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  1. An estimated 100 "Trans-Am" Javelins replicating Ronnie Kaplan's race cars were also produced.[51] All cars included the 390 cu in (6.4 L) V8 engine with heavy-duty and performance features along with the front and rear spoilers, and were also painted in AMC racing team's distinctive Matador Red, Frost White, and Commodore Blue "hash" paint scheme.[48] Designed to commemorate AMC's entry into SCCA racing,[53] the Trans-Am Javelin's retail price was $3,995.[51] from Wikipedia
  2. Some sniffing around on Google seems to indicate it might have something to do with farm tractors. Very vague references to the third terminal being used for lighting.
  3. Greg, $10 plus shipping, about $14 or thereabouts I would guess to CA.
  4. Location is always helpful information to include with an ad.
  5. Yes it does! Really cool replica car, only problem is that the doors on the passenger side are missing😀.
  6. Get out the dead horse, it’s time to start beating him again. This topic has been discussed so many times and the for or against EV groups have made their points so many times I’m not sure what’s left to discuss. Unless you have been on Mars for the last 20 years this is old news. Today is Earth Day so expect more info like this to be in the news today and most of the week.
  7. Don’t be shy to ask if any discount can be had. At many co-ops here in eastern PA there is a discount of XX% for purchases over $ZZ dollars. Depends on mall policy for larger discount by contacting seller for “best price”.
  8. Ok, your car has 600-18 Goodyear bias ply tires on it now, correct? You are asking if current manufactured tires marked 600/650-18 OR 650-18 can be used as a replacement. These new tires are of radial construction from the replies received so far. The information YOU need to provide to expand your initial question is the overall height of your existing tires from floor to top of tire as well as the tread width of the existing tire. Another related question would be if the bead construction of the new tires will be compatible with the rim of your Chrysler. Sometimes you just need to explai
  9. TerryB

    Air kit

    Doesn’t look like the spark plug adapters are in the box. The IH notation on the paperwork might give it a little more value to an IH collector.
  10. Yes, however there was a recent posting that Fastenal had discontinued this service due to Covid restrictions. You might want to check if this service has been reinstated. Maybe one of those small guys that move loads around the country might be interested. There was a “reality” TV show about them and how they bid against each other to get the job. I can’t seem to recall what it was called.
  11. Maybe chill them first to make them more rigid and then use sandpaper and a rotary turning device like a lathe?
  12. Lucky guy! It’s amazing that stuff is showing up and especially at a price like that! Gives hope to the rest of us.
  13. Might want to edit your post title to include Buick in it.
  14. Better than I expected based on the title of the ad, not as much project as I was expecting.
  15. Back in the 1970s my dad bought a Ford trailer of similar construction, was built on an old pickup frame and rear with a similar wood body.
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