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  1. Hey all you Buick owners MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  2. Gary, I'm absolutely awe struck by this finished project. I don't believe I've ever seen a more beautiful '57 Buick period !!!
  3. Matt Harwood knows these cars all to well, surprised he hasn't responded yet.
  4. SO, Mr Earl what year was the Buick Submarine that got pulled from ????huh??
  5. You are exactly correct Larry ! Or some time bout then......
  6. I just sat down and sent my last $300.00 and $200.00 dollar bills to pay for it. An Alfred E. Newman's Mad tow service has agreed to pick it up,pack it up and bring it to me for a small consideration. He should be there the 2nd Tuesday of next week .Does Junior know your a usin his telly fone #
  7. The car is a '57-'58-'59 Mercury upper trim model but not a top model which was a Park Lane. Looks to be some high in demand parts left on it. Good Luck with it .
  8. My two coppers worth says weigh the cost and time involvement of painting vs powder coating. Then the longevity of the finish product paint vs powder coat. I think when you weigh all the factors, everything from prep to cleanup with either method the answer should be clear to you. Personally I'd go with the powder coating done by a good shop but then again it's not my project or decision. Good luck whichever way you choose.
  9. Hey Mr. Earl, In a lookin at yer picter in yor sign off line I am a hopin it's somtin to do with your camerah. Lookin to me as yor gas pump is a leenin to the right a scoch. Jus sayin ifin it be so yor outta look the feller that put it up an hav him to cor rect the leenin part. Ifin it ain't leenin then I'd by a new camerah that wood tak strate picters.
  10. Was going to suggest you contact Herm in Iowa but see he's already responded. A1+++++ on the babbit work as always and I presume if they do line boring it would be to the same quality standards as the rebabbiting work.The pictures say enough.
  11. My younger son had the Oldsmobile version of this Buick. It was a great ride for quite awhile until it coughed up the trans. He bought a 2nd trans and we installed it only to find out it was as bad as the one he had. He got rid of the car and I can't remember where it went or to whom.
  12. You may want to contact chistech through this forum. He is in the almost final stages of a '32 Olds roadster restoration.
  13. Elpad, I went over the picture of the ambulance after I read your comment. It now looks to me like the body was sectioned just below the belt line to get the room needed inside. Some height has been added to the roof to make room for the the lights and siren. Possibly the wheel base was stretched a bit as well. No wood on the sides either all steel panels probably to keep the transportee and attendant inside on sharp turns while racing "Code 3" tho the hospital.
  14. I'm with avgwarhawk the hood on the is taller on that ambulance. I'm wondering what the reason is for this . Was this a feature of just this particular body builder ? Or ? I'm just curious.