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  1. Hey Bob, The apple doesn't fall from the tree, even if it is two generations apart.
  2. Send me a PM. I am bringing one to Hershey.
  3. To 1937hd45, Bob, you are correct, FEW is the operative word. The car show looks more and more like a large USED car lot.
  4. Bob, Similar to Series 10 Franklins of the mid 1920's with trunk mounting location behind the body. They appear to made of aluminum. Are they cast with a curve or flat?
  5. Location on ALL of your postings would certainly be a help.
  6. I understand and New England is a little far to travel, when there is apt to be something closer.
  7. Where are you located? Is a 1923 with a homemade wooden pick-up bed acceptable? PM me.
  8. At one time a member of the HHFC printed this series of service bulletins on thinner paper stock and I think they were available at the Trek. I have a set of 50, most of those shown and some different. They are on 12" x 18" sheets. They are NOT for sale, but PM me with your wants and I can copy mine for costs and on my time schedule. I live in the country and not near a city where a copy center is convenient.
  9. Bob, Fist you have to explain to people today what a stone boat is.
  10. In 25 years it will appear on the judging field at Hershey, so what difference does it make?
  11. Years ago, I sent a sample piston to the aforementioned and name removed company to have new pistons made. They lost the sample piston, never contacted me and after months of waiting, I called them. They acknowledged the loss of the sample and said if I would send them another piston they would make good on their error. I sent a drawing of my requirements taken from my other original piston. They made new pistons from the drawings and when the pistons arrived they did not match the drawings nor the original one. On top of that, they had the b***s to charge me for them. Needless to say, I have no use for them nor their products.