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  1. I prefer hotels... They did not call me.. It was just canceled...
  2. This year will be interesting. If you travel from an another state you have to quarantine for 14 days... before you can be on sell stuff.. Not sure if this is true in pa? Just a few states: This kind of stuff makes a vacation from a week vacation to three weeks long.. No one is going to do this.. spending 500 a night to stay in the hotel room for two weeks for a one week vacation..
  3. Hertz filed for bankruptcy Under a Chapter 11 restructuring, creditors will have to settle for less than full repayment. Its biggest creditors are banks, but the filing lists IBM, Lyft, United and Southwest Airlines as others owed between $6 million and $23 million each.
  4. How to get rid of more stuff.. I also had to mulch the flower beds this week.. I worked on my son tree.. and gave him a rider mower.. I also got a few items for my son...
  5. 😁 My dad took a picture 12 years ago of the other car.. I just wanted to do one.. My wife was asking why I parked on the grass.. Maybe in two Month I will park two on the yard..
  6. Just another thing to add to the list.. I may have about 20- 25 of them... Was it only for the 6 ton jacks or all of them??
  7. Any one have a good lead on Wall Mount Tool Organizer? for everything..
  8. Time life books vintage. Cool ads from 1939 to 1940.. Have 9 - looking to get 20.00 each..
  9. New cars are not cheap.. Here is one for 75K --- sale tax and the other stuff??
  10. I found it on YouTube,,
  11. Will not help if someone want to take it.. I have them on 24 x 7 while on vacation... It will email mail my phone.. They are indoor door or outdoor.. I could live stream a feed when my house cleaner in the house when I was in Florida to my phone.. .