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  1. You can post any of my cars any day.. I would take the Kaiser Darrin to cars shows and ask random people to take a picture of their wife in the car.. 80% would say no.. The ones that did get a pic had no idea what the car was worth.. No one has one. in town..
  2. He must of read this: Forty-two percent of households say their incomes are still below pre-pandemic levels. Less money less toys.
  3. https://www.bigiron.com/Listings/LaMonteHollertzEstate?userControlsVisible=false&consignment=a15e8ab7e97ceb11a95c000d3a61177e&distance=500&historical=false&page=1&itemsPerPage=20&filter=Open&sort=Start&sortOrder=Ascending
  4. It is here.. I just want to go over seas.. in 2022..I book a year ahead for travel..
  5. I sent you a part for free?? 4 years ago.. I am still looking for my Hemi to show up in Nebraska.. Jack every thing is for sale.. Stop by any time . I am outside cooking most of the time..
  6. I got the cds and still have them..
  7. Some one just gave a bucket of 1932 plates tonight what a nice guy.. He must be cleaning up the shop like me.. They are all 1931 to 1932.. He also gave some dealer plates..
  8. Use a credit card.. Just open a complaint. They will work with you... I sold a part for 150.00 They told me I save 111.00 on fees?? Wow I lost 50.00 in fees and to ship it.. cost 161.00?? If I payed the fees I would of been better off putting it in the trash.. FYI... 111.00 to eBay and 50 to eBay and pay pal.. 161.00 My parts sold for 150.00.. I did not get charged the 111.00. but it could of happen..
  9. If you get two car worth 250K.. from your estate.. Would you sell or keep them..???
  10. Ed - Have you had one of these?? I got mine a week ago.. Still need to look at it.. Since it was cold here - Starting to work outside.. on the nice days..
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