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  1. Agreed, but you see fewer of them and I forgot to include the late teens.
  2. That arrangement is part of a wind wing bracket, probably an accessory of the mid to late 1920's.
  3. This mystery car from page 218 is a 1903 Knox built in Springfield, MA. I'm surprised that edinmass didn't recognize it.
  4. You would do better to post this request on the Franklin section of this AACA forum. That is a Series 10 head light from 1923 through 1925.
  5. Gil, well said, but even though you have the route checked the week before, things can change. I know of what I speak! A property owner repainted his barn from red to blue and that happened to be a major clue on the route toward our luncheon meal. There were some unhappy and hungry people at the end of the day. I found that a map sealed in an envelope is often a good idea. If unopened, you have great tourers, if opened the laughter is unending.
  6. 3makes

    Gas tank

    Where do you live? A good sheet metal shop should be able to duplicate your original.
  7. Please give me a call at 860-868-7296
  8. Doug Blauvelt, Vincent Cassidy from Mass, ph:978-758-0834 asked me to provide you with his phone number. He has the rims you are seeking. His computer is not working. Thank you.
  9. Looking for one (1) J C Moore jack as pictured. 28 inches tall.
  10. I threw mine away years ago. It wouldn't polish nickel or brass.
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