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  1. WTB... Bearings, races, and seals for the rear axle on my 1931 Commander. Part numbers, or the actual parts. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  2. My drums are at the edge of their limit for being turned. My guy is going to see how deep that he has to go to get them turned correctly. If they don't have enough material left, I will definitely be in touch. I should know more by the end of the week.
  3. Thanks for the help. Mine are wire wheels, so I will use the part number for the "demountable". I have a machinist that is going to try turning the drums lightly.
  4. Looking for Brake Drums, WIndshield Wiper Motors, and Hub Caps for wire wheels for my 31 Commander 70. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Looking for brake drums for my 31 Commander 70. Wire wheels. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  6. Looking for the part number for the wiper motors for a 31 Commander 70. (Or a complete motor and mechanism) Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. StudeQ I am definitely interested in the catalog. I sent you an e-mail for details. Thanks for the info
  8. I only have one on my car, but would like to find a second unit. I have seen cars both ways. Was the passenger wiper an option?
  9. Looking for hardware that attaches the windshield frame to the car body for a 1931 Model 70 Commander. (Tilt Windshield) Also looking for an extra vacuum wiper motor. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I had the car at two different shops for the restoration. Hopefully we still have all of the parts. (A few things got lost, including the windshield frame) Do you have a picture of a completed unit?
  11. I "Assumed" that it was some type of silencer. It was on the car when I got it. Is it stock or add-on? I'll probably clean it up and put it back on the car.
  12. Just checking for information on the part pictured. It is some kind of intake muffler? What is it's purpose?
  13. Does anyone have the part numbers for the wiper motors for the 31 Commander 70? Also for the bushings for the wiper shaft and mounting brackets? Are they Trico units? Pictures would be great. @Vintage1, thanks for the lead, but I didn't find any there.
  14. I'm missing part of the mounting bracket that attaches the steering column to the dash on my 31 Commander Model 70. Does anyone have pictures of where it mounts to the dash... or part numbers. Also, the tube for the column appears to be able to slide in and out. Is the steering length supposed to be adjustable? Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks
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