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  1. Is that a 1925-27 Franklin series 11 boat tail coupe behind them? If so Willoughby of Utica, NY built the body that was styled by J. Frank DeCausse. Front tires almost look to big for the car - perhaps balloon tires?
  2. I recall when this Isotta Fraschini roadster was in Port Washington, NY (Manorhaven section) on long island and owned by a really nice old guy named Joe Gaeta, who worked for Isotta Fraschini in NY City when the car was made and then bodied by Fleetwood. It was ordered by Rudolph Valentino and Valentino died before being able to take delivery, so then Gaeta bought the car and paid it off to the IF agent in New York that he worked for in the service dept. . I used to sit and chat with Joe in the car at the Cow Bay Fair antiques show held back in the 1960s in Port Washington that I would attend with my folks. Gaeta thought it great that some kid in his teens even knew what and Isotta Fraschini was! ( yes I have been around a long time and don't forget the "important stuff" but don't remember what pills I am supposed to take everyday to stay alive) He had rubber R-R Phantom I or Silver Ghost clutch and brake pedal pads on the IF because no one made repro pedal pads that had the letters IF on them , and he wore out the original ones fitted to the car.
  3. Ed said " the rare and obscure which makes the hobby so interesting" VERY TRUE which is why those of you who venture to want to see something totally different are reading this now! Here are some license plate "toppers" that all relate to long island , N.Y. and all to the area about 35-40 miles east of NY City. The Mineola Rink pair of toppers note a roller skating rink that was in Mineola, NY the county seat HQ for Nassau County. it was located on the border of Garden City and Mineola , this was very popular pre WWII era and a place to take a date or meet people. People used to roller skate for recreation before jogging, skate boards, video games etc. The Roosevelt Field toppers were for the airport that was in place where a shopping mall has now existed for the past 50+ years. Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field to fly east in 1927 to visit Europe. The longer/wider plate is pre WWII and there was an aviation school at the airport as noted ( my father learned to fly there) the other one is post war as noted by the style of airplane. Roosevelt Field was in Garden City, NY. The Freeport Stadium plate notes the postwar stock car track that was a favorite activity up into the 1960s on the oval track there, that was demolished several decades ago. Freeport ,NY is on the south shore of long Island.
  4. The Packard sign is porcelain over steel ( the lighter white area at the edge Is a repaint as it had rust and chipping so i did not want that to get worse) is about 4 feet tall. The turn signal was made in Columbus ,Ohio and is NOS. I found a pile of these about a 10 minute walk from my house about 5 years ago and bought all of them and then 10 months later brought them to Hershey to sell off the ones I didn't need ( did I really need to keep over 100 of them?) They would mount on an open or enclosed body style in the 1923-28 era , still had the decal on them noting the dealer when they were new who sold them in my village. The pressed steel toy roadster is 15 inches long, made by Converse in Mass. has wood lamps on it ( company made wood toys before steel ones) and has a clock work motor with a key to wind it up. All original , unrestored dating from about 1908-1910 era.
  5. Haartz fabrics are still made and located in Mass. Still in the same family ownership too! Eric Haartz has been a close friend of mine for many years and helped me with information in a story I did for Hemmings Classic car on interior and top fabrics for pre war cars a short time ago, and the Editors at Hemmings did a tour of his factory and interviewed him. A genuine and down to earth GREAT GUY and loves pre war cars - we both own a 7th series 1930 Packard with the same body style/type. If you have restored a convertible, phaeton, roadster, touring then most likely your top fabric was made by his company.
  6. Here we go again - found another pile of period photographs that were supposed to be filed away when I relocated my study/library area about 25 years ago and didn't get around to it. then forgot about it , oh well. To many ( over 150) to post here but will select a few. 1)1931 Lincoln coupe by Judkins ( ?) in the snow in Boston 2) Brewster on a tour in 1951, car is from Ohio and whom ever owned it was a member of AACA , HCCA, and VMCCA. 3) 1937 Terraplane and Hudson - note that the dealer had a space to sell cars in the middle of the block - rather odd. Dealer also sold Indian motorcycles . I have no idea of location, can't read the license plate.
