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  1. No, I’m sure there are others who would like to go. My first car was a Pontiac and the brand has always been to me a performance and styling standout.
  2. Me too! Great tech demo on how the stuff works.
  3. Related to your statement, as a young lad I noticed my neighbor’s garage had a 4’ bump out in the front. I asked my neighbor why it was built that way. The answer was that his son was a commercial pilot with a decent income so he bought a new 1959 Cadillac and it was too long to park in the garage. He and his dad modified the garage to allow the Cadillac to fit in it. I think the same modification would be needed to hold this great looking Packard. Never let garage space stop you👍
  4. Check here, it’s a GearBox Fire truck https://www.ebay.com/itm/254525268018
  5. Looks to be a Murray pedal car. Show a pic of the front and the driver seat.
  6. For me and my buddies in high school a resounding yes, only difference was the age of the car. A Saturday Evening Post cover.
  7. From what I have seen on other items, the battery caps would pass for the style used in the 1930s and 1940s. If it was a brand like western auto, excide, or gould it would be easier to determine a date of manufacturing.
  8. I don’t think it would survive a drive around the block on a windy day!
  9. I like to see the early Chevrolet cars like yours. They seem to be forgotten in a sea of Model T cars. A local collector has one of the 1918? V8 Chevrolet cars that he brings to some local shows. Must be quite a switch to drive this compared to your luxury cars.
  10. It’s a bottle jack sold by automotive supply companies, about 20 ton rating. Still available https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive/jacks-jack-stands/bottle-jacks/20-ton-hydraulic-bottle-jack-66482.html