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  1. Ross had to get home early in the week. He was kind enough to to stay an extra night so I could see and drive the bus. We had company from Vermont today, so we broke off of the tour, and did our own thing. We did 90 miles.........and had our first issue with the car. It seemed to have a running problem..........felt like it was running out of gas.......it was. I forgot to let the compression release back to it’s regular spot.....so we were driving with it on........no manifold vacuum.........so not enough gas. Took about ten minutes and two miles to figure it out......just put the release back
  2. It’s a 1931.......worth a lot more than a 29 or 30. Send me a pm, and I can give you an exact value with more photos, I have owned more than a dozen of them. Ed PS- get the engine number, and I can get you more info on it.
  3. Matt......the joint on the water pump uses a item called a hardy disk. If you can give me the OD, ID, and bolt spacing I will see if we have made them in the past. Probably did, and probably have new ones on the shelf at the shop up north. Here are a few we have in stock. Die cut, proper material.............
  4. This is our trusty sidekick Dave C also known here as Nickelroadster. His 1915 Olds runs and drives well........and he has been our driving partner......as everyone else here has cars twenty to 75 years newer. We improvised a special very old car tour.......and drove about three times the mileage in the tour book. I kept it under 40 most of the day.......we did hit a divided highway for about a mile......which got us up to a bit more speed.......the Olds topped out......but I kept him in my rear view and it all worked out well. After driving huge displacement engines two or three generations n
  5. The anti-psychotic drugs aren’t working. The voices in my head keep telling me to drive the White faster, and buy more pre war cars.............it’s hitting the brakes for all those Rye induced hallucinations that really bother me...........Dave S keeps sending me bottles............but so far they are all defective.........seems they all “leak out” during shipping. 😏
  6. Good guess. You win. There are NO tools in the car. None. Zero. It’s been properly prepared! Congratulations on your win. Ed
  7. Ok, an over the road driving test on a 104 year old car. How much do the tools ⚒️ In my tool box weigh? Spare parts not included. First correct guess within one pound wins a drink at Hershey fall meet at the Hershey Hotel this year. Steve M is buying!😎
  8. Is the shop in the south? I had a similar complaint from someone yesterday and he had the same info. PM me if you like.
  9. Great car.......too bad Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles collaborated on the color choice! 😏
  10. Interesting observations now that we have had the chance to get the White out of Southern Florida traffic and city roads. Up here in Howey in the Hills it’s much more like the back roads of New England. Little traffic, not too many traffic signals, few curb cuts.........a place where you can actually enjoy driving the car without the concern of those crazy drivers we see everywhere in Southern Florida. The car is much more comfortable to drive here...........on the way to dinner last night we were just driving down the road and the White settled in at about 52 mph by the gps. Impossible to dr
  11. Those port holes look familiar..........Like the ones on the Kouri Speedster.
  12. Phil is never been called little. The car is huge........the 1924 Yellowstone White Bus is insane. Ross W. the owner let Phil and I drive it.......quite exciting. Ross and his son Adam are true car guys. They share knowledge, and both are very experienced in making parts for cars that don’t exist. It was a great day. We expected a washout, instead we had a great driving day........tomorrow is a washout........so the car is in the trailer, and Phil and I are off on a cars and parts buying adventure. Don’t expect much to come of it..........then again, that’s how I ended up with the White! 👍
  13. THE ELEMENT CAN'T GET UL APPROVAL.........IT DOES NOT CONTAIN PRESSURE OR A GUAGE TO READ PRESSURE.......THUS IT CAN'T BE APPROVED BECAUSE OF A TECHNICALITY. They are used in aircraft, and certified for aircraft and other uses. Steve, this is a formal request for a poloticial area on this forum. Please rush the request. Ed
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