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Found 7,859 results

  1. no clue what it fits , feel free to reply Nice condition , see photos $25 plus shipping , send zip USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  2. *SOLD* I'm simply helping a client thin out his stock and this is a project he's decided he's never going to get around to finishing, although it is a very worthy car. I love the unusual ones, and this one certainly qualifies: 1963 Impala 2-door hardtop (non-SS) with a 409 dual-quad V8 and 4-speed manual transmission. Options include a factory tachometer and power windows, which is kind of odd until someone pointed out that drag racers would get power windows because they often had to roll down the passenger window to speak to a flag man at the track, although there's no evidence here that this car was raced. It was also originally Satin Silver with a black bench seat interior and experts will note that Satin Silver was a one-year-only color for the Impala. Pretty cool foundation, no? The car has already been disassembled and stripped, the bodywork is done and it's in primer, and yes, I know that you'll probably have to sand it off to see what's going on underneath (please save the comments about how it got wet and now the primer is ruined--it's epoxy), but you shouldn't find any nasty surprises. Floors are solid and ready to go, too. I can't promise it's ready to spray paint, but it isn't going to cost you $40,000 to get the body in shape, either. If you're a good home painter, I bet you can make this car look like a million bucks. Interior is there, but it all needs replaced. I think if this were my car, I'd put in a red interior with the Satin Silver paint and really blow people away. The engine is the original, matching-numbers 409 with dual quads. It has been completely rebuilt but never started, so it needs to be fine-tuned and finished. Block is bored .030 oversize, original forged crank turned to standard, stock rods with press-in pins, new Ross forged aluminum pistons with 11:1 compression. Isky solid lifter camshaft with cam card included. Correct intake manifold, correct carburetors, original 409 dual quad air cleaner, and factory chrome W-shaped valve covers. Entire assembly is painted and detailed. Transmission is also rebuilt and appears to be the original transmission from the car (date codes are correct). Some chassis work done but it should be disassembled and painted. Wheels have been painted and fitted with reproduction bias-ply whitewalls so it's a roller. I don't know if every little tiny part is there, but the important stuff that's unique to the 409 is all there, the rest is pretty commonly available. This is a very worthy car, which, in my professional opinion, could be worth $80-90,000 in completed condition. An awesome combination of options, a popular body style, and very cool colors make this one stand out in a big way. Yes, there's some investment required, but all the expensive stuff is pretty much done and it could be finished by one of you talented guys with time and energy. An A-list early muscle car and a great project with financial upside. How often do you get a chance like that? Asking $26,500 and the seller is motivated. Car is located in Falconer, NY and has good title. Thanks for reading!
  3. This sedan body was made by the Willoughby Company of Utica, New York around 1914 for some of the better known “non-classic” makes including Nash, Studebaker, and Chandler. According to a dealer promoting this sedan “The bodies were built to order by the Willoughby Company, considered among the best custom body builders of the country,” and that “cost was not taken into consideration.” This is probably the last of the Willoughby sedans of this type left. The body sits on a 1920 Chandler chassis, which includes all suspension and brake components, driveline from the transmission back. Wood frame surrounded by an all aluminum body. With this project you be able to tour year-round, out of the elements. New lower price.... Asking $4,500 OBO. Located in Southern California
  4. My father acquired the Studebaker rumble-seat roadster years ago with the intention to restore it but he didn’t get around to it before he died in 1987. He completely disassembled the car and had the frame, fenders and other parts lightly sandblasted and primered. This rare Studebaker roadster is complete except for the wooden body parts, the upholstery and other non-metal parts. The spoke wheels are intact. It has been in dry storage here in arid Boise, Idaho, since about 1982. Attached are photos of some of the main parts (more photos to come).$6,000. I will not sell individual car parts.
  5. 6 piece set of vintage USA-made original style replacement exhaust hangers that fit 1966-1970 Buick Riviera models. Parts have some light rust and boxes are falling apart. $400 for the set includes mailing, to US address only. F1499 LH front muffler hanger replaces 1374103 F1500 RH front muffler hanger replaces 1374102 F1501 LH center pipe hanger replaces 1374117 F1502 RH center pipe hanger replaces 1374116 F1503 LH rear muffler hanger replaces 1374127 F1504 RH rear muffler hanger replaces 1374126
  6. I have a very nice Solar brand carbide generator for a brass-era car. It's in really good condition with just a little indentation in the top area. Can be either base mount or side mount. Asking $900 USD plus shipping from Canada.
