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  1. Sorry I missed your comment! Didn’t see it in my notifications? I’m in SW Virginia here in the mountains. I’m very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mabry’s Mill and The Peaks Of Otter are both within an hour and a half drive. Please let me know of anything in my area!! I’d really enjoy catching up with a group of senior cars and owners!!! Sorry for my late reply!
  2. @Walt G Not only is this just a great thread for cool old car pics. It’s been very educational for me to learn about the identity of many old brands and models!! Thanks!!!
  3. I knew George has some diagnostic equipment. Sounds like he’s got some for the ultimate mystery in life!!!!
  4. Not only do I approve such things, I would encourage such bullshitting!!!
  5. I’d like to hear this conversation! I’m always impressed hearing or reading what you guys know! I might even buy some libations for you both!!!
  6. @Dosmo I hijacked a thread last night! Lol This is just a conversation anyway! Bless your wife for taking care of her mother. That’s a tough task being a full time caregiver. The options of accessing music now are fantastic! Perhaps some of the options you just mentioned will be something new for someone reading the thread and they’ll benefit from it? Have a good day!
  7. We all have one musical preference in common so far. No Justin Beiber in the garage! 😂😂😂
  8. One can’t forget Green Onions either
  9. Hip Hug-her by Booker T is how my night ended in the garage! Listen to it and it’ll be in your head for days!!! Lol
  10. I understand that as well. Sometimes the solitude or silence gives one an escape.
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