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  1. Hi Jim,I have decided to try and do my own paint and bodywork on my 35, I can't wait any longer for the guy in Titusville. So far it's going o.k. I have a question that mab y you can help me with. On the sides of my grille shell there are two quarter in size holes on either side that don't seem to serve any purpose. They are below the radiator support and are on a diagonal about an inch apart? Could you look at yours and tell me if anything is suppose to be attached there on the inside maby? Thanks,I'll keep you posted, I'm still trying to decide which type of paint to use. I know I don't want to use clear coat.Greg.
  2. Hi,I'm repainting my 35 Buick,trying it myself wish me luck. Anyway my grille shell has two quarter inch holes on each side below the radiator support mounting holes that don't seem to attach to anything, or are they supposed to? Last time it was done there were sheet metal screws covering the holes screwed into a metal plate then filled in to make them look like rivets. Id send a picture but I'm not sure how but if someone could send me one of theirs,a side view, I would appreciate it. Thanks,Greg. I also have two holes on the left side of my cowling going horizontally. Mab y for a side mount fender? I don't think for an antenna because they're like I say,sideways.
  3. Stupid spell checking on my computer.
  4. I had my headlight buckets lambasted for my 35 Buick and I noticed some number/letter stamping on the rear of them. I can only make out a little of it. Does anyone know what it's supposed to be? Just wondered, Thanks,non chromed buckets,35 Buick,41 series. Greg.
  5. Which paint is the most user friendly for an amateur as far as application and outcome? I don't want to use clear coat or laquer. Thanks.Greg.
  6. Has anyone tried brushing on Valspar paint on small car parts with success? I needed touch up paint an Lowe's was able to computer match my color. Also I tried brushing it on with a soft brush and it has some brush marks,can they be sanded and buffed or am I better off to remove the paint and start over with the hood auto paint. Thanks, Greg.
  7. I'm getting ready to try and repaint my 35 Buick,wish me luck.I want to know if it is best to do a single stage or base coat /clear coat on an old car or does it matter.It was nitrocelleuous laquer but that was done forty years ago then redone in Imron. What do most restorers of vintage cars use and which is the easiest to work with? It's going green again. Thanks for any input. Oh and epoxy primer or not,it's bare metal.Greg in Florida.
  8. I'm watching the movie "up in smoke" and I think it would be cool to build a can like that for car shows,not from weed of course. It looks like mab y 54 Cadillac rear fenders?
  9. Hi,I've posted this before but has since added fog lights and original type radio and painted pin striping. I'm just seeing if someone wants to do an even trade for my 74 chrome bumper MGB. Can try to send pictures if I get pictures and am interested. It's white with like new black top and interior,paint not perfect but not bad,non overdrive. I just want something a little bigger,foreign or domestic from teens through sixties. Mine runs great! Just time for a change.Cars in Florida,automatic is o.k.
  10. Buick35

    Spark plugs

    No longer in need of them,Thanks anyway.
  11. Just saw one in Florida Daytona craigslist for 10000 but it's a 1940. Greg.
  12. Not mine but on Daytona Fls. Craigslist there's a 1940 Morgan for $10000. Not sure if it's a good deal or not,looks pretty complete. Greg.
  13. I've heard of having your own Webb site but that dash is ridiculous! Interior doesn't look bad to me.I didn't think they had automatics back then. Greg.
  14. On fl. Space coast Craigslist today someone is advertising "old car for sale" he has no idea what kind,year or what to ask. I passed on this forum website to him it looks to me like a 30s British limo of some type with a divider window and RHD. nv7tf-6783110973@sale.craigslist.org. Just curious also as to what it is. Greg.