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  1. I have no fancy pics to show but I took the firewall heater out and put the new heater core in. It got too cold in the garage to hook up the heater hoses to it but I did take it out around the block. It banged and clanked the whole way so when it gets warm and I can get under it I will grease it up. I have been working more on my ‘51 Dodge Meadowbrook trying time get that up and running since I tend to use it about 3-4 days out of the week during the spring, summer, and fall.
  2. Hooray new tires! Don’t they look so different? We took it for its first highway run in probably 45 years. It struggled a lot to get up to speed. The carburetor needs to be cleaned and adjusted. But once it was to speed it rode so smoothly. Slowing down to come off of the highway was a little shameful though. Smoke poured out of the tail pipes. The guy following us stayed right in the smoke the whole way. I guess he just enjoyed being near the car. Even though only one of the heaters work at the moment the car heated very quickly and stayed warm. It even defrosted the windshield.
  3. 😢 My wife and I went to the show to see Ricardo and couldn’t find it. We asked the guy that was bringing it there where it was and he said it was still at the shop... He couldn’t get it to start last night or this morning. He charged the battery and he tried to jump it. I’m terrified that he used a 12 volt charger or a 12 volt car to jump start it. Either way it didn’t start. He would turn the key and it would shut off all electricity to the car. He found one of the ground straps was loose but it didn’t start. If he had called me even once I would have informed him that I had one of the terminals a little less than tightened because when I was working on the car I would spin the terminal a little and pull it off of the battery. Then I would push it back on. I didn’t tighten it fully and didn’t remember it because the car would start each time. I guess the ride knocked it loose. So the car never made it to the show..
  4. Exciting news! I just got asked by the company that fixed my transmission if they could use the Cadillac in the festival their town is having on October 5th. They are sponsoring it and want the car to be one of the features!
  5. That I could not tell you. This gauge was installed into the hole for the oil pressure light sending unit and I could only see it when I open the hood. The car is a 4 speed automatic and it insists on getting to 4th gear so when I’m going 25-30mph it shifts into 4th and the oil light comes on. After about 5 minutes of that sort of speed I hear the knocking in the engine from a lack of oil.
  6. I’m running 15W-40 oil. The book says use 20W oil. The car doesn’t overheat to the point of it spilling out of the radiator. As you have seen the temps seem a little high but I don’t know if they are considered too high to cause problems. The oil filter is a partial filter. It has the tiny little metal tube going from right next to the breather tube to the oil filter, then it comes out through a tiny little metal tube going into the breather tube right above the fuel pump.
  7. Oil pressure when I started, at idle.. Oil pressure when I ended my 15 mile drive, at idle..
  8. I’ve been trying to take Ricardo out now that the windows are in to try to get it moving again. Last night I timed the ignition. It was severely advanced so I brought it back to the C, which is the mark for regular gas. However, I don’t know it today’s 87 octane is the same as 1952’s 87 octane or if this is what they would have considered premium gas with all the new techniques they use with gasoline now. Adjusting the timing did not help the heat issue in the engine. When I stopped after the drive and was letting it idle today the temp gauge was at 1/4 but the upper house was 180, the lower house was 160, and the housing for the thermostat was 220. What temp should that housing be? I’m using a 180 thermostat. The oil light came on whenever I would stop and go away as soon as I pressed the accelerator. The other night I took it out and the oil light didn’t come on at all except when I was slowing down it would turn on just before it downshifted to 1st gear, then it would downshift and the light would go off and stay off. I had great success with cleaning out the coolant system with using Evaporust Thermocure in my Meadowbrook. It used to overheat and after a couple weeks of using that and flushing it didn’t overheat so I’m using it in here now. I can see some rust residue on the inside of the radiator so it doesn’t hurt to try to get rid of that. But from what I’m seeing, I think the sending unit is a 12 volt unit which is causing the reading to be at 1/4 when it’s fully warm. Which of those readings am I suppose to be using for measurement of the coolant? Also what am I suppose to be looking for as a normal temperature reading? The top picture is the Cadillac radiator and the second picture is the Dodge Meadowbrook head after using Thermocure for a couple of weeks.
  9. What size are the cables that the car came with? The cables I have look original
  10. Yes it’s a 6 volt. I’ve been toying with the idea of making the starting system 12 volt and keeping the rest 6 volt with voltage reducers because it cranks so slowly and just as I think the battery is dead it fires. I might get a battery with more cranking amps. Today I started it and let it idle while I worked on getting the vacuum antenna to work. It took about 30 minutes for the oil light to start flickering. But the second I put it in gear the light came on steady. So I had thought that maybe there was a chance the oil pressure was getting better since I’ve been running the car more but that isn’t the case. I did get the antenna working. I wish I could put a video up because a picture of it being up does nothing. Maybe I’ll start putting stuff up on YouTube.. 🤔
  11. The windows are in and they are working beautifully. I took it out today and put the windows up and down a couple times. I gave it its first wash in probably 45 years. Naturally it leaked at the door seals and a tiny drop of water showed up on the inside of the rear window but didn’t leak off of the gasket. It’s got a long way to go before I’m comfortable taking it anywhere (front tires, suspension front and rear, tightening the steering, fixing the vapor locking symptoms, fixing the internal engine issues that cause the low oil pressure when warm and the faint smoke coming from the left tailpipe) but it’s getting there. Starting it is a monster, it cranks so slowly and just as it slows down to where you think it won’t crank anymore it fires up. Its a newly rebuilt starter so I know the starter is not an issue. Overall it was an enjoyable trip. Coming off of a stop sign I floored it and was surprised at being pushed into the seat as it took off. Who would have thought this big boat would act like a sports car with pickup..
  12. How about this hat? it seems like it is the same as the one I originally posted. This is a picture of Milton Hershey. Is this a homburg?
  13. What’s the name of that style of hat?
  14. Although it was a warm day today I decided to tackle the windows. The rubber sweep for the bottom of the windows case in and I was feeling excited about being almost done with the windows finally. I only had the rear windows to do. I turned on an old country song that I love and got the first of the two windows done. So I moved onto the second one and was putting on the track when it slipped off and the window fell forward. It cracked the glass in one crack on one side and two on the other. It wasn’t flimsy or falling apart so I decided to keep going and finish the job. I got one half of the track on and then the track slid and the glass folded in half. Rather than try to keep playing with it I put everything down and walked away. For now, today’s adventures with Ricardo are done. Now I have to order a new piece of glass and wait the week for it to come in.