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  1. I am looking for a metal grill insert for my Model 70 Commander. Current one is rusted too badly to repair.
  2. I got the measurements for the windshield frame that I need. 42 1/2 " across the top 14 1/2" tall at the ends 11 7/8' tall at the center I appreciate the help!!
  3. Thanks @ Studerex. I'll get the measurements and send them to you. I don't have a picture of the original. Apparently it got misplaced at the first shop that had the car. (It was a bad experience all the way around. Good learning experience?)
  4. Thanks for all of the help !! I wasn't sure if the President Victoria was a special body style, or if it was a trim level. You have been GREAT help. I'm also going to reach out to the Museum today.. Sounds like a time for a visit too. It's been a few years...
  5. Thanks for the replies from everyone. I spoke with N/C Industries. They don't have a pattern for my car, but would like to help. They have patterns for a 31 President Victoria, and a 32 President. Do you know if either of these will work? I know that Studeq mentioned that 31 President's would be the same, but does that apply to the Victoria model? The patterns for the two cars are different numbers, so apparently they are not the same.
  6. This REALLY helps... Thanks Very much. The picture helps with other decisions being made as well. I also got a referral to a company in Pennsylvania that builds frames from established patterns.
  7. I need a windshield frame for a 1931 Studebaker Commander model 70. Also looking for hub caps for wire wheels
  8. I need a windshield frame for a 1931 Studebaker Commander - Model 70. Also looking for hub caps for wire wheels.
  9. Looking for 6 hub caps for my 1931 Commander Model 70. Also looking for rear bumper.
  10. Finally getting to the painting stage on the restoration of my Commander Sedan. Were the dash panels painted body color, or painted with a simulated wood grain? I have seen both ways at car shows.
  11. Thanks turbofish. I'll keep looking.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I think that I can straighten the metal rail, but your advice on the rubberized felt should work. Thanks again.
  13. I have a 1984 Skyhawk T-Type. Looking for window channels for driver's door. Possibly entire driver's door. Does anyone know where to go for these parts. Too old to get at dealer... too new to get classic parts.
  14. Good deal... glad to see that it is staying in a good home. Enjoy it...