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  1. Mark Simmons

    Buick pictures you may or may not like

    Again just about the time you think you've seen it all something like post #693 comes along. Try just getting that group of ebay pictures out of your memory banks. This to me is the opposite side of Kindig or Foose. I know ,I know to each his own but in MHO is stupid money following stupid design and again losing a Buick in the process.
  2. Mark Simmons

    Mirror Logo

    Looks 50's Buick to me.
  3. Mark Simmons

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    I agree with cahartely This is the one I'd pursue. I've owned a lot of these Chevy's and with some regular maintenance they run forever giving good gas mileage. It has/had a 235 from the factory with a full pressure oiling system. This one stock should run about 135HP which is more than enough to push this car down the highway. You may be able to talk cash and get it for less the the asking price leaving you some leaving you something in the bank for ??? Just my coppers worth. Good Luck in your search.
  4. Mark Simmons

    My clubhouse construction

    So parkertom this town has no provision(s) at all for any kind of variances when your building is a detached structure ? I would think as long as you didn't get outrageously large they could give you some slack on the size of your clubhouse.
  5. Mark Simmons

    52 Buick build (first build)

    pappy 78 I have an almost complete 263 inline 8 out of a '52 Buick Woodie wagon. It still has the Dynaflow on it. Contact me if your interested.
  6. Mark Simmons

    Mystery Tool

    Could be a tool for holding various sizes of wire for soldering or assembly work.
  7. Mark Simmons

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Mr. Earl, as you may already know bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms to redo,remodel,re???. I can only imagine what you were quoted but I can tell you that if you lived here in California it would be double or more for the same job. Looking at what you and Joel have accomplished as well as Auburnseeker, I am truly amazed at your at your speed of progress and quality of work. Keep on Keeping on as the saying goes. ?
  8. Mark Simmons

    263 Straight 8 piston size

    Old Tank, I couldn't said it any better, you are right on the money with your advice. Outbdnut the advice from Old Tank is spot-on you would be wise to heed it. Just-sayin
  9. Mark Simmons

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    g-g-g-O The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The start of a project Buick with the single turn of a wrench or screwdriver. You are at least on the home stretch with this great project. I'm barely seeing over the top of the trench with my '34. You and several others are my inspiration to keep going so hang in there. There are many more of us following you on this rutted road of restoration, resto-mods or refreshings of the Buick markee.
  10. Mark Simmons

    1934 Dodge Truck what was this used for ?

    Me three dictator27& Walt G. The year I think is correct but it is 100% an International Harvester Truck a 1 ton looks to be correct.
  11. Mark Simmons

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    I'd also read some decade or so ago that Ford's own market research department told Ford that the Edsel was a bad idea for that time citing several factors. Ford chose to not listen to the very people that they'd paid to see if Edsel was a good marketable product. So much for listening to good paid for advice. I suspect that there may have been to much of Henry Ford in Henry Ford 2 than was known. Of the 3 years the '58 is my personal favorite with it's sharp lines. A friend of mines dad bought a '58 blue and white 2 door hard top, Ranger model I believe with an E 400 motor and that thing would flat out move. I don't think it handled all that well though.
  12. Mark Simmons

    1956 buick roadmaster pump

    Frank is right and he beat me to the answer.
  13. Mark Simmons

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    I can't recall exactly but I think Ford made the Edsel from both Ford and Mercury bodies and it took me quite awhile to see the difference. I had a conversation with the owner of Big M Vintage Auto parts in Williams Ca.about this and he showed me the two different body styles. I believe he had a few of each.
  14. Mark Simmons


    Bill I knew a guy who practice the same thing in and around his barn, shop and orchard. That is until the next guy over sold his land and a housing tract was built on that land. The sheriff came out and put an end to that. Seems civilization has rules agin such things. Mr. Earl I built and addition on our house a decade or three ago now and forgot to block off one small area where the new addition met the old structure. Sure enuff a couple of birds moved in up there and set up house keepin. They or their offspring return every year and repeat the cycle. When I attempted to block off that area a few times over the years the admiral runnin this mans mooring station made it clear the bird hangar was to remain open if you get my drift. ??
  15. Mark Simmons

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    Morgan, I feel your pain and frustration. In the early 60's I had a 41 Pontiac coupe with a stuck motor ( 6 cyl). Long story short after trying everything I and a few others could think of I pulled the motor out of the car. Upon disassembly I found 5 of the 6 pistons frozen in place by rust. Even with direct access to the top and bottom ends it was a nightmare to get apart. What did it for me if memory serves was a white oak block,a hammer and penetrating oil(don't remember the brand). Good Luck in this pursuit !!