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  1. Peerless never recovered from the truck production of WWI and afterwords Peerless was never anywhere near the level of Packard or Pierce. In reality the last "great" Peerless was 1914, and a single unit of 1915. They then went to their V-8 and became the same level of car as Cadillac then, which was the low side of the high end. Cars like Winton, Crane-Simplex, Pierce, and the Packard twin six were the true high end. FYI- they went to Continental engines and became an "assembled" car, and MOST were small sixes.
  2. Interesting information on the American Body Co, so with that information I would consider this a factory body, not a semi custom. Still a good looking car, and an interesting model L. Pierce Arrow was famous for having designs by well known stylists and making the bodies themselves. Pierce bodies were usually better than most of the coach builders, BUT....they often added their own touches which were often not flattering to the car. Thanks for posting the correct detailed information on the car!
  3. It’s a very nice car, and I helped them out a few times over the last two years to get it sorted out. Side mount covers are just about impossible to locate the correct ones.........1933-1935 Pierce cars are fantastic drivers.
  4. I started in the hobby at age four and turned fifty three last week. I have owned and driven some of the best pre war cars in the world, and having never even gone for a ride in a T, until three years ago when I decided I wanted one. I purchased a very original 15 Touring, and enjoy it very much. It was unmolested and had only three non authentic 1915 parts on it. Was an interesting exercise to learn about them and hunt a good one down. This is a very nice car at a very reasonable price, I doubt anyone could do better on a roadster, no matter how long you look. Ed
  5. Hello, site rules are to post location and price. Please add them. More photos would also be helpful.
  6. Late 1926 to probably 1928 or until the body supply was used up. The ad is dated 1926. Looks like the wind wings might have been standard.
  7. Most certainly wire wheels and dual side mounts or double rear spares would have been an extra charge, as well as a mascot, and this early windshield wipers may have been an option, or only driver side standard. I agree with Walt as to the dates, possibly a 26, most likely a 27 or 28. Canvas tire covers, windshield wind wings, and the trunk were also accessories that were additional up charges. The car in the photo has a single wiper for the driver. After studying the car a bit and remembering a photo I have in my files of a movie still, the round top on the reverse opening door identifies this car as Brunn.
  8. Missed the question as to the wheels, definitely Buffalo Wire Wheel Co units.
  9. Charley K in Amherst Ohio, May be able to help. Look him up in the club directory.
  10. It sure looks like Locke or Brunn. From thr windshield frame I will guess Locke, but remember they were factory batch bodies listed in the catalog, thus they are semi custom or factory depending on your opinion. They made lots of Locke bodied touring cars, a few Brunn, and at least one Holbrook survives. Where are all the Lincoln guys?
  11. Very small and light weight, looks post war and maybe a tractor box......that thing is tiny.
  12. Not too long ago a person driving a three million dollar car offered thirty cents on the dollar for a car that was available. The car in question was more valuable than the one he was driving. Interestingly, the car ended up selling at a fair price for what it was.....only the low ball offer pissed off the seller and he was out of the picture. You got to be in the ballpark on the top end stuff, or you get your walking papers.
  13. I have stayed at Hersheypark campgrounds on and off for thirty years.........always fun....especially the trains going by several times durning the night.........shake, rattle, and roll!
  14. Seems to me EVERYONE went to fender lights as soon as Pierce was gone.......funny, no. Trademark?,yes. Always well done or attractive, no. Depending on year and model they look great......or no quite so..........but compare the build quality, engineering, and construction. There is no doubt a Pierce factory body was much better built than all of the other factory stuff..........and most of their factory bodies were better than 75 percent of the coach built stuff. There are very few cars that will run with a big Pierce eight or twelve, very few. And the ones that can will cost you tens times more out of pocket. I have driven just about all the great Marques and chassis, and almost every great platform. Most are run of the mill and flawed, a very select few make you smile and want to never leave the drivers seat.
  15. The dark car web.......has a certain ring to it. The Packard was definitely being sat on by a handful of collectors. I was able to find a well known gentlemen in the hobby and he knew of the car. He called the family several times on my behalf for someone who was intrested in the car, but I never got the number or location, as like most people with information on the “holy grail” he justifiably want to be compensated. Interestingly we have a 66 percent success rate together on deals such as these. Not too bad of an average. The odds of pulling a great unknown car out of a barn or garage today are just about nill.........but one never knows what’s down the road or around the corner. All we ever really need is a bit of luck..........Where’s my lotto ticket?