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  1. Applewood motors out of Inwood WV . I drove for them for awhile . Bruce a very honest guy ,drivers take care of cars like they would own them. Kings32
  2. Most good auto paint stores can do that
  3. I founda company that will make any radiator in brass or alumin .
  4. As a retired firefighter and lost a garage with cars Iknow what they are going though . When you build don't cut corners Sprinklers are best but some places make it hard to put them in . I tryed . Kings32
  5. replaced have my lites does agreat job . Those pictures of your garages are to clean to be working in ! Howard
  6. I need a new radiator for my 38 Chrysler .
  7. In Hanover pa is a great place have done a couple for me Kings32
  8. We all have to slow down sometime ,even we don't see it yet ! kings32
  9. Take off switch atbottom and clip should pull out from top . kings32
  10. My wife has bought most of the cars we own. King32
  11. I was a professioal Firefighter for 30 years . I remember climbing the 100ft ladders , wouldn't do it today .Kings32
  12. You can get them from headquarters . I have them on both my trailers. Can't be scared of every thing makes you crazy. king32
  13. Dave I have a shop that I use, her in Mt Airy . He has built Many engines for my Shop Every thing from a 1916 overland to a 1966 318 . He has been doing this many years and his father before Him . Call me we can talk .Howard King
  14. I would be in for a botton or two Kings32
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