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  1. 3makes

    1928 value

    I too think this is a Series 11. Notice the lack of front wheel brakes. Series 12 had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, the instrument cluster is not a single piece, but 3 plaques and the steering wheel has the Series 11 hand throttle.
  2. If you plan to return next year, make note the location of the vendor(s) that's of the most interest to you on this years program and bring it next year as a reference as to their location. Most vendors do not move from one year to the next. I've been carrying the same program for several years with notes and phone numbers of the vendors I'd re-visit and those I'd not.
  3. Many of the vendors have an extra seat in which a buyer can rest. I know I do.
  4. For those of you that don't have any knowledge of the Bennington meet, I believe it was originated in the mid 1970's and initially took place on the grounds of the Bennington airport. From there it moved to the grounds of Bennington College and then to the hill behind the Bijur factory and I believe it ended its run on the grounds of the Pownal Horse/Dog Race track. The event was sponsored by the Bennington Chamber of Commerce. It was one of the finest meets in the northeast and remains so for those of us that attended. It was not unusual to see rows of brass era cars, Model "T"s of all types, Model "A"s and Pre WWII cars of all makes, foreign and domestic as well as some later cars present on the fields, not to mention the flea market vendors that at one point exceeded 200 and maybe more. The participants came from all over New England, New York, New Jersey, Canada and maybe further. Venders camped in the various fields, there was not an accommodation to be had for miles around and most of the display vehicles were driven to the meet. I participated in at least 20 of the meets as a vendor, beginning at the airport and displaying a car, coming from Connecticut. Last fall I had the opportunity to be in Bennington and stopped at the Hemmings Filling Station, Tourist Store and Museum and inquired about the possibility of their re-establishing the meet and was told I could come to their Cruise Nights or their Concourse event in Saratoga, and when I explained the era of cars I had, I was told NO body was interested in those old cars. This remark was seconded by a couple of the stores customers.
  5. The old Bennington meet was an ANTIQUE CAR MEET!!! This looked like a used car lot with a couple of exceptions.
  6. I submitted an original factory drawing of the piece desired and photographs of the item as used. I also indicated that even though a left and right were required, one manufactured at this time would required the opposite hand be manufactured in the future and if the quality first piece was proper, I'm sure the second would have been ordered from this mystery firm.
  7. Bob in a jacket and tie. That is a picture in its self.
  8. Here are some photos of some REAL wheel dollies! Won't wear out or break in anyone's lifetime!!!
  9. I was subjected to the same problem of excessive noise at a meet last year and found that a Leatherman on my belt and their loss of several feet of one of the leads to the speaker solved the problem. Perhaps I should explain, this was after several requests to the DJ to lessen the volume and was told "too bad" , others enjoy enjoy the music and they may be further from the speakers than you are.
  10. Hey Swanson, that's slave and child labor.