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  1. Let's put it this way, John: I've never owned a vehicle that mice COULDN'T get into, and I suspect that no vehicle was ever built that CAN be made entirely mouse-proof.
  2. Jack, Our cars are stored outdoors under a carport, so I think that storing them under plastic drop cloths would do more harm than good. Jeff
  3. Mark, Thanks. The cars are a 1970 Chrysler 300 and a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass; that's a LOT of bedsheet . . . 😵 Jeff
  4. Restorer 32, I will give this method a try! Since the car is my wire's, I will "accidentally" forget to tell her that I have placed the black snake inside. This should result in a good story . . . and a good beating for me! 😆 Jeff
  5. dictator27, how does the Animal b gon max smell?
  6. I need new car covers for two of my cars (1970 Chrysler 300, 1976 Olds Cutlass Salon). These are decent cars (1 HPOF, 1 DPC) that live under a carport and have historically been covered with soft California Car Cover Stormweave covers (IIRC --- CCCC names have all changed now). If you have looked at the current prices on CCCC 😵, you will understand why I am posting this query. So: has anyone had a good experience with any affordable soft outdoor car covers for big cars such as these . . . covers that are NOT made of scratchy, plastic-y dropcloth-type material? Jeff
  7. Unfortunately, it will also keep ME away from the ca's interior; I can't stand the smell of that soap, either! 😄
  8. Bill, Thanks. Don't worry; I won't use poison. I have cats. Jeff
  9. chistech, I disagree about the absence of dead mouse odor. I once had a 1961 Chrysler that smelled so badly that I could hardly stand to drive it; I eventually found the huge vacant nest (complete with dead "resident") beneath the rear seat. I removed it; problem solved. Thanks, Dave. They have also nested in our HVAC blower plenum, so I am familiar with this problem as well. They use the car's own interior insulation material as well as paper napkins kept in the glove box for material; no more napkins in there now. You and Graham Man bring up an excellent point: I don't want them leaving the car with a belly full of poison and potentially poisoning my cats or wildlife. Jeff
  10. Thanks, guys. I was thinking more along the lines of repelling them rather than killing them since I don't want them to die in an inaccessible part of the car, but these products could be a possibility if I can't come up with anything else.
  11. Mice have been nesting in the glove box of our 1987 BMW 325e on a regular basis for some time now. I clean them out, and back they come (perhaps they never "left" but simply migrated elsewhere in the car; I don't know). The car in question is an HPOF vehicle and it is actually driven fairly often, so this is even more of a mystery to me . . . and I don't seem to have this problem with our other cars. So: what can I put in the glove box (or anywhere in the car) that will keep them out? I would rather not go the "mothballs route" if possible. Jeff Dreibus
  12. I finally found the pages I needed --- here they are! http://restorecarsclassifieds.com/wiki/search.php?action=articles_simple&phrase=1934+stromberg+downdraft+carburetor+jet+specifications&search_kind=and After much trial and error, I searched "1934 stromberg downdraft carburetor jet specifications" on the restorecarsclassifieds site and that is what I got. I suppose that similar results could be obtained searching other years/brands of carburetors as needed. Thanks to everyone for their responses! Jeff Dreibus The Old Carb Doctor
  13. Thanks, Viv. What I am working on is a Stromberg EE-22 10-6 for 1934 Packard Super 8. It is sizes of all jets and power valve drilling in which I am most interested. Jeff
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