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  1. I have the upper support for my exhaust hanger on my 35 Buick 41 series but what dose the part look like that secured the exhaust pipe to it look like and dose anyone have one? Right now I'm just using a metal strap but I don't think that's what it had originally.Thanks
  2. Thanks,I thought maybe it did because I have some holes along the edge.
  3. Is there supposed to be a chrome strip along the lower edge of the dash on a 41 series 1935? Just curious.Mine has small holes along the bottom edge and someone sent me a picture of a dash he has to sell with the strip but it's way different than mine on the bottom.It must be older or from a larger series.Greg
  4. My 35 41 series Buick is missing the chrome or stainless trim along the bottom of the dash.If anyone has one to sell or let me know where to buy one.Thanks
  5. If somebody replaced the glass it might be cut too wide.I had the vent window glass replaced on my 35 Buick and I couldn't get it to close all the way so I bought a diamond top wheel for my dremmel tool and trimmed the edge of the glass. Or the glass might not be seated fully in the frame.
  6. Thanks ,I'm sure it's frozen up but I'll see if I can find the pin.
  7. I don't have a key for it and the cylinder is messed up but my question is how to remove the cylinder and when working how dose it lock the door? Just curious.Thanks
  8. I finally had a key made for my glove box,now I just need a door handle with a lock that works for my 35 buick. The chrome platers screwed mine up years ago.Thanks.
  9. I was behind a guy I worked with while driving home and I noticed him picking his nose and putting the buggers on his sunvisor.I guess he was trying them out?
  10. Ad says automatic transmission?
  11. I like the looks of it,it reminds me of my 60 Renault I had in high school.I like my Subaru Legacy I bought new five years ago.I have a nice 74 mgb that my wife dosent like,I wonder if he'd trade.Trouble is I'm in Florida and Id have to have it shipped.
  12. I had a real nice 65 Cadillac black sedan that I bought at a car show in Illinois and was told it was from a funeral home for palbearers. A guy at work refused to ride in it when I told him.He was from one of those island countries around Jamacia.
  13. I Just saw a 39 Plymouth on Fl. Space coast Craigslist for $4900. Is that the same car? Sorry I'm not good at sending the ads. It didn't look too bad for the money.
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