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  1. Great place! I grew up near there (Battle Creek) and made frequent trips to an old junk yard in Hastings. I think there are a lot of great values in that area on property and buildings like yours. Just curious, is there also a house on the property or just the workshop/buildings? Terry
  2. Don't think the picture is a Gale. Here is an ad from 1905 for the Gale - it's a different car. Could the photo be an 05 Ford C? Terry
  3. Well, the Laporte Historical Society has nothing, and they referred me to someone else who was more specifically in tune with early automotive history, and again, nothing in Laporte. It was pointed out though that Goshen was also known as "The Maple City." Interesting to see the connection with Couzens from Chatham Ontario. As his birthplace, it indeed would have seemed logical to have a tour from there to Detroit. I'm sure there is lots more to uncover, but I don't plan to go to Detroit and spend a month reading old newspapers. Perhaps better coverage can be found in some of the automobile periodicals of the day - Horseless Age, Motor, etc. The search continues. Terry
  4. Generally agree-the car in question is not right (in many ways in addition to the steering!). On the other hand (no pun intended), if the car was supposed to have right-hand drive, then there should be no problem. Case in point - our 1948 MGTC and 1935 Morris. They are of course both smaller cars and we really don't feel out of place driving them. Just need to get used to shifting gears with the left hand. There were a couple of right hand drive Model As in this area several years ago and they were hard sells. Terry
  5. Lots of good guesses so far, but nothing firm. I'd not considered the possible Canadian connection ( the Maple Leaf). I'm still thinking however, a souvenir like this badge would not have been produced except for a fairly significant event. Narrowing it down to a specific location would lead me to a local historical society or newspaper archive that might have more info. Still waiting to hear from the Laporte Historical Society. Terry
  6. Thanks Joe, sorry to have missed the tour. We had a local conflict, but I know good friends from here Mark and Marion, thoroughly enjoyed their time touring there. I am thinking that since the pin reads "THE Maple City" it is a nick-name rather than an actual place name. Could be wrong, but if you dig up any info about an auto tour from Canada to Detroit it would be a good possibility. Anxious to learn what the Laporte Historical Society has to say. Terry
  7. Thanks to a forum member, I now have this great little pin in my collection. Like all things I have collected, it's always great to know more about items, but I've not been able to find anything about this. The pin is from "The Maple City to Detroit" tour in 1910. I've learned there is a Maple City near Travers City Michigan, but it's a very small unincorporated community and had a population of only 270 people according to the 2010 census. Doesn't seem to me like the kind of place where a tour might originate, especially one that would justify producing such a nice souvenir pin. A little further digging indicates that the city of Laporte, Indiana (located very near Chicago) was known as "The Maple City." So, rather than "Maple City" being an actual place, I'm thinking the phrase "The Maple City" on the pin might more properly indicate the tour originated in Laporte, Indiana. I have contacted the Laporte Historical Society in hopes they might have some info, but if anyone out there is AACA Forum-land knows anything about the event, I'd love to learn more. Thanks Terry
  8. This can touch on a lot of subjects - from High-School sweethearts in the old 63 Stude, to my current spouse who still has permanent imprints on her from sitting on the console of my 66 Pontiac. Then there was the time I had to pull out the back seat to find a missing ear-ring belonging to a former Miss Michigan. It's a good thing cars can't talk But-the most memorable car for me was the 1910 Cadillac that got me started into this whole thing. It's a story I've told many times before, even during my speech in Philly back in 2010. I was a trumpet player in High School, and walked home nearly every day, just to follow a pretty girl who really wouldn't give me much attention at all. She missed school one day, so I took the short-cut home, and less than two blocks away, I stopped in my tracks at the bottom of a long driveway. It led up to an open carriage house and sticking out of the open door was the back end of a 1910 Cadillac. I just stood there for a long time looking in amazement, until the gentleman under the car crawled out and noticed me standing there. He asked me if I liked old cars and motioned for me to come up. Of course my reply was "YES." At that moment, I could have cared less about that girl, and for a long time thereafter, took the short-cut home, and stopped as often as that door was open. I heard tales of finding cars in the weeds around us in Southern Michigan. I heard stories about cars, and people, like Barney Pollard. That's where I first learned of this magic place in Pennsylvania where each October the ground is covered with old cars and stuff, and smells like chocolate. It was the start of something special. Terry
  9. Clear coat will eventually have to be removed to polish any tarnish that appears, so my personal choice is just to keep polishing. I keep mine covered when not in use and it does extend the life of a good shine. For me, Simichrome polish seems to work best and the shine seems to last longer. I polish fingerprints out as soon as I get home from a car show. Terry
  10. Don't believe a model has ever been made of that car. Plenty of photos exist though so your 3D printing idea should work out. Wasn't aware that piece of the original trophy had been missing. Terry
  11. Terry Bond


    The library should have a lot on the Dort. They were pretty common and advertised prolifically. Perhaps if you were more specific about exactly what kind of info you were looking for it'll narrow things down a bit. E.g. general history, owners manual, electrical and wiring diagrams, etc.etc.etc. Terry
  12. I believe there was a model of the famous 1904 Napier L48, the first British car to reach 100MPH. Think it was done by RIO several years ago. I'm not aware of any others. Terry
  13. Yes Bob, I too have avoided it, although people tell me what great stuff I'm missing. I hear Facebook Marketplace is fast replacing the old Craigslist for good stuff. I know quite a few people who have abandoned FB because of having to wade through too much junk and political crap to see what their real friends are up to. This will be my 10th anniversary of continuing to think about joining it. Still haven't decided. Terry
  14. Wow, talk about mixed emotions - obviously had the bucks to play the game but comes away empty handed. Do you think he's happy having not spent the $ or sorry he didn't go all the way? If it were me I think I'd be disappointed not getting the prize on this one. I know how mad at myself I feel when I get beat at a silly little evil-bay auction. Hard to figure if I just gave up too soon or came to my senses early. Terry
  15. Thanks Mike. Actually I missed that tour - My 67 GTO was having some problems at the time - the AC wasn't working properly. Terry