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  1. No worry about me doin that my friend, the day I got out of the Marine Corp, I swore I'd never stand in line again 😁🤣🤣
  2. Actually Ben I think everyone has been trying to keep it between the lines of the center fork I described above. Just that a couple of well meaning folks stumbled upon a dead horse and started beating it again which had it continued was inevitably going to foul up the air again.
  3. Bringing this back to the top. Not that anyone's done anything wrong mind ya...........
  4. MrEarl

    Buick PWD Website

    It is my understanding that Jack Welch was appointed by the BCA President Alan Oldfield to act as mediator in the discussion between the involved factions of this dispute. It is also my understanding that a mutual agreement from both sides has been made and that a joint statement is expected to be realized VERY SHORTLY. Therefore I see no reason for this potentially inflammatory conversation to continue. Once that agreement has been reached I ask that a board member please post the results as openly and expediently as possible.
  5. MrEarl

    Buick PWD Website

    Regrettably this discussion has been going on under my radar and I have temporarily hidden posts that went well beyond what I understand to be the intent of @Daves1940Buick56S original post. I am seeing much club political banter going back and forth and will take time to consider and determine what is appropriate and possibly where it might be more appropriately carried on, if at all. I do not mean to censor but am seeing potential for more heated discussions, discord and hurt feelings.
  6. test is this forum still active, are any bod members receiving this
  7. Good question Brian. I know some '54 colors were only "supposedly" available on the Skylark. I seem to recall the 56 Roadmaster may have had some different color scheme available but don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone here has a 56 Buick Colors and Fabric Album and can weigh in. Or maybe @HOMETOWN BUICK will come on and advise
  8. @Centurion you may want to visit the Hometown Buick site where you can actually configure a ‘56 Buick in any of the colors offered that year. @HOMETOWN BUICK
  9. MrEarl

    BOD Candidates

    and I hope others will follow your lead Jack. Seriously guys can't we leave all the horse manure shoveling in the past... This thread started with a friendly reminder from Mr Stoneberg, can we just leave it at that. The time is now to put together your application paragraph if you want to be a candidate for the Board of Directors election in April. Three seats on the board will be up for election. Interested members should put together a paragraph (include a photo) about yourself and your interest in serving the membership on the Board and send to our Bugle editor Pete Phillips by Feb. 15th. The candidates will be featured in the April Bugle.
  10. MrEarl

    34 Buick

    Posting has been deleted so looks like it may be sold. 34's are one of my favorite years.
  11. MrEarl

    Something old found in the desert...

    Speedo is fine with it just where it is, certainly a subject of "general" interest.
  12. MrEarl

    Something old found in the desert...

    Wrong, it's the missing soap dish off David Buicks bathtub , I'm sure the museum would like to have it back. Seriously, I think it should be donated to the Buick truck guru, Larry Schramm, I bet he could use a soap dish in his garage