  7. Not sure what this is out of. All mechanisms in tact, middle 4-way switch is broke off... $100 obo
  8. I'm willing to try to start an ongoing thread that would alert any prospective buyers to what I would call deals on earlier Rivieras that a person might not otherwise find. I'd also think that it could be used to ask others who are looking to see what's in areas to which they don't have access unless they're willing to look at every city that has a Craigslist. Don't post anything other than a title and a link. You're not responsible for anything other than letting others know what's out there. It's up to them to make contact and get details. I'll start with this one: a 1966 Gran Sport in Cole Camp, Missouri (Central close to the Lake of the Ozarks.)
  9. Selling as a pair, AEA technical trading manuals for understanding automotive electrical and fuel system operation. They are not auto brand specific but are meant to teach the reader how the systems operate to aid in troubleshooting problems. Electrical book is from 1957 and the fuel book is 1955. Both are paperback, excellent condition size 8”x11” with 100 pages in the electrical book and 56 pages in the fuel book. Get both books for $6 plus $3.50 media mail shipping in the USA. Terry
  10. I have numerous parts available from a 1940 Pontiac Torpedo {model 29) I will list a few of them - reply if interested. Intake & exhaust manifolds from a Pontiac straight 8 motor Two headlight buckets (probably universal among most 1940 GM cars) Extremely rare fuel pump adapter for 1940 Torpedos Fuel pump (applicable to most Pontiac straight 8's) Water neck/thermostat housing (applicable to most Pontiac straight 8's) Engine head of a '40 Pontiac straight 8 motor Rear seat bottom frame (from a model 29 - GM C body) rear seat back frame (from a model 29 - GM C body) two door latch mechanisms (applicable to most GM cars in those years) Chris
  11. Selling a complete 1955 1956 Buick Special Roadmaster 264/322 Power Steering Set. Includes everything, this is a complete drop. set comes with pump(complete), brackets, bolts, gearbox, column, steering wheel, and the impossible to find double groove crank/waterpump pulleys. The pump and box will need rebuilt and the lines replaced(they sell new ones). $1100 shipped for all. I am only everything complete, not going to piece it out.
  12. Hello, I am planning on moving in the near future, so I am not bringing my big load of handles,and display stands with rolling inventory this year as to try and move heavier ground items, items that are heavier and I do not ship, so when I move residence I will not hopefully have so much ground clutter to relocate, LOL I will still bring assorted handles they will not be in any order just will be in pepsi crates ect.,on tables. and will have early ornate handles, and still will bring trunk handles and escutcheon display's. If there are any handles you are looking for let me know send a pm or email with pics with your name and I will bring them if I have them. Below is a list of items that are going and some I can add if you are in need of any on the list please contact me as to which items on the list to bring. some application years are a approximate guess,most are spot on. GAS TANKS 1924-1927 BUICK GAS TANK ? (not sure on app) 1929-1931 BUICK GAS TANK (SOLD) 1928-1932 MOPAR GAS TANK 1927-28 CHEVROLET GAS TANK (SOLD) FENDERS 1926-1927 CHEVY FRONT FENDERS 1929-1931 BUICK FRONT AND REAR SET FENDERS MINT USED DRIVERS WHEELS: 1931 CHRYSLER CM6 WIRE WHEELS BUDD 19"X3.00 5X5 1/2 HAVE 3 OR 4 OF THEM ALSO FIT DESOTO SA6 CF8 31 PLYMOUTH MODEL 30U 32 PLYMOUTH PA PA AND 31 DODGE DH6 (SOLD a set of 5 may have a few for Hershey 2019) brought some artillery steel wheels and numerous wire wheels 1932 Buick Wire Wheels IF YOU SEE A ITEM YOU SEEK,AND YOUR GOING TO HERSHEY, REACH OUT TO ME PM ME OR EMAIL ME: THEHANDLEMAN@COMCAST.NET SAVE ON FREIGHT COSTS TODAY!
