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  1. I installed a Vintage Air system in my 63 Riv with factory air back in 2008, it was a fairly easy install and worked very well. Others on this forum have done the same. Do a search on this forum and read the threads. If you are interested I can send you a set of photos from my install, just PM me with your e-mail.
  2. Hemmings is a great place to sell a car if the car is in any way collectible or special interest but it is primarily for older (70s and back) vehicles. It is for the patient seller rather than the quick flipper. Their $99.00 deal sounds expensive but includes a dozen photos, one magazine post, and run till it sells online exposure to a large car focused group. I have sold more than a few cars there and highly recommend.
  3. The car is mobile again! The new condenser has been mounted, radiator and cooling system back together, fluids in and it runs. I think the new points were needed, it started up so quickly I was surprised. I measured for and ordered the barrier hose, one additional fitting and a spare set of O-rings, which I hope to have within a week. My Grandson is visiting next week so I hope to get back to it the week after.
  4. Compressor mounting success! I used a mount kit from Bouchillon Performance Engineering designed to work with all my stock factory a/c alternator and p/s components and followed their detailed installation instructions. It went on very easily, I did have to play with the washer packs between the front bracket, p/s pump bracket and water pump housing passthru to get belt pulleys lined up right. In the end it is a good looking and very stable mount set and the original belts fit and line up great, thanks much to Bouchillon. Next will be mounting the new condenser.
  5. If possible I try to do a cash transaction in the parking lot of my bank. I show the car there, have the paperwork with me, and walk inside to finish the transaction and deposit the cash before turning the car loose. My most common transaction is wire transfer for out of state buyers and I opened a no-fee checking account strictly for that purpose. They have to trust me and send full payment in advance so that I have it cleared and verified before I release the car to the transporter.
  6. My ownership of three wonderful prewar cars was inspired by an older gentleman who patiently allowed me to pore over and drive his 1924 Cadillac V-8. It was up for sale and I did not buy it but the bug bit hard, I was about the same age you are.
  7. It was a ring and valve job only so the block stayed in the car. Getting the pan off and pistons/rods out was not easy due to the crossmember. Dad took the heads to a machine shop for the valve work, the machinist came to the house and mic'd the cylinders then advised how to proceed. We had bought a ridge reamer to get the pistons out (I still have it) then we rented a hone and cleaned up the bores with a hand drill. We used oversized rings and possibly knurled pistons which you don't hear much about today but that car ran great for another 5 years. I had to replace the bearings myself a couple years later due to a failed oil pump driveshaft but I pulled the engine for that. Here are some pictures of my Dad and the original job, check out the bumper jack and "cardboard creeper":
  8. Very interesting discussion. I am 70 years old, never took any shop classes, never worked at any job involving automobiles, hate most "do-it-yourself" projects, and have definitely never been financially well to do. And yet I have always been interested - no, make that obsessed - with cars, have owned hundreds, worked on them all myself, and have done just about everything from paint to engine rebuilds. I do give credit to my father who was a big do-it-yourselfer out of depression era necessity. In the early 60s he overhauled the engine on our 55 Ford lying on his back in our gravel driveway and I was amazed at the positive results. It was like a switch turned on and I was hooked for the rest of my life. I was very lucky that both my parents and my wife accepted and supported my "hobby". I usually had only one hobby car at a time and never siphoned funds from the household to work on them, and that is still true today. I had to make many of the life choices that the OP and others have run into but I have always been able to keep car work in the picture in some way due to its critical importance to me.
  9. More slow progress. I am working on reassembly, the carb, ignition and alternator plus wiring are on and I have set the compressor in place to contemplate how it will work with my power steering pump. This involves a long bolt and a pile of spacers and washers that goes through the front mounting bracket, power steering pump, water pump housing, p/s pump again and rear mounting bracket - all in such a way that the dual belts line up between compressor, crank pulley and alternator! I'll be doing the actual trial and error fitting later this week. While I had the distributor out I cleaned it up and replaced the points and condenser.
  10. 30's Cadillacs came with double sided whitewalls as shown in the shop manual, not sure if they were standard or optional.
  11. John, that is good news and I will definitely subscribe to any restoration thread you choose to start. I am constantly amazed at the depth and breadth of your automotive knowledge and grateful for your help with my personal questions on these forums.
  12. Bingo! This group never disappoints, thank you!
  13. This has me stumped - looks like an early radiator script emblem, still has one thin thru-the-core type attaching rod. 3 1/2" by 3 1/2". I have googled and checked the Standard Catalog but nothing related to a car brand. I know this group can solve this...
  14. OK, back to the top for the last time before these go to Ebay, I would really like to keep them together as a set. Make me an offer over $400.00 and I will include insured U.S. shipping.