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  1. Or fortunately, at least The Hunt is not over! Advice is usually discouraging. I stopped asking long ago. I act on impulse, never admit my mistakes,, and practice looking innocent in the bathroom mirror every morning. I have bought cars that did not meet my expectation, but can't remember one I regret buying.
  2. I am Tommy, the Ebay parts compatibility car. No matter what I am in I become "part of the machine". That's J. C. Whitney universal for the old guys.
  3. I looked. The first car appeared to be a 1881 to 1985 Buick Park Avenue 4 door, squared off with the brushed side trim.
  4. So maybe those guys called "tire kickers" know something after all.
  5. Happiness is finding the painter the previous owner hired to paint the car you bought.
  6. 1953 Jaguar Mark VII. Should have kept it.
  7. Happiness is a little blue stool.
  8. I think most of the total sales are vendor to vendor and happen early in the week. I have made some prearranged purchases to pick up on Friday, but carrying distances for large items is really far. Impulse buys are driven by weight and usually just a souvenir. One year I stopped at a friend's space. He asked if I had bought anything. I had two 1930's road maps in my back pocket and showed him. He said "I have a bunch of those at home". At the tip of my toes was a few cylinder heads. He complained they weren't selling well.
  9. Everyday car. If you took all the cars I had when I was single.....
  10. Stevens Point is 850 miles from me. I would surely consider the trip. There is a lot more value in seeing the results than listening to promises. As for the age, 30 to 40 is just fine. After 40 they tend to have learned their limitations and impose them on you. You don't here young guys says "That's not going to be easy" or That's not going to be cheap". The older they get the more often they say that.
  11. That's my laugh for the day. I can imagine the two word conversations as he drove from one end to the other.
  12. In the mid 1990's three of us were heading east on the stretch of RT 490 approaching the entrance to the New York State Thruway. I was driving at 75 MPH. Up ahead on the shoulder of the road was a van with the back doors open and the spare leaning against the side. I pointed at it and said "Check this out, Ed". As we drove past we saw the radar setup and two troopers in the back, gun pointing out. On to Syracuse unmolested, we must have been doing between 65 and 72. That was with Ed Allen's '41 Model 62 that he had owned since 1964. We turned 40,000 that day. Ed in red and me. Trivia note: Model 62 with running boards and horn button (no horn ring), purchased new by an economics professor at the University of Rochester. In Walter Miller's parking lot.
  13. I have offered to look at cars for $1500 per day plus expenses, although I get the idea potential buyers think that is too much. Could be, but the times I have made a mistake on my own purchases I have been able to sell them and come out a few bucks ahead. It is easy to make a list of things that are wrong. Knowing what is right and works right is a bit more of a challenge. A few decades ago I came to an engineer with a list of things wrong in the construction of an 800,000 square foot building. He said "Any (fill in your favorite) can make a list of what's wrong. Tell me what needs to be done." New list the next day, all changes implemented. That's how one establishes a lifelong standard. Oh, cars are my hobby. I got paid to do a capital asset condition on a firehouse..... that still had a hay mow for the 1880's horse drawn pumper.
  14. Its amazing these carts can get around the long camping trailers and extended 4 door trucks that line up bumper to bumper marking their territory. Last time I went the Chocolate Field was a solid wall of them. I guess that's why I wrote "last time". The clustering walls of campers seem very uninviting and territorial to a guy who walks over from the motel, searches for an opening in that tacky white plastic fence, and then finds there way blocked at every turn. Hershey, big black campers and red 4 door trucks. Oh, and the generators.