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  1. Curti

    Wanted : Screw Jack from the 30's

    Thank you very much for trying Bimus. Does any one else have a jack like this ??
  2. Curti

    Wanted : Screw Jack from the 30's

    Bimus, The third one looks like it might be what I am looking for. I sent you a PM.
  3. Hopefully these pix will be sufficient.
  4. Curti

    How do I fix this?

    I agree with silver solder. The advantage is it will not melt under the copper when buffing. The skins will bend nicely when they are annealed. If the skin is not removed from the backer, acid will get in between the skin and the backer. The acid will rust the steel backer, the rust will swell and crack the the brass skin and the new chrome. There is a thread in General Discussion on this very topic with pictures of same.
  5. Curti

    Chrysler roadster E65 of 1929 unknown parts

    They are a anti-rattle device that goes around the tube that holds the horn wire in the center of the steering column.
  6. Curti

    Lincoln K V12 flywheel removal

    I have pulled many of Auburn flywheel by using a three pound mall and a one inch dowel pin thru the starter hole. Leave a couple of bolts in loose.
  7. Curti

    Dodge 1935 v.s 1936 frame

    Why not buy a 36 frame?
  8. Curti

    1935-36 Chevy Master ring gear

    Al Suehring 100589 Krogwold Road Amherst Junction WI 54407 715-677-3809 flywheels
  9. Curti


    Try: Don Axelrod 35 Timson St, Lynn , MA 01902-1824 Headlight guy headlights
  10. Curti

    Aluminum Trim with Insert

    Google L&L custom auto trim . They will more than likely have it
  11. Curti

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    I buy this in 30 gallon drums from a professional cleaning supply . It will take off paint. I clean car parts, the walls and floors in my shop . This is industrial, not available over the counter. Do not use on aluminum. Mix 50/50 with water. To clean individual parts, I have a five gallon heated ultra-sonic tub. THIS WORKS ! If you have difficulty finding it, send me a PM. KP707L - Tech7 cost is 8.10/gal cost
  12. My hobby is building them. I like the challenge of restoring a car the way it sat on the showroom floor after dealer prep. When I get done with one I start on another. If I want a great driving experience I hop in the late model Corvette.
  13. Curti

    Jack for a 1933 Chevrolet Master Coupe

    Contact Karl Krouch , he frequents this website. He is the last word in automotive tools and jacks.
  14. Curti

    Wanted 1961 Buick Third Member

    Try Skip at: French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560
  15. Curti


    I agree, I would like to see more pix of your fabulous antique parts store, but lets not hijack this thread.