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  1. AnniesSS

    New Editor needing guidance

    That's not current information. Editors submit to a Google drive folder and evaluators are given a list of newsletters to review between April-Oct/Nov each year. good Luck with it all Lisa! it can be fun and daunting all at the same time.
  2. AnniesSS

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    I wouldn't worry about the running boards as they are period correct. I had them on my Suburban and didn't get dinged for them. remove the cap, rain guards, put the stock wheels on with proper tires and go!
  3. AnniesSS

    Winter meet 2019 Ocala

    Got my email also
  4. AnniesSS

    Winter meet 2019 Ocala

    Still don't have a car or truck to show, but I'm booked for the show! I need me some Florida in February!
  5. It is simply gorgeous as is! Wish I could take it home as it's something I would love to have.
  6. AnniesSS

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Thank you - I was thinking the same thing
  7. AnniesSS

    Thank You

    Hi Charlie! YES! Definitely see you at the next event! Hopefully I'll have a car then too! lol
  8. AnniesSS

    NC Region Fall Meet

    I wanted to share photos from yesterday's NC Region Fall Meet hosted by the Furnitureland Chapter. The show is held at the NC Transportation Museum! It's a fantastic venue - even in the rain!
  9. AnniesSS

    Thank You

    Hi Mike!! So nice to meet you too!! Joel and I always say it's the people that makes this hobby so wonderful and we keep meeting more and more wonderful people. The money spent at the banquet is so worth it for the new friendships made and old one rekindled. ?
  10. The owner of that Suburban made me not want to buy it. He was quite rude so I walked away lol Definitely nice stuff out there!
  11. AnniesSS

    Hershey pictures?

    Alrighty, here's my google link to over 500 photos mostly taken by my husband Joel! Enjoy!
  12. Sadly, I found nothing that caught my eye in the car corral or the show field. I'm still looking tho!!!
  13. AnniesSS

    Thank You

    I agree - I kept saying to my husband and father in law, "I can't imagine how much work this was to put together every year!!" Just amazing... so well done, everything was great, although I'd love to see another beautiful day like 2017 Show Day in 2017 See you in 2019!
  14. AnniesSS

    Hershey pictures?

    I'll post my photos shortly - my husband did us right, as usual, and got lots of great photos of the cars pulling in