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  1. Make sure you reach out to your car collectors in Nebraska.. I was hit hard this week.. Just watch the link:
  2. I think it is the 400.00 one.. But someone cut a hole in it..
  3. nick8086

    need id..

    Not sure what car they are for..
  4. How do I clean a California car cover with grease on it?
  5. The tub was marked kaiser Darrin. It is the first one of many I need sort. I know what the part is with the red stuff on it..
  6. We do not have the car or cars any more.... I have to get rid of it.. I need to post a few items on ebay... and scrap what does not sell..
  7. 1938 Talbot Lago T150C 'Lago Spéciale' cabriolet $276,986 (€207,000) 2013 Bonhams.
  8. That picture is too small for me. I think that is the clipper pile..
  9. I use JC -Taylor. My dad has been a member with them since 1968.. They were great to deal with. My father pasted away.. I was able to just move his account to my account.. No questions or a redo of under writing.. Some cars were only 47 cents a year to insure.. I call them to drop a few cars and they call me a gold , VIP member. Not sure what that means.. I think that pile of stuff was only 680. a year.. Now it about 1K since I up the values..
  10. Post a picture . I have a few things from the 55 clipper..
  11. nick8086

    Need id

    I posted this about a year ago.. Now i took the 50 years of grease off today.. I did a google.. 1951 Henry / j , Buick, Jeep.. Not sure what I have..
  12. nick8086

    Need id

    What car or truck is this for.. Head light..
  13. I am not looking to avoid taxes.. I just want someone to take care of my stuff.. My old cars... I going thru a Trust estate now ... I do not like a few things..
  14. Here is car I liked.. we sold a two door 1955 Studebaker president. It was set up to drag race..
  15. Lot a people ask me.. Why do you have all those cars? Why not just sell them... I do not have a great answer to tell them.. Here is a part I just got chromed..