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  1. Congratulations Terry and thanks for sharing this with all of us! It is outstanding! Walt
  2. Thanks Dave, not a criticism of your effort or desire. I admire the patience it will take and the time, as well as skill . I have had a good number of similar situations with things that needed a restoration but on a much lesser scale so far as size. Kept saying "never again" or "why did I start this" until the next project came along but am now at an age where time stares me in the face in the mirror and says "are you sure?". Best of luck on your project. Walt
  3. There was one in the Huntington long island area . This is on the north shore on long island sound. They used to drop a line in Huntington Harbor and pump the water out up the hillside to put fires out! Extreme pressures - Yes indeed.
  4. Perhaps more information : size, number of pages, any information as to models shown, condition
  5. I completely agree with the comments here, especially Marty- well noted. The time and effort that goes into these forums by the volunteers to keep us informed , entertained and educated is not and can not be totally understood nor fully appreciated to the extent that it should. How many of us look here at least once a day ( or 5 or 9 or or ) many note it is their daily routine to do over a cup of coffee in the a.m. Bored with what is on TV ?, where do you go to see some interesting car stuff? perhaps just to chuckle in amusement at how many more comments have been posted by certain peo
  6. Depends upon location when new, and how far apart things were that the owner needed to get to. There was (still is?) a original 34 Buick 40 here on long island 30+ years ago that was a low miles car and I believe one family owned. The same went for a 1940 Buick Century conv coupe about 40 years ago a friend bought from the original owner. Used locally the cars did not see a lot of road time when the roads were two lane ( one each way) and narrow. People mostly worked and shopped within 35 miles radius of where they lived.
  7. This is WAY COOL , I love the explanation about why paint is good, especially the 'sanitary' part. The cover art is outstanding. thanks! Walt
  8. From a historical perspective: Immediately after the end of WWI and everyone for the most part had returned from Europe and "normal" was back this would have been in the 1920-22 era. People in the service came back with $ because the pay they were receiving couldn't really be spent as they were to busy, there wasn't stuff to buy etc. where they were. Demand for vehicles soared as everyone wanted a new or newer car ( same happened after WWII when prices of cars went crazy and dealerships got what they wanted $ wise with no discounts) SO after WWI a lot of new car companies were started and put
  9. Courage, optimism and ? We all have our "projects". How much time do you have? (years?) Will the time that you spend restoring it ( resurrecting it) be equal to the satisfaction you get driving it down the road? Think about the $ needed ( not including your time and effort) and would something else in a little more solid condition wise be a better effort? Just asking.
  10. You need to provide better photos, give us measurements of the lamp as well and any information printed on the lamp since we really can't see what you have.
  11. Thanks I recall seeing it as well but although I started this thread ( mess?) don't know how to navigate it well to locate things. Not a Packard, but does have the open area above the drivers seat. Definitely a high end delivery vehicle for "fancy goods" ( as my British friends are fond of stating) or services , would not have delivered office supplies like rubber bands and thumb tacks, more likely upscale butterfly nets or ladies under garments, or Betty Boop's garters.
  12. Body on that center "panel" delivery seems to be a extended length delivery for possibly an upscale store. It's hard to make out but possibly the area over the front (drivers ) seat may be able to open up similar to a town car. Body extends well beyond the rear fender so was built to accommodate more space inside for items to await delivery. "Painted" fenders ( meaning that they are not black) so that is an indication of wanting to appear more "non commercial" but car like.
  13. The fellow who I worked with for 2 years in the early 1970s when we were restoring two of my cars , doing all the paint work, had told me over and over " Everyone has common sense but not everyone has good sense" I often think of that phrase now more then ever when I see or read things that people think are absolutely the best advice or solutions to any issue and what matters and what doesn't. whole new perspective and often with tunnel vision.
  14. Looks like we have a mass email /notice going on now as I just got the same notice in a contact about the Mustang for sale. Reported it and hope that the moderators can take this down from a dealer who is using our fine Forums as a sales network. Thank you. WG
  15. Check out the single self generating headlamp on the car that is getting its wheel washed - WOW. Can anyone identify who made that lamp? I only have one self generating headlamp in my collection and they are truly a wonder to behold as to how many pieces it took to make and work efficiently. It was one of the best "finds" I ever had at Hershey in the old Blue Field, and came from a pile of stuff Randy Mason brought down for the Henry Ford Museum that they wanted sold off because it was a lamp made in Europe and they were/are an American museum. Lamp weighs a huge amount and I carried
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