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  1. I agree with the passing of time you see fewer and fewer flags out on this important date. What has happened to the real history of that period in our nation has succumbed to a passing paragraph in a school history book written by someone who wasn't there just as sure as the veterans themselves are stepping into eternity a few each year. When taps is played for the last time above the decks of the USS Arizona we'll be much the poorer for it and the real history the last note takes with it. Three generations of my family have been in wars. This family knows what freedom costs!! If you value wh
  2. hutchsmotorco, I've been looking for the right rear fender for my '34 model 41 sedan. Could you email me pictures of what you have and the prices as well. I'd be interested in a right rear bumper mount as well if you have one laying around. Email is snommis.kram@comcast.net Thanks, Mark
  3. Jeff- I'd be really interested in the rear fenders you have. I'm restoring a 34 series 40 model 41 sedan. The small Buick new for '34. I've been told front fenders , running boards , and hoods were longer as well and as Paul said the larger models have 4 horizontal louvers in the hood. There were no series 40 convertible models made in '34 so the doors you have are likely for a '35. I haven't as yet figured out if the rear fenders were all the same for all series those two model years. Pm me with a price on the rear fenders. snommis.kram@comcast.net Thanks, Mark
  4. WOW South paw that's the stuff dreams are made of--------Thankyou for all the hard work and sharing it with us all too. Marki
  5. On December 7th as with all military related holidays I think of the words that President Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg. How far reaching into the future they've come "their last full measure of devotion". If we ever forget those who have given their all for us as a people, a country then GOD help us. Here's to all who served or are serving God bless and keep you all.
  6. I agree with Gene. If the starter is typical GM for that era try looking at the solenoid they were repairable back then and had a contact washer that would some times get so pitted that it wouldn't make strong contact. The entire starter was user friendly to rebuild once off the car and a whole lot less than a new or rebuilt unit. Mark
  7. First my thanks to Stuart in Australia,vette58, DavidAu,buicksplus and Mark Shaw- A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was having trouble removing the temp bulb from the head of the 233 engine from my car. Well it's out now and in one piece accept for the hole I drilled in it to slide-hammer it out of the head. My findings and advice are as follows. I could have saved a lot of time and frustration by getting to the slide hammer trick right after soaking the bulb for a day or two with a good penetrating solution. You name I tried it. The bulb is separate from the capillary tube going to the ga
  8. qbansmokr, Thanks for the reply. Yes please give me the info on the shipper that you mentioned so I can get a realistic total cost Thanks, Mark
  9. So here I am and yes the bulb is still stuck in the head. It looks like it'll have to be destroyed to get it out of the head. Does anyone out there have a picture of this part that they are willing to share so I can see exactly what I'm looking at. Hopefully to minimize damage. Thanks, Mark BCA # 45145
  10. I am interested. Is this a rebuilt or is it original ? Approximate mileage? Can you crate it and send it to California? If so at what price?
  11. I am not new to this forum but do not post a lot I have a Buick 233 engine that is disassembled and about ready to go to the machine shop. I am having a boat load of trouble trying to remove the temp bulb from the head. To date I have soaked it with PB Blaster, WD-4, and Liquid Wrench Super Penetrating Oil all to no avail. This bulb is so tight that the liquid that is sprayed into the hole just sits there. Any and all methods you can come up with will be tried. Stuart in Australia said these things can be rebuilt. Does anyone have a lead as to who is doing this kind of work? Can the bulb be ac
  12. dtdoerfler- you have the message above mine and that is all I have info wise on this find by bobj49f2. you might contact him to see what else he might know. mark
  13. IF IT WERE A SERIES 40 MODEL 41 I might be interested. I'd like to see some pictures so I can see if it's what I'm looking for.
  14. The central valley of California is rife with stories like that one Erndog!!! Some decades(4) ago I offered a "Vintage Yard" owner in the Fresno area 2-3 times the price for a '26-'28 Buick that had been a "Yellow Cab" for most of it's life. He refused on the grounds the buyers for the then "Harrah's Car Collection " might be interested in it at some point. To this day I do not believe the Buick was ever sold to Harrah or anyone else for that matter. I really hate to think of what's going to happen to most of those old sweethearts in those photos
  15. We can't save all the old or rare ones but what was allowed to happen to these grand old pieces of "American Iron" is just plain wrong. I see a lot of donor cars and trucks here and a few that might be worth restoring. I also see a cheap way for someone to get their land cleared. Is the price based on the damage one does to the surrounding vehicles while getting at the one they want?
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