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  1. He was a brave (or silly) person to tap into the high voltage wires!
  2. I don’t recall seeing anything like this in PA. Lots of regular Mustangs, in fact my uncle had a 1968 that died from excessive rust. I like the style even if it’s nothing special in the power plant department. Living in the northeast, rust free Mustangs are a rare sight.
  3. Junkyardjeff is quite an artist with his miniature car and truck projects he posts here. I am no where near his talents but I do enjoy refurbishing them to a little better than when I get them. These two are from a large group I purchased from a relative of my wife who decided he no longer wanted them. The story is my wife’s never married aunt bought these toys at fine department stores in the 1950s and 1960s for her nephews and gave them out at birthdays and Christmas. She bought mostly Corgi Dinky and Solido toys that were often not replicas of cars common to the USA. Here are two from the group, a 1967 Solido Chaparral 2F and a 1958 Dinky (France) Vespa 400 2CV car that was a France market build. The Vespa was competition for the Citroen 2CV. As a kid in the 1950s-60s neither of these two cars would have ever been on my radar to have. The blue Vespa needed a good cleaning and tires. A trip to the local hardware store’s o-ring supply got me 4 tires for $1.29. The white Chaparral also needed cleaning and the rear wing reattached, it had been broken off. A little superglue and E6000 glue took care of that. Cleaning is a combination of kit brand Scratch Out, a gentle form of rubbing compound followed up with a light rub with Behold spray furniture polish.
  4. My son now living in CA sent me these photos of a 1968 California Special Mustang he spotted at a cars and coffee over the weekend. Apparently they are somewhat rare with less than 5000 built. The paint on this one might be original.
  5. Story is the tubes wear thin due to the extra side wall motion of radials vs bias ply tires. I have also heard that there are tubes designed for use with radials. Never had experience with this, just picked up in reading. A vintage tire vendor should have the facts.
  6. Personally l like old cars that are close to original. Hose clamps, battery changes, newer hoses and belts are ok to keep it running. Major changes to running gear, paint and trim have their place but it doesn’t do much for me. I appreciate their ability to engineer the change however I would not be a buyer of it. Changing one SBC like a 283 for a 350 and keeping the rest is not a big deal.
  7. There were some cut outs that used a fuse in the field circuit to protect the generator. The S and H connections are a little confusing.
  8. And when that fails hang on for the ride of your life!
  9. Check with a local motorcycle shop for help. Most new mc chains use press on master links so they should have equipment to assemble and break the chain.
  10. Unless I was looking for a career as a postal delivery driver I would not want a RHD car in the US. If RHD was the only option available for something historical then its ok but not if a LHD could be had. A friend of mine back in high school days bought a 1959 Morris Minor, a US market model. When you looked closely you could find all the mounting spots to convert it to RHD. He kept it with everything operating on the left side.
  11. That’s a sign you still have your sanity!
  12. Yes, old news. Was already discussed in another thread.