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  1. Curti

    Trim Part

    It dosn't look automotive to me .
  2. I curntly own a 'warmed over" C6 Vette, and a HP Infinity Q60 twin turbo 4WD for my winter car. One thing I have found when doing a high MPH run , is the road that looks flat is not .
  3. The Stones were (are) the best "you can't always get what you want but if you try, some times you just might find you get what you need" It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. Yup, I'm 77 The Moody Blues rank right up there too.
  4. Very RARE . They are restorable.
  5. The car in this original post is a running driving titled car in the state if Wisconsin. With a documented history. A far cry from an amusement park ride. The car is now for sale.
  6. The master cylinder pictured is not correct for 34-36 Auburn. It fits and will work, but will get dinged in judging at ACD meets. Look on page 85 of the Auburn parts list published May of 1934.
  7. Prior to 1938, whitewalls on both sides of the tire. Single sided white walls 38 and later. I side with AJ, in a comment he once made, 'I hate whitewalls'.
  8. Do you know anyone in the US I could send it to? It is easier if we communicate thru email. cschulze@centurytel.net Cheers Curt
  9. Do you know anyone in the US I could send it to?
  10. There are two 11's in the club roster.
  11. Don Axelrod 35 Timson St, Lynn , MA 01902-1824 781-598-0523 Headlight guy
  12. This is truly the case of the tail waging the dog.
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