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  1. If I remember right mine came out fine with a 3/8 ratchet or extension, take a close look and see if your plug has been damaged.
  2. You are a long time daily driver of a prewar car, may I ask what brand / supplier tires and tubes you use?
  3. Thanks Matt. I do plan to have whatever tires I use bought and installed through a local tire shop that does a lot of truck and "oddball" tire work so I will discuss with them.
  4. I am concerned about tube quality after the many horror stories seen here. Would you by any chance know a source for 17" tubes for my 525/550 size tire?
  5. Show him the video also, link is above.
  6. So far I have only seen Firestone, Excelsior, Lester and Lucas Olympic brands available in my size. I'm leaning toward the Olympic because of the tread and sidewall design, price, and the fact it is NOT sold by Coker. Has anyone had bad experience with this tire? (PM me if you do not want to share here)
  7. I too have driven plenty of cars with old tires and luckily have lived to tell about it, but I am definitely with Ed and will quickly replace the tires on this car. Any other recommendations on the replacements?
  8. The Allstate spare has never been on the ground. The four tires on the car are Montgomery Ward Riversides. All five tires are cracked all over and hard as a rock. The Riversides are also out of round making for an interesting ride...
  9. I have an urgent need for five new tires on my 34 Chevy, they will be size 525/550-17 tube type blackwalls. I would be interested in both positive and negative recommendations based on your personal experiences as to tire brands, styles and suppliers - thanks!
  10. Thanks Matt. At some point I will shine the green paint with a wax only buff like I did with the Packard, probably a one-time-only shot. For now the bullet marks and dents will remain as part of the car's history.
  11. 1966 Dodge Monaco, also an original car.
  12. True. I've owned lots of shiny cars but my 34 Packard got me intrigued with original cars and now I am selling the last shiny car. I do plan to clean and shine the green paint, I will need to do something with all the surface rust but not sure what yet.
  13. After swearing off prewar cars a number of years ago this one has brought me back. It is a 1934 Chevrolet DC Standard 3-window coupe and I received it this past Tuesday. It is an 85 year old, 95% original car. The story is that the previous owner bought it in 1992 to chop up for a hotrod but it was in such good shape he decided to leave it stock appearing. What he did do is interesting - he rebuilt all the mechanical systems, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, using stock parts but he went out of his way to leave everything visible in original worn condition. He also used some hidden hotrod tricks to update the car, just yesterday I discovered that the headlamps and taillight were converted to full LEDs which are surprisingly bright. I am still looking and inspecting and think I will find more updates. I have replaced the 6 year old battery and replacing the ancient Montgomery Ward Riverside tires will be my first priority. The engine starts easily and runs quietly and in the very little driving I've done the only issue is a very grabby clutch but I am getting used to that. I was pleasantly surprised to see the trunk filled to the brim with spare parts plus a full steering wheel, column and gearbox sitting on the seat! My 63 Olds Starfire is up for sale and in storage and the 34 is sharing the garage with my daily and my 66 Monaco Wagon.
  14. Here is a link to a video walkaround with the car running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOjGfvhbdH8