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  1. I ran a Napa 12 volt 4psi pump on 6 volts to get 2 psi without a fuel pressure reg. works great. Just a thought.
  2. Not much for pwr out put, but better fuel distribution and the ability to dail it in on a dyno would be a plus. 104 hp with standard head gasket, 113 hp with high compression thinner gasket. It's a hobby right? I just want to get as much reliable hp from the Ole Buick even though I drive it like an old maid! It runs like a singer now, the voice over my shoulder is shouting leave it alone!!
  3. Thanks all, I'll whip some drawings, yep lots of work probly not much gain, but pretty cool endevor. Maybe!!!
  4. Thanks, I just had the idea and maybe I'll go forward with a mock up, you're right about time and money vs reward. I have my Buick purring like a kitten at the moment, it would be fun to test new ground thats all. Thanks Matt and Joe.
  5. Good stuff, just for grins I ran a timing light and checked to see how close I was, The light worked great on a seperate 12v source. CTCV I can send a pix of my distrib if that helps.
  6. The car runs well on the Marvel ( 1932 Buick 96s), However... has anyone tried to inject a straight 8 and disquise it with a Marvel? Just a thought... I know of an aviation throttle body that might work..
  7. Very cool, please post the pix of the 33 studebaker, I also have looked for years for a surviving example. Thank you.
  8. I drove the car today!! I ended up silver brazing a sleave over the broken fitting, it took a few trys to get it all in alignment perfectly but I did. I extended the length by 1/8 in and put a slight bend downward of the most forward fitting to make sure I had clearance from the connecting rod bottom. I also placed 2 flat washers in the oil press relief valve end against the spring which brought my press back to 35psi at all speeds. Of course today was warm and my marvel was acting up a bit running rich, so I'll dial that in this week. All in all I'm pleased with the out come. Thanks to all for the help, Ill post a pix when I get my phone charged!
  9. Thanks Bloo, Paul, Don, Matt and Mike and everyone for the advice and links, I'll fab one up, but the tubing flare at the end of Bnut could be a challenge, early dole fitting?? Really like the Cunifer idea Matt, and yes I only want to do this once. This forum is a life saver.. mucho grats. Steve
  10. Found the problem, A broken mailn pressure line, work hardened from the cotter pin on the piston rod retaining bolt hitting and taking a bite out of the line. Pressure Reg OK as was the screen, a bit gunky pan but thats it.. Any suggestions on a repair would be most appreciated.. Thanks, Steve
  11. Ok guys, wait until you see these pix, I have a broken line that was work hardened due to the cotter pin on the connecting rod hitting the main bearing pressure line. The pan was fairly gunky, the screens not so bad, pressure relief valve and spring in good working order. The pix are pretty self explanitory, now I really need good opinions and suggestion on the fix, any one have a spare line laying around.. I feel lucky in a way that this didnt happen far from home as the line was destined to fail. New rings were installed in 1979 and thats when the cotter pin started hitting the line. Thanks everyone for the help. All ideas and suggestions for the repair most welcome.. Steve
  12. Thanks Paul. Will check the springs, I ran it on 5-40w Castrol non synthetic, changed out to straight 30W with 32oz of Lucas oil additive trying to thicken things up.
  13. Thanks Mike and Don, Looks like the pressure relief valve is the most likely culprit. Don I'm hoping its just a clogged screen like you mention. Well see Tomorrow when I drop the plan. And good tip about the weight and clean up with emory cloth.
  14. Thank you Guys, I'm taking a break for a day or two, that seems to help for some reason.. I wish my pressure relief and by-pass valve were external! I'll take my time and get it sorted. yep broker-len sure the pump was producing pressure but not now as I have 2 oil pressure gauges. looks like I will drop the pan and pull the pump next, thanks edinmas , hopefully no internal breakage. I'll keep you posted.
  15. Thanks, the oil pump does have a pressure relief valve and also a by pass valve to regulate oil flow to the oil temp regulator. Love that oil pressure pot!!! but dont have one, remember I had good oil press before it dropped off. Any thoughts on trying to unseat either the pressure relief valve or bypass valve by reverse press through the oil temp reg pneumatically? And I agree that dropping the pan is cheap insurance.. good call there.Thanks