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  1. Sorry, I can't help you with that one as I have no numerical listings in any kind of order. Maybe someone else can be of assistance.
  2. i went to Gr. 35.8090 in my Cadillac parts book, the label number 4670038 is right there on the fourth line underneath. You're quite welcome.
  3. My parts book says this is a door harness for window and ventilator that fits a 1955 Series 60 and 62 four door sedan. Can't help with its value.
  4. A legible Part Number might narrow it down.
  5. Early 1950's Mopar, something like a 1951-1952 Dodge or similar.
  6. Maybe this will help, it's for a 1940 Dodge. BB is wiper motor, CC is wiper switch & circuit breaker.
  7. All 1958 GM cars do not share the same glass. All 1958 Buick Super 4-dr HT glass interchanges with 1958 Roadmasters & Limiteds, the front & rear side door glass & rear vent glass from a 1958 Cadillac 4-dr HT will also fit. The front vent glass is the same as a 1957 Buick Super & Roadmaster 4-dr HT as well as a 1957-1958 Cadillac Series 75 4-door sedan. This info is from a 32nd series Hollander Interchange manual.
  8. 1940 Olds series 60 steering box and column is not the same. The Pitman arm won't work either.
  9. Definitely 6 cyl. (6 cam lobes). Several sources say Autolite IAP-4102C-1 fits 1949-1950 Chrysler & DeSoto 6 and is listed as a replacement for all Chrysler and Desoto 6 from 1946-1952. I can't find any Plymouth applications for that Autolite number.
  10. I've fooled around with those old GM washer pumps and systems and it's my opinion that they're far more trouble than they're worth. They should be put in a car for visual display purposes only. The old Mopar foot pump types work much better. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Thanks everyone for your opinions on the mouldings, I will check further into those applications and see if I can make a positive ID.
  12. It will be this 1953 Chieftain Deluxe 8 that I drive frequently in nice weather. Starting January mileage 84053. Thanks and I'd like to see more people get in on this!
  13. Just to clarify the 2020 Challenge is open to all makes and not just "Limited" to Buicks, correct?
  14. Early 40's GM was my guess too but I can't confirm.
  15. I've had some small bundles of these NOS flat scalloped stainless mouldings in my possession for a long time and have never been able to ID them. Each has a formed end and the other end is a straight cut-off. They are in two lengths, one is exactly 28" long and the other 23" long and both are 1 3/4" wide. There are no numbers, wrappings or markings of any kind, they're the same shape and apparently fit the same vehicle. Any ideas?