  13. $2000 OBO Contact David little in Tacoma Washington at 206-510-5153 please no texts. To see all the photos please go to, Year: 1990. Body Type: Coupe: Silver grey. VIn. 1G4EC13C91B901980 Vehicle Location: Tacoma WA Mileage: 209,781. 120,000 on wrecking yard motor, with updated coil packs and ECM. New alternator, runs great. I have owned this Reatta for: 12 years. I am the 3 rd owner of this Reatta. Title Status: Clear Any Accident History? None Exterior Color: Silver Gray / Gold trim. Interior Color: Blue Gray Paint Original yes. Paint Condition? Good/Fair Belt & Bumper Molding Color: Black Body Dents: No Body Rust: No Windshield Chipped or Cracked? Yes ,one tiny chip on passenger side. Vent Glass Intact? Yes Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? Good Rubber molding for coupe rear window condition: Good Out Side Mirrors Intact? Yes. Headlight Motors Function Correctly? Yes, recently rebuilt, and with steel bellcranks. Tail Light Lens: Cloudy. 16 Way Seats, no. Seat Condition? Drivers side poor. Passenger side good. Interior Original? Yes Drivers interior door panel condition? Good Passengers interior door panel condition? Excellent Center console top armrest condition? Excellent recovered. Door weather stripping condition? Good Headliner Condition? Stripped. Carpet Condition? Good Original Floor Mats? No Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: Fair. Sun Roof? No Functional Keyless Entry? No Problems with Electronic Dash items? ICP works fine,with 2 spares, HVAC is glichy, with 1 spare. Power Windows Work Correctly? Yes . Power Seats Work Correctly? Yes Power Door Locks Work Correctly? Passenger side works fine, drivers side makes noise but doesn't engage. Power Antenna Work Correctly? Yes if reinstalled. I removed it because it was leaking,not knowing the drain tube was the issue. Original Sound System? No, Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? Yes. Replaced by proper fit 1.5 DIN Pioneer DEH-P77 DH Supertuner 3 with remote, removable face, and IPod hook up. Kicker 3 way speakers up front. Sound System Fully Functional? No, needs drivers side speaker installed. I have the matching Kicker speaker for drivers side. A/C Functional? Yes but finicky. Does the suspension require any attention? No All suspension components replaced. Shocks, struts, drive axles/ CV joints,inner and outer tie rods. 10,000 miles back, have receipts. Tire Brand: Michelin Remaining Tread: 30% Are All Tires Matched? Yes Factory Wheels? Yes Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition Good Original Engine? No Date replaced: 2014 How many miles on replacement? 120,000. With updated coil packs and ECM. New fuel pump and all filters.i Does Engine require attention? Yes, needs oil pressure sensor. Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? No. Original Transmission? Yes, professionally rebuilt 60,000 miles back, works perfectly. Have receipts. Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? Yes. In General, What items need attention on this Reatta? Drivers seat back and drivers door. Headliner recover. Drivers side window adjustment. One front wheel bearing. My Reatta Drives: Excellent Other comments about this Reatta All around this is a very solid car I have enjoyed it for many years. Yes they have issues and problems, but in 1990 they were WAY ahead of there time. With only 20,000 built by hand in 4 years at the Lansing Craft Center by Cadillac they are truly unique and collectible cars. I am too old and fat to enjoy this great car anymore Many extra parts as shown in pics,including 2 new correct color sun visors. Buick quality only old farts can relate to. That only thing I have owned longer than this is my Harley. I hope to find it a new and loving home for this soon to be collectable vehicle
  14. Very nice doors 500 Rumble seat springs 250 Rolling chassis complete with out motor 1500 may part out
  15. We're located in Belgium and sell our 1932 Reo Royale 835 Sedan. This car has been completely and professionally restored here in Belgium. No costs have been spared to achieve this result. The car's chassis and underside is as shiny as the body and interior. Not one piece or bolt hasn't been taken care of. This car has almost never driven since as my dad wanted it to stay in this mint condition. It starts at the first crank and everything is working well. On request we can send you more details and pictures. We have full photo coverage of the restoration, as well as the complete car history. What's unique for this car is that prior to us from 1932 to 1993 (about 60 years) it only had 4 owners. This car stayed all these years in the Fresno (CA) area till we shipped it to Belgium. Now we're looking for a new owner who can continue the history of this car and give it the LTC it's used to have. My brother and I can't find the time to do it. Our asking price is 95.000,- USD contact us via
  16. 1956 Packard Caribbean Chassis No. 5699-1254 Series 5699. 310 bhp, 374 cu. in. overhead valve V-8 engine with Ultramatic transmission, front and rear Torsion Level suspension, live rear axle and four-wheel power-assisted hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 127” Once the best-selling American prestige manufacturer, Packard lost its primacy to Cadillac in the early 1950s. Until the 1920s, Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow comprised the “Three Ps” of luxury automobiles. Of the three, only Packard survived the Depression, largely on the strength of a line of medium-priced cars introduced in 1935. Dramatic new “Clipper” styling in 1941 was so popular that the more traditional “Senior” series were dropped after World War II. New president James Nance arrived from appliance manufacturer Hotpoint in 1952. His new strategy was to distinguish the entry-level series from larger Packards, both visually and in prestige. Re-introducing the Clipper name for 1953, he applied it to the least expensive Packards, although his desire for