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  1. I got a n.o.s. muffler today for my 35 Buick. It looks to be in good shape except for a lot of surface rust. Should I paint it with high temp engine paint or maby exhaust manifold paint? Thanks,Greg.
  2. I heard of possibly using heat to repair window that are delaminating. How do I do this? Thanks,Greg.
  3. What's the correct type outside mirror for a 35 Buick and who sells them? Thanks. Greg.
  4. Buick35

    Primer sealer

    I'm using epoxy primer,2x filler primer on my Buick. Do I still need a sealer primer? I'm using single stage urethane paint. Thanks for any advice,Greg.
  5. Hi,I looked one Bob's website and searched for the trunk latches but didn't find any. I'm confused by the ad,he only has bases? Thanks. Greg.
  6. Hi,I'm looking for two also,I don't need the bases or the cylinders just the three piece part that goes into the base. Buick Registry has them chrome or brass. If I can't find any I might buy theirs,kinda pricy though. I tried painting mine with chrome paint but they're too dull. Let me know if you find any. How much dose Bob's want for theirs? Greg.Thanks.
  7. I looked closer on the container and 1941 is on it 1990127. Thanks,Greg.
  8. I was told that this would fit my 35 Buick and since it was in an opened original box I went ahead and bought it off of e-bay a couple of years ago. I forgot what I paid for it,I'm thinking around $40. If anyone can use it make me an offer.Nice original container. Greg.
  9. I need a decent pair of trunk latches for my 35 40 series Buick. I have the lock cylinders. Thanks,Greg.
  10. I can't believe what people are asking for their cars! I'm a way it makes me think mine is worth more money but on the other hand it makes it hard for someone to get a nice old car. Most I see are around $30,000 or more.
  11. Thanks,I guess I'll get a 6volt electric pump. Greg.
  12. Hi,My old Buick starts on the first push of the starter after its been run the previous day but if I let it sit more than a week I either have to pour has in the carb. or pump the crap out of it . Other than installing an electric fuel pump is there anything else that I could do? Is something wrong with my carburetor? It's a 35 Buick with a Stromberg carb.Thanks,Greg.
  13. Thanks for all of repIies I'm definitely going to buy some.Speaking of rust,I'm getting ready to epoxy primer the body on my old Buick. I've gotten as much old laquer primer off as I can but there are still some rust pits. I heard vinegar and water work well,what do you guys suggest? I know the epoxy is supposed to seal the rust from coming through,I just don't want it to pop up again later,Greg.
  14. Do I need to remove the thermostat in order to flush the system or can I just drain the radiator and add the evap o rust? Thanks.