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  1. John: Is this the type of gear you are looking for? http://antiquespeedometer.com/partinventory.php?cat=d1e14a993cacb2e20a5ca39a2d7876b5 I know that the number does not match what you need. I may have another source to check. Pat
  2. Thanks John. Not bad for a 37 year old restoration! I finally found out the gear ratios andI am still looking through my "stuff" for a speedo gear for you. Pat
  3. Hi All: Does anyone know the transmission gear ratios for first and second gear for 1931 Series 60 (straight cut gears) AND for a 1932 Series 60 (helical cut gears). Obviously 3rd is 1:1 Thanks, Pat
  4. John: Try Globe Classic car parts in Fresno, CA. We will be going there on Thursday on our way home from Arizona (We need a new transmission for our Buick). Is the same gear used on other Buicks? My Hollanders is at home so I can't look it up. I may have the one I removed from our speedster. Pat
  5. Colin: You are absolutely correct that Phil (and Ken) would not let anything go through as "good enough". Mechanics were as (if not more) important than fancy looks. Our '35 Cadillac won most elegant and first in class in 1997 at Pebble Beach. No mean feat, but expected for a Hill & Vaughn restoration. Our friend returned to Pebble in 1993, taking second in class with the same car; same restoration. We were honored to be invited to present the car again at Pebble Beach last August. Just to be selected as one of approximately 175 cars from around the world is a huge honor. The fact th
  6. Hi Don: Thanks for your input. Great idea to check exhaust manifold. I had seen your post about your carburetors (about two years ago?) and your final shift to the Zeniths. We won't be able to change carburetors, at least not for the near future, as this car has been invited to the Pebble Beach Concours (actually, it will be the third time to go with the same 37 year-old restoration). We have had pretty good luck with the Detroit Lubricator 51's. We have one on our '29 Packard which we have taken on quite a few long tours with no problems. Having said that, I have learned from the Carburet
  7. A good thought. Our ignition is very similar to your Packard ignition. I had both coils rebuilt (actually new coils inserted in the gutted Cadillac coils) last year. It was my original thought that the coils were overheating and thus failing. Thanks, Pat
  8. James: We put new condensers in recently, but we are going to replace them again anyway. I have actually found new ones right out of the box that were bad! In checking the plugs, it appears that the right side plugs are burning much leaner than the left. (the V-12 has two separate ignition systems). We are going to rebuild the right carb (the left had been done last year). Pat
  9. We are having a problem with our ’35 Cadillac V-12 losing power. Here are the symptoms:Car runs well at idle: Drove to gas station to fill up. Drove about 7 miles, performed flawlessly Let it sit about 20 minutes to begin detailing Started it, it idled smoothly Went to drive it, had no power (behaved like vapor lock) Electric Fuel pump did not solve problem. Cracked fuel lines, got only fuel, no air. Timing is correct. Car is not overheating. Idles well. Car has (in the past year): New (rebuilt) coils Rebuilt Fuel Pump Electric supplemental fuel pump One of the two Detroit Lubr
  10. Hi All! I will be pulling the transmission in our 1931 Series 60 this weekend as we broke a tooth on first gear of the cluster gear (part T-169.8). I have a "spare" transmission for parts, but I am not sure it is for a '31 Series 60, and won't know until I pull my trans. In addition to the cluster gear, I think it is only smart to replace the throwout bearing and the synchro cones. Does anyone have a source for those parts? The throwout bearing also fits some Willys models. Pat
  11. Hi Edinmass: There were exactly 9 5725 Fleetwood 7-Passenger Town Cabriolets built in 1935. 8 were 5725LB (Leather Back) and 1 5725MB (Metal Back). The LB and MB refer to the covering over the rear compartment. These are Carl Steig's numbers from the Cad-LaSalle club roster. These numbers are confirmed by James Schild in his book. These were definitely not cut down from sedans, although they probably shared some components such as dash, hood, and possibly rear doors. Since this car was a January 1935 Build, my guess is that it was the 29th Fleetwood body, all types included, to be built i
  12. Bubba: When did you take the picture? I know the Mae West car was in Santa Rosa, CA in 2004. Pat
  13. Dave: Jack is a truly classy man. The 5725 was available on all 3 chassis. There were 11 5725 bodies on V-8 chassis in 1935. There were none in 1934, according to the Fleetwood book. talked today with Bob Porter, who owns the Elizabeth Arden car. It is a 5725 on a V-8 chassis. I'd love a copy of how to fold that nightmare top! The manual says the top frames should fit in the same compartment (may be the sales manual).......I don't think so!!!!! Pat
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