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  1. You will be disappointed..... 😎 To be fair, they are all a very nice bunch of gentleman.........and lots of fun. Come on out,AJ loves to buy dinner.......every year we try and find a more expensive restaurant.......it’s getting hard to find a place that charges more than 25 bucks for a cup of coffee. Hopefully the place we had planned this year will still be around next year. We have a lot of laughs every time we get together...........I would call them “the smile crew.” 👍
  2. JD......great town you live in.....almost moved there 20 years ago. I’m sure you don’t look a day over 95! Nice truck. Sure did miss PB this year. See you next year. Ed.
  3. Ok boys......an ID if you can. It’s Fleetwood coachwork.....on a FANTASTIC chassis.
  4. AJ......forgot to tell you........your Stearns broke again. Tomorrow! 😜
  5. I think the car is fantastic, And I would own it. Our dispute was related to AA, M, SV, and DV and the numbers they bring. The new owner will be very happy. I know I would.
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