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  1. Hi,I have a 35 41 series sedan with the spare tire in the back and would like to make it a side mounted car with a luggage rack. Would you have side mount fenders,rack and wheel covers? Just wondered.Also I need a muffler hanger.Thanks.
  2. I was told white vinegar and water works.I tried it and it does.Mix it about 8/1.8 being the vinegar.
  3. Where is it located and what are you asking for the motor?
  4. That's what I was wondering about.Must be the hand throttle.
  5. Do you have the car to go along with the grille?Just curious.Greg
  6. Posting this for a friend who's moving to Arizona from Florida.Recent tune up,original drive train,he has the hubcaps and new wood for the bed,not installed.It's currently in our backyard in Florida.His e-mail is edpirl@yahoo.com.Thanks. I forgot to mention,it's a six cylinder.
  7. I have a 35 40 series and it looks just like mine,I believe it's the same as a 34 40 series.Greg
  8. I found that muratic acid works real well on small parts, just be careful of the fumes.
  9. I thought of this the other day.What's the difference between a collection and a museum and how many cars dose a museum make? ( inside the museum,infinity goes up on trial)Bob Dylan
  10. Would the wheels fit on a 35 with artillery wheels? Just wondered.Thanks
  11. Buick35

    1920 Buick

    I think 30 psi
  12. See me happy? That's why she closed her eyes when we make love,she hates to see me have a good time,just kidding.
  13. Reminds me of a recent Saturday night live script when a man surprised his wife with a new Lexus for Christmas. She then proceeds to ripp him a new one for spending so much money.
  14. How do old car lovers convince their wives that they need another old car or car part? Just wondered.Sometimes the better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission might work. Or tell them at least I'm not spending my money on beer or chasing other women.
  15. Just saw on Florida's craigslist. Original four door convertible,right hand drive imported from Austrailia.Florida S.W. Sorry I can't send the ad.
  16. I hope I don't get kicked off but why do most old pickup trucks have Trump bumper stickers?
  17. I was browsing through Craigslist car ads. and couldn't believe the price that people are asking! Over $20,000 for a vw beetle? And can't anyone use the word brakes correctly? Or maybe the car dose breaks down.
  18. I installed a pair of driving lights on my MGB.I wired it to my overdrive switch since its not an overdrive transmission but still has the switch to power it.P.s.It's for sale of anyone's interested $6500?Greg
  19. Thanks for the reply. Maybe for the money I'll get my clock repaired instead.
  20. Sounds good.The seller should at least test them before trying to sell them I would think.How hard is it to hook up a vacuum line?
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