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  1. Yup, it’s pre war, and rare. More rare than you would think. Use to be ridiculously expensive. Sold my perfect one 20 years ago for 3500. I still smile every time I think about it.
  2. There are four different generation lifters that can be used. There not all direct fit. There is only one guy that I know of that tests them in a jig...............often, if you have a ticking, you need to find another lifter, sometimes people attempt to rebuild them, most with limited success. Call John Cislak up in Massachusetts, he sells lots of new reproduction engine parts, and also has used stuff. 1-413-543-9017 1933 was the first style, and nothing directly interchanges.
  3. Just to pile on.......my one ray of hope for this year, Hilton Head, was also cancelled yesterday. Now I shall go drinking and get depressed.
  4. And I was having the first good day in a month until I just read this. I’m sure it was the correct decision. I still don’t like it. Life will go on, and 2021 will be here before you know it. Sure doesn’t seem that my first time was 49 years ago.........having missed a few over the years, it just makes the next one that much better. Thanks to all who run the event. You bring joy to countless people making the hobby a much better place to spend time with family and friends.
  5. I'm still waiting in southern Florida.
  6. Be sure to charge the battery before you put it in the car. A generator is Ade to top off a battery, not charge it up from half.
  7. Pierce Arrow people are good people......they are just very serious when it comes to their cars.............It's almost like a religion..........many owners worship in two areas of faith, the Almighty first, and Pierce Arrow second.
  8. Battery was my first thought. While voltage may still be ok, sulfated plates may be causing problems after the system starts charging it and the battery warms up from charging. I have seen this in the past, and it was almost common. Now Optima and gell batteries almost eliminates the issue in stock performance cars. Running top fuel at the drag strip the modern batteries often cause lots of problems as large demand and draw down causes unstable voltage.........want to know how many motors went boom before we figured that one out?
  9. It’s a LaSalle stick pin from 1928. Dealer items from the late 20’s And early 30’s are almost non existent. Much of the great stuff I have was pre internet. Actually going to cities where the factories were building cars and hunting through antique shops. Now the shops are all gone, and it’s eBay weather you like it or not.
  10. This is all factory jewelry, rare and unusual. Much of it is 18k gold.
  11. Nice car....I like it! I first saw this car at Hershey back in the 80's. One of the best looking Duesenberg A's ever built.
  12. Look at those headlights! Factory or "after market".