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  1. 60FlatTop

    Column Shift 1995

    I bought one of those Rivieras in 2011 as a potential engine donor car for my '86 Park Ave engine. I drove it for a few months and decided to rebuild my stock drivetrain. The cars are really nice to drive. During the time I owned it I looked at some options for a keeper. This car really stood out with its cleaned up bumper covers. I had saved those custom Riviera pictures from 2011 because I really liked how it came out. Looking at the pictures this morning caused a brain fart. Look at it compared to the car I bought last year. Strange.
  2. About 15 years ago I went to a retirement party for two coworkers that filled an atrium building at a large university. At least 300 people were there representing a wide cross section of occupations. The mood was festive, speakers praised both, and I was thoroughly impressed. As I drove home I pictured my retirement and thought about my working relationship with many of those same well wishers. The thoughts occupied my mind driving to work the next day. I was pretty sure I had it figured out and stopped in my boss's office to discuss it with him. I had hardly uttered the first few words of my topic when he smiled and said " Yeah, neither one of them ever did anything." One one will be walking through the cemetery with a six pack looking for their graves. I'm thinking about a topic on getting rid of varmints in your garage. A reader was offended at the thought of shooting them. I posted a picture of the AACA Racoon coat contest. Must have pissed someone off. That picture has completely vaporized. It's OK. I will be incinerated. Maybe I will have the ashes put in a wall mounted urinal. With a flashing neon light and moisture sensitive switch! Thanks for the reminder. I will watch out from now on. Bernie
  3. 60FlatTop

    1900 PACKARD?

    Could be an experimental Winton built right after the argument.
  4. 60FlatTop

    What does original mean?

    I observe and internalize a lot of experiences. I even got in trouble with my school teachers because they said I read too slowly. Huh, later in life I ran into the speed readers. "Original" is entertaining and best experienced in face to face conversation or visually on TV. The most abstract version is pronounced "ridgenil" starting the word with the eyes lowered and head slightly bowed. The O is dropped and the head rises with a slight nodding motion, as if to signal approval. That's the TV style and the the one used in anecdotal descriptions. Those are the unarguable types, sort of like Alex Trebek selling funeral insurance on the solarium TV, always nodding approval. Or-ig-in-al is the authoritative way, back up references available as in a judge with training. Even as the most credible source, one must always be aware of automotive hobby dogma. That is a trap that is very easy to fall into when one takes all this stuff too seriously. Hold this thought and watch for examples. "I" am capable of both and, at times, been referred to as dogmatically playful. Bernie
  5. 60FlatTop

    Source for cover for Continental Kit

    Back in '88 I was service manager for an HVAC company and used the vinyl magnetic signs for pretty much the same purpose.
  6. I didn't notice anything different. I did go around the perimeter of the windshield and manually apply some of the adhesive strip to the outer edge. Using a squirt bottle to test, I did find small gaps. The old windshield had a lot of extra sealer as well. My original was really scratched. I put a new headliner in but never got around to reupholstering the sun visors. Driving into the setting sun was brutal. So the crystal clear glass got most of my attention. I will be out there over the weekend and take a good look. Bernie
  7. 60FlatTop

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Back in the 1970's we had a NAPA store on a side street in the village. There were two countermen; Ralph and Twotrips. I think Twotrips spawned.
  8. I live near Rochester, New York. Prosource is in Andover, Ma., about 30 miles from where my Daughter lives. I was going to pick it up and visit my Daughter. That didn't work out, but she was planning to visit us. Thinking it was just a windshield size package I was going to have them slide it into the back seat of her Honda Civic. Richard talked me out of that. When it arrived it was like: I could just imagine my Daughter standing at Prosource Glass crying because she couldn't load it like I asked. Whoa. Bernie
  9. 60FlatTop

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    You used to be able to walk up to the parts counter and say "Gimme a 1" u-joint internal clip (or external)". The database doesn't know that. Now you say "Bring both that show and hand me that tape measure".
  10. That looks like what I paid. As I wrote, when I am happy I tend to forget the prices. I do remember that it was in line with what I expected to pay. That 0,260" is a good number; two 1/8" sheets of glass with a 0.010" plastic sheet between. I think you will find thicker glass in the late 1990's and newer as the glass was designed to stiffen the structure of the glued together cars. The 1998 and 1999 GEO Prizms were touting thicker glass as a feature when they were new.
  11. 60FlatTop

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Here's mine lightly preped.
  12. 60FlatTop

    electrical thoughts

    My Allis-Chalmers B has no charging system at all. You just keep the charge up. A small 12v battery with a circuit to some accessories would be easy to set up. When I was a kid working at my Granfather's tire shop we always had a shelf with batteries. One would have a radio attached. Stuff like that runs a long time.
  13. 60FlatTop

    '51 Super's frozen heat riser

    That's right. It wouldn't work. Too many V8's in my life. V12's too.
  14. 60FlatTop

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    I was looking at your last picture. It looks like you figured out rolling the rearend on bare rims too. Great minds. Bernie
  15. 60FlatTop

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Your point is deeper. There are guys driving around who gently use their brakes for fear of blowing a line or locking up a wheel or two with a little extra touch. Some don't need a speedometer because of the variations of sounds and vibrations at different speeds. Some have antique matchbooks or folded cardboard under the edge of the dash to stop annoying sounds. Once I got a Buick with a very elaborate array of old, yellowed, vibration wedges at the edge of the padded dash. Intolerant, as I am, of such displays I threw them all away and replaced them with a short piece of rubber hose between the transmission modulator line and the intake manifold. Never accept less than what came off the showroom floor.