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  1. Delco Remy 727V is a starting motor for 1936-1938 Cadillac V8s.
  2. This isn't a 300H letter series car, only 123 convertibles were built. A true 300H would have a 413 engine. This 300 is still a fairly rare car but not as desirable.
  3. I guess the seller just likes looks of the car with those incorrect 1962 Imperial hubcaps on there.
  4. This is from a 1953 Chilton's Manual Pontiac Engine Tune-up Specifications page.
  5. The headlight bezels on the bottom are 1959 Lincoln.
  6. First of all this is a 1954 DeSoto & not a 1953. I don't think there should be ANY wood inside except for the rear cargo area between the back seat & the tailgate. I view this as more of a backyard custom creation and not a restored car, wrong hubcaps, the grille is missing most of its teeth and there's a 1962 Galaxie grille emblem on the front of the hood. Little green shamrock stickers under the taillights are covering the holes for the missing trim. Just an old car needing work, loose wires wrapped around the steering column, ugly seats, might be a fun ride for someone but if it has
  7. Lots of die-cast trim there to restore & rechrome front to back, even the stone guards and rear quarter mouldings on the skirts are potmetal making this a very expensive car to correctly restore. I'd imagine NOS trim replacements are unobtanium. That and the missing title would probably be a deal-breaker for most people.
  8. I've got Niehoff & Kem catalogs too and they don't match up with the Atlas numbers either. Just spending a few minutes going thru popular ignition interchanges without a lot of digging I can't find a match. Atlas numbers are practically all only 3-digit numbers while most of the dozens of competitors have part numbers with letter prefixes before the numbers. It's possible Atlas numbers did match someone else's but I can't find them just checking with quick cross-references.
  9. Fits a 1957 Chevrolet.
  10. My vote is NO to fender skirts on a 57 Buick.
  11. I have a bunch of older(40s-70s) ignition parts of all kinds and I can confirm that Atlas and Standard ignition numbers are not the same. Your best bet is to find a vintage Atlas catalog at a swap meet, estate sale or on Ebay if you can find one. An alternative approach would be to locate another common brand catalog (Echlin, Poweready, Standard, Kem, etc.) with an Interchange Section and some cold snowy rainy miserable night when you have nothing to do crossover all your numbers for identification. Most of my stuff is pretty common and not worth much of anything except to me or an acquaintanc
  12. You are a very lucky man. I must have sold 40+ collector cars in my life and never ever had anyone offer me a figure ABOVE my asking prices. You are also lucky to be driving the car daily and to have completed a 6-hour road trip without being pulled over at least once by law enforcement for not having any taillights!
  13. You might have a center cap for accessory wire wheel covers that were available for 1953-1954 (and possibly 1955?) Chrysler product cars. I have a set of these optional wire hubcaps for 1953-1955 Plymouths for comparison. They look similar to yours and mine are 9" in diameter as well.
  14. I think you might have a brake system issue possibly with the master cylinder.
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