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  1. My friend Brad has informed me that more are in the making, perhaps @brad54 can update us
  2. I'll just get past the temptation and get to the chase, some never before published images...
  3. New thread, Remember Everyone Deployed and to kick it off Titian Red
  4. Sorry Mike, Terry has moved to the back seat... our sweet Etta-belle is top Girl on Buick now!
  5. Says Wednesday but I’m always surprised at how soon their stuff arrives. Summit is even more amazing, I can order from them one afternoon and it’s in my mailbox by early morning.
  6. Probably but total priority mail was $22 with delivery by Monday so didn’t think it was too bad.
  7. Just hoping the bleeder screw would be 3/8, I have a 3/8" ignition wrench which helps with hose interference. but no biggy
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