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  1. I will not buy a EV car.. I do not support. the use of child labor to make the cars.. Most of the stuff to make the battery.. Just google the fines against apple.. for the iPhone..
  2. Until there is reason to panic, chill. Take a breath, go into your garage, be thankful and wait. Over time everything will cost more??
  3. No one talks about this ?? Triple Chrome Plating. I get about 4 items done ever year.. for the last 5 years... You never know if the price will go thru the roof with more regulation..
  4. Just got an email.. - Not my stuff Pm me if you need..You have to buy it all.. It looks like about 2 to 5 k?? It very hard to tell but not a lot of pits in the pot metal parts.. Could someone id the hub cap..
  5. Not mine.. Just a guy that drops by.. He has 9 hot rods and two stock model T's
  6. I have not sold anything on eBay for year and a half.. I may just sell some 10.00 items.. It time to get more stuff to guys that need it..
  7. I Hope thing will go back to normal soon ?? You just got 7 more days to delete post.. No car shows.. Just think of all the people that are not doing well with this new flu.. So I will post a car show in Tx.. Food bank line..
  8. Just installed or mock up the stuff.. I have to nail it in and split it over the wires.. I just did four bags.. I got $300. 00 in points to buy more.. It was 58 degrees today..
  9. Start an old car up?? Mine lasted 10 mins...
  10. Paid my dues on November 22, 2020 - just came in the mail today.. 1-11-21
  11. You need to remove this and post it April 1ST?? Did it have a hemi??
  12. One of the last Kaiser Vendors.. All the parts for sale as is you buy it all for one price.. They also list two of his cars... Look at the pics..
  13. I use a map.. The built in GPS in the car took us in the the bad area in Kansas City at 2am in the morning.. Wife was not happy.. But it was the shortest route??
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