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  1. That engine has been out in the weather for some time. I think some swapping of parts occured between this truck and the green one behind it. The green wheels are on the red one. Perhaps the seller reassembled the green truck with the more favorable components of the red one.
  2. I dont have fb but will check it out tomorrow on my buddy's phone just out of interest. My garage is full now, I'm maxed out.
  3. I always wanted a doodlebug to make a 20s dirt track racer out of.
  4. I see the crank with the rag on it, no electric start?
  5. I checked it out Steve, looks like a great show. I found out a day too late but hopefully next year.
  6. Paint it crazy colors, and tour with Grateful Dead cover bands? Or do wine tasting tours in Yakima.
  7. Just looking for the broken headlight lense will be a pita. I like the styling though.
  8. That tar based flooring crumbles like crazy after 50 years. The utility body style is real neat, would be a great car for camping at music festivals or hauling stuff.
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