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  1. AND even remote control mirror She's a sweetie pie alright!!! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to post the pictures @lancemb
  2. additional picture of data plate from ad in AACA Buy Sale
  3. $25,000 on FB MarketPlace not mine, wish it was..... thoughts on value? anybody looked at it? Looks to still need finishing up... ie steering wheel, some loose wire etc... Hi guys thanks for the add. I'm trying to help a 75 yr old friend of mine to sell his 36 Buick three window coupe. Straight-8, 3spd manual, floor shifted. A very cool car that was restored 20 years ago and never driven. It's a very rare dual side-mount car. It's been in a garage ever since, comes with a ton of rare parts and manuals. I was last running 8 yrs ago. I'm sure this will be a blast to drive with a little work. He's asking $25k - not sure if he's being realistic or not... see pics. It's located in Massachusetts. Thanks! The first 4 pics are of the car when it was just completed, the rest were taken this past Saturday, as I found it. Stuffed with dryer sheets to prevent any mice from entering the car.
  4. Just curious if anyone knows the outcome of this sell? @Carmen H ??
  5. Sorry to be so long getting back. I've found the tires I need but thanks for the offer!!
  6. Will try and get that for you in the next day or two Steve.
  7. These on Instagram. Not mine. Lot of questions to ask but wanted to pass along. If you don’t do Instagram let me know if I can help.
  8. That video was before I cracked the rear window with my head when you grabbed second, right?
  9. Tha’s the thing about cars back then, they all looked alike 🤣🤣🤣 thanks for the correction my friend 👍
  10. You may want to try one of the high performance tstats. They seem to maintain a more constant, ie less fluctuating temperature and they're never fully closed. Worked for me in the wagon. I'm thinking this is what I went with
  11. Ran across this whilst on my wife's face book whilst looking at a 39 coupe someone had posted. I understand that many of the 80's Buicks of this era were badged as Collectors Editions and that that didn't really mean much and the 307 ain't gonna win a lot of races, I just thought this to be a nice looking Buick and considering the mileage a pretty decent price.