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  1. I was always a Camaro GM guy but the Boss 302 Mustangs were the exception to that thinking. Great looking car.
  2. I believe one of the Studebaker clubs puts this show on its roster of events to attend. The large Studebaker presence has been going on for years.
  3. In the early days of the automobile, electric was one of the primary power choices like steam and gasoline. The gasoline auto was not embraced by everyone and Studebaker was more in favor of electric as seen with this 1905 model.
  4. When I think of hybrids it reminds me that when hybrids first came on the market, the goal was to increase fuel economy and reduce fuel cost. Later the plug in hybrids were introduced to add some green benefits to the use of battery power and to create a new sales feature. In my perspective, a plug in hybrid needs to get at least 50 miles of travel to be reasonably effective, the 25 mile rage ones just don't make practical sense. The plug in hybrids might be more of a stepping stone for technology in the development of full electric vehicles. I did see a plug in hybrid as the best choice f
  5. The emblem alone is quite desirable and the cover seems to be in fair shape. Sorry I cant give you an estimate of value.
  6. Greg, I didn’t ask but thought the same thing😀. They sent a video too of them getting it to turn over for the first time in about 15 years. They sure sounded like they were having fun!
  7. Peter, I mostly agree with your statement, my cause for disagreement is with youth and the automobile. I have a son who is not quite 30 yrs old and he and many of his friends enjoy the automotive hobby. The difference is they do not as much enjoy the really old cars that are the topic here most often. My sons group goes for cars with modern style like Porsche, BMW, the exotics like Lamborghini and yes even the electrics. He often sends me photos of events that include more diverse collection and brands of automobiles and there are many youthful faces in the crowds. It is true that for mos
  8. Two data sheets for 1949 Chrysler equipped with Carter carburetors, one for 6 cyl and one for 8 cyl. They are single sheets. Price is $2 each or both for $3 which includes mailing in the USA. Send me a PM if interested.
  9. A 22 page index of Carter carburetor index numbers and their application that was printed In January 1955. Included in the list are the later supplement numbers for replacements for the original carburetors. The index covers carburetors from the 1920s through 1954 and the make and model of cars, trucks and tractors they fit. Price is $7.00 which includes shipping in the USA. Send me a PM if interested.
  10. I live in Lancaster county PA, just down the road so to speak fromTMI. TMI was in the newspapers a lot and continues to be because the remaining working reactor has been shut down by its owners. The reason was price, TMI produced electricity was too expensive compared to other competing suppliers and they could not find buyers for the energy they produced. The owners asked for but did not receive state backed subsidies that would have made their electricity price competitive. This brings in another consideration for nuclear power generation, can it be done in a price competitive way withou
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