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  1. The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil !
  2. Why are there no post numbers ? They used to be on the upper right of every post. I Looked thru the software Q&A but didn't see a reference to it.
  3. Could be West ! My evidence is 'hearsay' not admissible. I wonder what happened to the Pierce,Marmon, L-29 & 810 Cords , the old air craft engines etc. Not to mention the machine shop. There were just path ways going thru that place.
  4. Roy Lieske is the individual in Milwaukee the car was stolen from. He had one son. and he was killed in a aircraft accident about a year prior to the theft. Roy had no wife, or other relation. when he died I understood that his home and a bunch of classic cars all went to the state.
  5. I saw the car just a couple of months prior to the theft. His name was Roy Leiske. Lived in Milwaukee.
  6. Plus 1 for the ATF in the pump. I suggest a new wiring harness for the entire car. Run DOT5 in your brakes. You will have to completely flush out the brakes . Do it once do it right.
  7. I have a runs of Wisconsin and Minnesota , have been at it for many years. I would never buy a restored plate. Plates from the 50's up it really makes no difference, because they are so plentiful.
  8. I would suggest you post this on the ACD website as well.
  9. Handles like that were on a 1960 Jeep I used to have.
  10. Thanks or trying . Maybe someone else might have one?
  11. The diameter of the inside of throat can be 2.25 to 2.50
  12. They have a 6" diameter 3 1/4 high Notice there is a group of five louvers on top and three on the bottom. Thanks for looking John !
  13. French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560