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  1. That's what happens when the Irish grow up with Italian car dealers and marries a Danish woman with a French and English major. Concept applies to my taste in cars for sure.
  2. Yes, The roadster almost had me. They were 1980 ish vintage. In Canton, New York, Mace Motors, formerly an Olds dealership. The collection has been dispersed. My favorite was the repro Auburn. Ford LTD underneath. The custom Cord was interesting. It may have had a history that had been forgotten, but important. The buildings at three locations were loaded. The first time I stopped I was alone after delivering my daughter's car to her. I stopped into the cluttered showroom and met the father and son. They had a Cars & Parts magazine on the table with a hood ornament test as an article. Mr. Mace senior handed it to me and told me to take the test. Then he said "You know about cars, don't you? Has anyone told you what's in the shop?" Didn't have any idea but it was a gasp when we walked out. After that I stopped every time. He just let me look around and gave me directions to the other locations. Once my wife was with me and he had to leave. He told her "If you have any questions just ask him" and pointed at me. "Pull the door tight when you leave." My wife said she knew I had all the answers and they both smiled with great tolerance. Neat place, good memories. Gourmong is the opposite of gourmet, I don't think Google knows. Bernie
  3. That specification would have "assumed" the pad was lubricated, manuals tend to be written quite optimistically. That little difference probably won't even show. The good part is that the plate will have a chance to slither back to its retarded position while you pay for gas. And that will mean a lot. Bernie
  4. While my daughter was attending St. Lawrence University, up in the north country, I established a pretty good friendship with old Mr. Mace. Had I maintained the relationship I probably would have ended up with one of his cars. My gourmong taste in cars would have handled it just fine.
  5. The kids grew up with a couple of Nashes. And brush touching skills.
  6. The less I like something the more I charge because I know I will hear some whining, just in case you are using price as a comparison. I wouldn't trust anyone over 60 anyway. But I might take advantage of a young guy. I bought a Hobart Handler MIG from Northern tools, good brand, good price. Bernie
  7. I heard the owner got a matching jacket. He said the brand new "Hard Rock Cafe" or the "Old Men Rule" T shirts just weren't his style.
  8. It has been a while since our paths have crossed, but very memorable and enjoyable. PM me. I can follow up. Last I saw him he was heading off into the Canadian sunset.
  9. They are a beacon on the road that leads nowhere. Those good deals are their legacy. On the RHD, I have driven some that were owned by others. They were enjoyable in their uniqueness. Visibility was not a dramatic issue. It is important to drive defensively and be able to predict a dangerous situation. If the deal came along I would exploit the negatives and buy one, but it would have to be a big car for me.
  10. If it works today it should keep going. Drive frequently and be sure you come to a full stop before shifting from Drive to Reverse (so you don't break the reverse strut), and you'll be fine. If there is a specific cause to worry when you are looking at it, then maybe pass. Letting a Dynaflow sit for long periods can cause it to have morning sickness and maybe not even move when you put it in Drive. Just let in run a while or use low until it primes. It will be fine. Just remember to drive it more. Bernie
  11. Just feeling overwhelmed with all the unfinished work to be done, so I cleaned up the garage and swept the floor. Found a bunch of these tags in the sweepings. Any idea what they came off of? Bernie
  12. I bet I know two. Well, I'm sure I know one.
  13. I have a similar file. I named it "Art Deco". It is a aspirational work. Bernie
  14. I know that picture could repulse a lot of purists. I read that repulsive actions are a genetic development to keeps humans from eating rotten stuff. Still developing, I guess. So I bought one a few years back that was cared for, unmolested and protected, the best they could. I'm sure an original will be much better to add to the topic. Though about modifying it, but didn't want to ruin it. Bernie