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  1. Not all of us have the income to build or buy what we want ! Kings32
  2. Librandi's Have used them on many cars , good turn around and stand with there work . king32
  3. My mail comes through Baltimore , Have been getting in about three days . Now Fedex Has been really bad here .Left packets at the mail box and people take them. My drive is about half mile in the woods . Kings32
  4. All work was done by engine shop that I use here. Kings32
  5. I got to spend the the day with my draugher son in law granddaughter and her new husband .What a great day Kings32
  6. No driving school for me ,when I was 18 my mother gave me the keys to our car 1957 Fury and told me to drive . I took my test in that car { auto trans } I learned to drive a stick on army trucks in Vietman . Have drove every thing from Firetrucks to trucks and trailers .king32
  7. I have a pit in my garage , Would not have a garage without one . Would put it a foot deeper if doing it again . Drive large cars over it all the time never have a problem . I have seen cars come off lifts , In pro shops and home shops . Kings32
  8. I have a 1930 Oakland 4 dr I restored this car about two years ago it does not have any vib in the engine , my engine builder didn't have any trouble with it . Great car to drive. King32
  9. I am going to putting my 1930 Oakland 4dr up for sale soon , Totally restored .
  10. I don't have Paypal. The cost mailing is $ 7.75 Plus the $ 10 I will ship and you can send check OK Howard
  11. I have the manual Try to get to po to find shipping cost . I want $10 for the manual . Howard
  12. Gillden I have done 14 ,great people and 5 days of road trips . Cars are pre2ww Kings32
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