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  1. I recently had a interesting experience with Mr. Ficken. I called him about my wiper motor for my Packard Twelve. He told me to throw it away , because that it would have a distorted pot metal casting and either it would bind or leak vacuum. I mentioned that I would look for another either NOS or one that I would test before I bought , he said that even if it was new it could be distorted. I did find one that was in a box marked rebuilt, I called Mr Ficken and asked him to rebuild it, of course I got to hear about my odds of success. I sent it to him and a week latter he called and explained that not only was the motor was not warped it did not need any parts as everything looked new . Total charge on my credit card $15.00 shipping
  2. Well everyone I can not help myself, I have a car with a equally rare component, nearly as rare in the real world as Corinthian leather, my car has Carpathian Elm on the dashboard. I am sure that there are people on this forum that know this is almost as rare as gopher wood (Noah’s ark), But only a few thousand cubits worth
  3. Kurtruk, did you get a chance to look cars over? I am 3 hours away and I wish I could just pop over, but they never make it easy when they do not pin down time or date
  4. When I bought my first car in high school in 1974 it was a 68 Olds Toronado , rather big car but it looked sporty, a few years latter I bought a 1978 Toronado which not only was it a big car, it looked even bigger. A friend who was a teacher nicknamed my car “ Boaticus Maximus “ I do not think he taught Latin, but it makes me laugh when I remember those days
  5. Just a thought some of those knife disconnect are not good at high amp 6 volt, remember the basic rule, cut the voltage in half this doubles amps. I suspect these switches work ok with 12 volt. I would suggest the Cole- Hershey switch they are standard issue on Caterpillar equipment. Michael it would also help if you could tell us if your car does not spin over fast when it has been sitting for a day or 2 or how about after a long drive with all the accessories on ? If it is consistently slow, besides the cable size as has already been talked about how about checking the ignition which may be to far advanced, just a thought
  6. A friend of mine who is a California Highway Patrol Officer told me that he pulled along side a car at highway speed and the female driver was putting on pantyhose. He said he was going to hit the siren, but thought better of it as who knows how many lanes of traffic she would have taken out (besides it gave him a story to tell and laugh about)
  7. Sorry all, I may have to either learn how to use my iPhone or learn how to drive standing on my head
  8. I am not sure of the exact brown you are looking for, but I found a great alternative to wrinkle paint. I recently did the interior of my 1936 gmc pickup with wrinkle powder coat. I bought the product from Jim Carter truck parts and had a local powder coat shop spray it, it looks amazing
  9. I am in California, I usually get alerts when someone responds , my apologies for not getting back to you. I will call tomorrow, thank you
  10. I have a 2005 gnc Yukon that I bought in 2007 that had 19,000 miles on it, today it has 485,000 miles (not kilometers) I have not touched the rear axle it transmission, can’t say that about the engine except I can honestly say that other than oil changes and a waterpump j did not even change spark plugs till 2015
  11. I am a owner of a 1993 that I bought from the original family that ordered it new. It has 27,000 mile on a garage kept California car. I think The Allante is a neat car to own. Some would say it is what brought Cadillac into the next century, others would say that it was one of the biggest money Pits that GM got into. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Personally I like the fact that they made about as many Allantes from 1986 to 1993 as Packard made V-12 a , round number slightly over 20,000 more or less. These cars were also in the $50 to &60 K price range when new. I would say that good advice is to spend more and buy the absolute best example you can find ,of course when I am asked that is the advice I give to anyone who is interested in buying vintage cars ( ask me how I learned) . Please PM me if you are looking at buying one,
  12. 1935 Buick head to fit a model 61or a suggestion of who might have one for sale. I know miracles can be performed on rare unobtainium heads, however I would rather not go down that route if it can be avoided,
  13. John, I might be interested in this carb, I recently bought a replacement carb for my 1928 Buick and has not run right since, tomorrow I will check numbers on mine, please do not listen to those that say trash it,
  14. Do not know my Chrysler products, what year/model are we looking at?
  15. I agree with most all that has been, except the comments about the past 20 years the engineering budget has been used for reliability and longevity. I would say more like emissions / environmental and recyclability