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  1. some Darrin parts can be very expensive, especially if you buy them from some guy on eBay, namesake "jake", ironically same root name as your email address..what a strange coincidence!!!
  2. "cost of parts"..what do you expect to replace as you drive it down the road?
  3. I do not understand your "not cheap to own"..in the past 13 years and 15, 000 miles, a few oil changes do not cost that much!!...I drive mine all the time, including on THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON
  4. grille=Darrin's artistic image of a heart--common in his designs
  5. that "kiss-pucker" grille is merely one of Darrin's design signatures as any artist frequently puts in their work.. Dutch incorporates an "image" of a heart in his designs, e.g., windshield of full size Kaisers. rear window of the Henry J, grille and turn signal lights on the Kaiser Darrin. I'll excuse your naivety.
  6. this is correct New Goodmark Windshield Washer Bag Mounting Bracket Fits Mustang GMK3020242643 | eBay
  7. can they be repaired? if so, how? thanks
  9. barn to Concours in 5years
  10. I have been to M1 several times--more supercars than Kaiser Darrins, but everything with wheels is there
  11. I totally agree with the rural life. 30 years ago, I moved on 8 acres, 15 minutes out of town, dirt road, now paved. Definitely not for everyone. Well water, septic field, gotta get 8N tractor, chainsaws, learn fence work. But on the plus side, every tree is an urinal and able to build my dream garage and fill it with "stuff". On the other hand, live in a tent and get the ultimate garage...M1 Concourse.
  12. what do you mean by mojo? not directing traffic, giving an additional contact means
  13. from my drag racing days in the 60's an original by "Mouse", back when he ran around with "Big Daddy Roth", before he became the "Rat Fink"
  14. please help me identify this rim and tire tire size is 4.50x21 thanks
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