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  1. edinmass

    radial tires

    Mike .....all is well. No worries. I’m the most guilty party on this sight hijacking threads and changing subjects. Question on for you on your Avanti........do you know why the logo has an arrrow through it?
  2. edinmass

    radial tires

    This is a PRE WAR radial discussion.
  3. edinmass

    radial tires

    https://www.sema.org/files/attachments/WTC-2011-05-Bias-vs-Radial-Tire-Wheel-Fitment.pdf Try reading this on bias VS radial tires. Notice at the last page where it says some rims are NOT made to run radial tires. As for actual failure, I have seen a 1941 160 Series Packard with a failed rim, and a 1935 Pierce. Radial tires place higher loads on the rim, no question about it. I also have spoken to manufacturers of wheels about this issue. Just in the last few weeks I spoke to an engineer at Hunter Engineering on this topic. They make the most modern and sophisticated wheel and alignment equipment in the world. They specifically spoke about the poor quality of steel wheels built before World War II, and how they didn’t have good quaility control while manufacturing them. We spent the most time talking about Kelsey-Hayes wheels. We also covered run out, off center wheels, new tires that are manufactured out of round, static and computer balancing, and a bunch of other details. Ultimately radial tires on a pre war car is a solution in search of a problem. The last five world class collections I went to didn’t have any pre war cars with radial tires. Add it all up, with the cost, rim problems or possible problems, and running tubes in the radial tire, there just isn’t enough benefit in the final analysis.
  4. edinmass

    radial tires

    Matt......you can choose as you wish. I have seen wheel failure myself with them on a Cadillac. If you think a rim that flexes so much that the hub caps keep falling off is OK, then run them. Myself, my safety and cars are too important to take a chance with. Just wait until the first loss of life happens with a car with radial tires on it that the car WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR. Watch the insurance company not want to pay out. I recently made a new set of wheels for a car we have, and I worked with the the company to make them out of a stronger and thicker type of steel. I did it in the event I wanted to place radials on the car. On the last tour I was on in September, there were FIVE wheel failures.........FIVE. And by the way, one of them was BRAND NEW! Made the guy who had them made give up on driving the car, as he no longer trusted the other wheels.
  5. edinmass

    Buick 1932 model 90 series 90, 91 or 97

    Modern reproduction coachwork that looks like 1930's built specials. Yes, many are starving, but the top of the food chain is doing fine.
  6. That photo may get you in trouble! 😎
  7. Nope...........but for the cost of a tune up on your BIG BOY TOY I bought the car!
  8. edinmass

    radial tires

    Don't forget rim or wheel failure is also possible with radial tires on pre war cars. I have seen several issues with them. Also, on the Cadillac's, the rims flex so much the hub caps keep falling off, unless you weld stiffeners on the rim. I recommend caution on any pre war car running radials, I get why people want them. There are so many potential issues, unless you car is at 100 percent, you could end up with lots of other problems. It's also much easier to drive faster with them, which is probably not a good idea either.
  9. edinmass

    Buick 1932 model 90 series 90, 91 or 97

    Just for information........down in South America they have been buying up big series Buick cars, tossing the bodies, and building vintage race cars with modern coachwork. There is an entire class for the Buick Specials in the racing world down there. They have bought about two dozen over the last five years that I know of........than cut them up. I had a big chassis I pulled out of a junk yard years ago, and somehow they found out about it. I sold it to them. For them to have found me, they must have been looking very hard. Ed
  10. edinmass

    radial tires

    Lots of people like them, and others don't. I had a set of them on a 1936 Pierce 12(same size), and removed them. I didn't like the look. They were a good tire, but they are just off enough in look that makes me uncomfortable with them. They are very expensive, and make sure you get TRUCK RADIAL tubes, or you WILL have problems.
  11. The Three Ameigos! The one on the left is Steve Martin. That makes the on on the right Chevy Chase, so you my friend, the one in the middle, MUST be Martin Short. It was a fun day, although seconed in class wasn't our intention! I think I shall take it for a ride today. Once in a while I need a Packard road test.......makes me appreciate my Pierce Arrow's more! 😂 Lots of people keep asking what we are taking to Pebble next year. Here is a photo of what I have currently in mind............(Yes! It's my car.)
  12. George, I looked it up, you are correct.......having another senior moment. That package should be ready for pick up in the next week or so. Thanks! Ed
  13. The 1932 Custom Dietrich Sport Pheaton is quite simply the best open car ever designed and built in the US. There are only three of them, all in long term collections. They are also fantastic drivers. All of these comments coming from a Pierce Arrow guy. I will admit to having spent some time behind the wheel on one in the past........a life changing experience. My most enjoyable moment was in Palm Beach having breakfast several years ago at 6am. A very low key gentleman came up to me and said Dietrich sure did a great job on that design......interestingly he didn’t own any collector cars. It was fun to enjoy a car that someone off the street truly understood.
  14. edinmass

    Buick 1932 model 90 series 90, 91 or 97

    Lately lots of people in South America have been cutting up 90 Series Buick’s and building specials. Shame.......lots of nice Sedans are now speed cars.....such is the market.
  15. The cobalt in the crystal turns purple over time. Great car. My best, Ed