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  1. Not entirely true, my wheelchair ramp van was parked in the van parking spot with its wide side parking space needed to drop the ramp. When my wife and I came out of the store we had a blue card driver in the next available spot AND another blue card driver parked in the crosshatch area between me and that car. Very frustrating waiting for the driver of that illegally parked car to come out of the store. They couldn’t find an available handicap parking spot so they made their own. Grrrrr....
  2. Yes, Zoom is a way to have people to join in on a live meeting or discussion over the internet using either a computer, ipad type tablet or smartphone. A person or group is the meeting host, that means they have the controls to allow people to join in, be seen and /or heard in this gathering. Zoom is a software company and link creator that does all the work of linking the members together. Think of it as a giant old time telephone party line where everyone can both hear and also see each person on the party line. The group members invited to the meeting just need to click on the
  3. Washing the dirt off won’t affect value. A lot of brass / bronze items look better with the darker age patina rather than highly polished.
  4. On iPad you get pages of people as the number of participants increases, swipe across to see them all. It can be set up so the active speaker is highlited so you don’t have to screen swipe to find them.
  5. The 1484929 part number on the block puts it in the mid 1950s, possibly 1953-55 range.
  6. Someone would have to initiate the zoom meeting. They would need your email address to send you an invitation to join the zoom meeting. The recipient would need to have the zoom app on their computer, tablet or phone. The free zoom app allows up to 40 minutes of connect time. Not sure if the free app has a limit on how many can be on the same meeting.
  7. No I as I was one of those guys, living in the northeast US, who did not buy cars with air conditioning. Just another thing to go wrong as my father would say. My first car equipped with AC was in 1983. You may get better responses to your questions in the Buick section of this forum.
  8. I would guess the list was comprised by someone in their 40s or early 50s based on their choices. I remember test driving several of the cars on the list when they were new. Some I regret not purchasing due to my distrust of owning foreign cars and the servicing they might require later. Some of those cars were actually much more reliable that the domestic brands I chose instead.
  9. Have you looked at the Vintage Air website? Seems they are the most popular aftermarket air conditioning manufacturer.
  10. Book will be traveling to a new owner. Thanks, Terry
  11. Why is the new headliner in the trunk, shouldn’t it be in the passenger compartment🤷‍♂️?😀
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