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    Love to restore cars for myself and others . We do the Glidden tour most years . Belong to Gettysburg Region Also do tours with our 66 Plymouth.

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  1. John that would be a great car for you Kings32
  2. That's all I use on prewar cars . Learned that Lesson years ago , I have some tell it will work . Tried it on my car to see . Kings32
  3. do you just want the shoes relined ? What is the year and make of car ? I do relining in my shop Kings32
  4. Kuik Poly is on longer being made . Company closed , Talked to Resto Supply this week . Kings32
  5. I have a extra one it has not been checked , but can be done . PM me Kings32
  6. I have been blasting for years many whole cars large parts . Never have seen warping . I use a large compressor { compressor size has nothing to do with warping its the pressure } I use about 110 LBs With alarge Maco Blaster . Have done panls on a 1916 Overland , 1972 MGB this summer . I It is dirty job , I use a pressure fed helmet off a second compressor . Kings32
  7. Roger I se you have a 17 Overland . I am doing a 1916 model 75 Would like to get with you at Philly Kings32
  8. Get a time and place , I will be there Kings32 . It was nice to talk to some of you ,like to meet others .
  9. I have the parts, Sent you a PM . Can get them off and ship . Kings32
  10. I measured the 30 Oakland ,19 1/2 4'' mounting holes . Want a picture ? Kings32
  11. You need the top and bottom parts ? Need to dig it out of the snow . Should be able to put it in post office box I think they are about 15 . $ 15 for the part . Kings 32 . do you need any other parts ,going to scrap the car this summer . shame it ran 2 years ago .
  12. I have a 1950 Windsor Parts car . Will lok when I go out Kings32
  13. I have a rear mount off a 1930 Oakland do you still need one ? Kings32
  14. Mels in Ohio he made the ones I needed for 1916 Overland , price was right . Kings32