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  1. I pulled the pan on my 37 Hudson coupe’s 212 engine last year when I did a re-fresh of the engine. I was shocked at the sledge this 38k mile engine had in the pan! I know it’s extra work but to be safe I would highly recommend pulling the pan & cleaning it out really well. Pan gaskets are readily available or go easy on the RTV so it doesn’t squeeze out to the inside of the pan & cause more issues. Are you 100% sure it’s a 202 motor? I was thinking those were for the Jet only. I would have guessed it to be a 262 big 6 engine. If it is a 262 you can put a 232 head on it to give it a nice bump in compression!
  2. K-Gap closed & now Doug Wildrick has their products & sells most of what they had before. I’d also checked with the Wildrick’s but no luck.
  3. I’m restoring a very rare 1937 Hudson business coupe, only 1 of 3 known left in existence. I’m searching for a variety of items but right now the main items I am looking for are exterior body chrome pieces. Particularly the grill chrome ornament base, the plastic ornament itself, grill badge below the ornament and center chrome for the grill. If you had any other exterior chrome pieces or parts in general for this car please reach out to me. I am part of the Hudson club & have been searching there for many many years both on their on line forum and their monthly magazine. Below is an example photo, but doesn’t have to be exactly like the pictures. I would even consider a terraplane “cigar” at this point! Thanks!
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