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  1. Cadillac’s and LaSalles had pressure feed fan hubs.............from 1929-1931. After that I can’t remember.......
  2. Down here in southern Florida, at the end of the food chain, if we get thing within forty five days of the initial mailing, we are happy. Such is the way of the world. I’m fairly certain that I am the last guy to get each issue.
  3. Doesn’t get much easier than what you are working with. Don’t over complicate it. Take your time, do it right. Good luck.
  4. Buy a turn key car, they cost the same as projects now. Take your time. There are more options today than there have been for thirty years. Nothing is more expensive than a cheap car that’s a good deal. Welcome to the club........
  5. Terry, you can’t beat common sense into me.........ask Steve M! Hard day at work today.
  6. Congratulations! 35,000 and counting...........three thumbs up. 👍👍👍
  7. Mark....you are the best........still want a water jacket cover.
  8. Phil thinks the rear is 3.25 , I think its between 2.5 and 2.8
  9. John, my car is a T Head.........it’s a mono block with four valves per cylinder. Photo below is the engine I have. This photo is the single plug version, mine is the dual. Magneto’s are new to me from this era. Thanks for the heads up. I know it’s a 45mm application.
  10. He’s selling a restoration, not a car or a Franklin. It’s not outrageous considering the condition. Unfortunately, they rarely brung much money. I have seen some very nice examples sell for what we call “Model A” numbers. Not a total restoration like the one above, but cars that are just drivers.
  11. In the past when I’ve had weird are oil pressure problems, I pulled the oil pan. I then used as a pressure pot to pressurize the system while looking at it from the underside with a flashlight. In one case we found a large fracture in one of the main oil gallery lines. It’s a good diagnostic tool to see if you have a blowout somewhere. Since you’re going to dig the oil pump anyways, I recommend you do this test.
  12. 92 year old car.......and 92 mph..........🤔 Must be a relationship there somewhere.
  13. Get a snap on oil pressure guage in it. Don’t run it unnecessarily until it’s addressed. I would not trust that guage.
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