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  1. Thought I'd post these here, they would have been at Hershey this year, but... Two interesting Marmon photos I acquired years ago with some misc early literature. These are nicely done, sorry for the glare as the pics were taken outside and it's nice and sunny today! They are in cheeeeep 11/14 frames so it'll give you an idea of the size. Properly matted and framed, they'd look good on the wall of a Marmon enthusiast (Sam-are ya looking?). $50 the pair postage included. I would prefer to mail them without the frames so there would be no risk of the glass breaking and damaging the pictures during shipping. PM me if any interest. Terry
  2. This post needs to be moved to the FOR SALE area that was created just for this purpose. Thanks. Terry
  3. Looking at the car id say its 30s. Nice find. Outstanding condition. Terry
  4. Always thought the British stuff was great. I've enjoyed these for a long time. Found the first one in the famous Portabello Road antique market in London and carefully carried it home in my lap on the train back to Scotland. Bought the second one about a year ago from a North Carolina antiques dealer who did a lot of imported container loads. It was an unexpected piece stuffed into a bulk antiques purchase. There is one more version of this mirror that I'd like to find but so far no luck locating a good one. Terry
  5. Be sure to check the fans I posted. I'll be adding a few more later. Terry
  6. That's fantastic Walt. Would appeal to anyone who collects Worlds Fair stuff as well as automobilia collectors. Interesting tail lamps is a whole different topic and deserves its own thread. I've got a few I can post later, but none as fancy as yours. Terry
  7. Right - the longer they would have waited to make the decision the more it would have cost - for everyone. I've just reset my clock and started counting the days until next year. Terry
  8. As I posted early one-somewhere here on the forums, I fully intend to put up an awning in the back yard, set up some tables, put some stuff out and sit back with a single malt Scotch and take photos. It'll be a virtual Hershey. I've already got a few friends who want to join in ( 6 feet apart, or whatever is necessary at the time). For those who wonder why the decision couldn't wait until the "last minute" if you think logically about the lead-time needed to plan and run this event, it needs to run like clockwork along a very strict time-line. Contracts need to be signed, support services engaged, even printing the program and ordering all the merchandise cannot be done at the last minute. The Hershey Region and AACA have given us this amazing show for a long time, and there is no time like the present to let them know how much we appreciate their hard work and fully respect their decision. See you on-lne in October - and don't forget to bring old spark plugs next year!!! Terry
  9. No, not fans of automobilia - automobilia fans! I've collected them for a long time. Moneypit posted a photo of one from his collection and it's a wonderful fan illustrated by famed automotive artist Montaut. His works were done with a process known as "pochoir" where stone lithographs were produced with simple black outlines. Color was applied by artists using stencils and individual colors, usually water color. The process was created to enable rapid production assembly-line style. Each artist would apply an individual color, then move the print along to the next artist who would use their individual stencil and color. The process continued until the print was completed. Montauts early racing scene prints became famous and are sought by collectors of automobilia today. Quite a number survived thanks to the discovery of unsold editions at the original studio in France many years ago. Montaut also produced the prints later turned into fans, and several varieties are know to exist. The same image that you have shows up as advertising for several different hotels and restaurants, most notably Hotel Knickerbocker, Hotel lriquois, and Care Martin. There were other artists who produced similar work as you can see from items pictured in my collection. The earliest fan I've got is the one for "Chalet Touring" which advertises an early French tourist chalet. There are a lot of other great fans out there too and they are collected by not only automobilia enthusiasts, but also by people who collect illustrated fans, and also advertising items. Here are a few from my collection: Terry
  10. At some point during what would have been Hershey week, I'm going to set up an awning and a couple of tables in the back yard, put some stuff on the tables, and sit back with a glass of single malt and think about all the Hershey's I've ever been to. Join me and post photos- we'll have a "virtual Hershey." Terry
  11. Never seen the complete set before. Perfect for a Packard fan. All I've ever seen is he bulb kit. What year is this from? Terry
  12. I'm going to start a separate thread on fans. It's a great topic and I've collected (accumulated) them for a long time. I think to avoid getting some great topics buried in just one long discussion, it's worthwhile separating them. Wow, I really enjoy looking at all this stuff. Terry