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  1. Thanks Marty! The pleasure was ours to share the time with you and Ms Dale Dad is doing well and his goal is attend Hershey!!!
  2. The link didn't work Marty 😞
  3. Before I buy these online, does anyone have a set of 4 in great condition for sale? If so, please send me the cost shipped to 27606. Hubcaps.com has them for $40 each. Thanks!
  4. Joel and I truly enjoyed ourselves on our first tour! If interested, below are links to the photos that Joel took on our trip, although it doesn't do the beauty of the WV mountains justice Day 1 - Spruce Knob & Seneca Rocks https://photos.app.goo.gl/pJXW83N7ZvqUqFu47 Day 2 - Railway museum https://photos.app.goo.gl/TwW7q1vpmfJug2rE8 Day 3 - Cass railroad https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tx7krY9hzEmeTYzV7 Day 4 - Smoke Hole Caverns https://photos.app.goo.gl/Baaokeu57VHwrwoU8 Day 5 - Blackwater Falls, Private Car Collection, Mulch Factory https://photos.app.goo.gl/xLsaYyTGHDh76wRC9
  5. Very nice! I bought my 95CCC wagon 2 years ago and absolutely love the car! Every time it's out - which is every day cause it's my daily driver - I have conversations with people that always start with "I remember when..." At the NC Region meet 2 weeks ago in New Bern, we couldn't walk away from the car as so many people came by to chat, reminisce and show their kids the rear-facing 3rd row. We're taking it on our first AACA tour next week in WV and cannot wait!
  6. Hi Jerry & Rita! Hope to see the Caddy out at shows! Would be great to see you both also! Annie
  7. I've got a 95 wagon that has the wire wheel covers and I cannot stand them lol I want to change them to one like the bottom over but am not sure if they were a stock option in 1995. Do you, by chance, know? Thanks either way!
  8. Hello! I'd love to find a blue cargo cover for my wagon. Does anyone happen to have one for sale and in good working shape? Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Can you get another battery for shows only? Then put the Optima back in when you are driving it around, etc? That would save one point. As for the AC - I'm not sure that you would be deducted for that since the components are all the same, correct? Radio - Do you have the stock components to put back into the car or is this a customer stereo installation?
  10. Welcome! Why wait for Fall?! There are plenty of other shows coming up - NY, IN, SC
  11. From what has been explained to me before, the Meet registration isn't online because the fees go to the hosting region first, then National gets reimbursed after the fact and most regions cannot take money online. I think I have that correct - however, please clarify if I missed something
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