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  1. They are a spot lights and dimmable led. It was the only one inch and 15 inch wide I could find.. in led.. They are cheap to buy :
  2. I hope we do not have any more bad weather.. I pick up all my lights.. Here a few of them.. can be 3000k or 5000k.. and some wall art.. If any one wants to donate a w to me.. I have a big space to fill up with wall art..
  3. I was told it is all gone: But the guy he collected with has a 40 X 100 foot building full of nos parts for the J.. Also some one in MN has a lot.. I called him for parts.. he told me nothing was for sale..
  4. After reading the post.. I was looking for cars from 1950-1960..
  5. If you list the parts you need it may help.. I got this 5 months ago.. NOS Brake cables. I sold my 161 block last year..
  6. How many cars in 1950 have power steering?
  7. I meet the guy at a car show.. I had 5 chances to go look at his stuff.. Not sure if he or his wife - but one of them had a brick foundry.. old money.. I was told most of the car were nice..
  8. Write a review of Troegs. I got a baseball cap from them years ago.. It was blue.. Just 3 miles from the Tesla charging station..
  9. May avoid these 30 cities,,