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  1. 1951 Ford Victoria 2-door hardtop.
  2. The 1955 Oldsmobile VIN number is located inside the driver's door pillar on a rectangular plate just below the upper door hinge. The engine number can be seen on top of the block on the driver's side between the first two cylinders from the front of the engine, look just above the exhaust manifold. The numbers on your car are not going to match. 1950's Oldsmobiles are not numbers-matching cars from the factory!
  3. I like this red & white Holiday Coupe, looks like a nice car at a fair price. There was a turquoise & white 55 for sale last winter in RI in the same price range. I liked that one as well but I think it got sold on Ebay.
  4. Sorry, I misspoke on my previous post. There IS a 1955 Packard hubcap in the trunk, the hubcap mounted on the spare tire caught my eye first. The overall shots of the car would look better with the wheelcover installed. I guess I was paying too much attention to the laundry bags!
  5. The hubcap in the trunk isn't a 1955 Packard hubcap. It's for an earlier car.
  6. Horn ring pictured is for a 1950 Crestliner. 1951 Crestliner horn ring was similar but had a red background.
  7. Price IS a tad high, I've seen better 55 Holiday Coupes sell for less, I'd like it more with a detailed trunk and engine compartment and the correct size battery. It does however look like a pretty solid car, might have a rebuilt Hydramatic as clean as it looks. Pictures of the headliner & engine air cleaner would also help. Seats are an incorrect green material and it looks to me like the body color is more green than turquoise as it also has green plastic window cranks. 4th from last picture is a shot of the RR tire taken from underneath the rear bumper, looks as it should and intact to me. Just my 2 cents, all this could be corrected but with a starting bid of $18,500 I'd keep looking.
  8. I wouldn't attempt to take that neutral safety switch apart unless I had a replacement on hand. Crimped together switches like that weren't made to be serviced, only replaced. I've never taken a switch exactly like that apart but a disc or something inside there turns, there may not be a BOING but a bunch of little springs and copper pieces are gonna be coming apart. They'll fall out and then if you don't get them back together in the exact right spot it won't work. A bigger concern would be that one of those outer case mounting ears that hold the bakelite top on break off, they're not made to be repeatedly bent back and forth. If that happens, you're done. Even if you reassemble it correctly the bakelite might be loose or something inside could be worn or out of whack. That neutral switch is P/N 1998039 and it only fits Hydramatic Pontiacs from 1953-1956. If it were me I'd make absolutely certain the starter motor, solenoid and wiring connections are good. Fooling with the internals of that switch would be an absolute last resort.
  9. Interchange says the only booster that will work is a 1961-1962 Pontiac. Two types were used, a Bendix or a Moraine. The 1961 Pontiac shop manual has detailed sections on each type. I agree with Gary F's advice.
  10. That's definitely an original color combination #52-25 Carlsbad Black over Apache Red, a friend of mine had one back in the day. Pretty car in those colors if it ever gets restored.
  11. Times have changed. Those same Carlisle Pickers are still there but instead of seeing the stuff they buy from me for sale elsewhere on the grounds I find them listed on Ebay a week later with a 500%-1000% markup!
  12. Your 1952 Buick series 40 takes an AC 9761 dual action pump. There are several 9761 pumps for sale on Ebay right now with good descriptions and pictures. The bottom view picture of the pump shows it has 10 screws. Please check this out yourself and verify that your car has the original correct engine for the pump, etc. before ordering anything. This should at least point you in the right direction.
  13. 1388157 clips are for a 1956 front door side moulding, 1391787 clips are for a 1950 rear fender side moulding and 1388914 clips are for a 1959 rear door lower moulding.
  14. This original clear back door glass was removed from a 1949 or a 1950 Pontiac sedan delivery. It is in very good used condition and has a slight bow to it. Comes with the intact stainless surround trim and the rubber gasket but the gasket is full of tiny cracks and should be replaced. Price is $150 and the location is in Elizabethtown, PA, close to Hershey. Available for local pick-up or I can ship it to the lower 48 states.