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  1. I have the bracket that supports the filter but not the one on top. I did not know that round switch unit needed a vacuum source but I never really looked at it. The vacuum tap on my intake manifold does not look like yours, mine just feeds the brake booster. Does your car have factory air?
  2. Have you had any engine cooling issues? I would love to see some photos of the installation...
  3. My 66 Dodge Monaco Wagon has front and rear units and even with that it struggles in true Texas summer.
  4. Thanks Ben and Bill. At this point I have done very little research and thought some practical experience from others would be a good place to start. Other than interior cooling performance my biggest concerns would be how the engine and cooling system would react, your alternator comment is a good one. I don't even have an alternator, just a generator! The other cars I have done conversions on were factory air cars so they were already designed to support A/C. Ben, how did your 50 react to adding the underhood components?
  5. Knocking on wood as I say it, I am not used to a newly acquired car having so few outstanding issues. Usually I have a single spaced "To-Do" list taking up at least a page, like my 66 Dodge. The lack of air conditioning on this car is very much noticed now that we are into the "normal" Texas 100 degree temps and 107 - 109 degree "feels like" readings. Has anyone here successfully added a period styled under-dash unit like the old Mark IV with modern R-134 underhood components? I would be very interested in your experience and how well it cools with all that glass area.
  6. This is our latest batch of Ebay auctions available for bidding right now, all will end on Friday July 30. This week's items include rare items such as original prewar enamel radiator emblems, two rare Boyce Motometers for Earl and Opel, a large group of Ford scripts and other emblems, a rare 1934 Chrysler Airflow reading lamp and other Automobilia. Makes included are Airflow, Boyce, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Columbia, Dodge Brothers, Earl, Lincoln, Nash, Opel, Peerless, Plymouth, and Studebaker. Many of these have low starting bids of $9.99, please check them out: https://www.ebay.com/sch/rusty_packard/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  7. Both of my most memorable rides involve 60's musclecars. The first was in a 1965 GTO tripower four speed, short ride on residential streets but it involved all six barrels and speed shifting. I was driving a 55 Ford 272 automatic at the time and the contrast was mind blowing. The second ride was in a 1967 Plymouth GTX 440 four speed, this one involved flooring the gas at 45 on a semi-highway and very quickly topping 100 mph, again mind blowing. From that point on I was into musclecars, for about the next 30 years. I never owned a GTO but I had two 67 GTX's along with many other cars totally unaffordable today.
  8. Will that disc setup clear the stock wheels or are you going custom?
  9. Sorry about that. My prewar Buick knowledge is lacking but I should have recognized that grille! I'll look for you next time, thanks for the photos.
  10. I have always wanted a bullet Bird. Except for the ridiculous gas pedal this seems like a smoking deal - what's the catch?
  11. I took the '60 out to a local "Cars and Breakfast" meetup that I used to attend regularly. The restaurant we used to go to closed due to Covid and the group disbanded, I and others worked to get it going again. Today was the first try at a new location and we had a pretty good turnout. Hopefully we can go back to this being a weekly thing. As is often the case I was the only Buick there, sorry no pics I will get some next time.
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