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  1. Clawson classic instruments does great work. He is over in Anacortes, WA https://markclawson.com/
  2. The main part looks like a T shape, U shape, V shape , or square? Not the 'condition', the Shape that would plug into the base. .
  3. What shape is the jack? Post a picture?
  4. Thanks, but I still need a name. Studebaker Blue Limosine Blue Poiret Blue Deep, light Or maybe even one of the darker Greens.
  5. I measured 4 3/4 center to center on my M 5 parts truck. They look to be 9/16 studs, but hard to tell.
  6. Does anyone know what the color code is or maybe the name of the Blue on this car? Any suggestions of a better Black and Blue for a 32 Commander? It is time to pick some colors.
  7. What model is this? ( also this post is 3 years old) The reason why I ask is because I have one in decent shape- however- it is 1 piece. I was told It was common to cut them if they ever got bent and use a tube to connect the 2 fender stays....
  8. Pretty sure the top hose is an easy find at NAPA, and should be just straight. The lower may or may not be 1 piece so maybe someone knows, but it has not been stocked for a few years. I stock many hoses for Studebaker, but not the lower. Some of the older cars had 2 pieces of hose with a metal connector 'tube'
  9. I use a product called evapo rust for 'irreplaceable parts' It is non - caustic and will make them new again. It only removes rust. It will not errode into metal. The thing is- you have to read the instructions and check them every 4 hours and use a brush brush by hand every time. Do not let them sit more than a night without checking them. Keep them off of the bottom of the container.
  10. Those numbers are an early number and translate all the way up to late models. early Dana and 23 27 1939- 50 and Dana 44 -1951-64. I stock them. SI may have just sent the wrong sets? Timken part number 14276 race , 14138 for the bearing I have other numbers for the same because of all of the years of usage. I looked in the books and do not see a type A or Type B axle for model 70. Something tells me you may need to ID the whole differential , because it could have been changed. RBK- model 61 and 62 are a different timken number race 2720 and cone- 2796/2787 for the model61
  11. I am looking for the rod/ link for a 41 President OD lock out rod . A friend has a nice 41 Pres, but says he has to use an aftermaket choke cable (which is failing) to lock out the OD, in order to find 'Reverse' . I assume it hooks between the shift linkage and the OD unit, not sure how many parts are involved or what may be missing. Or was there simply a push/ pull OD cable involved on 1941's like later cars? Any help, pics or knowledge would be helpful.
  12. I looked in the book to see if they interchange. No luck. It does say ' demountable' and ' except demountable' What does that mean? was there a type that did no come apart from the hub? 171269 Front except demountable 171274 Rear, except demountable 171246 Front for demountable 171247 Rear for demountable
  13. 251238, RT 251239 Lt fits FD FE model 70 80 and 90 Lots of times I see some for sale and they use the Trico number. I'd like to know some of those numbers if anyone has them and what they fit. I'm looking for 258756 Rt and 757 Lt from a model 71 73 82 91 92 for a 1932 Comm.
  14. Rare book on Ebay right now. If you do not like the price, email me thanks! All proceeds go into my cars ! Thanks ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/303925862271
  15. I have a few full boxes of mostly Studebaker, Mercedes, Lincoln brochures, and dealer items going on Ebay. This link is for a dealer salesmans book with all of the comparisons, data and pics covering Lincoln and Mercury. This is in a hard cover 3 ring binder with 200 pages of goodies. The binder is Lincoln- Mercury embossed ... Nice ! Prices are totally based off of what I found online, so make offer through the email system here if you hate dealing with the new Ebay as much as I do. All sales through here fund my 1932 and 1941 Studes ! Thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/303925862271
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