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  1. I paid 100.00 for a 66 Chevelle and took on a 30 mile each way commute with it after making some cheap quick fixes, but that was back in the day.. 1985.
  2. I dont mind accepting someone else's adea of style in modification, seems ok and I like the dark red. As long as it's all done in a goodly way and not hacked. The style is what I like.
  3. That's really neat. Apparently, Dale house cars were car conversions. https://greatdalehousecar.com/
  4. https://pueblo.craigslist.org/cto/d/pueblo-great-dale-house-car-pontiac/7301889425.html The ultimate travel rig!
  5. I painted some rusty bike parts with VHS ceramic silver header paint with satin clearcoat, after bead blasting and sanding, it came out like nickel plate.
  6. I ordered this analyzer on ebay, the unit has instructions on the back that describe reversing the leads for positive ground systems.
  7. Looks great but the blue seats are a mismatch. Gray would have been better.
  8. With my car up on Jack stands, I was going to buy brake shoes and shocks, but now I see there is a way out.
  9. Bet the front seat fabric is decent under that cover. I think the fog lights would look cool in place of the missing lenses and body mounted Guide blinker lamps installed. I would use the Hollywood rack as a moped rack and put the spare in the trunk. Not original preservation I know but for the price why not have fun with it. Woukd be a hit pulling up to a moped rally.
  10. That tester should do the job if it is compatible with the positive ground for some tests. Since the pickup is inductive and it runs on it's own power source, the 6Vcar's voltage shouldn't be an issue.
  11. I would like to hook up an RPM gauge to my stock 6V 55 Wasp 202ci hydromatic for tuning and to check the RPM at various driving speeds to see if there is any slipping going on. I found a bunch of old engine analyzers on ebay for under $50.00 shipped. They are untested for the most part. Those would be good for tuning, they have a points condition and dwell mode also, but I would like to buy something that I know is correct. I have a timing light that I use on a 12V motorcycle battery. What are you guys using for tuning?
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