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  1. I agree with John S, the upholstery isn't right although it does somewhat resemble the original overall pattern. Hardtops & convertibles had red leather with black cloth pleats and the cloth had silver flecks or threads in it. Also the 1954 Desoto hemi engine size is 276, not 292 as the seller states (assuming the car retains the original engine), 1955 Desoto hemi displacement was 291. It seems some of these sellers/flippers should spend a few minutes researching the actual facts about the $13K vehicle they're selling instead of throwing random numbers into their ads. It would give them a
  2. I wouldn't exactly say I hate the car but I prefer cars of that era to have a more original appearance instead of looking "jazzed-up" and overdone. I'd like to see some better overall external pictures that show the complete car from top to bottom.
  3. This Hudson could be a great car but I don't like any of those colors. The yellow is too bright and I don't like the brown on the lower section. The roof looks black to me, a three-toned Hudson. Ouch! The seller's external pictures show the car from a lower angle and I think he knows something's not right. The colors catch my eye alright......in a bad way. On the plus side it does have nice chrome & interior. IMO a lighter cream color with a black top would look better.
  4. Not the same, the numbers and chips are different. the 69 chip is a dark brown and the 71 is more of a bright gold metallic.
  5. Not Olds, Rocket V8 brackets were larger and had 2 mounting holes instead of 1.
  6. I don't know about 49 Chrysler radios specifically but I've had a few 1950's cars where the numbers came off the flat dial glass. After disassembly I discovered that what happened was the painted numbers came off over time in one piece and fell to the bottom. The numeral spots in the dials were recessed to accept the white paint and with a small brush and a fine rag with some thinner on it I touched it up and it looked good as new. This 55 Olds radio dial was refurbished this way, most of the numerals had fallen off. Again, I don't know it this method is applicable to other kinds of radios.
  7. It fits a 1960 Buick and it's not aftermarket.
  8. You're welcome but I would like to correct my previous model identification to a Super 88 and not a Dynamic 88. After further investigation, the thin side mouldings on the Dynamic stopped at the rear door and did not extend to the rear quarters. Also the Dynamics did not have the lower rocker panel mouldings. Sorry! It's actually a 1962 Super 88 Holiday Sedan.
  9. 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 4-door hardtop.
  10. It's a 6 cylinder according to the Facebook link and it looks like a Windsor model from the front. I can almost smell that fresh paint from here!
  11. I'm not a Facebook member but I can click on the Forum link and see the ad, but I can't directly contact the seller. If I see something I like, I have a friend that's on Facebook contact the seller through Facebook and get me a contact phone number. Round about way but the Sellers have always been happy to oblige.
  12. It's missing the rear fender mouldings & stone guards and more than likely is Fluid Drive (Prestomatic), Chryslers did not have a fully automatic transmission (Powerflite) until late 1953.
  13. Nice low-mileage original car but I don't care for the monotone Iridescent Plum color. Any two-tone combo would be an improvement! The engine is actually a 330 Hemi, a one-year only engine used in 1956 DeSotos.
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