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  1. Found in a barn clean out.
  2. Volvo 240 740 940 Series cars with inline 4 cylinder RWD.
  3. Front and rear seats from a 1956 Chrylser 300C coupe. Removed from parts car many years ago. Would need to be recovered, but very nice cores. asking $300
  4. Found these doors (I also got the 2 from the other side) deep in the woods. Property owner thought maybe Hudson? One common hinge on b pillar. The b pillar must have been very thin.
  5. Rear shot. All the royal lancers I've seen appears slightly different . This has no chrome "fins" and taillight is more plain.
  6. Handle in dash (AKA toaster shift handle). Grabbed it from the crusher so I could save all the unique trim. It was parked in 1969. Thanks for the help !!
  7. I bought about 200 completed dealer copies at an auction a while ago. All dated 1922 - 1926. Looks like they changed the form sometime in 1925. Yours is the customer receipt pre 1926. Here are both versions of the form. Notice how yours states duplicate order, while the dealer copy states original order.
  8. This 1956 2 door hardtop recently wandered into the yard. It has no body tag on cowl like the other 2 55/56 Dodge I have in inventory. I know the body tag is steel and sometimes falls off, but there is no screw holes on cowl or any signs this car ever had a body tag on cowl. Anyone one got any ideas?
  9. The rear quarters will only fill part of what is needed on the limo. I have extra limo rear doors and doors from car #3 to use as filler quarter panel for limo. Not a direct fit but measured them up and a decent body man can get them to fit nicely. Otherwise, the limo is complete with extra limo parts from a dismantled 58 limo. The two other cars (series 62? I was told series 75 by the estate) have about enough to redo the black car (#2). Another 4 door fleetwood was stripped and those parts are inside the other 3. Plus a full pick up truck of 1958 Cadillac parts.
  10. Package deal- 3 1958 Cadillac sedans. First car. Black series 75 Fleetwood stretch limo with white fenders. Have transferable paperwork. This is a rare factory limo. Fairly solid, needs rear quarters. Turns over. Second car. Black series 75 Fleetwood sedan. Complete car. Solid frame. Notarized bill of sale. Third car. Pink series 75 Fleetwood sedan from Arizona. Super solid parts car. Notarized bill of sale. Plan would be to remove rear quarters from number 3 to use on number 1. Would need to fab extra 18 stretch section using the rear doors from number 3. Use rear frame section from 3 for weak spot on number 1 frame. Number 2 would be for parts (or restore). You would end up with a solid, rare 1958 Fleetwood limo with several thousand dollars of extra parts. All 3 cars are complete, but in various stages of disassembly. EACH CAR IS STUFFED FULL OF PARTS. Can store for 30 days if payed in full. Loaders on site to assist with loading.