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  1. We've thought about it but probably cannot make it
  2. I just did and it bounced back as a bad email.
  3. Mark, When will this tour have information available? - Eastern Divisional Tour in the Eastern Shore of Maryland on June 2-5, 2021 We've never done an AACA tour and hope to make this one our first! However, we need some information about it
  4. A Griffin - Here are the rules for judging 2020_Judging_Guidelines.pdf (aaca.org) There's a ton of information in there for new members who have not shown their vehicles. Honestly, it can be a bit confusing, however, go through the index and see where your car fits in. Read through it, then ask questions if it isn't clear
  5. NC has only opened up for a max of 25 indoor - unless you are at an arena or sporting event. Can AACA pull it off here? Right now - questionable, but by April/May/June = potential
  6. When will the link to sign up for judging be available?
  7. Hello! Me again Thanks Mark! Things were good, albeit, quiet as I am still recovering from knee replacement surgery! Hoping you all had a much less exciting time!! 2 questions - When will Charlotte be open for registering vehicles and judges? Joel and I are considering doing the MD tour in the beginning of June (if it is still on). For certain reasons, we cannot commit 100% on going until the end of April/beginning of May. When the registration opens up, can I register to hold our place and then cancel if things don't work out? Thanks to all me
  8. Mark - the calendar needs to be updated to move Puerto Rico to 2022 and the meeting to the new date. Now that PR has been cancelled, Joel and I may be able to do one of the amazing tours! Fingers crossed they don't get cancelled.
  9. No we didn't go right through Delco, but it was a Delco unit. Things have changed. We got it sorted out and got a new one but I'm getting my old one rebuilt. Thanks
  10. Got an AC Delco and a Remi and both were different from what is in my car and don't fit.
  11. That's exactly what I think I'll have to do - thanks for the tip
  12. Unfortunately, we won't be at either show Hoping for Puerto Rico to be our next show with AACA The Manatea is itching to meet all of her other "old" friends You stay safe too!!
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