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  1. I'm getting of the subject but I've never seen as many white colored vehicles as there are in Florida.
  2. Why was that color combination so popular in the 70s?I knew a guy was was restoring a 32 Cadillac in the 70s and he said he was going to paint it beige and chocolate.I think Hollywood has something to do with it like movies such as The Sting and Chinatown.
  3. Wasn't that what the owner of Porkys drove?
  4. Just listed on space coast Florida's craigslist. Looks o.k.for the money to me ,just thought I'd pass this along.Sorry I can't do the pictures.Greg
  5. I'm not sure but a guy named Jim Nelson on the Buick forum might have one. He's in Tampa,Fl.I can't remember his e -mail address.
  6. I've heard that Mercedes was named after the man's daughter.I'm not sure about Porsche.If I ever have another daughter I think I'll name her Tundra,just kidding and remember,fat wives matter.
  7. Hi,I have a 35 41 series sedan with the spare tire in the back and would like to make it a side mounted car with a luggage rack. Would you have side mount fenders,rack and wheel covers? Just wondered.Also I need a muffler hanger.Thanks.
  8. I was told white vinegar and water works.I tried it and it does.Mix it about 8/1.8 being the vinegar.
  9. Where is it located and what are you asking for the motor?
  10. That's what I was wondering about.Must be the hand throttle.
  11. Do you have the car to go along with the grille?Just curious.Greg
  12. Posting this for a friend who's moving to Arizona from Florida.Recent tune up,original drive train,he has the hubcaps and new wood for the bed,not installed.It's currently in our backyard in Florida.His e-mail is edpirl@yahoo.com.Thanks. I forgot to mention,it's a six cylinder.
  13. I have a 35 40 series and it looks just like mine,I believe it's the same as a 34 40 series.Greg
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