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  1. No wheel disks, wonder if they built two of them, or if the new owner took them off.
  2. You can see a photo of the car when new on the coachbuild website. Just look up Murphy on Minerva.
  3. Does the car have a clutch brake? Sounds like you may have other problem than just adjustment. Photos would help.
  4. Did you really have to mention the days left? I will now not sleep for the next few evenings.
  5. I'm not sure if the one for sale is Harry's. He just recently had it detailed and sorted for a show in Lake Como at Villa D'Est. They made several cars, so it's possible it isn't his.
  6. Excuse me........... BARF Thank you, Ed
  7. STHALS is a must. Use the Henery Ford as a rain day option for the inside museum. ACD is less than 2 hours away. As is Gilmore. I was staying in Angola Indiana last week, and used it as a base for all of the museums listed. When it rained in Auburn, I went north to Gilmore, and it was dry and sunny. Use the local radar to figure things out....works great. Sthals is very diverse and geared to entertain and appeal to non car people compared to Gilmore or ACD. Enjoy!
  8. It's kind of ironic, when I was on Market Street a few months ago, it seemed cleaner. Bet the smell was much more pleasant in 1905 than it is today....even with all the horses. It's sad a great American city is now so bad that tourism has just about vanished.
  9. As a shelf talker, it’s a neat item. Using it is a waste of time. Mark, if you like, you can send me your distributor and I will set it up and check it out on my Sun Distributor Tester for you.......gratis..........let me know........Ed
  10. I have bought and sold countless pre war cars.........and have not been a subscriber to Hemmings for well over twenty years.
  11. There are lots of changes going on in the hobby right now. The only certainty is the hobby will be different than how I grew up in it. No one is going to throw cars away, but the values will fluctuate with supply and demand. Also, I belong to “two” clubs that only have an email chain.........no dues, no magazine, nothing.......just a quick email that goes out with an idea.......let’s meet at a hotel in Cape Cod for three days. Several spots are chosen to visit. It’s all done on the fly. Do as you please when you arrive, drive as much or as little as you like. That’s the way some people are now enjoying the hobby. In some ways I like it, in other ways I don’t. I expect there will be more of this and other things we have yet to see. Time will tell. Best guess that there will be fewer clubs, with more diverse membership and interests. There will be tours, shows, and events.......I am quite sure they will be done and organized differently. Look at this site we are on now..............it’s only 20 years old...........Ed
  12. Is interest in pre war cars fading? Here are fifty Pierce Arrows on tour this week in the mid west.
  13. If you have Evans, you will have leaks. Seems it’s a smaller molecule and tends to seep past clamps and such. So I have been told by people who use it.
  14. Didn’t George Albright own that thing?
  15. Try the Cadillac LaSalle Club website. Best bet to find information is there.