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  1. With regards to eBay... Yes, I could list it at $5000 and see where it goes... But, often the real bidding happens in the last few minutes. It might sit at 7k for 6 1/2 days only to bring 10 k. But you don't know that as you ended the auction early. Or, you place the listing, let it run its full course, and it brings a decent amount. Then the first bidder doesn't pay and the second bidder disappears into the ether. And you've wasted one of your 6 free listings and a week... Until eBay gets more serious about making buyers commit...but you have to do the legwork to get the $125 fee reimbursed. This car already sold for $10,875 on eBay and yet I still have it.
  2. Well, I was hoping for $12,000, realizing that might be a bit high and thought I might have to go down to 11 or the high 10's, but I'd be tickled pink to get my car where it is right now at $9995.
  3. Would you start it at 5k and find you could have sold it for double that?
  4. To me, this should be a 12 k car, so that's why I started there. Not sure what's wrong with folks, but they expect someone to sink 6k (!!!) Into a car and still sell it for under 10 k. ?????????
  5. I get that, and I just activated, and immediately deactivated, my Facebook account because I really detest the "in your face" nature of it. I go to activate my account and, immediately, 5 "friends" pop up that I might want to connect with. I don't think it's important that everyone knows I had oatmeal for breakfast, I've never taken a selfie, very few photographs exist of me other than official photographs and a very few my wife has taken of me at the beach, and certainly none of me exist on the web. I hate to sound grumpy, but facebook really crosses the line! I really don't wish to connect with co-workers and long lost "friends"! If someone wants to list this on my behalf, if they do this and it sells, an Amazon gift card would be in the works. PM me if interested!
  6. Yes I'm hesitant to list with no reserve, but don't really want to waste $40 to pay for the reserve option only to throw that away because this car just doesn't seem to have much interest. Could list again starting at the reserve which is basically what I did the first time and both bidders bailed out on me. Then listed again at the same price and no bids. My reserve is now lower as it didn't seem to sell before. Much lower, and I'll take a bath! Not sure why this car is under 5 figures now--and still little interest. I have no idea what the big deal with Schwalm is, but I'm asked if the rebuild is by Schwalm. Seems to me folks want a Schwalm rebuild at my price. I have no idea what that would cost but I'm guessing 3k? Folks are unrealistic. Sink 3k into a solid car and they still want it for 7k.
  7. Das Awkscht Fescht was 2 weeks ago. I did not realize you could register one car and swap with another. Had I realized that, I would have taken this car to the show. Wheels of Time is next weekend. Not quite as good for a sale, but it attracts folks interested in cars. This car is not the type for that show, however. I live in a residential neighborhood, bit need to get it out on Route 100. Having said that, I have no connections that might allow for parking and good exposure. If I listed this again on eBay with NO RESERVE, where might it realistically end up at?
  8. Reasonable offers, anyone? Surely this isn't worth too much less than I am asking? 4 to 8k gets you real junk, which this is not.
  9. I'm down to under 10 k on this one, here and on Craigslist. Don't really know what the problem is. A few phone calls with really low ball offers and that's it. Not sure why something like this can be priced so cheaply and still little interest???
  10. I also should mention my lack of disposable income is also due to my need, as well as others now, to save for our retirement. In the past, this was not the case. You could even be irresponsible, and as long as you showed up for work and were conscientious about it, your retirement was provided for you once you made it to retirement age. I do save the maximum I can for retirement, because I want out of the rat race at an early age. Leaves me without the fun money I would like. Most in this country now lack any discretionary income plus have no retirement savings. Welcome to a third world country.
  11. Without a doubt you are correct. I have an advanced technical degree, but my wages don't reflect that. My wages have been little more than flat over the last 25 years. The entry level position pays 5k more than when I started in it, less than a 20% increase over a quarter century. Conversely, old timers I worked with when I started experienced a tenfold increase in wages over 30 years. Real estate has gone nowhere. I still live in an entry level house as there has been no real estate appreciation for years. Anything with lots of land requires you pay more than a developer. So, I can only afford lower end vehicles and storage is a MAJOR issue. It could be far worse, however. At least my college loan debt was reasonable. Young kids today will experience wages that don't even keep up with inflation but yet have massive student loan payments. I would have bought this car long ago if I experienced substantial wage increases and real estate appreciation, allowing me the money to better pursue this hobby and afford a trophy property to properly store my unique finds. For these very reasons, I'm finding it difficult to sell my Model A Ford.
  12. The earliest Stewart & Clark speedometer had a brass outer housing for higher end brass era cars. As yours does not have a brass housing, I would guess it is later, probably 1915 to 1925 or so, but that's a guess.
  13. Indeed, that's an issue. It will have to be parked on the street and probably in a few days even getting an early Jeep might be out of the question when she worries about "what will the neighbors think". I'm trying to encourage something my wife is lukewarm on right now, which is better than before. As she has a Jeep Wrangled, she was interested in the early Jeeps at the show. I hate to have been so down on the Macungie show. It's a wonderful thing for what it is, but I did state what I noted and thought and heard from others. Seems like they increased prices to offset decreased attendance. That doesn't work. The State of Connecticut has tried for years to increase tax revenue by increasing the taxes on those remaining, and it drives more folks out. Same thing here...