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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!

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  1. Was wondering - So looks like 75, maybe a few more, were produced. Interesting and scarce collectable item for sure. Appreciate the info. Terry
  2. Miracle radiator stuff has been around a long time.
  3. Amazing how I always look through my pics after Hershey and spot something I phto'd on a table that I should have looked at and bought! Here are a few shots of STUFF - Terry
  4. Should not need to attend the banquet, they are usually presented on the field. Contact AACA HQ to see what happened. Terry
  5. Yes - if the car is exhibited at an AACA National Meet or participates in an AACA Tour, the President will present it to you personally. Terry
  6. Susan has been my Hershey buddy for many years. She is the one who introduced us to technology - she spends her time and hard-earned money looking for MG suff and always takes pride in covering every inch of the market. I love it-when she spots something I might be interested in, she snaps a photo of the item and vendors space # and sends me a text. Sometimes I've been known to tell her to hold the item in her hands, don't put it down, and wait for me to get there. Other times I'll tell her to just buy it. I've added some nice things to my collection this way. This year she had cataract surgery and said she did it before Hershey so she could see more stuff better. It seems to have worked well. Expensive? Worth every penny IMHO. Terry
  7. Great seeing you there Annie, thanks for the pics! Terry
  8. Not for us over in the Green field! I wanted to start packing by 4 but the crowd was pretty thick and we couldn't even begin covering things up until at least 5 PM. Terry
  9. That's a great reference Terry, thanks for posting it. I found a nice Cadillac 8 motormeter in the swap meet on Thursday afternoon. Although I don't really consider myself a collector, I do have a showcase with accessory radiator caps, and several NOS motometers in their original boxes displayed in my recreated old auto parts store. Terry
  10. My wife wore a FitBit two years in a row now, covered in all starting 1st thing Wednesday morning and it totaled 31 miles. No wonder we're so tired. Terry
  11. That's a cool model Steve. I saw several in the market this year like it but that one was in great condition. I did some preliminary antique hunting (as always) and managed to find quite a few nice items prior to Hershey. Even saw Robbie from American Pickers in an antique mall on Monday (and again in the swap meet later). I covered a lot of miles on set-up day but found some nice things as they were being unpacked. Gotta start early to find the good spark plugs. Wednesday was my day to open up, but had to delay a couple of hours to get to the far end of the earth to follow up on a lead. Was successful in finding a couple of items on my most wanted list. This wonderful pair of nodders (early version of what we know today as "bobble-heads" was produced in the early 1900s, probably German or Austrian, and made in very thin bisque porcelain. How they survived this long I'll never guess, but they are now if my collection. With a bag full of neat spark plugs and these nodders, my Hershey was already fantastic - but wait, there's more..... I found some great early advertising trinkets, pins, watch fobs, even an early pocket watch. More plugs, then while I was walking around on Friday, scored this cool piece of original artwork. It's an original charcoal drawing of what later became a newspaper cartoon. It was done in France and is a cartoon about the Paris-Madrid race in 1903. That event was known as "The Race of Death" due to the large number of wrecks and deaths among participants and spectators. It was a very historic event in motor racing history, and to find an original piece of art like this at Hershey was something I'd never expected. I always try to find a nice brass lamp or two for my collection, and this year, purchased an exceptional NOS (never been lit) brass carbide headlamp. Found more stuff to display in my recreated old auto parts store, and even another plug or two on Friday. Of course there were also a few Model T Ford parts and unusual accessories, as well as a couple of tools. Susan found some great MG pieces including a couple of original artist's renderings that will need some further research, as well as a few early models and advertising pieces. Can someone tell me what year this neat Chevrolet advertising ribbon is from? It was just too cool to pass up. It's too bad the week had to end, but we'll be back for more next year. 363 DAYS AND COUNTING! Terry
  12. Before it gets buried in other threads someplace, let me give a big THANKS for a great Hershey 2019. Everyone in Hershey Region, AACA, the vendors, spectators, and anyone even remotely connected deserves a pat on the back for helping make it one for the record books. I found more great stuff in the market that I ever hoped to find, and between discoveries, stopping to visit with old friends in the aisles and behind the tables, was an absolute pleasure. Whoever was in charge of weather needs to be signed to a l-o-n-g term contract too! I can't remember seeing so many young folks walking around enjoying the event, it lifts my hopes that this hobby is alive and well for a long time to come. I met many of them at my booth over in the Green Field, and am amazed at the numbers who are working on early vehicles. I heard so many times - it was the best ever, and I'm inclined to agree! Terry
  13. Yes-you gotta get one of those shirts - Just got home and when I unpack tomorrow I'll take a pic of mine. Agree with Steve-it's a fantastic design on the shirt. Buy a sweat, also T in white and a spare in dark blue. You can get short or long sleve Ts. Terry