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  1. Buick35

    European radio frequencies

    I do need a new antenna or aerial like the Brits call it,I'll order one tomorrow and then try adjusting the trimmer after I install it.
  2. Buick35

    European radio frequencies

    I'm in Florida and the radio was built for the U.K. It does have an analog tuner. Thanks.
  3. Hi,I installed a repaired radio in my MG. It works and looks great but I can only get three am stations on the medium wave selection. Would an antenna amplifier pull in more stations? I know I could have the radio modified to play fm,blue tooth,ect.but would like to keep it original.Thanks.
  4. Buick35

    Wanted 49 Pontiac Fastback

    Hi,on Orlando Fl.Craigslist under rat rod there's a 49 silver streak for $2000. It's been on there for awhile. I'm tempted but have no room. Maby a good parts car? Greg.
  5. Buick35

    Movie The Birds

    I'm watching an old movie The Birds and was wondering what type of sports car Tippy is driving. Thanks. Greg.
  6. Buick35

    Wanted sportscar

    How much for the Riley and where is it located? Thanks.
  7. Buick35

    FS: 1968 Ford Mustang.

    4door coupe? It doesn't have a straight eight in it does it?
  8. Buick35

    AQN Jetway 707

    I've heard of a henway before but not a jetway.
  9. Buick35

    Third Rock Rambler

    I was wondering what year was the Rambler convertable on the t.v.show third rock from the sun? I saw a 66 on Craigslist for $300. Thanks. Greg.
  10. I thought of getting one awhile back until I heard that Oprah had one. Greg.
  11. Buick35


    Elon for president in 2020!
  12. Buick35

    1925 Reo Sedan $3500.00

    Cool car and priced right, My garage is also full unfortunately.Berwyn,isn't that where Svenghoulie's from?
  13. Why don't car manufacturers take surveys and start producing cars with what people do or don't want in vehicles other than taking it on themselves trying to decide what's in our best interests, for example,basic cars with wind up windows,basic radio,ect. All I want is a/c and f/m!
  14. Buick35

    35 Buick side mount fenders

    Hi, My 35 Buick 41 series is apart and awaiting paint and body work. I thought it would be a good time to add side mount fenders with the hardware and covers of anyone had some to sell,reasonably priced. I have the rear mount tire and cover with attachment in good shape and good shape front fenders though they're bare metal now,I could trade.Then I'd probably need a luggage rack too. Greg.Thanks.
  15. Buick35

    Trade mg for Ford ranchero?

    Thanks, I'll sleep on it. Every time I get rid of a car I end up kicking myself and convertible weather is coming soon I hope here in Florida so I'll probably end up keeping it.