money pit but I still enjoyed driving it.
  12. You are ambitious! Now that I'm a Chevy man I must subscribe.
  13. That is great news, I try to attend every year.