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  1. The smoke was bad.. I Had a great time.. I added a car part to make sure I do not get deleted..
  2. OK This was just on the road near an Ihop. I love to take road trips..
  3. Back in town.. Had a fun trip.. Here my pic's I Did a 10 hour drive today..
  4. 😄 That is a Vagabond..
  5. Inflation will help keep the prices up. I just hope we do not get the China effect in our hobby. FYI : China effect is no one wants to buy it.. Just like the 3 sets of China I got from my estate..
  6. In the 80's I use to drive a 1954 Kaiser Darrin around town with out the doors on the car.. Just two girls told me you have no doors on your car... And a pic of the car.. Just not done yet.. And today..
  7. Do not ask if I have them a year from now ... This is for sale for 6 months.. After that it will go in storage..
  8. Looking to sell 1954 kaiser Darrin axles or 1951 H/J I have three of them used.. If you need one let me know.. It took me 7 years to find,,,
  9. Trip to 11 parts stores over the last week.. Got my parts.. Just under 300.00 I also picked up chrome stuff.. I may have a car to show in 2022??
  10. I put light dimmer switch on one garage .. I can have bright or ???
  11. I could drive one car to Garland Nebraska. I will be in St Cloud MN. Later this month.. Not sure if this will help.. 485 miles.. closer to Farmington, NM
  12. Commercial Electric's 16 in. Integrated LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light . I put up 9 in one garage and Three in the other garage.. Just make sure you buy 6 more to replace them.. The stuff from over sea is not great.. The Drivers go bad.. In six years we replaced 3 of them.. I put 2 in my son garage. He love them..
  13. I like them also.. I looked at this - never got them..
  14. Jake what years are the cars.. I think they are on the high end?? Since they are rag tops..
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