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  1. The 55er

    Please ID steering wheel

    1955 or 1956 Dodge car.
  2. The 55er

    ‘60s Olds/Buick question

    On a 1960 Olds the clock is located on the right side of the main instrument cluster in front of the driver just above the ignition switch by the driver's right hand.
  3. The 55er

    63 Buick Electra Chrome - how is it held on

    I don't know if rocker moulding clips for your Electra are available or not, might be a hard to find item since it's not for a mainstream Chevy or Ford type car.....I would try to reuse yours if they're in good shape, maybe clean up the insert areas on the clips and file them flat so they will go back into the hole. I would check with Eastwood for availability of the pliers-type tool, if they can't help I'd talk to Restoration Specialties & Supply in PA. They sell a lot of old clips that mount that way, maybe they know of a tool supplier. Of course you can always take the easy way out, drill two holes in the clip, one above and one below the insert, drill thru the rocker panel on the car and re-mount the old clips with pop rivets. It won't be seen under the moulding and no one will know the difference. There are a number of ways around this, maybe someone on the Forums has another idea.
  4. The 55er

    63 Buick Electra Chrome - how is it held on

    If you don't see any weld studs, I believe there are holes in the rocker panel that are a slightly larger size than the inward recessed section of the clip. The clip mounts with a special pliers-like tool that spreads the inward recessed section outward around the hole in the rocker panel, holding it tight. Some careful prying with a screwdriver or similar thin tool between the clip and the rocker panel should loosen it. I don't know what the installation tool is called or where you would get one. Many GM clips were attached like that back in the day.
  5. I would like to sell a large number (well over 100) of used Buick wheelcovers that date from about 1952 to the 1970s. There is no shipping available and they will have to be picked up locally. All are in good used condition for the most part, some have scratches, scuffs and dings but all are driver quality or better. These were stored inside for many years and the majority of them are from the 1960's. Most are pictured but I have a few more, you can buy one or as many as you like. They are priced at $5 each. The caps are located in Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (Hershey area). Please PM me if interested.
  6. The 55er

    1950 Buick unrestored gem

    pontiac 53 is correct. I have a 1953 Pontiac Deluxe myself and that definitely had a black rubber floor mat in the front and carpet in the rear. I have had a few early 1950's Oldsmobile 88s with the same set-up. Might have been that way on the lower line models and the higher priced Super 88s, 98s, Supers and Roadmasters had front & rear carpet as standard equipment. There used to be swap meet vendors with piles of aftermarket rubber floor mats available in long boxes (ACE was one aftermarket supplier, there were probably others) sometimes even in various colors but I don't see many anymore. I guess even the replacements have cracked and succumbed to age. Might be very difficult to find an original NOS GM front floormat exactly like the original.
  7. The 55er

    Tail Light ID?

    1967 Pontiac GTO.
  8. Won't fit 1939 Plymouth. A Plymouth is more of a rectangular shape.
  9. The 55er

    Parts from Kmart..

    Those cheap kits ARE crap, better off using well-known brand name ignition stuff from an auto parts store. I'd throw them out or might be good $1 pile space filler at a swap meet.
  10. The 55er

    Need id on the hub caps

    You have a set of 1967-1969 Imperials, second pic top row left (3) and first pic left side center sticking out the farthest (1). Also third pic shows (3) 1955-1956 imperial hubcaps top left, one is missing the center emblem.
  11. The 55er

    Need id on the hub caps

    And three 1961 Plymouths! Last pic, 2 top row center and the one sticking out the lowest on the bottom row left.
  12. The 55er

    info on hubcaps my husband had

    All are for 1954-1955 Oldsmobiles. The top two are the very desirable deluxe wheelcovers, the next two are the standard full hubcap and the last two look like the deluxe covers with a customized center.
  13. I want to enjoy this great event to its fullest and I will be having a LARGE GREEN FIELD DOLLAR PILE SALE SATURDAY AT GCB 26-28. There will be 3 spaces full of $1 sale items including taillights, handles & escutcheons, hubcaps, brake shoes, literature, wiper motors, books and manuals and much more stuff from the 1940's to the 1970's available. We plan to stay open until at least mid-afternoon, weather permitting of course. Stop by and check us out on your way to or from the show field area at spaces GCB 26-28 near light pole #93 close to the Car Corral. See you there! The 55er.
  14. The 55er

    Please identify this old car

    1940 Dodge Sedan.
  15. The 55er

    Updating brakes

    I drive a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain 8 all the time and the stock brake system works just fine for me. I wouldn't change anything.