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    Old car fan for a long time. Started with a 1951 Pontiac in 1970 and moved up to a 1955 Chevy in 1972. Had a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton for a while until 2010 and then a 1964 Plymouth with 49,000 miles since new up until Aug 2012. Currently have a 1964 Vespa and 1970 Yamaha Enduro 90cc. Retired / disabled from a car-mc crash in 2012.

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  1. TerryB

    1949 Dodge Coronet Radio Tone Control

    Take the cover off the radio and look inside. Should be able to trace the mechanism that makes the change.
  2. Olds was looking at all forms of propulsion for his early automobile. Gas might have been a reference to a steam powered car that used a natural gas burner to make steam?
  3. TerryB

    5 wheels looking for a new home

    Any markings stamped into the wheels? That would help with figuring out their application.
  4. TerryB

    Funny Sign at Tire Shop about the Snow

    I recall the “good old days” when snow tire installation was a late fall ritual along with checking or replacing spark plugs, points rotor, distributor cap, checking antifreeze with one of those cheap floating ball gauges and cleaning the battery cables. All to insure the best possible chance the car would start and go in the snow and cold. Putting some dry gas in the tank didn’t hurt either. I did not necessarily find joy in the process but at least I had some what of a warm fuzzy feeling that I was ready for nature to throw it’s best shot at me. A good old warm Army wool blanket and a decent ice scraper rounded out the prep. I also got some nice auto related calendars from the tire shop that sold new and recap snow treads as a bonus!
  5. TerryB

    ‘60s Olds/Buick question

    Go to eBay and search for 1960 Oldsmobile sales brochure. Some pics in the brochure show a good shot of the dash layout.
  6. TerryB

    Crazy Days (Life)

    I hope you can get your life back on track especially with employment. I keep hearing companies can’t find enough help these days so I would think finding a job is not as big a challenge as it once was and that should be good news for you. A hint, don’t be too fussy about what you think you want to do, some opportunities are not always as clear to see as you think they should be. Terry
  7. TerryB

    Speedo glass ID help

    Chrysler late 1940s, perhaps 1948-49?
  8. TerryB

    Can Anyone Identify This?

    SW would be Stuart Warner. Looks like motorcycle from the size.
  9. TerryB

    1930 Whippet $6500

    Willys Overland Car. Whippet is a breed of dog, like a greyhound known for its speed.
  10. Zbart would have been a busy place on that island! Never saw rust like that.
  11. TerryB

    Vintage Dash Plaques on Ebay

    Yep, link needs some help.
  12. TerryB

    403 Peugeot

    If you owned 5 you are the club!
  13. TerryB


    Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania! Been helping the Mrs make cookies for the holiday, one of our long standing traditions.
  14. TerryB

    Getting the perfect shot ain't easy

    Neat photo Matt! I regret never doing a Christmas card scene with any of my vehicles. Sure does help get you in the spirit with pics like yours and the others that have been posted recently.If your shop was in the sunny south it just wouldn’t have the same effect!
  15. TerryB

    Fink Bread Truck

    Can you get entry information from the AACA? Maybe it won an award along the way and that information might be out there too. It probably won’t be recorded as a bread truck so you will “knead” 😀 to know what manufacturer made it. A picture would help too!