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  1. In the late 1960's or early 1970's there was one in Chicopee, MA, at Ed Midura's Garage. It remained there after his death for a few years with his heirs. All of his other cars were sold. It may be still in the family, or somewhere in the area.
  2. Bob, Perhaps you were thinking of Miro-Tilt headlights which had a tilting mirror in the reflector behind the bulb. It was a magnetically actuated small mirror moved from a switch on the floorboards at the driver's feet. Early 1920's Franklin's used them and perhaps other cars.
  3. Walt's comment is spot-on with everything, including steaks.
  4. For rims and wheel information and pieces, contact Vinnie in Mass at 978-758-0834. He has an extensive inventory of both.
  5. For rims and wheel information and pieces, contact Vinnie in Mass at 978-758-0834.
  6. Look at Franklin factory drawing 32538. Glass size 6" x 24"
  7. If you are talented enough and know how to use all the tools of early automotive repair/restoration, look at the 1903 Dyke's book "Diseases of a Gasoline Automobile and How to Cure Them", the 1904 Dyke's book "The Anatomy of the Automobile, "the 1908 Dyke's book "Troubles, Remedies and Repairs of the Automobile and Gasoline Engine", the 1911 Dyke's book "Dyke's Automobile Encyclopedia" and then followed by the various annual publications of the Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia from 1911 on to the 1950s. In addition to these, A.L. Dyke produced working models of the major comp
  8. Bob, Great picture of you and the grandchildren. Dick
  9. Not everyone wants to join the "Franklin Automobile Enthusiasts" group, but they still enjoy Franklin automobiles and the pictures should be posted here regardless.
  10. Agreed, but you see fewer of them and I forgot to include the late teens.
  11. That arrangement is part of a wind wing bracket, probably an accessory of the mid to late 1920's.
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