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  1. My 38 Chrysler has one no it ,don't think it works or it mybe the radio itself . Don't use the radio in any of my cars .Kings32
  2. The center is the that cracks the most but thanks still looking for a center , have had good with welding the cracked one . Kings32
  3. My wifes Chrysler use oil I think parts is this 0w20 oil Kings32
  4. These guys know what they are doing some people are so negative.Kings32
  5. I don't have the part right now it is a welding shop , they are trying to weld . Having trouble with what kind one metal it is ,they don't think it is cast iron . king32
  6. I am looking for a 1938 Imperial exhaust manifold Put in Chrysler post no responce . My manifold has a crack and having trouble getting it fixed. It is a 8 cyl Kings32
  7. I talked to mark today He can do all these things and more . Howard
  8. Still looking for exhaust manfiold for a C19 . Tryed to get one from a fellow in Texas things didn't seem right . would not talk on the phone , any oneknow of one or some that may have one Howard Kings32
  9. They have done these things for me , Call them talk to Mark . Howard
  10. My granddaughter is getting maried to a couple weeks . Going to use my 1932 chevy , it has seen a few weddings . She been on a number of national tours in that car Kings32
  11. Mark Small Machine Westminster Maryland 410 975 3340 King
  12. I have a shop in Maryland I use has done older engines than that . Does great work .kings32
  13. I am looking for a exhaust manifold for a 1938 chrysler C18 . Mine is cracked . Try welding it no luck yet . Howard
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