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  1. Battery powered tools make me imagine a slope shouldered wannabe carpenter in cargo shorts and work shoes. With a head twitch.
  2. EX-32 makes the little voice in my head say "Terraplane 8".
  3. They had a good understanding of the flywheel effect. It's still spinning today. GM, as others, appear to be building for the lease market. A growing percentage are meeting the product prices through leasing while the real buyers spend real cash on the low mileage lease turn in that sells for about 55 to 60% of the original price. There is a strong message when you think about that.
  4. I would check them just because of the number of nailhead Buicks I have owned. It's easy to do and eliminates the assumption that they are OK. I would check them if a car was new to me and I was just putting in new valve cover gaskets. At the same time I would see how much wiggle I got out of the valve stem just for my own satisfaction. Only a few bolts ans you slide the arm back against the spring. I even have spares. Bernie
  5. You really think someone would buy a four door?
  6. I sure don't have the $75 Matt mentions or the $125. Sitting here with about 60 years of experience I would, generally, stay away from a restored car and limit my purchase to the best original car I could find. There are a lot of skills that come into play during a restoration. Bringing all of them together on one car is a giant feat. I don't think there are many instances where the score would meet 90% of the expectations. Going back over those 60 years I have in the hobby and starting again I would make it my goal to buy a nice 15 to 20 year old car every 10 years and maintain th
  7. You may want to pull the rocker arm assemblies and check for wear on the rocker arm shafts. It is not too hard to check. That's an overlooked spot on the nailheads. Bernie
  8. I would go with Vintage Air in your situation as well. Mainly for the technical support. As the designers and builders they will be better support than a bunch of parts and a shop manual.
  9. My old car hobby always over reached into my daily transportation. There were always so many nicely maintained, quality cars available in the 15 to 30 year old range. They were my choice for many years. It was great to stop in and show my Dad my latest purchase. He would drive them and marvel at how tight and quiet they were. His approval and that of my Uncle's made me feel real good. I remember pulling into my Uncle Frank's driveway with a '66 Toronado into the early 1990's. He said "You always have such nice "road cars". Usually they got a little shabby from year round use and I sold them to
  10. The bar for turning my drums for the initial adjustment is right there by the jackstand. I tighten them up real tight before I back off on them. If they are tight enough so you fart when you pull the bar that's good.
  11. Always remember step one. What were the compression readings?
  12. I did that job in 2011 and came in under the wire before globalization. The Imron spawned from my nephew on his preference. I didn't question it since he did the rearend work in his shop. DuPont is globalized now and changed (2013). I have a preference toward Valspar and PPG, which now have the same parent company in their globalization. House of Color appears to belong to the PPG family now and I may try that on an upcoming base coat/clear coat job. I will still use PPG single stage for other touch ups. One thing to remember is that sound deadener is the other name for undercoat. Take it
  13. Undercoat and Imron work nicely together.
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