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  1. Sooorry! I thought I was doing people a favor for informing them,from now on I'll keep the information to myself.
  2. I wonder if it does need a torque converter how hard are they to come by or if a th 350 would bolt up.
  3. On Space coast Fl. Craigslist under barter,looks to be in good shape except needing torque converter.Sorry I can't load pictures.Tempting.
  4. On Orlando Fl.craigslist.Don't know how to send ad,sorry.Looks like a good one to restore.
  5. I checked Craigslist again and it wasn't there.
  6. Fl.Craigslist space coast.Looks like good body and interior,41000 miles.Picture shows alternator missing?Sorry I don't know how to load pictures but it sounds cheap enough.Greg
  7. How did that come about and what other superstitions about car buying have you heard of? My wife won t buy a yellow car because she thinks they're lemons.I heard not to buy a car that was made on a Monday but how can you know?
  8. Hi,I just got back from the post office and they said$21 to ship it so I guess $60 total of that's o.k.Greg.
  9. Not sure how to access my PM but what's your address?Greg
  10. How about $40 plus shipping?They might need light bulbs.
  11. Fog-King not fog-long,I hate spell checking!
  12. I bought these a few years ago when I thought I'd add turn signals to my 35 Buick but decided not to use them. They are made by fog-long and has a red lenses in one and green in the other with an arrow in each,Its hard to see from the pictures. One is missing the mounting bracket.Some slight rust but should clean up. Trying to save up for a new set of tires instead. Thanks for looking.Greg
  13. sounds good and let me know if a money order is o.k.Thanks.
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