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  1. Curti

    Engine ID needed

    The engine is not mine, I took the pix off the ACD website.
  2. This engine looks to be late '30s to '40s. Can anyone ID it?
  3. All is correct except the font is 1/2 inch. The frame number is 1000 less than the cowl tag
  4. Looks like a 33 Chevy hood ornament.
  5. If it is an old reproduction grill made in South America in the 60's - 70's It won't fit . Basically junk.
  6. Curti

    Mice repellent

    Victor mouse traps with the yellow plastic bait platform. I use a sanding wheel to polish the the side of of the wire that contacts the bait platform. Push the peanut butter into the holes of bait platform. If you sand/polish the rod too much, you won't be able to set the trap . This is a HAIR trigger. There will be no stolen bait. I put the traps outside around the buildings when the weather is mild. Occasionally I would loose a trap, due to larger critters stealing the baited trap. This is rectified with a small chain and weight connected to the trap. I get hundreds a year. I do live in the country. ALWAYS place the traps close to the outside walls .
  7. Note, this post was started in 2004
  8. Try Don : Don Axelrod 35 Timson St, Lynn , MA 01902-1824 781-598-0523 Headlight guy headlights
  9. Are you the person that I sent a picture an price to on the ACD Site? If not I have one.
  10. Some where on this site there is a 10 minute (or so) video of cars going down Sunset Blvd. in the late 30's. Only one car, a Rolls early in the video had white walls.
  11. Post this on the 'What Is It' forum below. It will stay on top much longer.
  12. Did the car come from the Harrah collection ?
  13. Why not post this in the For Sale section ?
  14. The 1 3/8 on the float bowl that designates the venturi size is what you are looking for .