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  1. Okay thanks. At least the fittings are brass.
  2. Someone posted an early Stewart Warner vacuum tank booklet with model number before, but I can't find it now. This is a model 113-B
  3. Both have Weil dump bodies. I'm thinking mid 1920's Federal for the one.
  4. 2 old trucks, parked deep in the woods. Anyone have a clue on makes?
  5. Have several 1932 Chevrolet front fenders. Some with spare tire well. Prices start at $150 each and up. Nice solid fenders.
  6. Can't find any info on this odd plug. Is it complete? I see no Threads on it.
  7. What is this part. Gentlemen had a 1923 ish Gardner.
  8. I believe it's a 1932. 1933 1934 had firewall that bulged into engine compartment. If so, it was 1 of only 369 157" truck chassis made with V8. Out of 15,725 157" chassis produced.
  9. Need trunk and hood to this 1925? coupe body. Anyone?
  10. Got in a package deal with some Model A parts. Hood sides are approximately 35" long.
  11. Because there was no axle underneath, we put a 55 chevy under it to move it. Other then that the car is in very nice original condition.
  12. Friend just picked up a 1914 Baby Grand, solid complete car with the wrong rear axle underneath. Anyone have a line on a correct 1914 axle?
  13. Came in a box of pre war parts I bought. Anyone know the maker and year??
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