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  1. Thank you. Can I assume they fit 31/32?
  2. Law of supply and demand. You could have a cowl to a one of only one left vehicle. If no one is looking for it, it's not valuable.
  3. Picked up a pair of these. Yes they are going to be for sale. Just the buckets and one trim ring. Marked 1932 Plymouth. Did the PA come with painted steel buckets? What little I could find online suggests these are 32 plymouth. Notice the slot where bolt comes thru. Has a piece of metal that "locks" in bolt so you can't tip light up too far.
  4. Got this in an old garage buyout. What application?
  5. From first photo. Length of hood at top of side panel, along hinge, above the louvers is 46 3/4. Length of hood across the top of hood, ALONG the raised molding is 47 inches.
  6. Friend pulled these off a field car in the 1970's. Hood 3/4 panel in poor shape, one in good condition. Might be useful to someone, better then going to China. Deck lid 2 dents as shown but solid and repairable. Believes he may have the door and rear window molding. These parts came from a 3 window coupe. Offers
  7. From my friends attic. He pulled in out of a "lover's lane" stuck in the mud tow call 30 plus years ago. It was laying down the hill from a popular parking spot in the mid 1970's. Looks like mid 1930's GM to me but I can't find any match. Notice how the front raised strips would flow into the grill area. It is big about 48 inches in length at the top.
  8. i believe there may have been a metal "firewall" in front of the wood. The OK written on the wood may be factory??
  9. More info. Knob on top center turns to open cowl. See photos below. Unusual set up, hope this jogs someones memory.
  10. I first thought Studebaker??
  11. Anyone know what this came from? I'd guess mid-teens open car?
  12. Got off track a bit... My buddy Mike found some rot in the roof wood caused by mice pee. One thing lead to other and well... It'll be nice when done.
  13. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/d/1928-model-ford-tudor-sedan-2/6541496492.html Posted on C/L locally, no bites yet.