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  1. There were a few light 1980's cars built with transverse torsion bars. A little bracket fabrication might get a pair of those under your car. Even though 1977 brought some major changes to the B body platform you still have a B body car. There is a lot of good information here: https://www.impalassforum.com/forums/ And it is a very active site. It includes Caprice, Roadmaster, wagons, it is a good resource. Bernie
  2. A few years ago the term "dogma" just feel on my ears and it seemed to apply so appropriately to my old car hobby experiences over the past 50 years. One of those things that sticks. The instance of dogma surfacing in my vocabulary is entertaining in itself. On the news the leader of a South American country had been deemed "dangerously dogmatic" by sources in the US government. Being one to enjoy taking things literally I thought about the meaning. I realized that I could be called "playfully dogmatic" because I have fun believing my own BS when it suits the moment, a lot of fun.
  3. Wait until you see the dramatic subject line and find the first sentence to be: After this. When we get back. Coming up at 11. Then you know the writer is leading you into the sewer.
  4. Suburban means on non-work days you can run errands in town or go to church. An urban delivery truck never really worked that way. Chevy now makes trucks from Suburban to Ultra-urbane.
  5. Years ago I sold a '39 Cadillac Model 75with no engine, transmission, front suspension, or other mechanical parts. The front sheetmetal was stacked inside the car. The buyer perched the crossmember on his trailer hitch to hold the front up. I had only shuffled it around with a flatbed. So when we started moving down the driveway the failed rear axle bearing let the axle start walking out toward the fender. One of the guys who came with the buyer rode in the back of the truck and kicked the axle back in when needed during the trip home. People are out there targeting buyers like that to tr
  6. Walking away with a little dance step ain't bad when you can't sing.
  7. My picture shows us under the car supported by jack stands. Actually, after the rear end assembly was rolled under the car we put a stack of inflated wheels and tires under the rear bumper as a second support. Fout of them.
  8. With sure footed determination.
  9. They could sweeten that deal by putting a 5 gallon gas can in the trunk to use to refill the 2 gallon can it runs on.
  10. I would have to copy Oscar Wilde and say it was the sincerest form of flattery. And I have to admit that the term "dogma" pops into my head more and more often when I think of the hobby. Bernie
  11. Being very careful not to chip the Imron.
  12. If you do roll the rear end assembly back using a pair of bare rims (without tires) gives you a little more room. You can use a floor jack under the center of the rear end to align things. Here it is rolling under on bare rims.
  13. Have I been married too long when I immediately connect these two images?
  14. Not quite, I meant that to someone unfamiliar might see a partially disassembled Suburban with only the wood framework and not know metal was supposed to cover it. They could assume it needed more wood. Nice looking front end on those cars.
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