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Found 5 results

  1. HI, the infamous boattail speedster is done (except for fenders) and legal for road use. I have been using the digital speedo that we use in rally work, because when I went to hook up the dash speedo's cable , I found no driven gear in the transmission to receive it! By the shop manual, it's an AC part, #848125, with 23 teeth. Does anyone have one or know where I might find one? Thanks, folks, jc
  2. I am looking for the angle joint that connects the speedo to the cable in working condition or for repair. I do not have one so not sure if they can be reconditioned but until I have one in my hand I will not know. This is for use on my 11b Sedan and will need to be shipped to the UK.
  3. I posted the following write-up on my "Me and My Buick" thread a little while back. I got a suggestion from a fellow member to re-post it as a separate thread here so that more people can see it and use it. I thought that sounded like a good idea so here it is. My speedometer officially took a dump last time I drove the car. On the way to the Moonshine festival it began to make loud squealing/grinding noises and turn around wildly until it finally stuck. I took it out and lubricated it (process described below) but that did not help as I have apparently got a more serious problem. I know it is not the cable because the cable is brand new. Looks like I'll be sending it off to get fixed soon. Here's the process I used to lubricate the speedometer head. It didn't fix my problem but it might help if you're having trouble with yours. WARNING: DO NOT touch the numbers or other graphics on the face of your gauge. The paint is old and delicate and might rub off or smear. Begin by gently prying the chrome bezel loose from the gauge housing. Loosen the two screws that hold the gauge to housing. Gently pry the little rubber grommets out of their holes with your loose screws. In my case, the gauge was stuck to the inside of the housing with a rubber gasket. I put the tip of the screwdriver in the hole and gently pried until the gauge separated. Don't let the gauge fall out!! Locate the tiny freeze plug on the back part of the gauge. I used a center punch to mark the center of the plug. Then I drilled out the plug with a small bit wrapped in tape. The tape kept the bit from going too far down into the hole and hitting the speedometer shaft. Thread a small screw into the hole that you just drilled. Use pliers to gently pry the plug out. If you look closely, you can see the felt wick inside the hole. Put 4 or 5 drops of light oil into the hole. I used gun oil because that's all I had but you could also use sewing machine oil or 3 in 1. Then mix up some JB Weld and fill the hole in the plug. Let the JB set up for at least 24 hours. Use a blunt punch to put the plug back into the hole. I was able to just push on it. You have now lubricated your speedometer head. While you're under there, you can also LIGHTLY coat the tip of the speedometer cable with a lubricant such as graphite grease. Don't put too much or it will get squeezed out into the head and mess it up.
  4. Hello, I've almost finished restoring a 1926 Pontiac in Australia but still need a speedometer. I understand it should be an AC which reads up to 75 or 80 mph and includes a trip meter that can be reset. The opening on the instrument panel is 2.5". Does anyone have a good one or one that is suitable for restoration? Cheers, Ryan
  5. Sequence of events on my "90 3.0, B/G, 100k: Speedo/Odo quit years ago. Car's been sitting, just driven in neighborhood, for 4 years. Started reviving the beauties lights,brakes,etc. and trani would go into limp mode (2nd gear) until turned off/on. I read all the wonderful posts and ultimately changed fluid/filter. Noticed loose wire on top of trani, (toward back of car) while replacing inner tie rod. It had been ripped from connector. Soldered on, now speedo/odo works. Trani is better, no longer locks in limp mode, but still bangs/slams into lower gears at times. Does much better in "D" (98% trouble free), but of course gas mileage suffers. But it does not lock in second gear, maybe that function is broken (or fixed?) now. P.S.: Occasionally the speedo has fits and jumps around, but tires and settles down. I've read about the speed sensor(input or output?) on the front driver's corner 6" up from pan and will check connection to it now. I do not know what this unit does. Hope it's something I can fix without the trani dudes "having to go thru it". I would appreciate any enlightenment.