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  1. Has anyone had any luck using radiator stop leak? And if so which brand works best? I used rust remover in my radiator on my old Buick and I think it worked too well. I noticed a small leak by the lower radiator hose connection. I saw that the cross frame has a wet spot but I can't really see it dripping out. It's a 35 Buick which means I have to pull the grill shell to remove the radiator, what a pain! I'll try the stop leak first. Thanks,Greg.
  2. On Craigslist somebody is selling a nice banjo steering wheel for a 37 Buick and wondered if it would fit a 35,40 series. It's uncracked ivory with straight spokes but then it doesn't appear to have a horn button. Greg.
  3. Someone once told me if I were a car Id be a Packard because I get hot so fast! I don't know if that's true or not,I never owned a Packard.
  4. I'm getting ready to install the chrome strip that goes from the front to the back of my running board and fenders and maby a dumb question but one end is pointed and the other end is curved either up or down. Which is the correct way to install it? Pointed end front or rear and curved end up or down? Before I installed them with the pointed end at the rear and the curve up in the front.Thanks,Greg.
  5. Thanks,but I've decided to use fender welt. Greg.
  6. I saw somebody on e-mail has running board trim and pieces(just one side and need work)for a 35 Buick. Are they only used on the larger series? I have a 40 series.I think fender welt is appropiate.Correct me if I'm wrong,Thanks. Greg
  7. I'm wondering what goes on the very top edge of the running board where it contacts the body under the door sills. Fender welt? There's a lot of small rivets there now. Thanks,Greg.
  8. Is it possible to install the running boards as an assembly,with the matt already secured to the metal running board? I just thought it would be easier to assemble them on the work bench and then install them on the car.I thought about taping the four bolts in place on top of the board with gorilla tape.Thanks.Greg.
  9. I just got my running boards for my 35 back from being sand blasted and am trying to decide whether to use Por-15 on the bottom of them or just primer and rustoleum. I like Por-15 but it's expensive.Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Just curious,why are you getting rid of them,going to radials? I would definitely be interested but I'm not local. I have a friend with a motor home who's in Pennsylvania now if he could pick them up for me but I'm not sure. He might be headed back to Florida. I could use a new set for my 35 Buick since mine are starting to dry rott. Greg
  11. Not mine and not sure how to fwd.add to this site but on Craigslist space coast fl.under barter is a 56 Pontiac Chieftan 2 door for $2500? Says it runs and shifts good,good floors.Greg.
  12. My tires will need replacing in the near future,not because of tread wear but because of cracking. They're probably at least 40 years old. They're on a 1935 Buick and they're wide whitewalls. To keep it more authentic were black walls used more in the 30s or white or is it just a personal preference? I think old vintage movies with cars in them had black walls but I could be wrong. Most restored cars of that era seem to have whitewalls. Thanks,Greg.
  13. I hate when that happens. A few months ago I couldn't find a door handle for my 35 40 series. I finally found it sitting in my tool box drawer.I have an extra pump but no pully.Good luck.
  14. I've taken pictures of the parts I need,ones o.k.but two would be great. Thanks,Greg.