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  1. Maybe that's all you get for $400 is a wheel & tire. I don't see anything else attached to it.
  2. I sent you a private message regarding purchase of this cap.
  3. Since the CCCA has included some "Classic Brands" down to 1915 maybe its time to include some select 50's Classics like the Caribbean. Their may be other Packards to consider such as Panther ? Certainly include 53 Eldo as well as 57 & 58 Brougham. I'm not sure I would consider the Skylark & Fiesta as Classic but worth debate. The 50's Ghia (NOT the VW Karmann variety). Since they already include the immediate post war Lincoln Continental why not the Mark II. The 50's Imperials are also worth consideration too. These are all handcrafted custom or semi-custom bodied luxury cars with
  4. I'm sure they are. I'd like to find one some day.
  5. I used to check ebay daily, mostly to search for early brass Buick & Cadillac parts. I used to use the * as a wild card and type: Cadillac 191*. That would bring up Cadillac cars & parts from 1910 thru 1919. There used to be a lot of good parts as well as a few cars that would pop up and no junk. I only had to check "NEW LISTINGS" for a few good items with no multiple listings of the same radiator fans. You can't do a simple search like that today. I now go weeks or months without going on Ebay. I have bought and sold a few cars and lots of parts on Ebay since 2001, but it is just
  6. I enjoy car spotting in movies made in the 30's , 40's 50's and even 60's that take place at the time they were made, rather than modern movies staged in the past. Last night I watched a movie on the Turner Ch. with Doris Day and James Garner. Don't remember the title but must have been filmed about 58 because 58 seemed to be the latest car I recognized. Garner and Day drove a 58 chevy convertible and a 57 T-Bird. There were lots of other 50's cars in the movie. The B&W movies filmed in the 30's staged in the NY City area show a lot of Classic limos. Below is a link to a short B&am
  7. You have a worthy project there. I would clean up the exterior & interior but I would not do much to "restore" it. These days, people have a lot of respect for the kind of original patina your car appears to have. The first thing I would do is find an owners manual with wiring diagrams. A reprint would be fine. Ebay might be a good source or the AACA library. You may even find diagrams with on line searching. There are obviously some wiring & electrical issues and maybe some missing parts. I don't have any hands on experience with this era of electric cars but I make my liv
  8. I attended the Chickasha meet and was glad I did. I needed to attend a good prewar meet and this certainly was. I haven't been to a car event since Hershey, Oct 2019. I was getting the DT's from withdrawal. Only about half the spaces were full with perhaps about half attendees so there were some social distancing by default. Half the venders were in 2 large buildings and half outdoors. About half the people wore masks and half did not. That is fine and the way it should be. Most of the people I talked to without masks had their shots &/or recovered from Covid like myself. No one was hassl
  9. Traffic running smooth with no traffic lights. I would like to see a more recent film of this same route.
  10. I have about 20 of these reproduced "manufactured by" patent plates for "WHITLOCK COIL PIPE CO." Patent dates are Jan 10, 1905 and March 21, 1905. They are 7/8 inch X 2-1/2 inch. Brass. These were attached to early brass radiators in the 1905 to 1910 era manufactured for Cadillac, Buick and similar makes of cars that used Whitlock's tube & fin radiators and early conventional style such as the radiator in OP. These are for sale at $27.oo each including postage to US and Canada. I will mail outside US for additional $4.oo postage. Will accept PayPal or check (with time to clear).
  11. What species is it? Fire Bird, T-Bird, Falcon, Road Runner, Black Hawk, Studebaker Hawk, Golden Hawk, or Lark, Skylark, Eagle.
  12. Is it my imagination or my computer screen but is this car 2 shades of red ?
  13. I saw an interview of Tiger's caddy on the news. He said he had been telling Tiger for years that he needed to get a new driver.
  14. I think I am one of the few people that appreciates the look & drive of the 34/35 Cadillac. I have a 35 V12 limo that I really love to drive even though it is big, heavy & lumbering. 34 is first year for independent coil spring suspension and they handle & ride much better than the earlier cars. They are rare due to being the lowest production years of the depression. In todays market, about $40,000 is a good price for a more popular early 30's V8 coupe. It looks like a well done car but I can only bring up about 10 pics of exterior and none of interior, underside or engine. I wo
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