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  1. A great book anyone should read: https://www.amazon.com/Fourth-Turning-American-Prophecy-Rendezvous/dp/0767900464 Start reading on page 300. Then you will want to read it all.
  2. I can't remember the last time I voted for someone. Usually against the other pick. The first round of the virus took out the most susceptible. Second round gets the "smarter" ones.
  3. I had been a Bond fan all my life when I was transferred back to the states in late '69. I was regular Navy on a reserve training destroyer and spent a lot of time in the downtown Charleston, S. C. nightlife areas. I'm having some flashbacks about guns and women and bars, jumping over a stair railings to disarm a bad guy. Yeah, you find a sleazy part of the city where you can live out your super hero. The Cooper River don't go through Monte Carlo but sometimes one can embellish the story. Fifty years later I know the Captain must have had a sense of humor but he sure knew how to contain it back then.
  4. Great comparison. Resurrecting that Pierce-Arrow is quite similar to the incident David had at the funeral home that got their whole problem started.
  5. It looks like a dynamic idle adjust switch. You hitch your trailer to the car and you can adjust the idle in Drive while hold the level to engage the brake. Funny it is on a '65. The Turbo doesn't put the idle down like a Dynaflow. Maybe they carried it over from a previous car. Bernie
  6. The Studebaker engine comment was supposed to be an engineering joke. You guys are too serious.
  7. The machine guns are not real but light up. A real 1960's version would have a friction motor with a flint to spray sparks. A Cord headlight crank could make it work but it would be distracting. Maybe it was inspired by the new corona virus. The owner can sit in his garage and say "We're home, James".
  8. The pictures of the owner's manual packet have a lot better photo quality than the pictures of the car. Did you take them on your dining room table?
  9. I have never sold a car by best offer. How does that work? Does your offer go on a list with others? Is there a date when the highest offer is selected? Will you be notified that you need to up your ante? Seems like an odd way to do it. I wonder if there is a way to buy the car on one trip, without waiting for all the offers to come in.
  10. Many of these endeavors manage money through a "not for profit" entity. When government regulations apply the typical hobbyist can quickly be excluded from major roles in the operation. Regulations on hiring a certified Archivist and Archivist assistants can turn things obvious to the enthusiast over to the "professional". They may have a completely different metric to evaluate your contribution than your intent of the donation. I am sitting in a room with books and literature that have been passed through my family for over 100 years. I know that if I donated it to an organization many items would end up in the 50 cent to $1 fund raiser sale. And on Saturday $2 for a bagful. My intent is different than that. I am selling the most valuable items at a price high enough for the next owner to really appreciate them or giving things to actual owners and end users. Over the years I had made gifts and contributions. Looking back the few times something was really appreciated are memorable. More often my gift "wasn't good enough" for the recipient. And I can still spend an evening in my easy chair with a big, thick National Auto Data book spread out, reading about cars I don't even own. (some newer ones were 50 cents apiece at the library). Newer 1970's, the 50 year old ones.
  11. I guess what I wrote loses something when one sentence is taken out of context How about: The amount of money a person has put into an item has no bearing on the selling price. period.
  12. "Some people" had his wife look across the kitchen table and lunch a couple days ago and say "your hands look like a working man's". I put one very black tipped finger and nail to my lips and went "Shhhhh".
  13. Frank Sinatra had one in his personal collection. Sinatra liked his friends to be movers and shakers, and by the late ’70s he’d become close friends with Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca. As Iacocca moved to transform Chrysler into a profitable maker of affordable front-wheel drive vehicles, he also sought to revive the Imperial nameplate for a flagship personal luxury coupe to take on Cadillac Eldorado and Lincoln Continental Mark VI. Enlisting Sinatra’s star power to help sell the cars, Chrysler launched the Imperial “FS Edition,” with paint and interior to match Sinatra’s eyes, plus a special box under the dashboard that held 10 Sinatra cassettes. Unfortunately, reliability issues meant the $20,988 car was a huge flop for the brand, and it sold just 12,385 Imperials between 1981 and ’83 – with just 278 of them being FS Editions.