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  1. Buick35

    1950 Riley

    Not mine but on Space coast Fl. craigslist. I thought it was interesting and not a bad price.I don't know how hard it would be to get a motor though. Sorry I don't know how to send the ad. Greg.
  2. I installed a Radio Shack transistor radio and found out I can run it on 6volt dc power connected to where the battery pack was.I was surprised it worked but glad it did.Greg
  3. I was wondering how to remove the cylinder from my glove compartment lock on my 35 40 series Buick. I have another cylinder with a key but not sure if it's the same or not.Can it be removed without the key?I see a spring tab on the back of the latch.
  4. Not mine but a 1950 Riley on Daytona,Fl. Craigslist for $3000,missing motor but with a donor Ford Aerostar for a body swap.I think it would be better to try and get a Riley motor in good shape(if possible). Don't know what difficult it would be to do a body swap.Any comments appreciated. Thanks.Greg
  5. Years ago I had my 35 Buick door handle chrome plated with the lock cylinder in it and it got screwed up at the platers.Greg
  6. $9000,Hmmm,Interesting.I had our yearly meeting with my financial investor yesterday and he informed me of a new law that says when a person turns 71 1/2 they have to have $9000 taken out of their IRA whether they like it or not,of course they have to pay tax on it.What better way to spend it than to buy an old car! I'll turn 70 next month so I'm a little too young for that to apply to me. It's awfully tempting since I'm in central Florida too. A guy wants to buy my 74 MG for his daughter but I don't think he will give me $9000,maybe $6500 or so. Nice car,Greg.
  7. Sorry,I've posted in the wrong section.Greg
  8. I finally got around to replacing my Brake hoses on my 74 mg today. The brakes locked up on me going down the road the other day.That happened once before and I thought I had it fixed by replacing the brake switch. They didn't look bad but I thought it couldn't hurt to replace them since I had new ones. Seems o.k. now. How often should they be replaced? The old ones had a white tag on them that said 2000.I don't know if that's a date or what.Greg
  9. Not mine but I saw a 51 Checker on Orlando,Fl. Craigslist for $500. Might be good for parts,still has the fare meter.I remember my dad said he bought one to use in a demolition derby and it did quite well.Greg
  10. I have a nice MGB that someone wants to buy for his daughter. He had a 74 Ford f 100 that I thought he was going to trade me for it but it ended up getting sold for $8500. If anyone has a nice old truck in that price range for sale please let me know.Nothing newer than 74,Thanks.Greg
  11. Thanks,Greg.I might give them to my son or future so I'm law,not sure.
  12. I have a six volume set of American Automobie Engineerig books given to me by my uncle years ago that were copy righted in 1920,officially 100 years old.Not sure of their value but a lot of neat illustrations. The motorcycle,steam car and electric car sections are fun to read.Greg.
  13. Hi padget,If I come across the Renault can I have it? I had a 60 in high school,paid $50 for it.Greg.
  14. Patina,Indian word for bad paint work. Vegetarian,Indian word for lousy hunter.