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  1. A few car owners/enthusiasts are in the process of putting a list together of survivors. The number stands at approximately 50 cars so far. I feel very lucky to be the temporary car taker of a 1911 670KC. They are great cars to drive. Its currently getting readied for the Transcon tour in the Spring. Jeff https://www.pathfinderstranscon.com/
  2. I have many fond memories of driving brass era cars that others owned. I think it’s the best way to get someone interested the hobby. We face an uphill battle to expose people to early cars and joys of touring. We are after all just temporary cars takers of these cars. Don’t let one bad experience dampen your enthusiasm for getting others behind the wheel.
  3. Stromberg EE-3 carburetor for sale for 1500.00
  4. Pierce arrow aluminum intake manifold for 48hp engine. In good shape and no visible cracks or repairs. 600.00
  5. Edmunds aluminum head new in box for Packard. 1500.00 (I think it fits a 356 straight )
  6. It has Locomobile on the tag
  7. Stromberg EE 3. Parts 300 OBO Sold
  8. Locomobile carburetor for sale. I think it’s for a 1914-1916 Locomobile but I’m not sure. 1400.00
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