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  1. Thanks Gary. We are suspecting that the axle and spindles did get changed. I'm going to the shop Wednesday and will look for markings. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Thanks for the help on this Gary. As it turns out, these are the numbers that we used. But they don't fit. When the nut is only finger tight, it is enough to prevent the wheel from spinning. The bearings that were in the car when I got it were also wrong. the marks left on the spindle show that the bearing was wearing it incorrectly. Was there another option for the front axles, bearings, or drums???? It doesn't appear that someone has swapped things out. ANY help is GREAATLY appreciated.
  3. Do you have the front end available? Looking for shocks, brake drums and bearings for my 31 Commander.
  4. We are having problems finding the bearings and races for my 31 Commander 70. We suspect that the drums may not be original. Does anyone have the specs for the brake drums? We have numbers for the bearings and races, but they do not fit properly. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I am trying to get my Commander done in time for the national show. As usual, the small details are stopping progress. I have had no luck finding the passenger side wiper motor that I need. Does anyone know of an aftermarket electric option that might work. Also looking for front drums, bearings, and races. Any help is greatly appreciated. (We have been working with Studebaker International, and came close, but my brake drums may not be original) Thanks
  6. THANK YOU for the contact information. I am calling them today.
  7. Thanks to RBK and to Stude for the information. We also wondered if the entire assembly might be out of a different car. We were able to source the bearings that came out of our unit and will probably go with that installation. I'll know more next week. RBK... I will send you a private message. I would like to see your facility. You had some other parts listed on your web-site that I am interested in. I am checking when I can com up to visit.
  8. We are still working with Studebaker Int'l to see if they have the wrong numbers, or if my car has the wrong axle shafts. I will update when we figure it out.
  9. I just found out yesterday that I may not have the correct ones. The numbers were from Studebaker International. Races = 165167 Bearings = 165168 The shop working on the car received them yesterday and said that they did not fit. However, the parts guide shows two different rear ends were used in that year. I should find out more by tomorrow.
  10. Looking for front shocks for my 31 Commander Model 70. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. WTB... Bearings, races, and seals for the rear axle on my 1931 Commander. Part numbers, or the actual parts. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  12. My drums are at the edge of their limit for being turned. My guy is going to see how deep that he has to go to get them turned correctly. If they don't have enough material left, I will definitely be in touch. I should know more by the end of the week.
  13. Thanks for the help. Mine are wire wheels, so I will use the part number for the "demountable". I have a machinist that is going to try turning the drums lightly.
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