a separate marque name was never fully implemented. Clippers had simple trim, smaller engines and fewer amenities, while the top-line Patrician series featured longer wheelbases, more elegant trim and a line of Executive sedans by Henney Motor Company, the professional car builders. At the top of the upper-mid-level series called simply “Packard” was a new Caribbean convertible. Modified by Mitchell-Bentley Corporation, the Caribbean had a full leather interior, chrome wire wheels, enlarged wheel openings, hood scoops and custom paint in one of four colors. Continued for 1954, the Caribbean was differentiated less from other Packard models but had its own distinct trim and was fully optioned. The 1955 model year brought great changes to Packard. A new skin gave the bodies a distinctly different appearance, and Packard’s first V-8 engine made its debut, in two sizes. The Caribbean returned as part of the Series 5580 Packard line, its hood scoops carried over and a distinctive rear fender treatment applied above the taillights. All available options, with the exception of air conditioning, were again included. The larger 352 cubic inch V-8 was fed by dual Rochester four-barrel carburetors, and the new electrically-operated Torsion Level suspension was standard. For 1956, the Caribbean became a model range unto itself, Series 5688, and a hardtop coupe was added to the line. Dual carburetion was continued, and increased displacement of 374 cubic inches resulted in a horsepower boost to 310. Acquired by the current owner in 1996, this handsome 1956 Caribbean convertible was previously owned by avid Packard collector Maximilian B. Roessel of Newton, New Jersey, whose name appears on a brass plaque on the dashboard. Its build sheet shows delivery to the Philadelphia branch in June of that year, consistent with its serial number 254 of 276 built. It was repainted in the original tri-tone colors of Dover White, Danube Blue and Roman Copper, one of four exclusive combinations. Performed by renowned restorer Steve Babinsky, whose work is recognized with many Pebble Beach awards, the task involved considerable disassembly and new weatherstripping. The reversible interior was also redone in correct matching fashion by Everlast Auto Interiors of Linden, New Jersey. The top likewise has been replaced in grained white vinyl, albeit without the correct contrasting color liner. The trim was professionally refurbished as necessary, replating some items and polishing others. The front bumper and taillights, for example, are original. The luggage compartment is clean and correctly detailed. An added bonus is inclusion of extra paint in all three colors, a few oil filters and various vital fluids. Mechanically the car has been consistently maintained throughout its 95,000-mile history. The only deviations from standard are an electronic ignition and installation of front seat belts and Goodyear Custom Cushion radial tires. The power braking system and transmission have been rebuilt, the latter by Ultramatic specialist Ross Miller, the push button controller by John Lauter. A new ring and pinion have also been fitted. The Torsion Level suspension works properly, as do all other conveniences like the power windows, power driver’s seat and the radio, interior lights. The engine, while in its original state, is peppy, does not smoke and has performed admirably with good oil pressure for nearly 20,000 miles of touring in its current ownership. The 1956 Caribbean convertible is exceeded in rarity only by its sibling hardtop coupe, of which just 263 were built. The 1956 Packard was one of the most technically advanced American automobiles of its day. This is a chance to acquire an extremely nice example with no excuses. This 1956 Packard Caribbean is located in Smithfield, RI and the price is $69,500. Many more pictures located at the link.
  17. Covers most popular parts back to 1930 through 1953. Has a number to application section , great for parts Id See photos for sample Good condition $20 plus $4.35 media mail USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  18. For Sale: 1929 Buick $2800 Looking for your next project? Wood spoked wheels, drive train, some windows, nearly all of the car is here waiting for you to complete her restoration. See photo, I have many more photos to send you. Call to coordinate a time to see. Clear title. Northwest Chicagoland Suburb 630-529-6050 We have more Buicks and Buick parts besides this beauty!
  19. Unusual clamp on door mirror. Had rose color mirror , enough pattern for new glass, The rim is held together with screws , so easy replacement. It's worth saving at $20 plus shipping, send a zip USPMO or PayPal buyer handles fees Thanks Roy
  20. Neat light with hinged lens for bulb change No clue what it fits , bargain price at $15 plus shipping if you can use it , send zip USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  21. One looks good , 2 for parts? no photos yet, coming $35 for 3 plus shipping , send a zip USPMO or PayPal, buyer handles fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  22. 2 3/4" inside , fine thread , 24- 26 threads , I'm having a tough time matching the gauge up, bad eyes probably '25 Stude or similar era $30 plus shipping send zip See photos Send a Private message USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Thanks Roy
  23. Cables free cover rough , repaint? $20 plus shipping , send zip USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  24. Don't know what it fit originally ( yet ) , feel free to comment if you recognize it. Cables work freely , dial doesn't turn , probably needs new string? See photos for condition. $65 plus shipping USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  25. Covers most popular parts back to 1930 through 1953. Has a number to application section , great for parts Id See photos for sample Good condition $20 plus $4.35 media mail USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy