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  1. 60FlatTop

    1953 Skylark interesting article

    It says the author writes for Hagerty. Most of what I have seen in Hagerty articles is promotion of bonding with customers and authors who needed a bag of groceries. Hagerty has a few in their stables. Funny how the term "stables" just flowed out. Bernie
  2. We ended up in some little Podunk place today. The sign mentions the lift bridge. If you don't have one in your neighborhood here is a shot. Counterweights on cables balance the weight of the deck. They are fun to walk over when raised.
  3. Nope, it's a Montana J. I sat behind the wheel and was shocked by the Mustang shifter. Old Mr. Mace got a laugh out of that.
  4. There's stuff out there. I think the majority of car guys run across a stash or a single car and just zip the lips. About 50 cars were in this Quonset garage. I stopped in every time I took my Daughter back to college and came home alone. I thought that in four years I could get the plastic Auburn but it didn't happen.
  5. 60FlatTop

    1946 76-C

    But those are just asking prices. We get people writing to the Forum all the time asking "What is my car worth?" Those questions are answered with unending speculation, kind of like your post. No one ever hears how much cars sell for. The Continental was an example, like a reference.
  6. 60FlatTop


    The '60 Buick glove box door isn't made to paint.
  7. 60FlatTop

    Vintage Dash Plaques on Ebay

    Brain fart. This should do it. https://www.ebay.com/sch/mainstreetsteel/m.html?item=153288591370&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  8. 60FlatTop

    Vintage Dash Plaques on Ebay

    I have listed about 30 of something like 200 antique car and steam engine show plaques that date back to 1957. I am listing a few as I go along. Fire apparatus should be in the next bunch. https://www.ebay.com/sch/mainstreetsteel/m.html?item=153288591370&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Take a look, thank you. Bernie
  9. A rebody listed on Craigslist, never a reply. I wanted it and still interested. I currently have three cars that I won't even mention to their owners. Bernie
  10. 60FlatTop

    Power brake upgrade ideas needed

    I think the relining service cost $285, something like that. I checked on getting four done, a pair for the '60 Electra and a pair for the '64 Riviera. He offered a good deal on four, but I can't find his quote. Money to throw away is what you get from selling parts or services to other car hobbyists. It is kept in tin cans, three cans if you are organized. Bernie
  11. 60FlatTop

    Engine Analyzer for 6 volt systems...

    I do the same with my inductive timing light, just pull up a 12V battery close by and connect the leads. Most ignition systems use a resistance device when they operate, either a ballast resistor or resistor wire so even the 12V will be operating at a lower voltage.
  12. 60FlatTop

    Rust Valley Restorers , a new low ?

    The short one is Ron Jeremy. Rusty Rhodes must have led him to Rusty Valley. I am pretty sure I saw the middle guy nailed to a chair in House of a Thousand Corpses. (I do have the soundtrack from that movie).
  13. 60FlatTop

    Alfa Romeo

    The video is really good. But I only watched Johnny. I skipped the other guy and the horrible, obligatory music. Johnny would get my vote for his own show, if the script writer didn't ruin him. Louis Prima, on music "I read a little but not enough to hurt me none." Same goes for acting for instructional videos. Bernie
  14. 60FlatTop

    Getting the perfect shot ain't easy

    Take the wreath off the car and put a fedora on the tree. Then I think you got it.