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  1. I saw the Harrah Collection in the very late 60's or early 70's and wished I'd had more time after being there for a full day. It was trully something to take in. I think the thing that impressed me the most was the library that had information on almost every kind of car he had restored or otherwise. I was in a junkyard in the early 70's and saw a '26-'28 Buick that had been turned into a Yellow Taxi Cab. I made what I thought was a pretty fair offer for it and was turned down by the yard owner. He went on the say that a Harrah's buyer had come through ahead of me and marked the car for pickup. A day or so late and $$$ short have been the story on a few others since that have caught my eye as well.
  2. First thought 35-36 Ford although 34-35 Willys is a possible fit with the body lines.
  3. I remember reading some years back the difference between the 320 and 263 motors was the cc venting on the left side of the block the 320 was towards the front and the 263 towards the rear.....????
  4. Pete I'm located in San Jose California about 60 miles south of San Francisco. Engine and transmission together is $400.00. $500.00 if you want the rolling stand I made for it. I have pictures if you wanted to see it.
  5. 51 Buick Woody, I have a complete '52 263 out of a wagon complete with trans if you need it.
  6. And if it's running half way left it will be a problem.......lol
  7. I'm for the Marmon as well. As to the guy in the small or minnie his thinking matter is most likely in his other end the one inside the car.
  8. So is the crane building the pile or part of it ??
  9. Dave glad you got it figured out and fixed. The guy who taught me my mechanics early on stressed the phrase "START WITH THE SIMPLE AND WORK TO THE COMPLEX" !!! Don't ask me how many times over the years that I've forgotten that. We are all guilty on that account.......LOL!!! Laughing with you not at you !!!
  10. One last piece of advice Sergio. If you do decide to take it to a shop or transmission shop take it to one that understands and has worked on Dynaflows(more than a couple). Most shops today imploy guys young enough that they weren't born before the Dynaflow transmission ceased to be. I've run into this problem working with some shops that I've tried to do business with. As mentioned above get a manual and read it so YOU have a working knowledge of what the job takes and what it does not. Finally if you lend the shop your manual be sure it comes back with the car. Good Luck whichever way you choose!!!
  11. I'm with JohnD1956 on this, it looks like a pressure leak (ie) the front pump seal. Shut the motor off and see if the flow slows down. Either way the transmission has to come out. Don't forget to check and replace the pilot bushing before the transmission is reinstalled. Dropping one of these Dynaflows is only as hard as one makes it and is not as bad as it seems. Read up on it and be safe and take your time doing it . Just my 2 cents worth.
  12. Sounds to me like it's time to get into the regulator, even if you've replaced it with a new or rebuilt one. If the gen shop tested both generators and they were both putting out the correct volts and amps and were reinstalled correctly then the culprit is either the regulator or the wiring. Is the regulator new ,rebuilt or the same one that is on the car? Just my 2cvents worth.
  13. You said this was listed as a parts car, to far gone to restore. Was that determined before or after the "Cat Scan" by Kowpi???
  14. First thought I had is '54 Chevrolet front Parking light bezel ?
  15. Thank all of you guys that commented on this situation I find myself in . I've decided to go back down there after the all clear is put out about this Covid19 thing . I'll set up a simple hot wire system that will allow the engine to start and run without relying on any wiring already there or not. If the engine runs- runs well then the ball will be in my brother in laws court as to what happens after that. A special thanks to Rusty O'toole about the junkyard harnesses. I'm now wondering about differences between the the "C" series harnesses and "R" series harnesses. Thanks again, Mark
  16. On a vacation trip to South Dakota some years back we were informed at the airport that the car rental company had "upgraded" us to Volvo sedan. We arrived at night and were planning to drive straight to our hotel. The airport was some miles out of town and every time I stopped the car the at a stoplight or sign the engine shut off. After about the third time and some choice words about this "upgrade" car while the wife went in to the hotel and checked us in I check the glove box and found the owners manual. Seems Volvo engineers had made the car this way to conserve fuel. Fortunately they also included a paragraph in how to turn this function off.
  17. What say ya Mr. Earl ? It's on your end of the country. An from what I hear that ain't but a short road trip fer yall.
  18. I pulled a 401 out of 65 Wildcat with the tranmission on the back of it with the carb plate mounted with grade 8 bolts and and the leveling beam that RivNut mentioned. The entire front clip was off the car which made leveling easy once the frame mounts were cleared. I recommend taping over the carb intake holes before installing the lift plate lessening the chance of stuff/things getting down the intake holes .
  19. My brother in law asked me to look at why a '89 Chevy 1ton dually he'd purchased wouldn't start. After a 2 hour trip to get to his place and a few minutes of looking under the hood I understood why nothing electrical worked. The PO either himself or a party of his choosing had attempted to get the truck to run by the BYPASS method with several 10's of feet of wire, numerous toggle switches and cut out circuits. So after several attempts with NO LUCK to try and get the "NEW" wiring system to work I suggested that he get two new OEM harnesses one for under the dash and one for the engine compartment. So my question to you my friends and learned associates is do any of you know of a company that makes wiring harnesses for Chevy 1 ton dually's "R" series V8 4Speed ? I've researched a few of the harness companies mentioned on these forums with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  20. I'd check with the guys in the Riviera section of the Buick Forums here. Just scroll down a bit until you see the Riviera section.
  21. WOW Ben has this guy got the right idea ? I'd really like to see this happen. I think I'd stay with the Dynaflow due to the weight of the vehicle, a stick setup would be a bit scary.......yes?
  22. Mr. Earl, Ben Bruce, et all, the last real Buick is the '34 Buick Special It was after all THE BUICK that saved the brand from extinction and it's parent company in the black during some tough times. Was it not???
  23. Hey all you Buick owners MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  24. Gary, I'm absolutely awe struck by this finished project. I don't believe I've ever seen a more beautiful '57 Buick period !!!
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