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  1. It is a mistake that has been around since the second generation of people. I still remember my early experiences in the hobby at 13 and 14 years old. Nasty, surly old men that I just disassociated from. There were plenty of publications to enjoy and close friends my own age. I was in my early 30's before I got involved with the organized hobby. 70 now, and still don't care to associate with old men. They carry the badge of some self perceived Rite of Passage the was harder, tougher, and more enlightening than any future generation could comprehend. Better left alone. Just last night I heard some grousing about a kid who bought a new truck and didn't go to the dealer his father always went to, a real scourge to the family. I asked how old the kid was; 50, the old guy told me. Myopia is not limited to only a physical condition.
  2. Be sure they didn't install the tailshaft extension upside down if it has a symmetrical bolt pattern. Does the cable loop over and attach to the passenger side? Stranger things have happened. Bernie
  3. Right around the turn of the century my TEMP light started coming on right after starting the car, even before it warmed. I put on a temporary test gauge and tie wrapped it to the abandoned AC liquid line. I still open the hood an take a peek at it after driving. I gotta get a new sending unit in there before the tie wraps go bad. Oh, 41 years without an AC compressor. Maybe I will do the sending unit and the AC when Red Riviera Bob gets his air going.
  4. I have mentioned my Wife and I have discussed what to do with my cars if she is left with them. The cars and all the "stuff" that is associated with them. She says she will go first but you never know. But we do have an informal succession plan. Even informal it is good to outline. I think creating a succession plan is much more telling about the state of the hobby than some anecdotes on the Forum. You have to be really pragmatic about where any collector car might go, early, late, restored, modified- whatever you got. It is a very good plan for a single person or boards of organizations. If one does their due diligence the result will be great insight on not only your car, but the general hobby as well. Then, verify with the recipients what your plan is. There are social movements gaining moment that focus on parity in a big way. Could be a situation of, sure you can have old cars for toys, but you might wish you didn't. Make the plan, even if you don't implement it. Bernie
  5. My Dad and I drove out RT20 to Bridgewater one day in 1975. It was one of the few times we both had time off work to do something together. That post card on Ebay has to be close to the front door. I remember the visit well. And the chicken wire. I was like a collection of all the back row stuff from seedy car lots. Most of the cars were pretty rough but I loved the place. A couple of real nice ones stood out. There was a big rack of Floyd Clymer books up front for souvenirs. I bought a reprint of the 1940 Buick prestige brochure, black and white only. Still have it. Prior to 1974 I had returned to my Grandfather's tire and car business after the Navy. We were wholesaling around Rochester and running to the Dansville auction. I became good friends with Clarence Sharp and Ernie LaPort, long time used car dealers on the old Lyell Avenue strip where the $200 and $300 cars were front row stuff. Clarence is the man who owned the Selden that Bob took to Pebble Beach. I spent a few afternoons hitting the bars in Clarence's Model T touring. He'd take a glycerine tablet when he needed and I would crank the car because of his bad heart, didn't keep him from flirting with all the girls though, my girlfriend included! That museum was an incarnation of Clarence and Ernie's lives. And it was certainly far from pretentious. I really enjoyed that trip. It is nice this topic surfaced to refresh the memories.
  6. "Just how much time did you say you husband spends on that old car Forum?"
  7. Bio-fuels plantations could reduce the damage from so called "fossil fuels", as soon as the rain forests get burned off so plowing can start. . It is a little tough on the locals. They don't understand we need to keep the lights on.
  8. Imagine the designers of the retractable coming back to a car show today. "We designed that car to look good as a hardtop OR and convertible. And were so proud of the job we did. Why are they all sitting there in mid position?" Kind of like Raymond Loewy looking at a row of Studebakers with the hoods up.
  9. I just went back and read the first post again. Much longer than the discussions we have when the guys get together for coffee on Saturday morning.
  10. I saw the flat land surrounding the area and first thought midwest tornado area. So the windows could be down to equalize pressure. Then the U-Haul trailer and, hmmm, could this be a novice? Oh, the Ford van. A Ford is a sure sign of someone who spends weekends working on their car. And now he has a Brit car, too. Well, it should be home by now and, if the fuel pump works, those SU's will have taken care of the mouse pee smell.
  11. I remember the double take I did the first time I saw one of these. They are 20 years old now.
  12. In 1963 my Dad and I went to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix. There was a concours in the park downtown. The two cars I remember were a Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow and a Studebaker Avanti. I liked them both. But I was young and enjoyed them the way a child would. Oh, we drove down in the style of the day, too.
  13. Looks like a cattle hauler in the background...... out of the frying pan.
  14. There must be balance in life. I clean the interior of the car with Pledge while my Wife gets groceries. And she reads a book when I stop at those random car places.