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  1. Reread my comments about how the preservation and reuse of buildings are done in London from 11/24, it can be done, but often is easier to not think about and just get a demolition order and start from scratch in the name of progress. Just do not reread my comment about how older buildings matter and comparing to non topic subjects , that seems to have upset someone . My further comments and contributions here will be much less in all regards about anything , threads etc as I don't want to have anyone take offense with anything I have to say or share , be it with current topics or period topic
  2. I wonder if they are the exact same cars but decades later? Walt
  3. Very cool; collection of hubcaps, thank you for making the effort to share them with us. That is why I started this part of the thread so that we all can be made more aware of what was produced and often times so beautifully designed and made AND NONE OF IT WAS COMPUTER GENERATED ! It was all pencil and paper to get the design down.
  4. This display was found in a period article/ad from the 1920s in an automotive magazine. It was there to illustrate how light bulbs would be used in a display. The light bulb was used to advertise products ( spell out words on movie marquees, etc) in the era before neon, computer generated images, back lit plastic signs, etc . SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all who spend way to much time here on the wonderful AACA Forums , and thanks to all for posting what you do to keep us all amazed at the vehicles, automobilia, parts , wrenches, equipment etc that we thrive on , especially in this current era i
  5. OK, this may a bit off topic - here is the remains I have of a cast alloy WHITE radiator shell, I intend to polish it and the cast name as well, what color should the back ground behind the script name be painted? I could leave it unpolished but think it would look better if the script name is somehow "framed by a color"
  6. That period photo really makes you appreciate the size of the car ( and the wheels/tires for scale) , think about the size of a man driving it and judge/compare against the size of the buildings behind it.
  7. Ed I completely agree with you about your assessment of Buicks. Austin Clark owned the Simplex Automobile company and had two restored Simplex cars but the one brass era car he used the most from his collection (and kept at his house ) for just about all the local long island old car club tours was his model 10 Buick touring car. It went everyplace.
  8. The advertisement is from the 1937 George Vanderbilt Cup race held at the Roosevelt Raceway in 1937 in Westbury, NY. this raceway was in the area where Lindbergh flew off/over to head east to Paris a decade before. The print of the open coupe is from a series of images given to me by a great friend in CCCA some years ago as a gift and was one of the Hibbard designs. More stuff from my archives.
  9. OK gents here are my three contributions for the day, have more someplace but to much stuff to dig through and not time to do so. Promised SAH a article on where to look for information in pre (WWII) war sources like motor show programs, different periodicals, factory magazines and bulletins etc. and what libraries, collections etc may have access to same. Just so much stuff no one has seen of the WWI to WWII era that needs to be shared, trouble is you need to know 1) it exists 2) what it exists in - specific to issue, title etc 3) what to ask for that won't take days or weeks for someone to
  10. Eric Hatch was an automotive author who penned a regular column for the society magazine Country Life in the 1920s. Country Life Press was a branch of Doubleday, Doran & Company, a major publisher at the time that was based on Franklin Avenue in Garden City , NY on the east side of the road. This image of a Minerva conv. sedan with body by Hibbard & Darrin was in the Feb. 1928 issue.
  11. Ed, can agree BUT that won't happen if the sign in front of the car goes along with the car at the auction along with an authentic period signed letter from one of Mr. Valentino's paramours that the fancy clothing undergarments found buried/lodged in the rear armrest were indeed part of the cars heritage .... hey we are talking about automotive history here!
  12. I have visited London England many times although not recently. The preservation movement there succeeded in saving the facade of many older structures so that a "modern" interior arrangements ( number of floors/levels , a/c, wiring for computers etc. ) could be accommodated. This was done decades ago . All well done, the facade landscape of decades past was saved yet modern needs were also satisfied. If it can be done there with three times plus the age of the structure and be successful then why isn't the effort made here in the USA? It all comes down to $, what is a quick solution and seve
  13. Yes, the town car was bought by Valentino who also ordered a roadster by Fleetwood that is a famous car that has received a lot of press, repaint in non original colors etc BUT Valentino never took delivery of the roadster - he passed away before it was finished. So although ordered and built for him was never driven by him to my knowledge. That car was bought by a fellow who worked for I-F of New York and for decades was used by him to attend local car shows here on the western end of long island. Joe Gaeta lived in the Manorhaven section of Port Washington , NY and was a great guy. As a teen
  14. Angelo, thank you so much. Love the photos !!!, especially the one of the Isotta Fraschini town car with the Fleetwood body. Walt
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