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  1. I'm looking for knowledge and parts resources for a 1951 DKW RT125. Located in NW Indiana.
  2. Thank you so much for giving me direction! Very much appreciated!
  3. My uncle drug this home this evening. He liked it because it turns over and has good compression, only neither of us know what it's for. I guessed an old motorcycle engine that served a second life as a power unit for something else. It could be a later micro car engine for all I know. Thanks for looking at my pics. Any guidance is helpful.
  4. The cowl bracket mounts measure 3 1/4" on center. It looks like that black bracket locks onto the bottom chrome piece with a keyed lock cylinder.
  5. That does look like a pretty good match!
  6. If your handles are '49, this one I have must be a year or two later. Does anyone know for sure?
  7. The interior handle is saying Hudson/ Essex to me. Chrysler mounted their exterior handles on the body molding, not below it. It's the orphan with the closest look to Chrysler product, and often mistaken for it. You want to confirm, but that's what I'm thinking. 1928-1930, and yes, I would say sedan. Couple doors are wider.
  8. Thank you guys. I try not to let unidentified parts sit around for years. There is always someone who could put it to use.
  9. Similar to a 1931 Cadillac. I'm trying to determine what automobile this rock guard fits. It's larger than many I've seen at 20" wide and 33 1/2" high. Any direction is appreciated.
  10. These have been put up in the barn for years. I am trying to ID them. I believe it's a left and a right. Someone had told me they thought they were '21 Willys, but it's not been confirmed. I appreciate any input.
  11. I've had this for a few years, and have never been able to pin-point what it's correct for. It has a casting part number of 492889, on the bottom of the cleat. I've been told that it is not Buick or Cadillac. It certainly does have the GM styling, so I'm guessing Pontiac, or maybe Oldsmobile. Can anyone direct me on this one?
  12. I'm guessing the windshield stanchion fit into these??
  13. Another idle item collecting dust because I have no idea what it fits. Anyone??
  14. This is still on the shelf needing to be ID'd
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