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  1. THIS!!! Matt, as I've somewhat sarcastically stated earlier, "she backed into the garage when parked!!!" I drove BC around a good bit before tearing her down, she drove like a NEW CAR, no mechanical problems WHATSOEVER!!!! There was a transmission shop invoice in the glove compartment that if I recall correctly, notes that the reverse bans in the tranny had been replaced and tranny resealed. This work was done at the time the second owner obtained the car after it had sat since 1974. Perhaps if he had had access to Willies wisdom he could have saved whatever the $$ shown on the invoice. I still communicate with that guy and will ask about the details of the tranny repairs and report back. As you know my friend, I was very happy to see Buttercup go to you. Seeing how you had loved, cared for and showed the Century I had previously sold you but that was sadly lost in the wreck , generated the desire in me for you to have her and I think I gave you a very fair deal. Man I'm sorry you're having these problems and hope you won't literally give up on her. Bringing a car back to life after it's been sitting for years isn't easy, and to quote @Mudbone if it was, everybody would be doing it. Please hang in there!!!
  2. The year, 1951, you’ve been to the club, had too much moonshine, ran out of gas, got a ride home and forgot where you parked the new Roadmaster
  3. Not mine, on eBay, wrongly listed as 1954-55-56. These are one year only and scarce. Note the raised ribs on the 53 ^ and indented on 54,5,6 v
  4. Spoke with the seller, says he has some old tires on some old 5.5 Ford rims he will donate to the cause. Yay!!!!! Thanks all for your suggestions and help
  5. Yea, someone else had suggested that earlier and is certainly an option. Waiting to hear from the seller as to what condition the exiting tires are in. If there are tubes present, there's a good chance they will pump up for long enough to load. I've loaded many a old derelict post war Buicks, some with and without even wheels and always enjoy the challenge. Will be sure to carry some crisco too....
  6. Great idea Matthew I'll run it by him yo @38Buick 80C got any spare wheels with old tires laying around.
  7. and the flag was still there.... no disrespect to old glory meant, loaned the ladder out to a friend 🙄
  8. Wow @Jim Nelson thank you for that most comprehensive answer, you know your stuff about these thirty’s!!! Guess I should have been a bit more detailed in why I’m askin, which is basically what do I need to bring with me to swap out the wheels for loading this ol gal onto my trailer. Hoping they might pump up, I’ve been pleasantly surprised before. But if not😕
  9. If I were to ever restore a ‘54, I would limit the painting of the fuel pump to heavy overspray (somewhat the same as the lower part of the distributor). The 1954 Factory Information manual clearly calls out for it not to be painted but I personally have seen at least two for sure original factory pumps with an abundance of green paint. Oddly, the fuel lines on one of those engines were unpainted and the other painted. You may want to check back on the 1954 Buick Forum Fred, I believe the engine bay paint thread is pinned to the top. edit) this FI manual also calls for the starter not to be painted but Every original starter I’ve ever seen was painted. Starter solenoids were masked off, no paint.
  10. I know you and Joe were close and dear friends Roberta so please accept my and Rita's condolences on his passing. Regrettably I never met him in person but did see him driving the Bug around and smiling ear to ear in '03. Sad news indeed. Couldn't get the above link to work for me so in case others have problems, try this