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  1. Peter if you get her name.. She can have this.. I will send it to her for free.. I do not need it anymore..
  2. It comes down to cost.. My kid have left the dome light on or a door open.. I spend 150.00 to replace the battery.. Not sure what it cost to replace this in all electric car?? maybe 7k?? They are going about this all wrong.. They should not mandate any thing on the public.. They should promote.. Put in charging stations first and offer a rebate or a tax write off.. Let the market decide what they want? FYI : 1952 aero with the hurricane 6 will get 35 mpg.. Not sure why my 2006 truck gets 12 miles per gallon.. No road t
  3. May 1st 2021 - is the new date -- in the corporate world... to go back to normal.. FYI..
  4. Great news: Aston Martin is building 25 more of the iconic DB5 cars featured throughout James Bond films.. Bad news : Unfortunately, the latest iteration of the DB5 is not street-legal. Should you have a cool $3.5 million burning a hole in your pocket plus a few extra dollars to cover the taxes, you could take home one of the 25 available. The first deliveries are expected to take place in 2020
  5. I am not sure about smoke and Mirrors? I do know they have a lot of smoke... I had two days of an orange sun set here in Nebraska.. One should focus on the most pressing needs? With this new covid-19. We have a lot of loses to our economy.. No football, Colleges will lose $150 million? The list go on... No money to tax? Most government or states are in the red... I own rentals it is hard to not collecting 2K a month for 8 months to find a new renter.. It takes time to get back on your feet...
  6. It just happen today.. The order, which requires that all new passenger vehicles sold in California by 2035 be zero-emission, “will improve air quality as well as improve the economic climate here in the state of California. No more New Ferrari Testarossa in California?? in 15 years...
  7. Therefor it’s fair to assume that gas powered built in the next 10 years, with a 10-year life span, will be virtually gone from the roads in 20 years. My 66 year old car.. Batteries: With corporate globalization, trade increased along the U.S.-Mexico border and so did pollution. However, trade agreements like NAFTA fail to hold polluting corporations responsible or to provide resources for environmental protection. Of the 66 documented toxic waste sites in Mexican border states, the most infamous is Tijuana's Metales y Derivados, a U.S.-owned maquilador
  8. I put the part on eBay... I do not care if he buys it.. or he does not own a car.. I just have 6 more days to see what happens.. I will have to cut more wood.. I had a no sale..
  9. Change is good thing in the long run. You just need to get use to it...
  10. Looking over my extra parts.. I just open two boxes.. Everything is 1954 Kaiser Darrin stuff.
  11. The guy started to send me picture of cars he did not own.. He told me he had them he did not own the cars..... maybe another scam? It is best to deal within our own network.. or just eBay it..
  12. Wall art.. I added my wife stuff.. Her stuff cost more than my stuff...
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