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  1. I did that on my 63 using larger gauges.
  2. Sorry, don't think I've ever seen one of those, what is it for? Do you have a better photo?
  3. All of these auctions will end on Wednesday night, thanks for looking.
  4. I don't know that my tastes changed as much as they evolved based on outside forces. I was car obsessed back to my earliest memory of sitting on the fender of our 1930 Model A while my Dad changed the plugs (around 1951). Prewar cars were my first interest in toys and car models and I was seriously into models from age 10 until I started driving. These progressed from straight prewar to 50s to customized cars to race cars, some even after I was driving. My taste in real cars was based on what I was used to and what I could afford - 50s and 60s Fords, then Mopars and Oldsmobiles. I was a car fl
  5. That is a 1960 Buick Electra wheelcover, they took the standard stainless cover and added the diecast chrome fins and center circle. Beautiful cap and hard to find.
  6. So I pulled the Delco cutout off the parts generator and cleaned it up, looked good, all connections solid, sanded the points lightly and sprayed it with contact cleaner. Then I removed the Niehoff cutout (which looked even better inside), cleaned up all the screws and ground areas and installed the Delco. This is the original type as the mounting holes lined up perfectly. Started it up and the ammeter shows a charge! The needle was bouncing around a lot but it stayed at zero and showed an increase when I revved it up. First thing this morning I took it for a drive, about 4-5 miles at its com
  7. When I went to look at my 32 Cadillac my wife's first comment was "It looks like a clown car!" so of course that stuck throughout my ownership. The colors seemed like a 70s thing but I never minded them. And at sale time it did not have much of an effect.
  8. John, I don't have the expertise of many others on this forum but my prewar car experiences may relate to your situation. I have been a car nut all my life but had never owned any prewar car until 2009. I decide to jump in after riding and driving a 1924 Cadillac. I decided I wanted a Full Classic car not for any connection to CCCA but rather for their engineering and quality advantages over cheaper cars. My first purchase was a 1928 Pierce Arrow model 81 which had been given an amateur cosmetic restoration but which barely ran. I dived in with research and learned the considerable maintenance
  9. OK lets get up to date on my comedy of errors the last couple of weeks. I stepped away for awhile due to life, ignoring what someone said above about not leaving the cutout bypass jumper attached. I was SURE I had turned off the battery disconnect switch... but of course I had forgotten. By the time I got back the battery was discharged down to about 3 volts so I connected my battery tender to the pigtail I leave under the mat and let it go. Well, three days later the tender still showed active charging even though it read 6.3 volts. So I pulled the battery out a couple of days ago and clipped
  10. We are back with another group of Ebay auctions for pre- and postwar radiator emblems, beautiful Packard and Nash Motometers, and a 1933 Chevrolet Eagle mascot. Makes included are Boyce, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, De Laval, Desoto, Dodge Brothers, Ford, Graham, Hupmobile, LaSalle, Lincoln. Marmon, Monarch, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Paige, Plymouth, REO Speedwagon, and State Insurance. Many of these have low starting bids of $9.99, please check them out: https://www.ebay.com/sch/rusty_packard/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  11. Not sure if this will solve your problem but I ran into a similar issue with their new page a few weeks ago. After a bunch of fiddling around I noticed they had buttons to choose between "carrier packaging" and "sender packaging" or something like that. The page seems to default to "carrier packaging" which limits the choices to just priority mail, etc. with USPS supplied boxes. When I clicked on the other button suddenly my choice, First Class Parcel, popped up as the customer selected option. I had to select it manually but it did work correctly when I did. Waiting to see if it will come up
  12. Peter, the changes all work well for me and so far there has been no problems at all, as a matter of fact the entire site is reacting faster than it did before.
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