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  1. Sure could be a cool project, love the early presidents.. the owner can text photos to 360-320-5778. thanks. Steve
  2. What kind of docs, dealer sales invoice ? Any thing for a 1932 Buick 96s? Thanks, Steve
  3. Thanks everyone, I did put a vacume guage on the manifold and it pulled about 17.5 inches,seemed pretty steady. Hugh thank you for the excellent photos and details much appreciated. I will open up my heat reiser and block it off before I do anything with the dual point distributer, I follow Mark Shaw's post and believe he is correct on the heat riser leak being the culpruit. As for the ported vs manifold vacume use, in 1935 did Buick have a port on the Carb? I get the concept of why to port on the bottom side of the butterfly ( updraft carb ) or above the throttle for a down draft.. and the use of manifold vac for wipers etc. This 1935 Delco has a vacume chamber, Ii just didnt think they started porting vacume off the carb until years later..I question the idea of drilling a vacume port in my Marvel!! Thanks all for responding.. Cheers. Steve
  4. Thanks Chuck, I was thinking the same thing based on previous posts. just was saving that for last.. did you block off your heat riser tube? Steve
  5. Thanks for the input, I'll try John thanks Jim.. I've just been pulling my hair out tryting to smooth out the engine at Idle, nothing has changed since it was running like a singer, Still looking for the sweet spot on the Marvel!! I used sea foam yesterday and sis not seem to help.. thought a single point dist with an electronic ignition might be a nice upgrade .. time to breat out the heathkit fish finder! Steve
  6. Hi guys, I'd like to swap out my mechanical dual point distributer for a single point with an petronics modual that has a vacume advance. I have a new distributer from a 1935 buick, 8 to use.. my dual point is on my 1932 series 90. My question is ...can I run the vacume line off the manifold as my Marvel does not have a ported vacume port .. Looking for thoughts and ideas at this point.. Thanks, Steve
  7. I bought and wired in a 12v step up converter and it didnt last long, I wired my cigerette lighter for 12 v for cell phone/usb use. Also used the 12 volts for a second hidden fuel gauge. I agree with Others above, time,money,energy spent vs reward would point to not installing a 12valternator and a secondary system. How about running one of the new lithium jump start packs ( they are very small) with a plug in to your trippe light switch and your cigerette lighter to pwr phone etc.. remove the pack when not in use. Velcrow it up behind the panel. Matt is correct 6 v trip lights are fine. You can now get 6v led for all your out side lights. I have the optima 6 volt battery, and not real impressed, the battery maintains voltage longer than a lead acid battery but the cranking amps drops faster. Best to have 2 in paralel for max cranking amps if you need that much. lastly I just purchased a small alternator for my 15 hp mitsubishi tractor, about $ 160.00, its not that small! I've smaller on aviation applications like a rotax, but 3 time the price. I'm with Matt and Bob Shaw, Keep it simple, and make it portable, just my thoughts. Steve 1932 model 96s.
  8. HI Tony, It is with sadness that I see the status of the project as I've been following it from conception. Have you thought of a "go fund me Page"? Would the school and its students be interested in a fund raising campaign? I'm sure that you have considered options, I just hate to see you get rid of it. I would be interested in the engine if you thought of splitting it out of the car, but again I hate to see you do that also. You have my number, call to discuss options. Best regards, Steve
  9. Great build, I've been waiting with baited breath to see the Buick all finished, I'm also in WA, will you be taking it to the end of the world rod run in 2020? Cheers, Steve
  10. Hi Tony, I dont know of any repo's available, but am happy to take photos with measurements to pass along, I dont they would be hard to fab up. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Jim, I added a just shy of 1/8th in washer to boost my oil pressure about 3psi. It was common practice back in the day, and especially if one were selling the car.! I thought Id try it as my 32 series 90 was running around 27 psi, now its 30 !! Mine fit behind the spring.. Hope that helps. Steve
  12. By all means drop the Pan, Olson makes the gaskets. My 32 engine make a clicking noise and I thought it was coming from the trans until I lost oil pressure. A cotter key did the damage on the oil feed line, broke a verticle and almost wore through the main line. Have you used a stethoscope around the engine?