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  1. Helping a widow lady sell a set of dual side mounts. She said her husband bought them over 20 years ago for $1,800. That is what she is asking but will take a reasonable offer. She is moving and needed them gone so I brought them to the house. I understand they will fit ‘37 with slight modification of cutting out a notch for the hood stop? Can anyone confirm? I considered them for mine but as can be seen in the pictures they will require repairs more than I care to take on. For pick up only or could deliver to Charlotte Auto Fair in April. Additional pictures upon request. Shoot me an offer if interested
  2. Seriously!?! Did you forget to take your meds this morning dude? That is indeed quite generous Matt!! 👍
  3. Cool, been there with my son years ago, I'm sure Rita would be simply amazed by it though🤣...thanks
  4. Mines still crisp and clear too even after hanging out in the barn for 20 + years. Bought this set in 1970 in an Okinawa PX after the first set I had bought in Tokyo got lifted by swabbies while on the ship on way back to Okinawa from Mt Fuji. It along with a Pioneer receiver, Pioneer turntable and a reel to reel. Scoundrels snook into our berth at some point, removed the units from the boxes. Never suspected a thing until we were disembarking and picked the empty boxes up. 😫
  5. Folks I'd like to take just a moment to say thank you ALL for the genuinely kind comments of thanks and appreciation and well wishes. I NEVER expected so much. I am one lucky guy to have such friends here, many of which I have never even met. As someone pointed out above this is one of the best and most unique car forums going. I have seen the negative results Facebook and other social media sites have had on forums such as this and feel good that we have survived. When I first started this thread I just threw out "10 years or so" as the time I have been moderator. I've been told that it's been for longer than that but can not recall when it was. I do recall that back in '04 Brian Lawrence aka @Centurion and Roberta and I worked on updating the forum format and adding some of the new forums namely Me and My Buick and I did find this thread referencing that. I also found a couple of threads where I had done some moderating tasks in early '06 so I guess at 14 years, it is safe to say "10 years or so". THANKS AGAIN from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and expressions of thanks.
  6. And thank you Ronnie for all the upgrades you did on the Reatta forum and the fairness in which you always moderate. I do enjoy Buick Gardens and all the work it takes to keep it up, keeps me in shape to say the least. I'll certainly post about anything I can stretch to make be "on subject" Thanks for the kind words Gene, really appreciate it. Ditch witch was $200/day no half day rentals. I knocked the diggin part out in about 2.5 hours, no breaks. The backfill and compaction about 4 (including breaks) Thanks Willis, and uh, shhhhh about the WiFi hotspot, don't ruin my excuse... 😬 Sincerely, the Greek Fisherman Thanks Dave, always enjoyed your droppin in. Wow, never heard it told like that and if I did have anything to do with the unique personality which this forum does indeed have then I am humbled to have been a part of making it such. But honestly it has been all the great personalities of ALL the forum members, each and every one, over all the years that have made this the fun and informative forum it has been. I have no doubt whoever takes my spot will work to maintain it and even make it better though. Thank you Dave!! and you just gave me more good reason to make the Strongsville National Meet, it's only 2-3 hours from New Bremen, how cool is that!!! Thanks!! Well hears my thanks!! ahh Joern, thanks for those kind words. Still wanting to here more about that 3 speed Century!!! Thanks Larry and thanks for the phone message last week. Sorry I didn't return your call but as many here know I can't hear very well and especially on the phone. In face to face discussions, I generally just nod my head in agreement, but last month I committed to hauling a car from VA to GA and didn't even realize it til it was time to go.😬 Definitely hope to spend some quality time up your way though, every time I've ever been I was in a rush to pick up cars and go. Beautiful country, terrible roads.
  7. Thanks Greg, we hope to eventually make it out to the west coast and visit some of the spots I visited back in my hippie days in the Volkswagon bus, so maybe see ya there. Thanks Chris! If I consider pay as words of appreciation, looks like I'm gettin a pretty good severance pay package. Thanks for the kind words Mark. We'll add you to our list of driveways we can boondock in. Thanks Doug. Will indeed see you in OKC, Lord willing and the big muddy don't rise. I guess the Estate wagon could use a boost but don't think it will fit Want to hear them 99A's? Well here ya go. I'll be moving them up to the BS&S "some day" Turn it up.... Thanks for the kind words and thanks Paul. Always enjoy your posts and pictures. especially the blonds Wow Joel, never knew my words could turn a bad day to good (always figured they did the opposite) but thank you for that nice comment. Everything to proper scale and attention to detail is me I guess, drivers Rita crazy sometimes though. Hey, I recognize that 8! '1932 I believe, just picked this up at a local swap meet... Thanks Marty, and please drop back by sometime. Thanks Joe, appreciate it!!! Like I said, the folks here are of the highest morals one can find on a public car forum so actually the job was pretty easy peasy. But thanks for the thanks Jason!! Thanks Greg. Sorry we never got to work on the Technical Tips forum we discussed some time ago, hopefully it can still be done though, great idea.
  8. Oh and here’s a follow up of the ditch digging photo. The Argosy barn has lights. But nothing compared to Gods light as displayed in this photo. Thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lord🙏
  9. Jeff thanks for your comment and herd of cats would not be far off. Just kidding, this is actually one of the best mannered internet group I know of! You are correct, that was indeed "progoofoff", the cod, my old Buick road trip friend Bob Coker, may he rest in peace. Found the avatar you spoke of I believe quite a rascal he was. I knew he was making a face during this shot, see the reduced smile on my face, just not sure what Not much to miss in either of those categories I am afraid. See ya on the Buick Highway I am sure my friend. Good Lord willing and the big muddy don't rise, we'll see ya there Matt. I did eat street vendor monkey meat a few times in the Phillipines disguised as beef but never chilled monkey brain. (that I know of) Thanks old friend, see ya in OKC Thanks Billy. And thanks for the invite, I'll do it. I'll likely have a part of a bottle of Bulleit Barrel Strength I'll share with ya. We haven't started looking into Canada destinations but who knows where we might end up when we get lost. Ah, thanks for the appreciation Dave. Never sought out thanks, just a respect sufficient to do the job, which I received. Size 11's, not that big but thanks! See ya in OKC Thanks for the kind words Gary. I'm really not going anywhere, just changing hats. Ah thanks mate. Always planned a trip down under and hopefully we can once we see enough of the good ol' US of A. Indeed Bill, although we have never met in person I feel many of my very best friends are right here and you good sir are at the top of the list, SO hope we meet some day. And thanks for the kind words of the "setting". Thanks Brian. Not sure I'll ever get much earlier than the '38 ... not sure I could learn to clutch and shift one.... Semper Fi Marine.
  10. Just want to dedicate this page to in my opinion the greatest resource for literature and tech support of 1950's Buick on the world wide web. Started and maintained by a good friend in Germany Jan Olof Hansen many years ago when we were fierce contenders on eBay but finally made a pact of whoever bids first has the floor for bidding from then on. Obviously the guy was a faster draw than I. Please enjoy and please make purchases to help support the site! Careful though it has the tendency to hold you captive for hours!!! Click here to walk into HOMETOWN BUICK cc @HOMETOWN BUICK
  11. @pont35cpe in the address bar at the top of your computer screen page. just copy and paste it and it should turn into a clickable link, same with ebay items
  12. so tha's a '52 engine
  13. Most certainly the ones taken in the wagon