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  1. I was there with my Kaiser Darrin a few years ago. It was a high honor to be invited and a great experience to be in the presence of other great cars. It is too bad that this show is on one of the 2 day Ford Motor Muster in Dearborn. Anybody within a reasonable drive of the Detroit area that weekend can enjoy 2 great car shows!!
  2. both interior and roof vinyl material is available from KAISER FRAZER OWNER'S CLUB INTERNATIONAL you do not need to be a member to order, but you will pay an additional 15% goto kfclub.com and skip to Manufacturing Fund paint code is PPG DDL-81606, Acrylic Lacquer
  3. I have a few simple rules to determine which shows, not cruises, to go to: (my cruise choice depends on what I want to eat that nite) no drive longer than an hour--hour to...hour fro and 6+ hours in the field, makes for a long day for a retired old guy no big paved parking lots--too hot in the sun prefer small town with shade available, local park, or golf course venue...small towns often have local hot spots for food and drink rather than eating out of a cooler usually don't go to the same show 2 years in a row, especially if I won a trophy..exception once when I took Best in Show and they put my car on the poster for the next year--had to show up! I try to go to as many different shows as possible--having a rare eye catching car, KAISER DARRIN, I like to introduce the car and KAISER FRAZER to as many new people as possible--plight of the Independents..not enough exposure to the public much unlike Nick8086, my prep for a show is 20 minutes--check tire pressure, oil, gas and get the bugs off of the front end and windshield from the run the nite before my car is not a trailer queen--I drive it--even to the MEADOWBROOK CONCOURS d'ELEGANCE...drove it there, got my blue ribbon, and drove it home!! ...I have run out of wall space...
  5. What make model and year for this clock? Borg Model BY. Maybe '58 Pontiac?
  6. yep--that's me trip east-bound was hot---air con on/doors open return was cooler--doors closed this car has won a wall of trophies--best in shows plus one from Concours d'Elegance it is on the road all the time--what is was made for thanks
  7. My longest cruise was on Route 66, Chicago to LA, 9 days, 2448 miles in an unrestored '51 Henry J. I always took the oldest version of the "mother road" when available--lots of gravel and dirt along the way Second longest was an 8 hour fall color-tour in Michigan in my '54 Kaiser Darrin. Next, and the most fun, was 6 hours, to and from, and on the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee in my Darrin. Killboy took 64 pictures of me driving it and put them on their website. No "trailer queens" for me--I drive 'em!
  8. There are reproduction parts currently available for almost every thing on the Kaiser Darrin. If you haven't found something, look in other places. I have been driving mine for 9 years and haven't put a week of work into it, other than an engine rebuild after a blown timing gear. I was invited to the EOD and had a lovely time. Only complaint was the fact that they played loud oldies all day long, much like at a cruise night--cheapened the aura of the event. I have since learned that enough people complained, it will be corrected next year.
  9. True wire wheels were not an option on the Kaiser Darrin. Wire wheel hubcaps were a factory authorized, dealer installed, option.
  10. For many years I have taken a very simple approach for my engine powered :stuff" which includes: '51 and '54 Kaisers, '52 Ford tractor, '72 and '90 Wheel Horse tractors, 2 chain saws, leaf blower and a power washer. I put clean oil in all and a Battery Tender for the batteries. All are stored indoors. Everything starts in the spring!
  11. THIS IS FROM THE M1 CONCOURSE ON THE FAMOUS WOODWARD AVE., PONTIAC, MI YOU MAY NEED FAST INTERNET TO VIEW IT. THESE UNITS START AT $500,000/. http://m1concourse.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=21dc743c8e3f57cbcab
  12. Quite the opposite. They sent an adjuster the next day. After I picked up my car,I questioned their payment thinking that it was excessive. They asked if the shop did a good job--yes. Do I like the results--yes. Asked if it cost me anything--no. So...what's the problem? End of conversation. The whole experience could not have been easier Point Blank Period!
  13. I got a stone chip on my Kaiser Darrin--basically one big piece of "plastic"--no body panel breaks. It is finished in base/clear. Hagerty did an estimate, picked the body shop and cut them a check for $5K. They spot finished the color(perfect match) and needed to clear coat the complete front end, from door edge to front bumper. That is exactly why one buys great insurance.
  14. FOR WHAT VEHICLES? 11.5 " L X 3/8" DIA
  15. Rusty, If you are looking for Darrin frames, why haven't you got with me? Who are your contacts?