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  1. I was at this show last year and the facility is amazing!!! the museum and all of the shops are wide open and the techs that work there are on hand to anwer any and all questions. This is a MUST go
  2. My first major purchase and my favorite vehicle - 1990 454SS.
  3. Yup!! Can't wait!
  4. No, Hershey will be our next AACA event. We're doing the Hot Rod Power Tour in June 😄
  5. We had a great time in Charlotte! Enjoyed seeing everyone, I had a great judging team - as always - and the weather couldn't have been much better! Here are our photos, thanks to Joel!
  6. I was wondering if the photos taken at the awards banquet were available to see?
  7. Betcha can't guess what this was on? Still have the plate in the garage.
  8. Thanks again!! Bernie & Frank - thanks for so much great info to watch out for. This is new territory as this is VERY different from the Burb and my 454SS Rock Auto has already gotten a few hundred in parts orders so far lol I know there will be more!
  9. Thanks everyone! I really can't wait to driver her... And Terry... if I had my way, one of those beauties would be mine!!!
  10. Hello! I wanted to share my new-to-me car. After selling my Suburban back in September, I've been looking for a station wagon... Preferably one 1970-1995, big block, bucket seats, not blue, and preferably GM (although I didn't say this out loud). I can't tell you how many cars I've looked at in that time! However, none really "spoke" to me, nor kept me thinking about it. I first looked at this on in the beginning of December - she's a 1995. While this one is blue, it doesn't have a BBC - but it does have an LT1 - nor does it have bucket seats (it has a split bench), it's in pretty good shape and bought from the original owner. There's been no modifications, mileage is around 114,000 miles and it's been sitting for a few years. We've already bought a few things, ordered a bunch of parts and will get started getting her running. Now I know this is not what most of you would pick up, this works for me as it needs to be my daily driver as well as my AACA car and I think this will work well in HPOF! If you have owned one and have anything you'd like to share about what to look for/watch out for, what was good or bad, please feel free to share. She won't be on the showfield this year obviously, but look for her in 2020!!
  11. I'm sorry I never got to see you Saturday My knees were really not in good shape and I was Chassis judge lol
  12. Here are our photos from the show: And NPD: