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  1. I took this pix at Hershey a number of years ago. There can't be too many Chrysler speedsters around.
  2. Curti

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    I find the car in front of the convertible interesting as well.
  3. Curti

    1937 Packard Sedan to Roadster Conversion

    Very well done, a good looking pickup !
  4. Curti

    crank handle identification requested

    It is not Auburn 31-33. 34-36 didn't have a crank.
  5. Curti

    1938 prewar parts

    Don Axelrod 35 Timson St, Lynn , MA 01902-1824 781-598-0523 Headlight guy headlights
  6. Curti

    interchangable parts for pre war oldsmobile

    I suggest you post this request in the Parts Wanted forum below. It will stay on top a lot longer. you might want to contact : French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560 Used Auto Parts
  7. It is my opinion that the hole thing is: B as in B S as in S !
  8. Curti

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    The lens is one of two part numbers 913490 or 912853 . My bet is 913490 .
  9. Curti

    Oil Pump Screen for 32 90 344. Missing?

    What in the world is a 32 90 344 ?
  10. Curti

    6 volt ignition coil for 1932 Packard

    Thanks Terry ! Electrics are not my strong suit. I have new and used coils that are not marked 6 or 12 V , they must work in either application.
  11. Curti

    1939Buick Sport Coupe Emergency brake cable

    Contact Rob, He can and will help you. These guys are professionals of the highest order. Brake & Equip Whse (Rob) 455 Harrison St NE, Mpls MN 55413-2408 (612) 378-3141 #2=shop
  12. Curti

    Headlight sping, clip and reflectors

    There is a forum member that has repo'd the spring clip. Search the parts for sale forum
  13. Curti

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    That was my first thought; the buckets predate the lenses which look to be Chevy.
  14. Curti

    temp gauge stopped working

    ATF & acetone 50-50
  15. I sent you a PM.