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  1. Worked at my Pops old place today. Had to tighten a hydraulic line on my tractor. I thought about an old Walworth Stillson pipe wrench of his and how handy it would’ve been. He used it on steam heat radiator pipes. He liked being able to carry this little pipe wrench in his pocket. I wire wheeled the steel but the handle is original finish. Late 1890’s or early 1900’s is my guess with the makers marks? A couple pics one with a bottle cap for scale.
  2. According to my phone photo dates, the last time I opened that garage door was November 2018 and the drips from the garage door dripped on the increasingly thick dust.
  3. I broke a couple! Lol It currently has a posi rear from an 86 T-type that had been totaled. The Buick 455 is pretty light and I was more interested in straight line performance. I just added a couple rubber spring spacers to give it a bit more spring rate. Truthfully it needs Springs. The 78’s first year had a lighter spindle too, if memory serves? I’ve not driven it since 2005 other than on a trailer to move it to storage. It’s sat in the garage stall pictured above since 2008 Fun car and tons of great memories. I made a cool lamp from the camshaft out of the original 3.8 V6 and gave it to Dad Christmas 1995 and it’s still used to this day. Many new lamp shades thanks to my stepmom of course! Lol
  4. I painted it with DuPont Centari single stage in shop class. The paint code was 99A pitch black at $35 a gallon we live in a different world nowadays. I sprayed this when I was 15 using money from mowing grass.
  5. I was 17 there with my little sister after Church on Easter Sunday. Love that old car.
  6. That’s what it’s all about for me. Driving and having fun! Not a static display to stroke an ego
  7. My first car. Put a 71 Buick 455 in it when I was 17 and gave Fox Body Mustangs a fit as a teenager in the early 90’s. Not really a notable classic but something very important to me. My great grandad sold Buick’s from 1920 to 1965 and I’m a Buick fan
  8. I’ve never really looked into these as they seem more modern. They’re really a cool tool for certain applications! Some tools I have are definitely just singular purpose tools!
  9. Buick’s are bulletproof except for the front timing cover. The wear in the oil pump will cause low pressure in 6,7,8 rods. I once abused one as a teenager a couple times
  10. Everyone, I have hundreds of items that my grandfather’s had. The thermometer was from the Roanoke, Virginia bottling company. My maternal grandparents had this at their motel located at the Blue Ridge Parkway. The motel was the Big Dipper located on US 220 South in Clearbrook Va. This was located Between the Parkway, Roanoke Dragstrip and Starkey Speedway. All were within a mile of their motel. Most tools I have are my dads Father’s. He was born 1921 and my mothers father in 1904
  11. One shelf. Where to start? Pop loved tools. So do I and hopefully one day I’ll organize things. I saved every tool he collected my Dad didn’t
  12. Just saw this thread! I’ve got tons of old tools from my grandad. Including Stillson wrenches from the 1890’s etc etc. Some restored and some as he laid them down. The useful tool in the garage of his this evening is an old set of pistol grip pliers. I’ve used them numerous times on drum brakes.
  13. The 2010 Camaro’s and new Challengers. The Hellcat Cars are undoubtedly gonna be restored.
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