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  1. Thanks Richard. I can almost see the gas pedal parts this car is missing. It has the bracket on the back end of the engine, but nothing from there, to the gas pedal.. I can also see how the brake cables were cad, but everything else including the exhaust is Black. The steering gearbox is a different shade. Were they kind of Olive Drab? Thanks! Thank you!.
  2. Wondering about being 'over - detailed' . It looks great, but probably not 'correct' . Were brake cables and attach clips left 'cad plated', Brake adjuster bolts, shackles, small bolts holding wire harness and splash pans, shock links, etc.. Drain plugs? This is not a silver cad, but a light Silver - Gold color. Need to drop the tank and check it. I notice the leaf spring straps are silver paint, and the gas tank straps with Gloss black on the tank.
  3. Thanks for the laugh Craig. In 1980 'Studebaker Commander" were big words for me. I'll look for that book.
  4. Anyone have a factory photo of the frame assembly line or something similar showing the chassis or any part of it, the suspension , or diff? WOndering what the colors were, and how detailed they were. (1931, 1932 or 33 any model should work)
  5. I have the big radiator rods- see pic. So the hood halves flanges fit that stainless? and the ends are held by the end 'clips'. Thank you- that is a great start! PM sent
  6. I'd assume if those headlight parts are from one with Glo lites, they are correct, but there were 2 types. They do look like they have a large 'foot print'. This car has a mark from the old ones I'll need to trace or measure. Wow Thanks. Looks like I need all 3 of those hoods parts. Those are the ones I need to look for.! Now- what connects from the cowl to the Rad? It looks like the edge of the hood has a rolled bead for a rod, or brace running lengthwise. ( top, Center ) I sent a PM Thanks so much
  7. Hi, yes it has oval Glo Lites, the book does not show exactly what the headlight 'Rod'' looks like but does show the casting called a Bracket'. I need both for both sides, or a sample to copy. H/L support brackets are part number 253261 P and 253262P and are model 71 model 91 some model 65's with Glo Lite but I do not know what they look like and the book lists 'rods' for other models but not for model 71? . I'd Take the whole headlight assemblies if I have to buy them to get the bases and rods. I may need the small bezel hardware or some small thing anyway. I do know I can make a pin but I have no sample. The doors are currently held on with large nails! Thanks for any help or pictures. Oh, I'm up in WA State.
  8. Not many aftermarket or custom manifolds for that engine, however- it can be done, just take your time . Have a spare manifold just in case. Very cool car!
  9. There is what looks like chrome or stainless strip on the cowl. Does it go all the way across, or just to the edge? Is it part of a side mount bracket for the spare tire? Do the Commanders use the same part? Thanks
  10. I'm working on a 32 Commander and it has missing parts. Hood Brace, or whatever held the hoods to the car. Front 170898 rear 251049 Fender to radiator support, holds headlamps 253261P 253262P cowl top air 'door' and parts that hold it on Found! Door hinge pins, need a whole set for the car ( and a couple spares? ) need 10 total 216200 254275 .030 oversize Speedo cable 171045 77 1/4 inches also fits: 62, 80, 90. 91 wiper motors and all parts to make it work, arms and blades, Vac canister motors are 253756 and 253757 I need to find all the other part numbers. Every part of the wipers seems lost including the switch/ controls. Front Bumper and brackets, These are rare. I'll take any bumper that looks the era. Rear bumper and brackets, both are gone, no bolts either. Outside door handles Tail light stands and lights Throttle linkage from pedal to back of head. Trunk supports, base, and trunk and whatever holds it on. (found some one side is broken- still need part numbers to identify what I need These parts do not need to be perfect, I can re- wire light sockets, weld, bend shape metal, rebuild old regulators and restore old stuff. I'm looking up part numbers today and will add them in. I have just a couple pictures. Most of these parts did not come with it.
  11. Hi- Might these fit a '32 Commander? How long are they? (Basic total length) Thanks The 32 I am working on has just one hole on the end, and a slotted hole, but not as long as these.
  12. NOS brackets with minor pits for sale. No part numbers so I need to figure out what they fit. Anyone know?