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  1. nick8086

    Just found this picture..

    The print is too small.. Maybe some one can name the cars.. I also added a Du pont car..
  2. nick8086

    What does original mean?

    It has not be repainted..
  3. nick8086

    Kaiser car for sale

  4. nick8086

    What is it..

    I guess i should save it.. I put in a pile outside.. I am cleaning up the shop I feel like American pickers and hobo jack..
  5. nick8086

    Can you sell this?

    I looked on line - It talks about having a license to buy? I have three of them. Just took a picture of this one.. It looks very unstable.......
  6. nick8086

    How old is this?

    I was getting rid of stuff at the shop.. I noticed the car on this can..
  7. nick8086

    What is the story on this one..

    Not sure if it was a Prototype car or not. I looked - it was sold to a car museum in Florida? I think the picture was from a 2004 kaiser meet?
  8. nick8086

    What is it..

    What is it..
  9. nick8086

    Free car paint

    Pickup only near Omaha NE. Looks like 1947 to 1954 old stock. Maybe 20 cans. On can is marked red Crosley . only 5 days to remove it..
  10. nick8086

    seafoam vs stabil

    Which one to use in my old cars.. I use ethanol free gas..
  11. nick8086

    What is it..

    Both are gone..
  12. nick8086

    Need id

    Thanks I think you nailed it.. 1936 chey This one is from the web. mine has bumps on the back.
  13. shopko bankruptcy - cheap buildings to buy... A guy in the wpc club.. He bought a safeway building and turn into car storage.. It paid for the building and taxes..