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  1. hmmm, could have sworn I saw you there
  2. yea I tried to talk him out of them overalls, only vintage ones I can ever find, the legs come up to my knees and sleeve s to my elbows. he was mighty appreciative of the forum and all the great help the prewar crowd had given him with the ‘17
  3. Could NOT get a clear shot of this guys unbelievable car for all the spectators surrounding it all day. It drew the most attention of anything there I think. Will not be surprised to hear it received Best of Show if there was such a category! Awesome restoration @95Cardinal Enjoyed meeting and breaking bread (and Spam) with you Joe😀
  4. Always enjoy seeing @philip roitman and his so damn correct and pristine cars. No disappointments again this year the one next to him wasn’t bad either
  5. And a couple more parade shots
  6. always good to share good times with Brian and this year also with his dad Ed! and what a story telling hoot he is!!! enjoyed seeing his 69 Charger and hearing it’s story. Here he is in the exit parade following the show. hey watch out for that car in front of ya bro
  7. I for one truly enjoyed the camping experience vs a hotel room. Nothing better than sitting around a campfire grilling Yeungling brats, drinking Yeungling beer followed by a few shots of Bullit whiskey and roasted marshmallows. Oh and smoking seegars and telling lies...... We knew it was going to be a good week when God graced us with this unbelievable rainbow at just past break of dawn the first day
  8. Bought this monster for a song but the best part is the seller lives only about 25 miles from me and since he was using it to tether his tent down with l, I offered to let him keep using it and I’d pick it up at his house. 😁 and he said he has another top and more gauges at home if I was interested.
  9. Larry, quit drooling on the spam
  10. Oh it’s great that you have that much confidence in yourself, I wouldn’t have had. I would have had to crank it and check all its vital signs before puttin fenders and everything back together ...carry-on 😊
  11. A lot of self confidence right there