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  1. TexRiv_63

    63 Buick Electra Chrome - how is it held on

    Hard to tell from your pic but they may be held on with weld studs, push the bracket and slide to the side to detach. A factory shop manual will tell you for sure.
  2. I would really like to sell this. Make me an offer before I polish it and make a lamp base out of it!
  3. On pretty much every power window car I've ever worked on I've used regular old motor oil in a pump type oiler, usually 50 or 20w50 weight. The oiler allows you to get the oil where you want it to go without disassembling everything. Oil all the tracks, motor linkage and pivot points then move the window up and down a number of times until it is working smoothly. Then I use wheel bearing grease (Not lithium) and grease the tracks and sector gear by hand. Very messy job but assuming the motor works at all this will get everything moving correctly.
  4. When shopping for replacement dash pieces on a 63 be sure you look at good photos of the items. Early production 63's used smooth aluminum panels without the ribbing.
  5. The first thing to do is get a factory service manual, they are available easily on Ebay as originals or reproductions. Meaning no disrespect, you should not try to install something as complicated as an aftermarket EFI system unless the basic tune and mechanical condition of your engine is top notch first. I would pull that off and go back to the carburetor, then do a complete tuneup per the manual including a compression check. You may also need to rebuild the carb but get it running well in stock shape. Then if you still want to, consider the switch to EFI.
  6. TexRiv_63

    Radiator Emblems and Automobilia on Ebay

    Pictures of some additional items:
  7. TexRiv_63

    1930 Cadillac V-16 Club Sedan

    Very nice. I will never own one of these due to price, but if I ever win the Powerball...
  8. TexRiv_63

    1933 Cadillac LaSalle 345C Town Coupe - $39500 (sonoma)

    Nice car. Calling it a Cadillac LaSalle is misleading but IMO not too far off here, the 32-34 LaSalles are almost the same as the Cadillacs in those years.
  9. I have a large selection of radiator emblems, parts and automobilia on Ebay this week. It includes a very nice Buick Motometer on a bakelite cap, a 1930 Dodge 6 radiator script, a rare 1935-37 Indiana truck emblem, and many enamel emblems. Most of these are original, many with a starting price of $9.99 and free shipping included. Take a look! https://www.ebay.com/sch/rusty_packard/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  10. My personal experience with both the Rochester 4GC and the Carter AFB has not indicated a severe short term evaporation problem except in very hot weather, and even then it only took a little cranking to refill the carb and start the car. Now if you are leaving the car sit for weeks between startup that could be an issue. Don't be too quick to add an electric fuel pump until you have at least checked out or rebuilt the carb.
  11. I actually love those wheels and if I could have found a perfect set I would probably use them. Although some would even criticize that since they are not correct for my 63 - they were only used in 64 and 65. Think I'll keep my 17s.
  12. Like it or not, modifications have always and will always be done as owners personalize the cars they love to be what THEY want rather than what others think they should have. In the 60s and 70s just about every muscle car sold was either turned into a weekend race car with aftermarket parts or at minimum customized with a set of mags and wider tires. Companies like Wheel Vintiques make a fortune selling repro oem style wheels because so many of the originals were thrown away! Like many other groups AACA has seen the mod trend and has the DPC class to allow it, I'm sure there are still plenty of bone stock classes to satisfy everyone. I personally like the day two look and do not mind seeing some of it covered.
  13. You may want to look up "The Cadillac Database", I think it is now archived on the CLC website. There is a section on insignia and emblems that may help.
  14. This may be the one.