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  1. Luckily my father was a Sargeant in the heavy armored division and never made it to Vietnam. I’m a 1976 model and he was spared the horror of Vietnam. Stationed in Germany for years during the conflict. Thank you for your story about someone that wasn’t as fortunate. Thank you for keeping the car and your dedication.
  2. @Paul Dobbin WOW! That’s the type of car adventure I’m wanting to be a part of! Thank you so much for sharing that. Please, if any more adventures like this come up please let me know. I’m all about the fun and experience of driving the early cars. Living history is where it’s at! I’m hoping to get my Haynes ready for some fun trips!!
  3. My 62 Impala. Bought it when I was 19 and I’m still enjoying it. Real 327 car with 900 Tuxedo Black paint
  4. I fall into that group somewhat. I have a Haynes and I now understand how very few people have them. Not surprising that I’ve not had any discussion with another Haynes owner here. I have found some very helpful information thru other members though. Forums are tough as everyone has their own opinion of what they’re interested in and how a car should be. The forum topics are just as diverse even amongst car makes. I’m glad it’s all here. I usually select “All Activity” and scroll through until I see something that grabs my attention regardless of make or specific topic. Being new here, that
  5. Absolutely correct. These are basic proximity switches that rely on gap from the reluctor. Much like a magneto on a small engine which these sensors can be adapted as crank sensors for electronic ignition. They generate a pulse through magnetism. Cool stuff
  6. Yep, that’s a bit outta my wheelhouse. Always cool to learn things. Holden was my best guess. Really haven’t studied American marks abroad. I do know they offer small cubic inch Diesel engines we can’t get in the states thanks to big oil lobbyists.
  7. Learn something everyday. Be curious to see what it is. 👍🏻
  8. Looks like you got an Elco from down under? Holden?
  9. My 21 Haynes has an electric wiper unit I believe to be original or dealer installed? Bosch unit I’ve not had much luck researching.
  10. Great place with a great website. Under product specifications they have a CAD tab which is a print with size speciations on many products especially fasteners. Very helpful with engineering a project.
  11. All great stories! Thanks for sharing!
  12. The historical significance of this car is far more profound than a movie car!! We understand the Bullit car is more popular but the Lincoln is more important. The article of history that this car is should demand more value. We live in an upside down world right now.
  13. 1961 Starliner, 1963-1/2 Galaxie fast back and 1965 Galaxie are some of my favorite Fords ever!!!! The early 60’s super stock cars are the origins my car interest. Love the factory lightweights and cubic inch wars Great car and thanks for sharing!
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