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  1. I think CCCA is shrinking in membership because of many of the things stated here - cost to attend events, attitude towards families with kids attending , location of events ( last time there was an annual meeting in the North East was when it was in Boston - that was 14 years ago! ) I will not go on..................adding more cars to attract non members who own same is not the answer . Some creative "out of the box" thinking is needed.
  2. Let us all be so thankful that the reports here telling us that many of those who live in the area hit by the storms have survived and are doing well. Let's try to look forward to 2021 and hope and pray that there are no further disasters : storms, fires, violence etc and we can all get some peace and guaranteed good times in with our old cars no matter what vintage ,body style etc. to allow us to cope with all the other grief we encounter in person or see on the tv news. For those of you who "were gonna get to it some day" make the effort, save your pennies and attend the Eastern Nationa
  3. Like many people( I think) there are a lot of cars I would like to own- have in the garage, But like just about everyone there is only so much space, so much $, and so much time ( ie as in being vertical and breathing and somewhat useful) so we all have to make a choice. Many cars we look at and desire because they in some small or large way played a part in our lives at one point, and good or bad mechanically or appearance give us that "good feeling" of the memories with a similar machine the first time around. Some of us get very sentimental as we age - or more so then we have always been
  4. Great Photo what was your source? I have that same photo that I got with all the original Willoughby material from their family files and believe recently I shared it with someone. Walt
  5. Wish you the very best to recover quickly, listen to your Doctors! You don't want to be "restored" more then once. Walt
  6. More Obscure coachwork, I "don't do normal" as most of you have surmised by now. Way to much stuff here , but it continues to provide a few images of things people still are interested in viewing. This is from August 1, 1919 . Background is most likely Central Park , up near the center to northern part where it was also the favorite place for noted photographer John Adams Davis also posed the cars that were his subject. Note that the wheel discs covering the wood wheels also are fitted to the inside of the wheels. To the best of my knowledge they are not disc wheels in the normal sense
  7. I have no proof of period photos and I can't place my hands on the sales catalog I have but the photo Ed posted of the dude wearing the fedora getting out of the front of the custom sedan for some reason just has me thinking that the body could be by Don Lee Coachworks of Ca. not sure why.
  8. The term "woodie" is one that current collectors call a station wagon that has a wood body. Most of the wood bodies ( total not an add on trim ) were made in 1953 and earlier ( note I state most not all) . Think of the name station wagon - it harks back when you took a horse drawn wagon to the train station - trains were the main transportation for masses of people next to a horse drawn vehicle. The term suburban was used by Cantrell even up into the late 1930s for its bodies. See the ad posted here. See the Cantrell history in Hemmings Classic Car magazine. To my knowledge no manufactu
  9. Plymouth in 1931 advertised it as 'floating power ', Franklin in the same year noted in its promotion literature as "riding like gliding". It is about the history of motion. And Rolls Royce noted it was the spirit of ecstasy.
  10. Perhaps a Locomobile ? I am working on restoring/polishing a shell with the radiator that looks exactly the same as this right now. Great piece, beautifully made and I get yelled at by my son if I try to pick it up and move it by myself. So I don't do that ,( until after he leaves for work.) Great photo of a great car , note the dual rear wheels, wire wheels, THANKS.
  11. Not sure of the Murphy under discussion but I have these two hard cover books that are 4 1/2 x 8 inches , the black cover book dates from 1924 (90 pages)the other from 1921 ( 81 pages) Inside cover states" Railway,Motor Car, and coach Varnishes and Colors" locations of factories were Newark, NY, Chicago,Ill. , and Montreal, Canada. each color sample is 1/2 x 2 1/4. LOTS of colors - for example 4 shades of White, 7 shades of Purple, 49 shades of Red/Vermillion Wine, etc. Browns , Blues , Gray etc. It gives detailed instructions on the use of Japan Colors, how to apply what to coat the applied
  12. Like Bob the Ridgefield, Ct. annual pre 1942 car show brought to life all the vehicles I could ever wish to own. We heard about the show on the radio! Also the movie in 1959 'Some like it hot' had a great selection of - cars with running boards- and watching the Untouchables on TV with Robert Stack , story line was "ok" but the cars were the best part. ALl of this in the eyes of a 10 year old kid. I tend to focus on the WWI to WWII era cars to both own and collect material , toys, mascots, etc. on. But as I got older I appreciated the postwar cars more as well . My current cars date from 1930
  13. If the car has a Cantrell ( built Huntington, NY) body the identification would be a decal on the interior center door post up towards the roof , or perhaps on the dashboard - but unlikely. Cantrell paid for advertisements in society magazines like The Spur and Country Life as they knew that , that was their market- people would buy their wagons to haul their dogs and transport them to train stations ( train travel to destinations was prevalent then not air travel) BUT most of their ads show their bodies on Dodge chassis, do not know of any on Chevrolet chassis. To the best of my knowledge Can
  14. Usually I have found that there was a glass bowl fuel filter someplace in the gas line before it went into the carburetor.
  15. Ed, great stuff - first time I have ever seen the interior of that Jordan club sedan. Love it.
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