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  1. nick8086

    Part id

    Not sure how to find out what is go too.. It might be a Henry /j - kaiser Darrin or anything..
  4. nick8086

    christmas cards

    I like this one also..
  5. nick8086

    Henry /J for sale

    Here is his email.. Pictures of my 1951 Henry J for sale with six cylinder Willys F head, supercharged with McCulloch supercharger.
  6. nick8086

    christmas cards

    I think I will use this one.. The front and back of the card.
  7. nick8086

    christmas cards

    How many of us send a picture of your car on a card? I thinking of adding a car on my Christmas card.
  8. I am not sure why any one cares about the wheels.. It is about the people in the car clubs..that make it great.
  9. nick8086


    I gave my son a car to work on.. He show up at home .. I need this part.. I know I can get any thing made. He just gave one end of it.. here it is: Not sure what to tell him. It is just a fuel line..
  10. nick8086

    Water Pump NOS - 58-461

  11. Use a pictures like this.. Not sure about the GM car.. I would own one..
  12. No.. I still have the old stuff.. I sold all of my mag wheels last week.. They are still not cheap..
  13. nick8086

    for sale my 55 chev

  14. nick8086

    The Grinch

    It is all about the market place.. If you make a great car.. and have good service dept.. It will sell it self.. What is the cost to bring a new car to the market place..