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  1. So that’s what y’all been talking about. It’s already got the test tube and the pump is gone too.
  2. ouch, but tha's OK, I deserve it, no good excuse to have let it sit torn down that long. BADD, it's a terrible disease. But why are you having to go to that extent, are you sure you're not over doing it? The car was running great when I started the extreme engine detail job and has been stored in the dry barn with duct tape over the carb and water passages, juice in the cylinders, a quilt over the engine and a cover over the car. People pull cars out of barns and fields, shoot some juice in their cylinders and off they go, running fine for years. Your blue Century was in a leaky warehouse since the eighties, she did fine right? So what did I do to ef this one up that requires a full engine tear down do you think.
  3. I've never gotten on facebook except when someone sends me a link of a car for sale and then I get on on my wifes's account so not familiar with how that works. But anyways I started out fresh this morning and on purpose as a test "reacted" to at least 20 so either the other day was a snafu or the limit has been set to 20 or so which should be more than sufficient. So alls well that ends well, thanks!
  4. Did that and with air too. The radiator was replaced at the same time as the head job so is fairly good and clean. Looking in through the filler hole it appears to only be a single core though which is surprising as I would have thought they would have replaced it in kind, which would have been at least a double core given it was a tow package car. It IS a thick 1.25" core though with wide fins. I have seen "single core - three core equivalent" advertised though, so maybe?
  5. Since we won’t be there to use them..... Bruce Kile picked up our registration packet and there should be two Saturday evening banquet tickets in it. If you bump into him and want to attend the banquet and have dinner on me, hit him up. But don’t let him hold you up and try and charge you for them 🤣🤣
  6. Thanks Chris, and Rita sends thanks. Since we missed the great trek west, she is looking for somewhere maybe south or east for SouthernBelles maiden towing adventure.
  7. I see your point, somewhat. But when there are our possible "reactions" and considering I and many others are frequent users all across the board I really don't see the "diminished value" of a reaction being of any great consequence. Not to the point of one needing to count on their fingers how many they might have given and being concerned with "oops, did I just waste a smiley" or "do I need to save this thanks for a more justifiable one." Of course I'm being somewhat facetious here now but do you get my point. To answer your question about a daily limit number, I guess my answer would be no limit, as it is not that big of an issue. But if a limit is deemed necessary let's at least let the folks know what that number is. OK, I'm done whining for the day... I think I've met my limit. 🤣 Oh and by the way, thanks for the reply, I tried to "like" it but...
  8. I'm on my lap top and it continues even if I sign off and back on. Hey, just know I appreciate and thank you for going posting the pictures which takes a quite a bit of effort on this forum. I've posed the concern to upper management so won't hijack this great thread anymore. Please continue😊
  9. Just the light for now Ben, I have a set of gauges I will be installing soon I hope. As there are side effects to using a gun to try and determine transmission pan temps Sizzzle
  10. So what if I happen to like or want to thank someone for posting, why should this forum software care. @gwells or @Peter Gariepy can you explain or if you don’t see that it is of value maybe turn it off. This happened after I liked or thanked maybe 3-4 posts