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  1. I learned to drive on a 1960 Oldsmobile that had one of these toilet paper filters installed, I remember my father changing it.
  2. Seems like a good deal but the interior is full of stuff (trash, spare parts?) with no real pictures, torn, dried out, bad smell? No engine or trunk pics and the front edge of the hood looks rusty. Owner can keep the steering wheel knob. Might be more problems here than meets the eye, gorgeous cars of this vintage shouldn't last long at $5900.
  3. PS pressure hose for 1961 & 1962 full size Olds is #5689575.
  4. I've had piles of trim rings in the past and they can be hard to identify since there are so many different sizes, styles & widths, I think only a real expert can tell them apart. There are lots of accessory aftermarket ones out there too. If the ribbed ones in the lower right of the first pic (and in the 3rd pic) are 15.5" OD they're for 1941-1955 Oldsmobiles with 15" wheels. Pontiacs may have used them as well but I can't say that for sure. I've had trim rings on display with some big hubcap selections at swap meets but the rings don't generate much interest and very few sell. People wil
  5. This is a great looking car at what appears to be a reasonable price but I always wonder why some of these classic car dealerships (or even the obvious flippers) can't post accurate info about the vehicle they're representing for sale. This is actually a Super 88 model and I don't see any very rare options (most Super 88's probably had power steering & brakes) and the numbers on 50s Oldsmobiles DO NOT match from the factory. Also all those external pictures of the car showing virtually the same thing over & over and none of the inside of the trunk. An engine detailing wouldn't hurt ei
  6. 1966 Continental steering wheel pieces.
  7. If the floors are bad the car probably needs rockers and maybe trunk work as well. 58 Desotos didn't have rocker mouldings but someone added some from another car maybe to hide rust issues. Not enough pictures or verbal description to form an opinion on price IMO.
  8. But the seller says no rot solid body...........rust is almost always worse than it looks. Busted grille, no carpeting, $8500? Forget this one, find something else.
  9. Power seat switch for a 1964-1965 Thunderbird?
  10. There's a Polysphere engine in this car, not a Hemi. If this engine is a Red Ram and not a Super Red Ram this could well be a 270 CID engine in the base Coronet model and not a 315 as the seller states.
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