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  1. Looks like a perfect car to me.......no tractor mechanics poking at it........dealing with time is easy, straight forward, and very rewarding when finished. There will be ten times more buyers for it in its current condition and price range than if you dump 15k into it. I think it will be an easy sell in the spring.........honest cars bring better money to knowledgeable buyers every time.
  2. There is a guy here with an early Buick with heating issues also. He has a thread somewhere...........and is still working on it. I think his is a 1918, I expect he will respond.......from the mid west if I remember right.
  3. Why bother making a semi rod out of it.......you can buy the Lincoln intact for half why they are asking, and a fun rod for 15k......so the 35k will get you the real car and a rod......and not work or time to get there.
  4. I knew the truck was not a White, I commented just the cars. The GA was labeled as a steamer car......I claim on expertise on White cars, except the later series Dual Valve. Thanks for the correction. I have a huge archive of White cars and truck stuff from day one to 1943.
  5. I have a bunch of photos, that if posted here, would get me a permanent suspension.......all from the era......mostly out of France.
  6. Something tells me, she was dating a guy who drove something more expensive than a Chevy! Defiantly a high maintenance young lady!
  7. This same problem has been happening since I first got into the hobby back in the early 70's. You probably won't find a good one. Someone is going to have to take the hit and make them, or it's going to have to be hand made on the intake and exhaust. Keeping stock is usually less expensive in the long run. Making new hand fabricated intake and exhaust manifolds can be done, but then getting a carb to run correctly is fifty times harder than people think. Your problem is not unique, and as car values descend, it's only going to get worse when it comes to reproduction parts.
  8. Pistons are no problem, that said, I would not try and source anything until you have the engine apart. The pistons can be easily ordered, with rings and pins for about 150 dollars each. They will be custom made. There are several companies that make them, and I recommend sending a sample, NOT a drawing. A 'cheap" rebuild of that engine here would run 15 thousand dollars.......and more for a "show car" (35 to 50) or more if you have other issues. Things like valves, springs, guides, usually have to be made. Simply put, its not an easy engine to rebuild today. Since you are using it as a power
  9. This photo was taken in late 1929. Interesting they are using real steam rollers at that time......probably city owned although they may have belonged to the GC, and kept in service till the war. The only reason to take them out of service was a lack of boiler men available to run them.
  10. More road construction......all cars are White steamers....1904-1906, before you had union road builders.......you had convict labor. Sorry about the quality of the photos......but they are worth looking at.
  11. I'm moving.......all this traffic is bullshit! 1905 White Steam.
  12. Worth 10-15k? Nope.......sad but true. All the value in this car is in a running engine for a swap out with an open car. Just think like the 1960's collector. And like you father says......"its a parts car" even if it's running and sorted. Biggest problem is not finding an engine......I could have on in an hour. It''s what you will have to pay for a good core.......because the guy who owns the engine will want five times it's value............ just like the car owner.
  13. With that formula it’s now all perfectly clear to me! I could never do the math either. I probably would have had a better chance to get my head around it back when I was taking my math classes in college. Too many decades in the distance to really remember much of it. Sure wish I could fly up to see it done in person........which normally I would do.........hopefully this Chinese Kung Flu will start to die down with the vaccines coming out in the next week or two. I have decided to cast up a new impeller, in bronze. The aluminum one was rather pitted and in need of attention. There
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