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  1. Some day I hope to get a Perfect Attendance award.... once I don't have to go to work at least
  2. Yes sir! It's yours Let me find a box to safely ship it in.
  3. Hello! I had this on my 89 Burb until I sold it to a non-AACA person. I think your tow-vehicle needs this! It's just sitting on my shelf in the garage since no vehicles in our family have a tow hitch. It's yours - pay for shipping only.
  4. From the past 2 years of being at both Philly & Hershey, Philly has way more people because (I think) it's the only seminar going on at that time, where Hershey has, well, Hershey 😉 I too like the idea of an advanced Judging school and hope it becomes the norm 🙂
  5. Just curious - any idea what color the interior is? I need blue parts for my 95 OCC
  6. This is the exact type of comment by anyone who says "it's just a used car". You're turning people away before they even get a chance to be a part of this club. Every person has an idea of what they like and what they don't. In 2033, a 2007 Magnum will be eligible to compete at AACA events. Have you seen that other people enter Vegas, Pintos and other "non-collectible" cars in these same shows? Do you walk up to them and tell them it's not a real collectible?
  7. great stuff!! Joel isn't a fan like I am, but if his dad is up for doing something, Joel will go too
  8. Over Thanksgiving weekend, we went to a Flea Market just South of the NC/SC border on Hwy 17. It looks like a bunch of shacks, but man were we not only impressed but were disappointed that many of the small sheds and buildings were empty! Between the four of us, we each found something great to bring home. Joel found this pair of plates - the same year as his Cutlass S I found this, I'm not even sure what to call it, but I think it's a greeting card of sorts with helpful information and a calendar. The last two photos were of some of the hood ornaments on the outside of the shed. He had early 20's lanterns and other stuff inside, but it was too dark to photograph.
  9. We did our first tour this year and had an amazing time!! Unfortunately, our vacations have been planned for the next 2 years, so hopefully in 2022 we will be back in it - pending the route, of course lol
  10. I haven't taken a picture of my new car, but here is my last truck at I showed at AACA - 1989 Chevy Suburban at Hershey in 2014 and my modified 1990 Chevy 454SS on the HRPT in Bristol
  11. Hi! It was quite hectic this year as the crowds were huge! We'll be in Charlotte for sure if you're heading south in April!
  12. Terry - so glad I bumped into you! Glad we had a chance to talk. Joe - so great to meet you! Joel told me so much about your car, I was so glad to see that beautiful ride in person Marty - You're too sweet! Just doing what I love and am glad to help out. Glad we got to see you!! Hugs to Miss Dale
  13. I posted a link to a bunch of photos in a new thread
  14. While I'm not sure how many times I've been to Hershey - I think it's still under 10 times - this one is for sure one of the best! The weather was amazing, getting to see good friends and meeting new ones, all of the goodies in the flea market and the unbelievable show on Saturday made for one awesome event. Thank you to all involved Here are some photos: Flea Market - Museum - Car show -