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  1. Hi! It was quite hectic this year as the crowds were huge! We'll be in Charlotte for sure if you're heading south in April!
  2. Terry - so glad I bumped into you! Glad we had a chance to talk. Joe - so great to meet you! Joel told me so much about your car, I was so glad to see that beautiful ride in person Marty - You're too sweet! Just doing what I love and am glad to help out. Glad we got to see you!! Hugs to Miss Dale
  3. I posted a link to a bunch of photos in a new thread
  4. While I'm not sure how many times I've been to Hershey - I think it's still under 10 times - this one is for sure one of the best! The weather was amazing, getting to see good friends and meeting new ones, all of the goodies in the flea market and the unbelievable show on Saturday made for one awesome event. Thank you to all involved Here are some photos: Flea Market - Museum - Car show -
  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the Hershey Region and everyone involved. It truly was a fantastic event! Good to see so many people walking around the flea market and the car show - it had to be record numbers!!
  6. I've was told this year I need a knee replacement and I'm not yet 50! I bought myself one of these to walk around Hershey this year cause I intend to keep up with the guys who aren't limping around lol
  7. I've got a soft brush of sorts that worked ok but it's been 14 years since she's had a bath so I guess more elbow grease is needed too lol
  8. Sorry.. going by what I was told. I always thought it was odd but honestly I've been buried lately with things to do and haven't actually researched myself. I also don't want to be dinged when I can enter her in HPOF lol. But I'm thrilled there's options. Thank you!!!
  9. I would rather one of these two options, however, from what I've seen so far, it wasn't a factory option
  10. I do love this car! It's my daily and will be in HPOF next year. I have the towing package, but she still boogies along nicely!!! I've said to my husband more then once, I'm so glad I got this car!!!!
  11. I don't think the Wagon came with an option for Impalla SS wheels. 😕 And on my woodie, I think they'd look funny!!!
  12. Hi all! My new (to me) 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic wagon has beautiful (insert sarcasm here) wire wheel hubcaps and while I loathe them, I of course have to keep them on the car as there wasn't another wheel option for this year... But, to keep them on, I want them to look as good as possible... what do you use on your hubcaps to get them and keep them clean? I bought a long handled soft brush that is bendable, but I need a good cleaning substance, something that sprays in and does a decent job of getting rid of the road grime and break dust.
  13. Yes thank you! Took another week after th trip but good now. HUGE variety of vehicles!!!
  14. While my car won't be an antique until next year, I just received my vanity plate and I think it fits my car perfectly!!!