  7. Hi Terry, sorry for the delay in answering you question. The Beverol sign with the ladies head is from Belgium. The oil plant is NW of Amsterdam. I got this sign perhaps 35+ years ago from a friend in West Sussex , England. He had it hanging on the wall of his garage behind his 1929 Lincoln phaeton and 1931 Chrysler Imperial close coupled sedan and I saw it and loved it . We did a trade and I wrapped it up well and brought it on board the airplane when I returned home and declared it "carry on luggage". Several years earlier I bought a great wood toy double deck bus made in the 1920s and it was to fragile to be stored in the hold of the plane so I let it sit on my lap for the 8+ hour journey home. It is fairly large. I will post a photo of that here soon . My middle initial is E for Edward but many friends believe it stands for eccentric. 🥺 who me? Really? WG
  8. At one of the first AACA annual meetings I attended back in the early 1970s held at the Belveue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, someone brought 16mm movies of a wrecking yard in NJ that were made pre WWII and showed a ca. 1928/1929 Packard sedan being driven into the wrecking yard, a rolled up newspaper being lit afire and tossed into the front drivers seat of the sedan to do exactly what is stated here. It lasted long enough for you to see the interior of the car go up in flames as well as the wood structural portion of the body. Easy way to reduce it to just the scrap metal to be salvaged as mentioned. I recall the gasp from the AACA members watching this on the screen and many shaking their heads in sorry. The film was made just before WWII so a decade old used car was not worth much. WG
  9. Ed, now we know where you hide your stash! Way cool ( and that was stated with no pun intended! ) Walt
  10. 1933 Chicago World's Fair license plate from Illinois and souvenir frame from the same era.
  11. My last contribution for today - come on people , make us happy, show us some of your great car stuff!!!! Keyfobs: Harrisburg Buick Co. and Packard is listed on the reverse side that is was given out by Stanford Brothers of Lincoln Park, Michigan. AAA sign for Chestnut Street in Harrisburg, Pa. was found in an antique mall a mile or so south of the flea market during Hershey last year. the 1924 Blue Book Hotel sign was used for decades to catch grease and oil dripping off the bottom of a car ( to keep the floor clean) being worked on in a service station in either northern Westchester or southern Dutchess County in N.Y. by a friend who was the one that introduced me to pre war classic cars in the late 1960s when I was a young lad ( and yes I am now an old lad) WG
  12. To add a few: The medallion is for the Grand Concours ' D Elegance Automobile held at Biarritz in September 1931 measures 1 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches and were given to participants. were made by Fraisse Bemey in Paris. Silver plated bronze. the Franklin matchbook says cafeteria on the top edge ( which is hard to see) it was given to me by Leo Gerst of Syracuse , NY who was the Chief Draftsman at the Franklin factory for the final decade that they were in existence. ( oh the stories that he could tell!!!! and did tell to me)
  13. Yes, we are all very upset. I know a lot of ( most?) people were looking forward to Hershey as the one thing this year that would make them happy, make up for all we have had to cope with, and give some peace of mind. Now that is gone, so we have to keep our chin up and "carry on", with out our annual dose of "Hersheyness". Try and think beyond your own needs - the Hershey region put in so much effort ,so many hours,days, weeks and as Steve M. notes don't deserve or need any negativity from any of us. Just think for all the places in the area : hotels, restaurants, gas stations antique stores(!), etc. this is going to be a shot for them too as they were looking forward to recoup some lost income for the year and the annual AACA event has to be one of the biggest ones every year for them. Very Sad that "the greatest show on earth" will not be happening this year , so STAY HEALTHY and make sure you are ready for 2021. Walt
  14. Yes definitely pre WWII , think the mid 1930s. I have seen photos in Packard literature, will look and put a date on it for you. Walt
  15. David Coco stated that very well- it is the friendships and the handshakes that we will miss the most. I have been to everyone since 1965, and now it is an annual "reunion" to spend time with friends from Germany and England as well. I feel bad for all the businesses as well, it was most likely one of their biggest weeks before the holiday season sets in. Thanks to AACA and especially to the Hershey region and its members. WG