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  1. Dash Plates for sale .. Kaiser Frazer only.. Looking to get 10.00 each.. I have 20 to 30 of them.. Here is a picture of one of them..
  3. Car frame.. I need to pick this up in Feb.. It has been to cold. and a lot of ice the last two weeks..
  4. That is my problem.. Cars or the wife list...
  5. 😖 He used the car for his 50th wedding anniversary..
  6. This two door 1955 Studebaker did not drive very good also..
  7. Has anyone driven a 1955 Chev Bel air? The only reason I do not spend any money on it.. It drives like crap.. It is like driving an old farm truck.. I should know I was ask to drive it to local cars shows..
  8. It for sale .’s-autoramma.1181298/
  9. Hard to find cars like this inside.. or what is it.. Two 1963 Triumph TR ??
  10. That was the only way to find a car before the internet.. I picked up a rare part from a guy that put it in the back yard in 1962.. outside..
  11. Hemming s has a Blog.. Might start looking at some of the articles..
  12. The Vin is VC55K102xxx. I was just reviewing my Insurance on it.. Sorry Mike6024 it is not for sale yet..
  13. Any one know the price range..?? I not sure if it had 24K or 42K for mileage .. It is a 265 motor..