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  1. Lots of YouTube videos on the subject, I would start there to see if it’s something you would want to do.
  2. The body style of the 1940 Plymouths seem to be more appealing to me than the 1940 Dodges. The missing chrome strips don’t even seem to be out of place.
  3. Yes, I know all too well about budgets. The last picture in your set, the white door opening, would be cause for concern for me. Seems like body work was done and now it’s not too sound. I just wanted to show how a good body job would appear. Mustang designers were not charged with making the car last 50 years so finding one with as few of problems possible for X dollars takes a lot of looking. All the best in your search!
  4. I’m very close to an up and coming automotive design personality. We share the same last name and when he’s on the east coast he even stays at my home. I won’t mention the brand of automobile to avoid the usual firestorm of negative comments.
  5. Take a look at this, it’s a Cougar which is really a fancy Mustang. This is what a well sorted automobile will look like. Mr. Harwood is a regular on this site. https://www.harwoodmotors.com/vehicles/inventory_details.php?id=1370
  6. Kinda looks like an escapee from an amusement park ride😀.
  7. Here are instructions from the Grey-Rock brake book from 1955. Maybe this will be helpful.
  8. I saw Bullitt in the movie theater when it first came out. It was me and my car loving buddies who were just getting our drivers license at the time. We were in awe of the chase scenes and we were immediately fans of the Dodge Charger. Steve in his Mustang wasn’t too bad either.
  9. Hands down it’s Steve McQueen in Bullitt for me.
  10. Forgot to add, yesterday she came home with a Matchbox toy storage box with 48 slots that were filled. Unfortunately only 8 toys were Matchbox or Hot Wheels but that’s ok!
  11. Jim, selling it “as is” might happen. My wife got it at a friend’s yard sale along with a few other small toys. She buys stuff like this to keep me out of trouble and to give me something do during the day at my workbench in the garage. It’s a cycle of find, buy, tinker with it to fix it up and then most likely sell it. I appreciate your info about the car and the bumper. I’m having fun giving it a reconditioning before it goes “on the lot” for resale.
  12. You should list your location, USA is a big place. It will be expensive to ship a complete engine so indicating your state would be helpful.
  13. You are thinking of a hydraulic operated clutch. Not sure Mustang had that in that timeframe.
  14. Sounds like a hack job. A high performance pressure plate used with high hp output might have been used but with all the other stuff going on it seems like a marginal job was done during the conversion.
  15. Price seems low for the condition. Not much info in the ad about running condition. Scam?
  16. That would be the right shape for 1963 too. Too bad the year is stamped in the bumper.
  17. Found a relay assembly in the transmission section. Shows part number 1113084.
  18. Meanwhile back at the Dinky Toys bus project….. The bad paint job has been removed using paint stripper and now the bus is once again going through the prep for paint routine. I’ve removed the paint that didn’t come off with the stripper application and I’ve sanded it with 600 grit paper. Next is to wash it with soap and water to ensure no stripper residue is on it and then give it a coat of primer. That step is on hold as we are dog sitting the neighbors White terrier dog and I’ve promised I won’t do anything to change the dog’s color to grey primer or school bus yellow. The dog sitting is all this week so hopefully next week the paint will resume.
  19. My wife went to a friends yard sale and brought home this nice little red car that was in a box of toys for sale. 1963 Ford Falcon promo car! It has issues as most do with the plastic deforming. The tires were covered with something, maybe dried white latex paint that I was able to clean off. The one thing it is missing is the rear bumper. Anybody know a salvage yard for promo car parts? Been checking eBay but no luck so far. I would think an AMT model kit bumper would work too.
  20. Bruce, if you mean the kick down switch on the transmission it’s 1113105 in my parts book.
  21. I like this car, sure seems like a great value for the $$$$.
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