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  1. A 12 volt 1956 Plymouth takes a model 820 (6 tube), a model 841 (8 tube) or a model 916 (9 tube) electro use with or without record player.
  2. I could be wrong but I remember seeing this 1954 Buick advertised for sale before possibly on a western PA (maybe Pittsburgh) Craigslist. The picture of it with the BP sign rings a bell and it was offered for a very long time, maybe 6 months to a year or more. Possibly the car was sold and the smaller pics are from a past owner and the larger pics (in a different setting) are from the current seller.
  3. Heater hose routing: Heater control valve bottom outlet has a short hose that connects to the metal tubing that runs along the top of the driver side valve cover up to the engine water pump. The heater control valve side outlet hose goes along the firewall and turns downward to the heater core bottom connection. The heater core top connection hose runs all the way up to the passenger side timing cover near the water pump, this long hose is attached to the inner fender sheet metal. I've shown a picture from an Oldsmobile parts book showing the ventilation system ductwork for 1949 Olds 76 & 88 models. Check Ebay for 6 volt fan motors. I hope this info is of some help to you.
  4. If you really hate to throw it away save it for the next swap meet you attend. In the afternoon as the show & swap meet is winding down, take it to an obvious spot in the flea market and prop it up against a trash can. In short order a vendor or a passerby will pick it up and either display it on his space for sale or take it back home with them. I must confess I've done it lots of times........sometimes I stand back in the shadows and watch people do double takes at the trash can and then come over and pick stuff up. Maybe somehow it will eventually be found by the right person that can use it!
  5. I have one parked outside today, my 1950 Hudson Super 6, the same garage, driveway & owner for the past 39 years.
  6. The product is called AIRCRAFT Paint Remover by Klean Strip, it comes in blue & red metal quart & gallon cans, friends have told me it doesn't work well at all anymore. The product is called AIRCRAFT Paint Remover by Klean Strip, it comes in blue & red metal quart & gallon cans, friends have told me it doesn't work nearly as well as it used to.
  7. There's a current Ebay listing for an Autolite IGC-4902A distributor that states it fits an M29 Weasel G179 Studebaker 6-170 Champion MIlitary Vehicle G266501.
  8. It's a front radiator splash pan for a 1966-1956 Thunderbird, I responded to this same question on April 9.
  9. There is an ad for a 1957 Buick Roadmaster 75 coupe on Charlotte, NC Craigslist. The advertised price is $11111. The seller states the car "needs finishing". There is definitely some assembly required and also 2 pictures of a rusty 57 Chevy front fender?? that apparently is included.
  10. I'm going to correct myself on my first response.........The one with the NJ plate on it is actually a 1963 Cadillac. The smoother one on top on is a 1964. Sorry.
  11. It's the front bumper a 1964 Cadillac.
  12. This picture on another forum WAS very helpful!
  13. 1958 Cadillac front fender top ornaments.