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  1. indeed, both best friends and great companions, trained to go on beer and firewood runs without argument.
  2. 😆Not that he mentioned. He also removed as much of the smog hoses and parts also though. He’s an old school race car guy and most if not all he described that he did just went right over my head .
  3. ‘79 Estate Wagon outfitted for towing a ‘74 Airstream Argosy. Mods include rear stabilizer/anti-sway bar, HD front sway bar, coil-over rear shocks, HD front shocks, 10,000 lb tow hitch, 3 core aluminum radiator, hi-flow water pump, dual transmission fluid coolers mounted in front of radiator . Gauges: water temp, oil pressure, transmission temp, voltage in addition to keeping original warning lights.
  4. Last getaway for the year. A little peninsula on the Tugaloo River, Lake Hartwell. The Wagon performed fabulously after the QJet rebuild, especially on some of the grades that gave a bit of trouble last year.
  5. Most go under but some the grass gets planted within them, I just googled and copy pasted the first I came to. Probably not necessary if there’s good stable soil with good drainage.
  6. Hothkis likely makes one to fit. I installed their rear bar and replaced the front with a thicker heavy duty one. Not cheap but improved my wagons cornering and steering response and practically eliminated the roll. A huge help when towing!! . You may need to alter or source some different mounting brackets as I did. FF to page 3.
  7. Probably not enough in and out to warrant something like This
  8. Neat way of spreading stone. Good progress. Concrete will be thicker where the lift legs will be?
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