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  1. No we didn't go right through Delco, but it was a Delco unit. Things have changed. We got it sorted out and got a new one but I'm getting my old one rebuilt. Thanks
  2. Got an AC Delco and a Remi and both were different from what is in my car and don't fit.
  3. That's exactly what I think I'll have to do - thanks for the tip
  4. Unfortunately, we won't be at either show Hoping for Puerto Rico to be our next show with AACA The Manatea is itching to meet all of her other "old" friends You stay safe too!!
  5. Nope. They don't have the correct one. The ones they have are wrong with the wrong length of bolts. Already got 2 ordered in and they were both wrong... which is why I'm reaching out here to see if anyone actually has one out of a car that still works.
  6. Fingers crossed things start to get better and no more events are cancelled
  7. Hello friends, the starter in my car is going and trying to find a correct one has been daunting. Does anyone have one that is stock and correct? This same starter fits Sedans, wagons in Chevy, Buick, Olds with an LT1. Thanks so much!
  8. What state are you in? Did you pay for a 1 year renewal or less? Do you have to pay Property Taxes to receive your year sticker?
  9. Some day I hope to get a Perfect Attendance award.... once I don't have to go to work at least
  10. Yes sir! It's yours Let me find a box to safely ship it in.
  11. Hello! I had this on my 89 Burb until I sold it to a non-AACA person. I think your tow-vehicle needs this! It's just sitting on my shelf in the garage since no vehicles in our family have a tow hitch. It's yours - pay for shipping only.
  12. From the past 2 years of being at both Philly & Hershey, Philly has way more people because (I think) it's the only seminar going on at that time, where Hershey has, well, Hershey 😉 I too like the idea of an advanced Judging school and hope it becomes the norm 🙂
  13. Call any and every hotel you can find. Good luck!
  14. Just curious - any idea what color the interior is? I need blue parts for my 95 OCC
  15. This is the exact type of comment by anyone who says "it's just a used car". You're turning people away before they even get a chance to be a part of this club. Every person has an idea of what they like and what they don't. In 2033, a 2007 Magnum will be eligible to compete at AACA events. Have you seen that other people enter Vegas, Pintos and other "non-collectible" cars in these same shows? Do you walk up to them and tell them it's not a real collectible?
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